East Region

East Region Division 2 - Winners 2017

Crosskeys first team squad plays in Division 1 of National East Region League.

Our home games are played at:
Mark Hall Sports Centre
London Road
Harlow, Essex
CM17 9LR

Sports Centre Telephone: 01279 620 650.

N.B. The entrance to the Sports Centre is in London Road.

Fixtures and Results 2018-19
Date Start Crosskeys Score vs Score Opponents Home/Away
23rd September 11.00 Crosskeys 30 vs 34 Hornets Away
7th October 12.30 Crosskeys 52 vs 44 Bears Home
13th October 12.30 Crosskeys 43 vs 31 Team Beds Away
21st October 12.30 Crosskeys 51 vs 39 Ipswich Home
28th October Crosskeys vs NO GAME
18th November 12.30 Crosskeys vs Comberton Home
25th November 1.00pm Crosskeys vs Thoroughbreds Away
2nd December 12.30 Crosskeys vs Billlericay Home
8th December TBC Crosskeys vs Norfolk Away
6th January 12.30 Crosskeys vs Hornets Home
13th January 10.30 Crosskeys vs Bears Away
20th January 12.30 Crosskeys vs Team Beds Home
3rd February TBC Crosskeys vs Ipswich Away
10th February Crosskeys vs NO GAME
23rd February 1.30 Crosskeys vs Comberton Away
3rd March 12.30 Crosskeys vs Thoroughbreds Home
10th March TBC Crosskeys vs Billericay Away
25th March 12.30 Crosskeys vs Norfolk Home

CROSSKEYS v IPSWICH – 21st October 2018

Crosskeys 51 Ipswich 39

Another good win for our ER girls today against a very tall Ipswich team.
We knew this was going to be a tough contest as Ipswich had not lost a game and seemed to be a very high scoring squad! Looking at their height advantage prior to “kick off” we knew that the arial ball was NOT going to be on for us.
From the first to last whistle we worked hard and played the shorter pass. This seemed to frustrate the opposition as they could not capitalise on their superior height.
I’m proud of the way the squad rose to the challenge today and despite the frustrations of the high/lob ball played by the opposition they all stuck to their task winning every quarter of the match.
Q1. Keys 11 Ipswich 8
Q2 Keys 23 Ipswich 16
Q3 Keys 39 Ipswich 30
Q4 Keys 51 Ipswich 39
POM Claire Goodall
Thank you Katie Chimes for being our 9th Player today and also for setting up the refreshments. Thanks also to Gemma Graham for scoring today.
Marion Hooke

CROSSKEYS vs TEAM BEDS – 13th October 2018

Crosskeys 43 V Team Beds 31

So it has been a good number of years since I was in charge at an East Region game. Today I had that pleasure.
We had a small squad of 8 players who travelled to Beds Uni for our 12.30 start.
Team Beds are coached by a former England player – Kendra Lowe (as I know her) one of our best ever defenders so I knew this was going to be a tough contest.
First quarter and we got off to our normal slow start. Team Beds 3 goals ahead before we got on the scoreboard! However, once we got into our stride it was clear that we were the better/stronger unit.
End of 1st Quarter score – Crosskeys 12 Team Beds 8.
Half time score – Crosskeys 21 Team Beds 18
Three Quarters score – Crosskeys 31 Team Beds 24
Full Time – Crosskeys 43 Team Beds 32

A brilliant team effort today with every player giving 100%. Holly was dominant in our attacking circle scoring freely from the quality feeds supplied by Georgia, Aislinn, Nicole and Shona. Jen, Robyn, Cam and Shona in defence stood strong and turned the ball over on numerous occasions. Nicole linking attack and defence worked tirelessly. Very proud of your performance today girls. Thank you for making me welcome and taking on board the coaching tips. Many thanks to Gemma for scoring and to our little band or loyal supporters.
POM – Shona – Congratulations Miss McCabe
Marion Hooke

CROSSKEYS vs BEARS – 7th October 2018

First Home game of the season for the ER girls today and the girls were more than prepared for this match having narrowly lost out to Hornets in their first game.

With everyone available the squad were strengthened with the addition of Georgia Das playing her first ER game for some time – welcome back.

Starting off safe and steady and trying to ignore the noise from the very vocal Bears team saw the game going literally goal for goal with both teams playing some good netball but both also making some unforced errors. However we were 1 goal up at quarter time 14 – 13.

2nd quarter we began to take ownership of the game and moved the ball more quickly down the court to goal making sure the feed into the circle was timed to perfection, Bears still hung on in there despite some really tight defending by us. Score at half time now 2 goals up 27 – 25.

Going into the 3rd quarter we knew we had to keep ball and play strong and hopefully increase our lead A couple of positional changes in this quarter and we continued to play our hearts out and increase our lead at the end of this quarter to 39 – 34.

Last quarter and everyone continued to bring what we have been working on at training to the game – tight defending, man to man marking, big arms over, coming forward for the ball, circle edge feeds coupled with letting the ball go earlier whenever possible and fighting for every loose ball which saw the team finish with a flourish to win comfortably 52 goals to 44.

Great shooting today from Holly Shilston and Claire Goodall supported really well by our centre court players Aislinn D’Silva, Georgia Das and Danny Fells coupled with brilliant defending by Nicole Saunders, Shona McCabe, Jennifer Monger and Cam Brown – well done to you all – it’s all about working as a team/squad.

Player of the Match today as awarded by the opposition went to Holly Shilston – well done Hols.

Thank you as ever to Kerry Webb for scoring and to everyone who came to watch and support – it really does make a big difference.

CROSSKEYS vs HORNETS – 23rd September 2018

First ER game of this season saw the girls playing away to Hornets. First quarter went goal for goal with both teams defences keeping things really tight – score at 1/4 time 8 goals each.

Second quarter and again Hornets continued to apply the pressure with a zone defence which we found particularly hard to combat forcing us to make a couple of errors which they capitalised on. Score at half time Crosskeys 14 – Hornets 19.

3rd quarter saw Hornets bring on their Prem league GK to play against Katie Chimes who was making her debut for the ER team at GS. They obviously saw Katie as a threat so wanted to keep her out of the game. Not wanting Katie to lose her confidence and to protect her against some rather dangerous play Katie came to bench to compose herself and the girls continued to work hard to claw the score back. The 3rd quarter was a draw with the score at 3/4 time being Crosskeys 21 – Hornets 26.

Last quarter and we had finally sorted ourselves out bringing the ball through the centre court more quickly with fast accurate passes and the shooters putting away some lovely shots. Defence still working tirelessly to turn ball over in what was a very ‘contested’ game. Although we won the last quarter time was not on our side and the final score was Crosskeys 30 – Hornets 34. A very low scoring game which shows how well both defences worked.

Squad today Katie Chimes, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders, Danny Fells, Cam Brown, Shona Mccabe, Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham and Jennifer Sarah Monger.

Well done everyone. Especially to Katie covering for Holly Shilston who was away on holiday – not a nice first game for you but you more than held your own and put some lovely shots away.

POM today as awarded by the opposition went to Claire Goodall – well done.

I have no doubt that we will smash this game on the return leg later in the season.

Thanks to Kerry for scoring and to our very small band of supporters.
Karen Heskett

CROSSKEYS vs NORFOLK – 24th March 2018

Long trip to Norfolk today for the ER team and we knew that we had to win today to try to stay in the first division. Norfolk currently sitting 3rd in the division we knew it was going to be tough.

The girls were first out of the starting blocks today playing safe steady netball which saw us take a 6 goal lead. However Norfolk didn’t take this lying down and came straight back at us and the score after first quarter was 16 – 15 to Crosskeys.

2nd quarter no changes and everyone continuing to give 100% despite Norfolk stepping up their physicality and score at halftime saw us still one goal up.

Third quarter saw Nicole Saunders replace Aislinn D’Silva at WA and Anna Lisa Wacey replace Cam Brown at WD to bring fresh legs and a slightly different dynamic to the game. Holly Shilston and Claire Goodall continued to command the shooting circle and pop the goals away whilst up the other end Jennifer Sarah Monger kept things really tight aided by Shona McCabes brilliant defending. Both ends being held together by Danny Fells at Centre who showed what a skilful player she is. Still one goal up at 3/4 time.

Last quarter and score was going goal for goal but we were never going to give up the fight. We managed to keep our one goal lead and kept calm heads right up till the final whistle. Final score 55 – 54 to Crosskeys.

Today all 9 of these girls were POM’s and so deserved this win.

Thanks to Callum for scoring. Well done girls proud of you all
Karen Heskett

CROSSKEYS vs TURNFORD – 4th March 2018

What a cracking game today against a Turnford side who were sitting 2nd in the first division.

We knew we had to start strong and not allow Turnford to dominate the game and we did exactly that working hard for every ball and breaking down their turnovers early. The defensive combination of Cam Brown at WD, Shona Mccabe at GD and Jennifer Sarah Monger at GK certainly gave the Turnford attack something to think about. All 3 stuck to their players like glue contesting for every ball and getting tips and turnovers to gain possession.

Danny Fells playing C worked tirelessly in the middle linking up well with Aislinn D’Silva at WA and Claire Goodall at GA ‘trying’ to be patient with the feeds into Holly Shilston who more than held her own against the physical GK and slotted the goals away.

Even though we were 5 goals down 13 – 18 at the end of the first quarter we knew we were more than still in this game. With instructions to try and ‘cut down’ on our error rate and ‘feed the ball from the circle edge’ the same 7 took to the court for the 2nd quarter leaving Anna Lisa Wacey and Nicole Saunders still on the bench waiting for their chance to get on court.

A nervy start in the 2nd quarter left me wondering if a couple of my players had a hearing problem especially where circle edge feeds were concerned. However we soon learnt by our mistakes and continued to play some brilliant netball and our passion and hard work kept us in this game coupled with some lovely interceptions by Jenni and Cam and some spot on scoring by Claire and Holly – score at half time 22 – 20.

Fresh legs going into the 3rd quarter saw Nicole on at WA and Anna Lisa Wacey on at WD with Cam and Ash going to the bench. This was the quarter we needed to close the score down and that is exactly what the girls did. Still fighting for every ball and making Turnford work hard, breaking down early their flow saw them start to make errors which we capitalised on. Holly was now on fire and Claire despite spending half the time on the floor was a brilliant wing man. Funniest moment of the game was in this quarter when Claire got an elbow in the nose – called time – I went on court made sure she was ok and tried to take her bib off – she then grabbed it back and said “I’m not coming off” – new rules Claire you called time you have to come off !!!!! Ash moved into the GA position and settled in brilliantly. What a fantastic quarter and we knew there was everything to play for with the score at 3/4 time seeing us only 2 goals behind 38 – 40.

Same 7 back on for the final quarter and although Ash and Cam were left on the bench they never cease to amaze me with the way they support the players on the court. This final quarter was amazing some of the best netball we have played this season with everyone wanting this so bad. Our game was now flowing through the court, using the width and putting the ball back when we needed to. We continued to ‘contest’ for every ball in every third of the court. By the last 5 minutes it was going goal for goal and the noise from our brilliant supporters made the atmosphere electric. Final whistle and the score was 54 goals each. Another 30 seconds and the win would have been ours but I was more than happy with a draw and so should all of the players be.
Karen Heskett

CROSSKEYSv TEGATE -11th February 2018

The team got off to a flying start today going 6 goals up in the first 5 minutes with everyone working hard and keeping the ball safe with lovely feeds into Freya Rowson making her ER debut. We couldn’t sustain this lead as Tegate fought their way back into the game forcing us to make errors and capitalising on them. Score at quarter time Crosskeys 14 – Tegate 16.
Couple of changes going into the second quarter saw Hannah Louisa Edwards take the GK bib coming back after several months out due to injury and Nicole Saunders coming on at WA. Cam Brown and Aislinn D’Silva to the bench. Both teams continued to fight for every ball with Shona Mccabe and Anna Wacey working hard to close down the very fast Tegate attack. Danny Fells at centre and Claire Goodall at GA continued to link up well with Nic at WA to work the ball into the shooting circle where by now Freya was finding out all about ‘contesting’ for the ball in the East Region league. A few unforced errors in this quarter coupled with the Tegate zone defence making our attack look muddled allowed Tegate to increase their lead and the score at half time Crosskeys 23 – Tegate 30.
3rd quarter and Cam back on at GK with Hannah moving to GD and Shona to WD with Anna going to the bench. Again the defence continued to work as a unit to try and turn the ball over and stop the feed into the Tegate GS who was on fire today. Up the other end Freya was now feeling the brunt of the very physical and slightly clumsy goalkeeper but kept her cool and slotted the ball away whenever she could together with Claire sinking some great long shots. However we were still being too cautious when in attack and really needed to ‘let the ball go’ first time and drive onto the edge of the circle and into the space/corner. Score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 36 – Tegate 46.
Last quarter saw Hannah come to the bench after managing a full 2 quarters on her first game back – well done. Cam back in at keeper, Shona to GD, Nic to WD and fresh legs on with Anna at Centre and Aislinn at WA. By now we knew we had nothing to lose and this quarter saw us play our best netball of the game releasing the ball quickly and driving onto the circle edge with safe feeds into the shooters. The defence continued to work right till the end trying to shut down the Tegate attack and came away with a couple of tips and turnovers. Unfortunately it was too late and the final score was Crosskeys 48 – Tegate 57.
Lots to take away from today’s game. We need to believe in ourselves even when playing against our local rivals and let that ball go, drive into space and keep offering. However once again you all gave 100% and never gave up.
Congratulations and well done to Freya Rowson on her ER debut, welcome back to Hannah Edwards and good teamwork from everyone. Thank you to Kerry to scoring and to our enthusiastic band of supporters. Player of the Match today went to Anna Wacey – good work today Anna and well deserved.
Missed you today Jennifer Sarah Monger and wishing Holly Shilston and Amber Moore a quick recovery and return to the squad.
No training this week girls due to half term but back to the drawing board the week after – all I ask is that you all do your best and you continue to do just that. Feeling a bit deflated and dissapointed but we will bounce back. 2 games left – let’s keep trying for that elusive 5 points

CROSSKEYS v TEAM BEDS – 3rd February 2018

Travelling to Bedford with a squad of 8 only for Danny to have to pull out early this morning due to sickness. Georgia Goodall was coming to score so asked her to come in kit as our only sub. Luckily Hannah Hogan was able to score.

With several key players missing through injury this gave the chance for Joyce Barton to make her ER debut this season. Pre-game warm up and met the Team Beds Coach – Kendra Slawinski ex England Coach – no pressure.

Team Beds definitely came out firing on all cylinders and it took us a while to get into yet another new attacking combination. First quarter saw us go 4 goals down – Crosskeys 8 – Team Beds 12.

2nd quarter and much of the same. Team Beds contesting for every ball resulting in some dangerous play which the umpires considered to be fair contest. We knew we had to toughen up and our defence of Cam Brown and Shona Mccabe working tirelessly in the circle and turning ball over our mid-court of Anna Lisa Wacey, Nicole Saunders and Aislinn D’Silva having to work extremely hard to work the ball up the court to feed our shooting combination of Claire Goodall and Joyce Barton who made sure they made the most of every opportunity shooting some lovely goals.

Despite the above Team Beds still managed to extend their lead in this quarter and the score at half time was Crosskeys 16 – Team Beds 28.

One change going into the 3rd quarter saw fresh legs of Georgia Goodall making her ER debut come on at centre and Nicole to the bench. We knew we had to be stronger and contest more to try and salvage anything from this game. The girls continued to give 100%. Cam and Shona switched positions which seemed to work really well and we managed to slow down Team Beds scoring rate – score at end of 3rd quarter Crosskeys 23 – Team Beds 37.

Last quarter and Nic back on at WD and Anna to C and Georgia to the bench. Still determined to try and get that extra point – could the ER team finish a game with no more injuries? No it was not to be another really clumsy attempt at intercepting by the Team Beds WA saw Nicole flattened ending up in the shooting circle with a turned ankle. Georgia back on for Nic and this seemed to fire the girls up but by now time was against us. However we were not giving up and the ball was now flowing nicely up the court into Joyce who had found her mojo and positioning and started popping the shots away. Unfortunately not enough time for us today and despite winning the last quarter the final score was Crosskeys 34 – Team Beds 44.

Player of the Match – Aislinn D’Silva – first one I think and not before time – well done.
Great effort today girls – Cam and Shona you were awesome. Mid-courters never giving up working tirelessly to move that ball through the court. Claire and Joyce doing all they could to put the goals away. Feel for this team – plagued by injuries but still keep fighting. Hoping to see Hannah Edwards, Holly Shilston and Amber Moore back on court very soon.

Hope you ankle is ok Nic and its not too serious. Thank you to Hannah Hogan for scoring today. Hope you feel better Danny – and Jennifer Monger we missed you too. Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone – back to training Thursday girls and let’s do it all again next Sunday against Tegate and hopefully get that evasive win that we so deserve
Karen Heskett


Tough game today against top of the table Thoroughbreds who were keen to stay there and get promotion back into the Prem League from which they have just come down.

With some key players missing through injury we always knew this was going to be a big ask. Despite everyone giving their all for the whole game Thoroughbreds were just too good for us in all areas of the court. Their physicality, size and tactics were impossible to counteract today which showed in the final score.

Crosskeys 36 – Thoroughbreds 69.

Still proud of you all today girls for never giving up and fighting to the final whistle to make sure we came away with a point from this game.
Squad today Amber Moore/Lucy Skelton GS, Claire Goodall GA, Nicole Saunders/Aislinn D’Silva WA, Danny Fells C, Anna Anna Wacey WD , Shona McCabe GD/WD, and Jennifer Monger and Cam Brown GD/GK

Well done to Amber Moore on getting Player of the Match.

Had the pleasure of Gary Burgess coming to watch the game today. Yesterday he was umpiring Australia V SA and today watching Crosskeys

Thanks once again to Kerry Webb for scoring and all of our supporters.

Karen Heskett

CROSSKEYS v EASTWOOD – 14th January 2018

Just a short journey down the M25 for the ER team today to play against Eastwood who beat us by 4 goals earlier in the season.

Starting 7 of Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Danny Fells, Nicole Saunders, Shona Mccabe and Jennifer Monger knew they had their work cut out after just 5 minutes against a very physical and loud Eastwood side. However some excellent shooting and centre court play allowed us to hold our own coupled with tight defending in our circle who were once again up against it height wise.Score at the end of the first quarter Crosskeys 15 – Eastwood 17.

One change going into the 2nd quarter with trying to combat the lack of height in our defence Holly moved to GK and Amber Moore came on a GS with Jen going to the bench. Again everyone worked hard bringing the ball down the court and through the Eastwood zone keeping it safe and working the ball into the circle. Both Amber and Claire putting some lovely shots away but unfortunately unable to get the rebounds if the odd shot did not go in. Holly up the other end linked well with Shona and made a couple of lovely intercepts. Despite this and the centre court players continuing to give 100% Eastwood increased their lead slightly by half time – Crosskeys 25 – Eastwood 31.

This was still anyones game. 3rd quarter saw fresh legs of Anna Wacey come on a WD and Holly move back to GS and Jen return to GK and Amber and Nicole to the bench. With instructions to mark even tighter on their centre pass and get quick big arms over the feed the players took this on board resulting in several turnovers which we capitalised on and we won this quarter by one goal – score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 40 – Eastwood 45.

Last quarter and a couple more changes with Amber going back on at WA to give Ash a rest who had played 3 quarters at WA and given her all. With Jen being on a caution and getting pulled every time she went for the ball Nicole took the GK bib to see if she could make the difference. First turn round to us and the score was within 4. Our centre and the ball was fed into Holly – not sure what happened but Holly ended up on the floor in agony – not another injury surely – but unfortunately it did not look good and Holly had to be carried off after a 5 minute umpires stoppage. Amber back to GS, Ash back to WA and off we go again. The injury to Holly and the forced changes seemed to really throw everyone and the last 10 minutes Eastwood just took the game away. Despite Nic an Jen swopping back and forth in the last quarter trying to combat the long ball in it was not to be. Final score Crosskeys 48 – Eastwood 65.

Both the girls and myself were left feeling very frustrated and disappointed with the result but our main concern was Holly and the team having sustained yet another injury. Holly still at A&E – fingers crossed not too serious.

Once again we need to dust ourselves off, work hard at training and go again next week. Thanks to Kerry for scoring again.

POM – For the 3rd week in a row – Holly Shilston – well done
Karen Heskett

CROSSKEYS v MK NETTERS- Sunday  7th January 2018

First game back after xmas and we got off to a slightly slow start against a very tall and physical Netters side. A few unforced errors saw us go in at quarter time 6 goals down – Crosskeys 15 – Netters 21.

One change going into the 2nd quarter with Cam Brown going in to GD to try to add a little of bit of height but despite Jen working tirelessly against their very tall GS we just did not have an answer for it. Everyone continued to give 100% and there was some lovely netball bringing the ball through court to our shooters. However we could not seem to pull the game back and score at half time Crosskeys 28 – Netters 38.

3rd quarter saw a very long awaited comeback to the ER squad for Georgia Das and despite a nervy first couple of minutes she soon settled into the WA role and together with the rest of the girls still working so hard we seemed to finally be getting into our stride. Oops spoke too soon – Cam picked up a niggling calf injury and had to come off. Shona back to GD and Nic back on at WD and we continued to hold our own and make some great turnovers and managed to win this quarter by one goal. Score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 42 – Netters 51.

Last quarter and we knew it was a big ask to come back from 9 goals down and despite never giving up and playing some brilliant netball we could not pull it back and final score was Crosskeys 57 – Netters 68.

Having beaten Netters first time round we were unlucky that they had their very tall and accurate GS still home from Uni for this game and unfortunately we had no answer for her height. We also had no answer for the constant holding of our players arms to stop them moving to receive the ball. However excuses aside to get 57 goals and lose is a hard to take but don’t beat yourselves up girls back to the drawing board Thursday ready to take on Eastwood next weekend.

Well done to Holly on yet another POM.

Thanks to our many supporters today – sorry we could not reward you with a win and thanks to Kerry for scoring.

Squad today – Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders, Anna  Wacey, Georgia Das, Shona Mccabe, Cam Brown and Jennifer Monger.

Karen Heskett

Saturday 9th December 2017 -CROSSKEYS v HATFIELD HAWKS

Away game to Hatfield today and what a great game it was.

Starting 7 today were Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Nicole Saunders, Danny Fells, Anna Lisa Wacey, Shona Mccabe and Jennifer Sarah Monger with Aislinn D’Silva and Lucy Skelton starting on the bench.

Not a good start as it was Graduation Day at the University and there was absolutely nowhere to park meaning some players arrived only 10 minutes before the start of the game.
After a short warm up Crosskeys were slow out of the starting blocks and found themselves 6 – 1 down after the first 5 minutes but managed to find their flow and pull the score back to 12 goals each at 1/4 time.

No changes going into the 2nd quarter and both teams continued to contest for the ball. Our defence worked tirelessly to turn the ball over even though the Hatfield shooters had a definite height advantage. We kept the ball safe and worked it through the court to our shooters. Some lovely feeds into Holly who put the shots away with ease. The game was still very evenly matched although Hatfield were being very physical and had 3 players on cautions. The score at half time was Crosskeys 24 – Hatfield 26.

Going into the 3rd quarter only one change Aislinn on at WA and Nicole going to the bench. With instructions to try to close the ball down quicker using man to man marking and quick hands over the feed the girls were determined to try to pull the score back. This quarter and even more ‘strange’ decisions at our attacking end with 3 toss ups being given when we should have been given possession of the ball. Both captains spoken to by the umpire even though we had no players on cautions seemed to really disrupt our flow and Hatfield pulled away and the score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 35 – Hatfield 43.

One more change going into the last quarter with Nicole coming back on at WD and Anna going to the bench. Both myself and the players knew that the score did not relay how close the game was and we knew we could pull it back. Continuing on the with great defending and tips and fighting for every ball the girls worked hard for each other and never giving up. Holly and Claire continued to put the shots away and with centre court players and defence making numerous turnovers we managed to pull the score back to within one goal. One final turnover and we had possession but time got the better of us and the whistle went for the end of the game.

Final score Crosskeys 49 – Hatfield 50. So Close and so frustrating as the players worked so hard today – proud of you all once again.

POM again went to Holly Shilston whose positioning, elevation and shooting was amazing.

Big thanks to Lucy Skelton for benching for the ER team today – great sportsmanship. Hope both Claire and Jenni are not struggling too much with their injuries and well done for playing through the pain barrier and to Kerry for scoring and to our small band of supporters.

Funny old game girls especially the 2nd half – Hatfield are sending us copy of video so we can do some analysis and feedback !!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the ham sandwiches
Karen Heskett

Sunday 3rd December 2017 -CROSSKEYS v NORFOLK UNITED

A great performance from the ER Team today against a tough physical Norfolk side. We knew this was going to be a close game but the girls played strong and hard and produced some fantastic netball.
First quarter saw both sides taking a while to settle into the game and a couple of lucky breaks for Norfolk saw them winning this quarter by 3 goals – 12 – 9.
2nd quarter we stuck to the coaches instructions – man to man marking, arms over the feed, and fighting for every ball which led to us making 3 turnovers all of which resulted in goals allowing us to pull the score back to 22 goals each at half time.
3rd quarter and we knew we could win this game. Our defence continued to work so hard to close Norfolks game down making even more turnovers to allow the centre court to work the ball to our shooters to slot the goals away. Norfolk were now getting rattled but we kept our heads and played our own game and at the end of the 3rd quarter we were 3 goals up 36 – 33.
Last quarter and all we had to do was keep our noses in front and continue to play as we had been doing. Unfortunately right at the beginning of the quarter Hannah turned her ankle pretty badly and had to come off just as she was putting out her best performance of the season so far. A quick reshuffle in defence and even more turnovers all over the court saw us take the game away from Norfolk spurred on by a fantastic crowd of supporters willing the girls to win. Final score Crosskeys win 50 goals to 45.
Great shooting today by Holly Shilston (POM) and Claire Goodall ably supported by an our extremely hardworking centre court players of Nicole Saunders, Aislinn D’Silva and Danny Fells all making some lovely circle edge feeds and topped off by another fantastic defensive quartet of Anna Lisa Wacey, Shona McCabe, Hannah  Edwards and Jennifer Monger. You all played brilliant today girls – proud of you all once again.
Thank you to Kerry Webb for scoring and a massive thanks to our very noisy supporters today – you were all brilliant and I know how much myself and the players appreciate you all being there
Well done Holly on POM and hoping it’s not too serious Hannah Louisa Edwards – you were on fire today and we need you back on court ASAP

Karen Heskett

Saturday 25th November 2017 – CROSSKEYS v TURNFORD

Tough game today against a very good Turnford side who showed why they are at the top of this Division. The girls put up a great fight full of determination and 100% work rate to try to break Turnford’s hold on the game.
Our circle defence of Jennifer Sarah Monger and Hannah Louisa Edwards worked really well making some great interceptions and getting lots of tips but the Turnford Shooters showed no mercy and their accuracy and height in the circle allowed them to build on their early lead in every quarter.
Our centre court players of Anna Lisa Wacey, Nicole Saunders and Shona Mccabe worked tirelessly to try to bring the ball through the court to our shooting circle. However Turnford’s reading of the ball often caught us out allowing them to gain possession.
Shooting combinations of Holly Shilston, Aislinn D’Silva and Becky Allen kept plugging away trying to keep us in the game but once again height was against us and despite some good movement and shooting in the circle we could not pull the game back.
Also well done to Emily Allen who made her ER debut today taking to the court to cover an injury in the last quarter and playing with confidence and settling in well putting a couple of lovely feeds into Holly.
Quarter Scores
12 – 17 , 20 – 31, 28 – 47, 35 – 67
The score does not really portray how hard we worked today but we definitely deserved a point.
Lots to work on at training again girls – we still have to be stronger when receiving the ball – meet it, be strong and don’t wait for the contact call because it is just not happening. Watch the floating player who is waiting to pounce. Have confidence in our shooters and our feeds into the circle.
Player of the Match today as voted by the opposition went to Hannah Louisa Edwards who was a force to be reckoned with today literally throwing herself at every ball and even ending up on the final whistle flat on her face with Nicole on top or her – that’s what you call dedication and every one of you showed today how dedicated you are to each other and to Crosskeys.
Many thanks again to Becky and Emily Allen for filling in today at such short notice (10pm last night) – another show of dedication.
Karen Heskett

Sunday 5th November 2017 CROSSKEYS v TEGATE

After a slow start and being 8 goals down at one stage during the first quarter the girls finaly settled into the game and started to play some steady netball with the defence keeping it tight and turning ball over for the centre court to work safely to the goal circle and the shooters popping the goals in to pull back the deficit. Score at the end of the first quarter down 18 goals to 13.

2nd quarter saw Lizi Mitchell come on at GK making her ER debut this season to bring some extra height into the defensive circle. This worked well and made Tegate think twice about the long ball into the GS. Tight marking by everyone and some brilliant attacking play saw us come into our own in the quarter closing the gap to just one goal by half time – Tegate 29 – Crosskeys 27.

Game on going into the 3rd quarter with both teams fired up and the noise from the supporters spurring everyone on it was anyones game. An unfortunate incident involving a Tegate player calling injury time in the centre third – one umpire stopping the game and the other letting play continue when we had all stopped allowed Tegate to score and then to top it all they got the next centre pass wrong and Tegate got 2 in a row – allowing Tegate to pull 4 goals ahead. Score at 3/4 time tegate 48 Crosskeys 41.

We knew we could still do this and everyone fought so hard to pull the game back and at one stage there was only 2 goals in it in the final quarter which we won by 2 goals. Such an exciting game especially the final quarter and the fireworks were going off early for November the 5th – unfortunately we run out of time and the game ended with Tegate taking the win 59 goals to 54.

So proud of the ALL today – the way you kept your heads whilst the opposition did not. The way you fought for every ball and worked your socks off to try to win this game and the way you support each other whether on or off the court. We know we can win against them and I am looking forward to the rematch already.

Squad today:  Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders, Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Cam Brown, Shona McCabe, Hannah Edwards and Lizi Mitchell.

Nice to see Lauren Ayers , Jennifer Sarah Monger and Robyn Graham supporting the girls today even though they were unable to play due to injuries.

POM today went to Claire Goodall – very well done.

Thanks to our many many supporters today you were all magnificent. Thanks to Kerry for Scoring.

Karen  Heskett

Sunday 22nd October 2017 CROSSKEYS V TEAM BEDS

Home game for the girls today and with several of the squad missing this gave opportunities for Becky Allen and Robyn Graham to come into the squad for this game both making their first appearance for the East Region this season.

Starting 7 of Holly Shilston, Becky Allen, Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders, Cam Brown, Shona Mccabe and Jennifer Monger settled quickly into this game. Consistently converting from our own centre passes coupled with our defence working hard to turn ball over making it difficult for Team Beds to find an attacking rhythm saw the girls go in at quarter time with a 5 goal lead – Crosskeys 12 – Team Beds 7.

Couple of changes going into the 2nd quarter with Anna Wacey coming on at Centre and Robyn Graham coming on at GD which saw Shona and Nicole go to the bench. Much of the same in this quarter with even more movement through the attack but with precision and control saw the ball move fluidly into the shooting circle, finished with some quality shooting by Holly Shilston. In defence, tight man on marking and good communication saw tips and intercepts throughout the quarter. Score at half time Crosskeys 20 – Team Bed 13.

3rd quarter and fresh legs of Shona McCabe coming on at WD and Nicole Saunders on at WA moving Aislinn to GA and Becky and Cam to the bench. This quarter continued with some quality play, defence working hard to pressure the ball, turn it over and some lovely long balls from Robyn saw some great timing of movement through the attack finished off with solid accurate shooting. This quarter saw us lose Jenni (who was having an awesome game at GK) to the bench injured after a tousle for the ball with their GA which resulted in Jen putting her shoulder out – Cam back on to slot straight back in and hopefully nothing too serious for Jen. Score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 33 – Team Beds 21.

Last quarter saw Becky back on at GA with Ash going to the bench to keep the injured Jen company. Much of the same in the last quarter – Anna Wacey continuing to work hard at Centre with both Nicole and Cam always being there to support and bring the ball through the court. Shona and Rob working it out together in the defending circle putting the Team beds shooters in all kinds of trouble and up the other end Becs coming into her own working the circle edge and some lovely feeds to Holly who continued to slot the ball away.

Final Score:  Crosskeys 44 – Team Beds 29.

Great team effort today girls working once again as a ‘squad’ and supporting each other both on and off the court. No warnings or cautions today – very disciplined game girls.

Thanks to Kerry and Gemma for scoring and to everyone who came to support.

Player of the Match (again) went to Holly Shilston – very well done

Karen Heskett


All the way to Norwich today for the East Region team to play Thoroughbreds who have just come down from the Premier League so knew it was going to be a tough game.
They were very physical and most of their players were ‘huge’ not sure what they feed them on up there. We got off to a slow start making unforced errors which saw us go 7 goals down but managed to find our flow by the end of the first quarter and the score at quarter time was Crosskeys 11 – Thoroughbreds 13.
2nd quarter saw our defence continue to mark very tight making it tough for Thoroughbreds to find their shooters. At the other end our Shooters were putting away the shots and the game was going goal for goal. Our centre court worked tirelessly bringing the ball through court keeping us in the game and the score at half time Crosskeys 23 – Thoroughbreds 29..
Third quarter and again this was going goal for goal and every time we managed to chip away at their lead they pulled a couple back. Zonal marking in the centre third once again caused us problems and enabled them to force errors and turn ball over – however we had learnt from last week and showed great determination to work our way through this. Score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 34 – Thoroughbreds 42.
Last quarter and we knew it was a tough ask but the girls continued to give 100% but could not manage to pull the game back – final score Crosskeys 48 – Thoroughbreds 58.
Lots to take from this game – every quarter was very close, our defence gave them all sorts of problems – just need a couple more inches in height. Centre court worked tirelessly all game and our shooters were amazing.
We need to continue to ‘contest’ for every ball, think about our decision making and again practice how the break the zone.
Training on Thursday should be interesting.
Player of the Match today went to Holly Shilston – thoroughly deserved.
Thanks to our travelling supporters and Kerry for scoring.
Squad today Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders, Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Shona Mccabe, Hannah Edwards and Jennifer Monger
Karen Heskett


Always knew this would be a tough game having come up against this club when we played first division a few years ago. Starting 7 saw Holly, Claire, Aislinn, Danny, Shona, Hannah and Jenni take to the court. The girls started a bit slow today but soon managed to pull the goals back fighting for every ball against a very physical and well drilled Eastwood side. The score going in at quarter time was Crosskeys 11 – Eastwood 10.
Only one change going into the 2nd quarter with Nicole coming on and Aislinn going to the bench. We had to work really hard whilst in possession of the ball with the Eastwood bench and players getting louder and louder as the game progressed to the extent that the players could not hear each other or me. We managed to hold our own again in this quarter with our defence working really hard to turn ball over despite being a tad shorter than the opposition. Holly was now feeling the full force of the Eastwood GK and not many decisions went our way. Our attack needed to open up the space for Holly which Claire did really well followed up with safe feeds into the circle by Danny and Nicole for the girls to put the shots away. Still a really close game and score at half time Crosskeys 22 – Eastwood 23.
3rd quarter saw fresh legs at Centre with Anna replacing Danny, Cam coming on WD and Shona moving to GD with Hannah going to the bench. This quarter saw Eastwood fully implement their zone and together with the ‘noise’ from their bench and on court players saw us panic a bit. We started to make errors and our patient play from the first half started to drift away. Score at the end of the 3rd quarter Crosskeys 34 – Eastwood 37.
Last quarter saw Aislinn come back on at WA, Danny back on at C and Hannah moving into the GK position with Jenni going to the bench. It was now impossible to communicate with the girls or for the players to communicate with each other. However we worked out their ‘zone’ and continued to try to pull the score back with some very tight defending and patient play working its way back in. Luck was definitely not on our side today with us getting lots of tips or interceptions which fell straight to the opposition. We managed to draw this quarter but time was also not on our side and the final score was Crosskeys 44 – Eastwood 47.
2 points for us today but we so deserved 5. Lots to work on at training on Thursday i.e., zoning and seeing if we can shout louder than the oppositon !!!
Thank you to Kerry for scoring and all of our supporters today you were all great and so good for us to have you all there it is much appreciated.
Player of the Match as voted by the opposition went to Danny Fells – well done.
Squad: – Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders,Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Shona Mccabe, Cam Brown, Hannah Edwards and Jennifer Monger – great squad performance
Karen Heskett


Saturday game for the girls today and we traveled away to Milton Keynes to play MK Netters.
The first quarter saw us really take the game to Netters playing some brilliant attacking netball moving the ball really well through the court to goal. The defence of Jennifer Sarah Monger, Hannah Louisa Edwards and Shona Mccabe working so well as a unit linking up lovely with with Danny Fells at Centre, Aislinn D’Silva at WA and Claire Goodall at GA culminating in some lovely circle work and feeds into Holly Shilston at GS. Score at 1/4 time Crosskeys 14 MK Netters 10.
No changes going into the 2nd quarter and the girls continued their good work from the 1st quarter despite MK Netters increasing the physical side of their play. We kept our cool and stuck to the game plan and increased our lead with the score at half time being Crosskeys 28 MK Netters 21.
Two changes going into the 3rd quarter saw fresh legs at WD with Cam Brown and WA with Nicole Saunders. Netters decided to try to disrupt our play in this quarter with some very tough marking of our shooting circle with Holly ending up on the floor on more than one occasion and some warnings being dished out by the umpires. This enabled Netters to pull back slightly and the score at 3/4 time was Crosskeys 37 Netters 34.
Last quarter and there was no way this squad was going to let this game slip after all their hard work. We continued to play some of the best netball I have seen these girls play bringing all the things we have been working on at training to the court and more ending with a fantastic win to Crosskeys 52 goals to 47.
So proud of you all today both on and off the court. Great team spirit with everyone supporting each other. Thanks to our supporters and to Kerry Webb for scoring.
Player of the Match as voted for by the opposition went to Claire Goodall in her first regional game this season returning from a bad back injury – very well done.
You were all my Player of the Match today girls – I’m off on my hols for a few days – see you all next week.


Great game today and the score does not really portray how well the girls played. It took us a while to settle and get used to different combinations which saw us go behind in the first quarter by 6 goals.
However we picked ourselves up and continued to work hard and with everyone giving 100%. All defensive combinations today worked so well together and turned plenty of ball over for our centre court to work the ball to the goal circle. Lucy Skelton and Amber Moore were now settling into the game (their first regional game playing together) and sinking the goals.
Everyone’s confidence grew throughout the game and we played some great netball bringing the ball swiftly through court, making some great decisions and playing the ball safely into the circle.
So pleased with everyone’s performance, attitude and team spirit today – the future looks promising and we can definitely beat Hatfield next time around.
Squad today – Lucy Skelton, Amber Moore, Anna Wacey, Danny Fells, Nicole Saunders, Shona McCabe, Hannah Louisa Edwards, Cam Brown, Jennifer Sarah Monger, Lauren Ayers and Becky Allen.
POM as voted by the opposition and thoroughly deserved went to Amber Moore – big well done.
Many thanks to our army of supporters so great to have you all there. Thanks to Kerry Webb for scoring. Also thanks to Claire Goodall for being my assistant today and wishing you a speedy recovery.
Karen Heskett

******* MATCH REPORTS  for Season 2016/2017  Below***********

SUNDAY 2nd April 2017

Last game of the season for the ER girls and they needed to win to finish in top spot.

Playing against Comberton who we only beat by 1 goal earlier in the season the girls got off to a flyer finishing the first quarter up by 14 goals – Crosskeys 20 – Comberton 6. Lovely to see Lauren Ayers back on court and Becky Allen got the start she has been waiting for all season.

Having a squad of 10 today we made changes every quarter but we continued to push ahead in the second quarter despite Comberton coming back at us strong – score at half time Crosskyes 39 – Comberton 21.

More changes during the third and fourth quarter of the game but whatever combination we put out we continued to play ‘our’ game that we have been working on all year. Really tight man to man marking especially in the defensive circle. Bringing the ball steadily through the court to the circle edge and working it around until it could be safely fed to our shooters.

Final Score Crosskeys 65 – Comberton 45

Player of the match went to Holly Shilston who was on fire today – well done.

Squad today Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Becky Allen,  Danny Fells, Jennifer Sarah Monger, Shona Mccabe, Anna Lisa Wacey, Cam Brown, Lizi Mitchell and Lauren Ayers.

I would like to personally thank everyone involved with the ER girls this season – including coaches, scorers and supporters.

Team Photo below includes Georgia Das who is still recovering from injury but does not include the following players who also played a part in our success - Aislinn D’Silva, Nicole Saunders, Jo Montague, Amber Moore, Megan Pointer and  Hanae Sbai – thank you everyone for your support.

So proud of you all – here’s to next season and First Division


SATURDAY 4th March 2017


Saturday Away game for the girls today and we knew this was a must win game to secure our chances of promotion. After a 2 hour journey to Wisbech the girls were well up for this game.

Very close first quarter with the game going almost goal for goal. Rookies are a very fast team and for some reason we seemed to think that we needed to play at 500 miles an hour as well. Score at 1/4 time 2 goals down Crosskeys 11 – Rookies 13.

We just needed to play our own game and keep the ball safe which we started to do in this quarter. Some great circle defending saw us turning ball over and bringing it safely through the centre court for our attack to feed the circle and the shooters to put the goals away. We managed to pull a couple of goals back and score at 1/2 time was 24 goals each.

Back on for 3rd quarter and we knew we had to get our noses in front. The game was extremely physical and the umpires started to issue cautions and both teams had to rein it in a bit. Defence kept it really tight in the circle making Rookies attack make errors which we managed to capitalise on – score at 3/4 time we were 2 goals up Crosskeys 36 – Rookies 34. Umpires called both captains over at this stage to ask both teams to calm down !!!!

Still such a close game and the last quarter was nailbiting to say the least. Unforced errors by both teams but the girls were not going to give in without a fight and fought for every loose ball. Some lovely passages of play in this quarter saw us come out eventual and well deserved winners Crosskeys 49 – Rookies 46.

Great squad once again today of Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Aislinn D’Silva, Becky Allen,  Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Cam Brown, Shona Mccabe and Jennifer Monger.

Only one more game to go girls and one more win and the league title is ours. Although the win today ensures us PROMOTION to East Region Division 1- well done everyone who has been part of the ER squad this year. Let’s finish it off with the league title xx

Player of the Match today went to Holly Shilston who had their defence in all sorts of trouble – well done. Thanks to Nicole for scoring and our travelling supporters – much appreciated


SUNDAY 19th February 2017

Crosskeys 1 vs MK Netters

Final Score 48-50

We went into the game today knowing this team would challenge us and be up for a fight after beating them by only a few goals in the first half of the season! The game started off with high intensity going goal for goal and everyone working their socks off with another new combination in centre court. The defence of Lizi Mitchell, Shona Mccabe and Jennifer Sarah working hard to put off their shooters that didn’t miss and mark the circle edge. Centre court of myself and Aislinn D’Silva working hard to get free and bring the ball down to Claire Goodall and Holly Shilston to put the goals away. The end of this quarter saw us draw 15-15.

Going into the second quarter Karen Heskett decided to change it up a bit early with Shona moving into C, myself to WD and Jenni into GD. This paid off and after a still close but good second quarter we now were ahead by 3 goals making the score 27-24.

The third quarter saw fresh legs with Megan Pointer coming on at WD who fitted into the defence very well keeping the pressure up on the WA. This quarter saw us push ahead but unfortunately MK Netters were not going to give up that easily and came back at us. The end of this quarter  saw us still in the lead but only by one.

Last quarter, myself came back on at WD and we pulled ahead straight away by 3 but unfortunately this was was affected by a few mistakes by us and MK Netters started to pull ahead. We tried not to let this affect us but unfortunately were unable to regain our lead no matter how hard we tried! Everyone played brilliantly and did not give up until the end but we were just caught for time as we stared to come back at them, losing the game by 2.

Player of the match went to Shona, well done!

Thanks for all the support, Karen for a coaching, Nicole Saunders for scoring and Becky Allen for being on the bench before her game.

Was lovely to have Georgia Das and Lauren Ayers there too cheering us on!

We can still do this girls, two more games to go.

Anna Wacey

SUNDAY 22nd January 2017


The girls traveled to Basildon today to play against Bears. Always a battle against this team and today was no different.

A very ‘competitive’ first quarter saw Bears come out strong and catch us slightly on the back foot. Score at quarter time Crosskeys 11 – Bears 14.

Second quarter with instructions to keep the ball safe and not force it in any areas of the court and work it into the circle saw us move into the lead and we managed to go in at half time 2 goals up – Crosskeys 28 – Bears 26.

Still too close for comfort but the girls came into their own in the 3rd quarter with the defence making it really difficult for the Bears shooters and forcing errors and making some lovely tips and interceptions. Sticking to our players like glue and using all the channels to bring the ball through the court for our shooters to pop the goals away. The hard work and determination in this quarter certainly paid off and we went in at 3/4 time 9 goals up Crosskeys 43 – Bears 34.

Into the last quarter and we just took the game away from the opposition playing some lovely netball and showing what a skilfull team we are. Final Score Crosskeys 64 – Bears 42.

Really pleased with the girls once again today all your hard work at training is certainly paying off. Lauren Ayers, Jennifer Sarah Monger, Shona Mccabe, Anna Lisa Wacey,  Danny Fells, Aislinn D’Silva, Claire Goodall and Holly Shilston you were all brilliant today and so focused and supportive of each other.

Player of the Match for the 2nd week in a row as voted by the opposition went to Claire Goodall – well done again

Many thanks to our supporters for travelling with us today and to Gemma for scoring. 2 weeks off now and then we play local rivals Tegate which should be another great match.


SUNDAY 15th January 2017


Having only won against this team by 3 goals last time round we knew we had our work cut out against this very physical competitive side and they did not disappoint in this respect coming out hard and contesting for every ball. However we were more than ready for them this time round.

First quarter saw us take command of the game scoring from every one of our centre passes and turning over the ball in defence to secure a 4 goal lead at quarter time 13 goals to 9.

No changes going into the 2nd half and we continued to ‘work’ the ball down the court accurately and were patient with our feed into the circle as Holly was being double marked by their defence but we still managed to find her and she managed to find the goals. We managed to slightly increase our lead to 6 goals in this quarter giving a half time score of Crosskeys 21 Cranfield 15.

However as we know a 6 goal lead in this league doesn’t mean anything and going into our ‘bogey’ 3rd quarter we saw fresh legs on at WA and WD and and continued to work hard and increase our lead. Looking after the ball was the key in this quarter, using that extra second if needed and continuing to stick to the opposition like glue all paid off and we won this quarter by 5 goals – score at 3/4 time was Crosskeys 34 Cranfield 23.

Last quarter back to starting 7 and nice knowing we had an 11 goal lead going into this quarter – with everyone having worked their socks off the whole game this saw us making a couple of unforced errors allowing the opposition to reduce our lead but we still came out worthy winners 43 goals to 34.

Well played everyone today. Holly Shilston at GS holding her own and putting the balls away despite some serious ‘contesting’ by the GK and GD.Claire Goodall as always working her magic in the circle, Aislinn D’Silva working tirelessly at WA to get out for the centre pass and working well in attack, Danny Fells back on her A game this week at Centre making 2 amazing interceptions and fooling the opposition (and me lol) with her amazing feeds into the circle, Becky Allen bringing fresh legs to the WA position working steadily to support the attack, Anna Wacey giving her player lots to think about today and bringing the ball out of defence with ease, Jennifer Sarah bringing fresh legs to the WD position and giving 100% despite feeling ‘under the weather’ and supporting the attack so well, Shona Mccabe at GD working her socks off again and working so well in the circle with Lauren Ayers at GK who once again was amazing and made it look so easy.

Thanks to Kerry Webb and Gemma for scoring. Marion Hooke for coaching with me and to our many supporters – you were all great – it makes such a difference having you there.

POM as voted by the opposition went to Claire Goodall – well done. You were all POM’s today girls – should be feeling proud of that performanc


SATURDAY 7th January 2017


First ER game of 2017 for this team today and it was a Saturday game for a change away to Hornets.

With Hornets having had some very close results recently we knew this was not going to be an easy game. However we started very promisingly playing some good steady netball against a very much changed Hornets side to the one we played earlier in the season. Score at quarter time Crosskeys 15 – Hornets 9.

Back on for 2nd quarter with no changes to the team and we seemed to switch off a bit and Hornets seemed to switch on bringing a much more physical game which seemed to rattle us a bit. With their support growing by the minute as their first team were playing straight after the noise got louder and the game got a bit frantic. We managed to keep our noses in front and score at half time Crosskeys 23 – Hornets 19.

A couple of positional changes and fresh legs at WA going into the next quarter and the girls continued to give 100% despite some very clumsy play by the Hornets GK and WD. Both teams making unforced errors but in between some brilliant defending by Crosskeys coupled with accurately bringing the ball up the court to goal. A few decisions which didn’t go our way in this quarter allowed Hornets to draw level at the end of the quarter 32 goals each.

We knew we could do this as long as we didn’t panic and we could try to block out the noise coming from the Hornets sidelines. The girls were positive and confident and the last quarter saw some amazing defending by Crosskeys making the turnarounds we needed. Final score Crosskeys 44 – Hornets 42.

This game certainly dusted the cobwebs away and we stay top of the league. Big well done to everyone today Holly Shilston keeping her cool (just) at GS, Claire Goodall working that circle edge with perfection and not keeping her cool (lol), Aislinn D’Silva making her ER debut with confidence and giving her all, Danny Fells holding it all together in the middle and a dynamic defence today of Anna Lisa Wacey running her little legs off, Jennifer Sarah Monger sticking to her player like glue and making a lovely flyer (yep I saw it Jen), Shona Mccabe going from attack to defence with ease and doing her job well at both ends and finally to Lauren Ayers who continues to amaze us all with her brilliant tips and interceptions. Player of the Match as awarded by the opposition to our little duracell bunny Shona Mccabe – thoroughly deserved.

Many thanks to our small band of supporters today Lynn Ayers, Nicole Saunders and Shane (team manager ). Thanks to Kerry Webb for scoring and thanks to Marion Hooke for her continued help and expertise with coaching.

That’s all for now folks


SUNDAY 11th December 2016

Away game to Cheshunt today and the game did not get off to a very good start when NO umpires turned up. Luckily both ourselves and Cheshunt had umpires present with our teams so agreed to them umpiring the game.

The game got off to a slow start for us and took a while to get into our flow. Despite several unforced errors we managed to come out at quarter time 12 goals to 8.

Cheshunt are a physical side and today was no exception. Their play was very erratic and instead of staying calm and playing netball the way we know how, we too were going too fast and making too many errors. Luckily however coupled with the errors were some brilliant passages of play.

Defence got it together and kept very tight making lots of turnovers allowing the centre court to bring the ball through to our shooters to put the goals away. Score at half time was 23 – 15 to us.

Much of the same for the last 2 quarters saw Crosskeys win the game with ease 47 goals to 28.

Well played to everyone today - Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Shona Mccabe, Amber Moore,  Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Jennifer Monger, Lauren Ayers and a special mention to Cam Brown making her East Region Debut at just 15 years old.

POM as awarded by the opposition went to Claire Goodall – Well done.

Big thanks to Marion Hooke for umpiring at such short notice and to Julie Moore and Lynn Ayers for scoring and to our loyal supporters.

Very exciting going into the New Year sitting at the Top of the Table and can’t wait for 2017. Hope you all have a good break girls and come back in the New Year refreshed and ready to finish the job off.


SATURDAY 3rd December 2016

Saturday game for the girls this week away to Comberton in Cambridge. A stressful couple of days leading up to the game with injuries yet again but the girls came good and we were confident going into this game. Its always been a close one with Comberton and this game did not disappoint.

The first quarter went goal for goal but with both teams making unforced errors. Our defensive combination of Lauren Ayers, Shona Mccabe and Jennifer Sarah Monger keeping tight on their players making the feed difficult and the long arms of Lauren Ayers causing all sorts of problems for the Goal Shooter.

Danny Fells at Centre holding things together and helping the attacking combination of Becky Allen, Claire Goodall and Holly Shilston to work the ball effectively and efficiently to goal.

Score at 1/4 time and we were down 2 goals – 12 – 10 to Comberton.

Team talk and the main emphasis was on cutting out the unforced errors, trying not to worry about the physicality of the opposition and try to “let the ball go” when the opportunity arose.

No changes in this quarter back on we go fighting for every ball and working hard and despite implementing the above we could not pull our noses in front.

Half time score Comberton 20 – Crosskeys 19.

One change at this stage saw Jo Montague go to WD for her first (but long overdue) chance at ER this season. Instructions to Jo get those long arms over the feed into the circle. Jenni to GD to work some “Monger Magic” on the GA who was apparently in the England Under 21 set up and Comberton’s main play maker. This change in defence saw Shona move up to WA to bring something different to the attacking circle.

The above worked with Jo making several great tips and cutting out the easy feed into the circle, Jenni making the GA have to readjust her game and Shona using the ‘fake’ feed into the circle to great effect.

The game was very fiery at this stage with both teams wanting to win so bad. So much going on and the umpires getting ‘very’ involved we kept our head (just) and managed to pull ahead for the first time in the game. Score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 32 – Comberton 30.

Last quarter no changes and instructions for much of the same, score from our own centre passes, NO unforced errors and try not to upset the umpires and the game was ours.

This last 15 minutes seemed to last forever with great netball being played by both teams, the girls on the bench, the supporters and myself getting extremely ‘excited’ (is that the word I am looking for?) and all the players on court working so hard for each other. With only 2 minutes to go Comberton turn ball over and score – 44 each – our centre pass – we score from it putting us one goal in front. Comberton centre pass (how long left can my heart take it) – and there she goes (first interception of the game – not for want of trying I might add) and Jenni has the ball in her hands – hooter goes for full time and are we delighted OH YES WE ARE.


Thanks to all the girls today for a fantastic effort, many thanks to Lucy Skelton for being a ‘bench player’ today to cover for the girls carrying slight injuries – you are a star. Thanks to our loyal band of supporters – you know who you are and hanks to Gemma for scoring.

A MASSIVE well done to Lauren Ayers who got Player of the Match as awarded by the opposition. This young lady just goes from strength to strength in every game she plays – bringing what I call ‘NEW TRICKS’ (not sure that is the netball technical term for it) to every game.

Today though girls you were ALL my players of the match.


SUNDAY 20th November 2016

Another fantastic win for this team today 57 goals to 41

Great game today today girls showing what a versatile and strong squad we have. Rookies brought the game to us in the first quarter and we knew we had to keep our noses in front. This was done by great attacking work especially around and in the circle with Shona Mccabe bring her experience and skill to the WA position and supporting the young Becky Allen at GA together with the experience of  Danny Fells at Centre working the circle edge to perfection with lovely feeds into the ever improving Holly Shilston at GS just popping the ball away.

In defence Lauren Ayers at GK and Jennifer Sarah Monger at GD were causing all sorts of problems for the Rookies shooters but they still managed to keep the scores tight. Anna Wacey at WD certainly had her work cut out with a very competitive, quick and experienced Rookies WA but definitely gave her a run for her money keeping her out of the game as much as possible. Score at end of first quarter was 16 – 13 to Crosskeys.

No changes at quarter time – all we needed to do was continue to play as we were, increase our lead and be a bit tougher in the defence circle and not make it easy for them in any respect which is exactly what the girls did. Score at half time 27 – 23 to Crosskeys.

Time for fresh legs to really put the pressure on a tiring Rookies team. Enter two more youngsters Amber Moore on at GA and Megan Pointer(making her ER 2016 debut) on at WD. Everyone continued to play their part with some brilliant passages of netball seeing the ball move down the court in sometimes 4 beautiful passes from defence to shooting circle. Score at 3/4 time was 42 – 35 increasing our lead again in this quarter by a couple more goals.

Last quarter saw Megan move to GD and Anna Wacey back on at WD with Jenni going to the bench after an incredible 3/4 at GD giving 100% and working so well with Lauren in the defence circle.

Rookies had no answer for us in the last quarter with the girls continuing to attack with flair and defend with force – resulting in a great win Crosskeys 57 – 41. Great to once again see the work we are doing at training paying off with both of our Goal Attacks today (Becky and Amber) switching the ball around in the circle, switching with Holly and making space and then everyone popping the goals in. The defence keeping sooooooo tight on their opposition and also everyone defending the ball up the court forcing Rookies to make errors. (Hope your ankle is ok Megs x)

Player of the Match today as voted by the opposition went to Amber Moore – very well done.

Thanks to Kerry and Gemma for scoring and to all of our loyal supporters. Thanks for the refreshments and thanks for making my birthday weekend end with a bang


SATURDAY 5th November 2016

The girls traveled to Luton today to play against Top of the Table MK Netters. We knew this was going to be a tough one and Netters certainly didn’t disappoint.

The game got off to a cracking start going goal for goal with both teams shooters being spot on. This was definitely going to be a game of turnovers and our strong defence worked tirelessly to do just that. Score at quarter time Crosskeys 14 Netters 12.

A couple of changes in the next quarter to try to unsettle their shooters seemed to do the trick. Fresh legs on early as this team were extremely nippy, coupled with keeping the ball safe and working flat out to break their centre the score at half time saw us take a 4 goal lead 25 – 21.

Fresh legs on again this quarter and it was still anyone’s game and despite making some lovely turnovers a few unforced errors saw us drawing this quarter and the score at 3/4 time Crosskeys 39 Netters 35.

Final quarter and our work rate was immense the girls wanted this so bad and this time we kept our heads, kept the ball, kept the lead and got a thoroughly deserved win Crosskeys 54 Netters 51.

Our work rate today was immense and the work we are doing at training is definitely being brought into our game. Think this win should see us back at the top of the Division.

The squad today and you should all be proud of your performances – great defending and marking by Lauren Ayers, Jennifer Sarah Monger, Shona Mccabe and Anna Wacey, brilliant attacking by  Danny Fells, Becky Allen,Amber Moore and spot on shooting by Claire Goodall and Holly Shilston.

POM as voted by the opposition went to Holly – well done

Thanks to our supporters for travelling away with us today and many thanks to Nicole Saunders for scoring.


SUNDAY 23rd October 2016


Having started off this morning with a squad of 10 – this was reduced to 9 when Hanae Sbai unfortunately turned her ankle in her Herts game. However we were confident in the 9 players we had and took to the court and with determination. After 10 minutes we were dominating the game and about 6 goals up when Georgia Das went down heavily with her knee and had to come off which really seemed to unsettle our game allowing Tegate to come back at us and score at 1/4 time we were 2 goals behind 10 goals to 12.

With Georgia on her way to hospital Tegate showed us no mercy in this quarter and despite everyone working hard we were finding it difficult to settle which resulted in unforced errors especially around the circle edge. Score at half time Tegate 27 – Crosskeys 18.

A couple of positional changes in this quarter saw Chaz Southcott coming on at GA to try and settle things down. This seemed to work for a while and we managed to hold our own in this quarter which we drew. Score now Tegate 37 – Crosskeys 28.

Last quarter and we knew it was a big ask especially being down to a squad of only 8 from 10. Everyone continued to give 100% and battling for every ball – Chaz off and Becky Allen back on at GA to give us some fresh legs but unfortunately we were running out of time and Tegate were eventual winners 50 goals to 39.

Squad today Holly Shilston, Becky Allen, Georgia Das,  Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Shona Mccabe, Jennifer Monger and Lauren Ayers. Unlucky girls we can definitely have them next time round. POM  Danny Fells

Thanks once again to all of our supporters and scorers

Wishing Georgia and Hanae a speedy recovery


SUNDAY 16th October 2016


Great result for the East Region team today in a game which was highly contested by both teams.

First quarter was really close going goal for goal and finishing 13 goals each.

Into the second quarter and we reallly picked our game up marking much tighter and keeping the opposition up the court and wide when they were on the attack forcing them to give the ball away or get pulled for 3 seconds. All areas of the court were giving their all with the defensive circle making some great turnovers and the centre court players bringing the ball through the court with ease working the ball to the circle edge and letting our shooters finish off in style. Some brilliant holding and making space by Holly made it look easy. Score at half time 30 goals to 23.

3rd quarter saw a continuation of the above and we knew we had to keep our noses in front going into the last quarter. Score at 3/4 time 40 goals to 32.

Into the last quarter and as we knew from last weeks game 8 goals up going into the last quarter it is still anyones game but Crosskeys were on fire by now with fresh legs on once again in the centre court Bears had no answer for us. Final score Crosskeys 54 Bears 43.

Well done to everyone today Holly Shilston and Claire Goodall dominating in the shooting circle, centre court of Anna Wacey, Georgia Das, Amber Moore and Jennifer Sarah Monger working tirelessly throughout the whole game no matter what combination we put out and the circle defence ofShona Mccabe and Lauren Ayers getting better and better every game working as a great combo.

Player of the match today as awarded by the opposition went to Anna Wacey stepping up to play centre today and working her socks off. Very well deserved x

Thanks to all of our supporters – so many of you today and it really does make a difference. Thanks to the Gemma and Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham for scoring.

4 wins out of 4 – think we must be sitting pretty at the top of the table. See you all Thursday girls as they say ‘practice makes perfect’


SUNDAY  9th October 2016

Crosskeys V Cranfield

Early start for the girls travelling all the way to Cranfield for a 10.30 start. Seems like getting up early suits us as we got off to a cracking start winning the first quarter 12 goals to 7. However we knew from previous games that this team were no pushover and they came back strong for the rest of the game.

We stuck to our game plan and tried not to get drawn into the very physical tactics being used but still kept our game tight which gave us a half time score of 27 -19.

3rd quarter and Cranfield started to pull it back but we kept our heads and this quarter saw the ball flow quickly and accurately down the court. Score at 3/4 time 39 goals to 32.

Going into last quarter saw a few unforced errors by us making the final result a bit too close for comfort but we came out as deserved winners 49 – 46.

Our defence of Lauren Ayers, Shona Mccabe, Jennifer Sarah Monger and Anna Wacey kept a very tight ship today making some great turnovers and moving the ball swiftly down the court for Danny Fells, Georgia Das and Amber Moore (making her ER debut) to work the ball into our spot on shooting combo of Holly Shilston and Claire Goodall.

Thanks to Gemma for scoring and to our lovely supporters (nice to see you Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham) and special mention to Nicole Saunders who has moved from the court to the supporters bench for a while .

Thanks to Marion Hooke for coaching think we make a good team

POM as voted by the opposition went to Claire Goodall (2 weeks in a row) well done


SUNDAY 2nd October 2016




What a fantastic game and performance by everyone today against a very physical Hornets side. Once again we were slow out of the starting blocks and it took until the second half for our game to really start to flow and to stick to the game plan. We learnt to be patient and keep the ball when necessary but to let it go and flow whenever the opportunities arose.

Only being 3 goals up at half time but winning the game by 16 goals shows that it was definitely a game of 2 halves.

Great defending by Lauren Ayers, Jennifer Sarah Monger, Shona Mccabe and Anna Wacey making lots of interceptions and turnovers. Centre Court of Danny Fells, Nicole Saunders and Becky Allen (making her ER debut) worked the ball well around the circle edge, resetting when needed and working the ball in to both Holly Shilston and Claire Goodall to put the goals away. Must say some lovely feeds from Danny Fells – her vision just amazes me sometimes.

Thank you to Lynn Ayers for scoring and to Marion Hooke and me for coaching and to our lovely band of supporters.

Player of the Match today as voted for by the opposition went to Claire Goodall – well done x

Wins for ER and both Herts teams today – feeling very proud of Crosskeys




Fantastic start to our season today with a convincing win over Cheshunt. First 5 minutes saw us stumble slightly with unforced errors but once we found our feet and confidence we took the game to Cheshunt. Great work from everyone in this quarter particulary working the ball in attack and feeding from the circle edge. Lovely shooting by Holly Shilston and Claire Goodall ably supported by spot on feeds from Nicole Saunders andGeorgia Das. Defence were awesome with Lauren Ayers making some great tips and intercepts working well with Shona Mccabe mixing it up in the circle to put their GS under pressure. Jennifer Sarah Monger keeping it tight at WD and keeping the ball ‘safe’ bringing it back down the court. Score at 1/4 time 13 – 9 to us.

Two changes going into the 2nd quarter Anna Wacey on at WD and Danni Fells on a C. Nicole to WA and Georgia and Jenni to the bench. We kept the pressure on with very close man to man marking which forced Cheshunt to make errors and then we capitalised on these errors and moved the ball swiftly down the court using all channels only for our shooters to finish it off. Score at half time 23 – 16 to us – increasing our lead to 7 goals.

Third quarter and we knew we have to hold on to this lead – and hold on to it we did. Jenni Monger on at GD and Georgia Das back on a WA – Shona and Nicole to the bench. Fresh legs made the difference in this quarter and saw us pull away even more. Good pressure by Jenni and Lauren in the circle meant that this was Cheshunts worst quarter and they score only 4 goals. Score of 3/4 time 31 – 20 – increasing our lead to 11.

Last 1/4 and only one change Shona to WD and Anna to the bench. Every 1/4 we played today even with different combinations saw the girls work so well together. Cheshunt came back strong in this quarter and we had to work hard – this being our first full game of the season saw a few tired legs in the last 5 minutes coupled with some unforced errors. Nothing that a few more training sessions cannot sort out. Final score Crosskeys 39 – Cheshunt 32.

So proud of everyone today – what a squad of players working for each other and backing each other from the bench. No POM from the opposition today as no after match speeches. However my POM must go to Lauren Ayers who had the best game I have seen her play for the Senior squad – well done Lauren and Happy 18th Birthday for tomorrow.

Thanks to Kerry Webb for scoring – all on her own today and she had to multi-task and take it from me that’s not easy for her.  Thanks to our many many supporters you make all the difference x


EAST REGION – Sunday 20th March 20


Final East Region game of the season for the girls today and what a great performance they put out. First quarter we were on fire and Harriers had no answer for us. Superb defending by Jennifer Sarah Monger and Shona Mccabe, great centre court work bringing the ball swiftly and accurately through the court by Nicole Saunders, Anna Wacey and Georgia Dass, finishing with excellent shooting by Claire Goodall and Louisa Sorensen. This saw us go in at quarter time with our best start ever leading 18 goals to 1.

A couple of changes 2nd quarter saw Holly Shilston go to GS and Robyn Amber Graham on at WD. Louisa and Anna to the bench. Harriers tidied their game up in this quarter but we still continued to dominate in all areas of the court. Great to see everyone using the skills that we have been concentrating on during training.  Half time score Crosskeys lead 28 – 8.

Third quarter and more changes – last game of the season so wanted to make sure everyone had lots of court time. Holly moving to the other end to GK – Jenni to the bench. Anna Wacey going on at C and Nicole to the bench and Louisa back on at GS. Another fantastic quarter with some great moves seeing the ball go from one end of the court to the other with ease, accuracy and speed helped along the way by some fantastic long balls by Robyn which were spot on.  Score at 3/4 time Crosskeys lead 41 – 17.

Last quarter and more changes this time Shona and Georgia to the bench. A few unforced errors in this quarter saw Harriers pull a few goals back. Unfortunately Robyn’s knee was playing up so she had to come off and Shona went back on – hope it’s not too bad Rob. We finished the game in style with a couple of lovely moves through the court to goal.

Final score Crosskeys 50 Harriers 23.

50 goals especially for Claire Goodall who is 50 tomorrow and still playing top netball and proving once again that she still has it by getting POM from the opposition. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Claire.

Thank you to all of our supporters not just today but throughout the season – its great to see so many of you. Thanks to Kerry Webb for scoring and thank you to everyone who has been part of the East Region set up this season. Once again we have finished so close to the promotion spot and the way we have finished the season I have no doubt that next year promotion will be ours.

A great of bunch of girls who it has been a pleasure to coach – thank you all


EAST REGION SUNDAY- 21st February 2016


Today the East Region team travelled to Basildon for their game against Bears. We went into the game sitting joint 3rd with Bears who had a better goal difference than us. When we turned up you could see why their goal difference was so good as they had ex Mavericks and Surrey Storm player Gemma Consentino playing GA.

We knew this was going to be a tough game as our last match against Bears we won by one goal. The game started at a fierce pace with some great play from both teams. However our defence of Holly Shilston at GK,Shona Mccabe at GD and Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham at WD stood solid against the Bears shooting combination. This was Robyn’s first game back after her injury which happened during our first encounter with Bears and she was certainly back on form. No Danny today so Nicole Saundersstarted at the Centre position and combined really well with Georgia Dasat WA, Claire Goodall at GA and Louisa Rose Sorensen at GS. Bears circle defence had us a bit rattled in the first quarter and the score at quarter time was Crosskeys 10 – Bears 13.

Just one change going in to the next quarter moving Jennifer SarahMonger to GD to give us some added height in the defence circle plus sticking to the GA like glue which definitely stopped their flow. Everyone worked really hard making sure we stuck to our game plan. No launching the ball up the court, and making sure we ‘worked it’ to the circle edge for easy feeds into the circle. Everyone marking back, keeping their attack ‘up the court’ and some lovely intercepts by our defence saw us draw this quarter – half time score Crosskeys 19 – Bears 22.

Deciding that fresh legs were the way forward saw a couple more changes in this quarter bringing Anna Wacey in at Centre and Shona Mccabe back on at WD. We knew we had to catch up and pull ahead in this quarter and this was helped was some amazing turnovers especially by Georgia Das working tirelessly in the centre court. Our defence worked so well together and Bears were now getting rattled. We siezed this opportunity to play some of our best netball of the game moving the ball out of defence and up the court with ease and into our shooters who had now found their form and were popping the ball in from everywhere. Score at 3/4 time and we had pulled ahead Crosskeys 32 – Bears 28.

We knew we couldn’t sit on this lead and that we had to keep pushing Bears the whole way and this is exactly what we did. More fresh legs bringing Nicole back on this time to WA and Robyn back on to GD. It really didnt matter what combination we put out in defence today they worked as a unit and a very strong unit which Bears had no answer for. The attack was flawless and I think we played our best netball of the season which resulted in a well earned win Crosskeys 48 – Bears 36

Well done everyone – a great match and training and working together is certainly paying off – just wish we could turn the clocks back and play Norfolk and Cheshunt again cos if we played like we did today they would be no match for us.

Player of the Match today as voted by the opposition went to Claire Goodall who battled the whole game. Thanks to  Gemma Graham for scoring and thanks to our small band of supporters (friends and boyfriends).

Really proud of you all today girls.




Great game today with everyone playing sooooooooo well. A switch round of ends today for Holly Shilston moving to play GS from her usual position GK and she proved once again what a versatile player she is. We got off to a brilliant start going 6 goals up but then Nicole Saunders went over on her ankle and had to come off and it then took us a while to re- settle and the score at 1/4 time we were only leading by 2 goals 15 – 13.

2nd quarter and no changes asked the girls to put the extra pass in before the feed into the circle and this worked really well. Also to get arms over the feed at the defensive end to interrupt their feed into their tall goal shooter. Everyone stuck to the game plan and we pulled ahead in this quarter. Jennifer Sarah Monger and Shona Mccabe working tirelessley in defence and turning over ball really well. Centre court of Anna Wacey, Danny Fells, and Georgia Das not only attacking and bringing the ball through the court really well but also marking back and defending well, keeping the attack up the court and forcing errors. Movement and play in the shooting circle was a pleasure to watch with Claire Goodall at GA using her skill and experience to feed Holly Shilston perfectly and both shooting with precision. Score at Half time we were leading 34 goals to 21.

3rd quarter and a couple of changes bringing Nicole Saunders back onto court at WD, Anna Wacey to the bench and Jenni to the bench to make way for Hanae Sbai at GK to make her debut playing for the East Region Team. Christchurch also made a couple of changes in their shooting circle which made us have to have a rethink in the defending circle. It took us a little while to settle in this quarter but we kept working hard making sure we kept our noses in front and not allowing them to come back at us. With the experienced head of Shona Mccabe at GD talking to Hanae Sbai and encouragement from all the team and the bench Hanae showed why she is knocking on the door of the regional team. This was the closest quarter for us but score at 3/4 time we were leading 49 – 34.

Going into the last quarter Nicole and Georgia went to the bench bringing on fresh legs to the centre court of Anna and Jenni (under strict instructions not to launch the ball). We were unstoppable in this last quarter and continued to play some lovely netball turning ball over in defence, working the ball through the court with pace and precision for the shooters to put the shots away. Final score Crosskeys win 63 – 39.

Well done everyone. Thanks to all our supporters it really does help. Thanks to  Gemma Fitzpatrick Graham and Lizi Mitchell for scoring. Player of the Match today as voted by the opposition was Danny Fells – some of her skills today just had to be seen to be believed.


EAST REGION 24th January 2016

Crosskeys East Region team hosted Cranfield today. First time round early in the season we lost to Cranfield by one goal and they recently beat Norfolk by one goal as well so we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy game. However I honestly felt we had come a long way since then and today the girls proved me right.

Getting off to the ‘Crosskeys’ famous dodgy start we went in at quarter time 5 goals down losing 10 – 5. We knew we were so much better than that and went into the 2nd quarter with determination to pull this one back. Some great defending by Holly Shilston and Shona Mccabe stopped the flow of the Cranfield shooters. With Nicole Saunders, Danny Fells and Georgia Das bringing the ball quickly and accurately through the centre court when attacking and brilliant circle play by Claire Goodall and shooting by Louisa Sorensen we soon pulled the scores level. When Cranfield had possession it was great to see ‘everyone’ marking their own player tightly, keeping them ‘up the court’ and ‘forcing them wide’ all things we have been working on at training which worked really well and made Cranfield force the ball and make errors. Half time score and we were up by 3 goals 17 – 10.

Still a close game so we could not sit back and had to continue in the same vein as the 2nd quarter. Fresh legs of Anna Wacey coming on as WD and Nicole going to the bench. Anna did exactly what was needed replicating the defending of the previous quarter and bringing the ball up the court with renewed vigour. This quarter everyone was on fire playing some lovely netball – one, two, three, ‘pop’ and in! The defence turning ball over time and time again with Shona Mccabe on fire and Danni making one of the best interceptions I have ever seen. We pulled away and the score at 3/4 time was 32 – 18.

Last quarter saw Nicole come back on as centre – more fresh legs and Danny go to the bench With a comfortable lead behind us we continued to play some brilliant fast, accurate, disciplined netball with the added touch of flair from all players. Final Score Crosskeys win 45 – 27.

Thank you to the rest of the squad today Amber Moore, Lauren Ayers and Hanae Sbai. Our lovely supporters – great to see so many of you today and Kerry Webb and Gemma Graham for scoring.

Player of the Match today, as given by the opposition, went to our little pocket rocket Shona Mccabe – thoroughly deserved .

Well Done Everyone


EAST REGION – 16th January 2016


The East Region squad today travelled the long journey to Wisbech to play Rookies, a side who on paper, don’t look tough as they’re sitting towards the bottom of the table, however we knew they are a good side and we all know there are no easy games in these leagues. The game didn’t get off to a great start (or any start!) as the second umpire hadn’t turned up when the match was meant to begin. She finally arrived 20 minutes late so at last we could get going. Starting 7 of Louisa Rose GS, Claire Goodall GA, Georgia Das WA, Nicole Saunders at C, Jennifer Sarah WD, Shona McCabe GD and Holly Shilston GK got off to a flying start in the first quarter, moving the ball quickly down the court with some great play around the shooting circle and lovely pickups in defence. We managed to get a good lead and finished the quarter up 12-6. We knew Rookies wouldn’t take that lying down, and they came back at us, with a new combination, in the second quarter. A few unforced errors from us and some lovely play by Rookies meant they cut our lead by 3. Going into the second half at 21-18, we knew we had to work hard to try and edge ahead. Again some nice play by everyone, thinking particularly about the ‘give and go’ we’d been practicing at training, and edge ahead we did, finishing the 3rd quarter 32-27 up. Into the last quarter and we knew we had to keep up the momentum to get the win. Rookies continued to put pressure on, but we managed to keep the ball well and kept fighting until the final whistle. Final score was 42-37 to us. Well played today girls, Rookies always give us a good game and we rose to the occasion – everyone clearly gave 100% the whole game and fitness from everyone was good. Really well done to Holly who was given POM by the opposition (2nd week in a row Hol!), and big thanks to Shelley Dowsett and Jo Montague for coming along and to Gemma for scoring. A good 5 points in the bag girls!


EAST REGION 10th January 2016


We knew this was going to be a tough game playing against Norfolk who are top of the division and only having lost to them by 4 goals earlier in the season it was anyone’s game.

Starting 7 today were GS Holly Shilston

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