Year 7

Jo Wacey - Coach

Lisa Best - Coach

Year 7 January 2019


Year 7 Results 2018-19
Date Crosskeys U12 Score vs Score Opponents
September Crosskeys U12 vs
October Crosskeys U12 vs
November Crosskeys U12 vs
January 6th Crosskeys U12 11 vs 12 Flames Monsoon
January Crosskeys U12 vs
February Crosskeys U12 vs
March Crosskeys U12 vs


Congratulations to The U12s for winning their first game in the Turnford League tonight vs Tegate
A team that has never played together before, worked hard for each other and kept to basics meant they could take the win in the final quarter of a very close game. Final score 21-18
Also well done to Angel Oluwaifemo Banjo who was voted POM by Tegate
Happy coach

Jennifer Sarah



We played the last of the group stage matches tonight against Tegate Green (B Team) and secured another impressive win. Due to some of the squad isolating and sickness we only had a bare 7 but the girls dug deep and gave it their all throughout the match.
This certainly wasn’t our best performance. There was moments of excellence but on the whole our play was a little scrappy. However throughout this season we have played impressively and are continuing to improve individually and grow as a team.
Myself and Vanessa are incredibly proud of these girls and are looking forward to the final on the 15th of July between us and the top team in Group B to determine 2021’s Turnford U12 league winner.
Thursdays Match :-
Quarter 1 14-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 26-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 40-5 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 58-5 Crosskeys
Well done U12’s
Squad :- Isabella Culverhouse, Wanatsa Dumbura, Issy Jenkins, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Ava O’ Reilly.
POM chosen by the opposition went Ava O Reilly. Well done, Great shooting and linkage with Keira to dominate the attacking circle.
Coaches POM went to Wanatsa Dumbura. Well done for making interception after interception so Tegate couldn’t take the ball to goal.
Thank you as always to Vanessa Smith for coaching alongside me, Jane Herbst for scoring for me and to all of our supporters for encouraging the girls and commitment throughout this season.
Go Crosskeys!!!!
Lisa Best


CROSSKEYS U12’s 48 vs HORNETS Navy 6
Another fantastic win for the U12’s and every player delivered well throughout the match.
The game gave us the opportunity to try a few different combinations and allowed us to give each of the girls something to work on to improve their individual play.
Quarter 1 – 14 – 1 Xkeys
Quarter 2 – 26-1 Xkeys
Quarter 3 – 40-4 Xkeys
Quarter 4 – 48-6 XKeys
Well done U12’s. The game flowed effortlessly.
Squad :- Isabella Culverhouse, Wanatsa Dumbura, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Ava O’Reilly.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Ava O Reilly. Well done Ava, you dominated the attacking circle fantastically.
Coaches POM went to Maggie Heath great versatility and great interceptions throughout the court.
Thank you to Vanessa Smith for coaching alongside me, Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our lovely supporters for encouraging the girls.

Losa Best


Another excellent win for this group of players and throughout the match they displayed some exceptional play throughout the court.
If the girls were to take away one improvement from the game they must learn to play their game when the opposition’s play becomes scrappy.
But on the whole the play flowed effortlessly and our talent shone.
Quarter 1 – 16-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 19-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 24-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 38-5 Crosskeys
Well done U12’s. Another great win and score.
Squad :- Isabella Culverhouse, Wanatsa Dumbura, Rhiannon Thomas , Emilia Allen, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Ava O’Reilly and Megan Laws.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Wanatsa Dumbura. Well done Wanatsa great interceptions and defensive play ensuring the opposition scored minimal goals.
Thank you as always to Vanessa Smith for coaching alongside me , Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our wonderful parents for supporting and encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best


We weren’t sure what to expect from the opposition as like us they hadn’t lost a match in this league this season.
Both teams came out determined to gain the upper hand and in the first 5 minutes it went goal for goal.
We then found our rhythm and took control of the game. Although good opposition ( it felt a lot closer than the scoreline) our skill throughout the court out classed Hatfield today.
Quarter 1 11-5 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 21- 9 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 29 – 9 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 39 – 12 Crosskeys
Well done Girls another solid win!!!
Squad – Maggie Heath, Wanatsa Dumbura, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Ava O Reilly and Connie Kearns
POM chosen by the opposition went to Ava O Reilly. Well deserved Ava, Fantastic defensive marking as GK and great accurate Shooting as a GS.
Coaches POM went to Lois Herbst. Great interceptions and tight marking in the centre third helping us regain possession and take the ball to goal.
Thank you as always to Vanessa Smith for coaching alongside me, Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our wonderful parents for supporting and encouraging the girls
Lisa Best


We had played the opposition a few weeks ago at Herts and Essex and beaten them convincingly. However it was obvious from the start that they had been missing a few key players at that fixture and had been told to go out hard on us.
At quarter time there were only two goals in it. We decided if we were going to win the game we would need to make some strategic changes.
These changes were game changing and although each quarter was incredibly tough we were able to increase the lead steadily throughout the match.
Quarter 1 8-6 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 16-8 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 19- 10 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 28- 12 Crosskeys
Well done U12’s a good win against good opposition.
Squad :- Isabella Culverhouse, Wanatsa Dumbura, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Connie Kearns and Ava O Reilly.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Ava O Reilly. Well deserved, fantastic defensive presence and numerous interceptions and rebounds that allowed us to take the ball to goal.
Coaches POM went to Lois Herbst. Well done for remaining focused against an incredibly physical WD and getting into great space to get the ball to goal.
I would also like to give recognition to Gracie Smith for using her initiative to call time in quarter 3 when her opposing C was in trouble due to suffering an asthma attack. She showed great maturity and kindness.
Thank you as always to Vanessa Smith for coaching along side me, Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our wonderful supporters for encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best


Despite the awful weather conditions the girls all gave 100% throughout the match and once they settled into the game adapted their play to combat the torrential rain and wind. Securing a good solid win.
Quarter 1 – 10-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 18 -2 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 26-4 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 35-5 Crosskeys
Well done girls!!!
Squad:- Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Wanatsa Dumbura, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Ava O Reilly and Connie Kearns.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Gracie Smith. Well done Gracie fantastic interceptions throughout the court and fantastic feeds into the attacking circle.
Coaches POM went to the whole team today for giving 100% effort despite the awful weather.
Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching alongside me, Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our fantastic parents for supporting and encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best


We took a while to settle into the game today as several girls were playing out of their usual playing position and initially we were not making space and passing was a little scrappy.
Once we settled into the game we defended well throughout the court and every player made numerous interceptions so we dominated possession to secure a good solid win.
Quarter 1 – 16-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 26-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 37-5 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 45- 5 Crosskeys
Well done girls.
Another great score line and well done to all players for listening, you all took on board ways to improve your play throughout the match.
Although this was not our best performance the girls all dug deep and gave 100% throughout.
Squad :- Darcie Wilkinson, Wanatsa Dumbura, Maggie Heath, Gracie Smith, Connie Kearns, Keira Best and Ava O Reilly
POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Great runs into the circle and fantastic shooting hit rate.
Coaches POM went to Connie Kearns for playing a great WA and getting better with each quarter.
Thank you as always to Vanessa McMahon for coaching along side me, Simon Smith for scoring, Emily Best for umpiring and all our committed parents for your support and encouragement.
Lisa Best

HERTS and ESSEX WINTER LEAGUE – 24th April 2021

The girls were incredibly nervous going into this fixture against an undefeated Wodson team that had won last seasons Turnford winter league and although it took the girls a few minutes to settle into the game we dominated play from the off and secured a fantastic win.
Wodson could not find a way to break down our attack yesterday and throughout the court we made numerous interceptions to maintain possession and stop them getting to goal.
Quarter 1 – 11-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 19-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 31-6 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 45- 9 Crosskeys
Great Win and Team Effort U12’s.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Ava O’Reilly. Well done, you delivered when playing both ends of the court. Great shooting as GS and defensive play as GK.
Coaches POM went to Connie Kearns. Well done Great Shooting and movement in the attacking circle.
Squad :- Wanatsa Dumbura, Darcie Wilkinson, Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Ava O’Reilly and Connie Kearns.
Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching along side me, Jane Herbst for scoring, Emily Best for umpiring and all our committed parents for supporting the girls from their cars.
Lisa Best

HERTS and ESSEX WINTER LEAGUE – 17th April 2021

CROSSKEYS U 12′s 35 vs BRAINTREE U12′s 5
This was definitely a game of 2 halves.
The first half we were sluggish and played some really scrappy play. We didn’t maintain possession well, Didn’t zone effectively and wasn’t tight enough defensively throughout the court.
Thankfully we came alive in the second half and brought our A game back to the court. Our passing and movement was better we defended well and intercepted and picked up numerous loose balls which we took to goal.
Quarter 1 6-3 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 12- 4 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 24- 5 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 35- 5 Crosskeys
A good win against an incredibly physical Braintree squad.
Learning point – need to bring our A game from the starting whistle.
Squad :- Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Ava O’Reilly and Connie Kearns
POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Great shooting and determination.
Coaches POM went to Gracie Smith fantastic interceptions and breaking down the Braintree attack in the centre third.
Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching alongside me. Jane Herbst for scoring and the parents for supporting from their cars.
Lisa Best

Under 16's 16th April 2021


First game playing at Turnford for this squad and they were all a bit nervous especially as this was their first game back after a long break.
Luckily for us we were eased back in and playing against a Turnford squad that we were able to dominate throughout the match.
Although the competition was not particularly challenging the girls all displayed great individual skills and great team work throughout the game.
We had only had one face to face training session back and it was fantastic to see that the girls had all taken on board the areas we had said to work on the previous night.
Quarter 1 – 16-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 2- 30- 4 Crosskeys
Quarter 3- 40- 6 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 -48- 10 Crosskeys
Immensely proud of the girls game play tonight. Great win. This is even more impressive as some of the squad are relatively new to the game and it proves that hard work pays off.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best . Great shooting and Vision into the attacking circle.
Coaches POM went to Darcie Wilkinson. Great interceptions and supporting the link from defence
to attack.
Team. :- Maggie Heath, Wanatsa Dumbura, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Connie Kearns and Ava O’Reilly.
Thank you as always to Vanessa McMahon for coaching the girls alongside me and to Jane Herbst and Millie Smith for scoring.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 16th November 2019


Win 32-8 ????

Following on from last weeks win . We wanted to continue the positivity to grow together as a team .

After a rocky start with Brookshaw scoring the first 2 goals . We played catch up .

The 1st quarter was a little messy but once we got into the swing of things we took the lead .In the 2nd quarter we got into a rhythm, the goal difference got bigger and we stretched ahead .

Lexi was on fire with Ella and Lottie adding to the goal count .

Libby was amazing with lots of intercepts.

Mid court Brooke and Olivia did well finding space .

The 2 Chloes did great in defence giving their attack very few opportunities to shoot.

Team – Brooke , Lexi , Chloe A, Chloe H , Libby , Olivia , Ella & Lottie

POM -????????Libby ????????

Thank you Marion and supporters

By Lottie & Mum

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 12th October 2019


This was always going to be a tough, well contested match between two very evenly matched squads and so it proved to be. Good shooting, steady mid court and tenacious defending saw the match finish 14 – 12 to Tegate. Congratulations to Libby on POM she showed some great versatility today switching from C to GA in the final quarter.

1st Quarter = 4 – 4

2nd Quarter = 5 – 9 (Tegate)

3rd Quarter = 8 – 12 (Tegate)

4th Quarter = 12 – 14 (Tegate)

As you can see we drew two quarters and won the final quarter. Lost one quarter but that was enough to cost us the match.

I feel confident we will win on the replay.


Lexi, Keira, Olivia, Libby, Brooke, Chloe H, Daisy and Chloe A.

Thanks to the parents for their unwavering support, Lisa for her organisation and Emily for scoring.
Marion Hooke


A good day at Crosskeys Tournament today. We are building a new team. Our 1st game was Crosskeys 4 -Durham 4 ,our 2nd game was Crosskeys 1 -Abbey Flyers 7 , our 3rd game was Crosskeys 1- Dodson 4 ,our 4th game was Crosskeys 7- Flames 3, our 5th game was Crosskeys 2- Braintree 9, our 6th game was Crosskeys 0- Poole 10, our last game was Crosskeys 0-CD Phoenix 7. WELL DONE girls you never gave up and tried your best in every game.
Louise Ayliffe


I had the pleasure of coaching the girls today in Louise’s absence.
Tricky weather conditions for netball today,
Strong winds and a heavy downpour,
Instructions to the girls to play the ball short and drive onto it throughout the court and for our shooters to work the ball close to goal as the wind wasn’t going to let any longer shots find the net today.
We struggled a little, the placement of our pass needs some work we tend to not place into the space for each other, which was constantly letting there defence get hand to ball, they had a big height advantage also we need our shooters to play from the front more, that with the pass placement it can come together both shooters are accurate we just need to increase our shooting opportunities.
Our Defence turned around lots of ball today, Kasey especially, Well Done, we need to take a second and choose our best option when coming out of defence and through the middle of court.
It was a low scoring game with the wind playing a big part.
We lost 8-6 however the girls were listening and improved in the last quarter which we won 4-2.
Team today Rhiana, Gracie, Evie, Danielle, Toula, Kacey and Sophia
POM chosen by the opposition was Gracie
Claire Goodall


It was first game back for these girls and all played very well. 1st quarter we were down by 2, 2nd quarter only down by 1. In the 3rd quarter we were drawing and in the 4th quarter it was one for one. Unfortunatelye lost it in the last minute. We need to work on passing and fitness, but overall a very good game. Wwell done girls.
Squad: Darcey Ayliffe, Evie James, Gracie Goodall, Rhiana Drew, Kacey Barnett, Danielle Lewis and Rebecca Finch.
POM went to Danielle Lewis. Well done.
Louise Ayliffe



I don’t know if anyone noticed but I think winter has arrived!
A wonderful way to spend your Saturday morning out in the fresh ‘FREEZING’ (as Marion put it) AIR!
Some lovely play from the under 12’s in very wet and windy conditions, our attack working very well together feeding the ball into the circle and using the circle edge if needed instead of forcing the ball in. Defence worked well together and giving back up down the court.
Great shooting today from Gracie and Rhiana.
Kacey voted player of the match and well deserved.
Team: Becky, Gracie, Rhiana, Evie, Danielle, Darcey and Kacey.
Score a fabulous win to us 24-5.
Hope everyone has warmed up and a great way to end 2018 matches!
Anita Griffiths


A very tough game for the us today.
Tegate had extremely good shooters and very strong defence.
Our defence worked tirelessly and Kacey was awarded POM and extremely well deserved.
Well done to Olivia Kain playing her first match.
Team:Rhiana,Gracie,Olivia,Danielle,Evie,Darcey,Kacey and Becky.
So unfortunately it wasn’t our day today with Tegate taking this win,but these girls did not give up,very nice to see so much determination.

Annita Griffiths


We knew this was going to be a tough match against a strong, and well drilled team.
We welcomed Tolua playing her first match today and thrown in as a GD against a very dynamic team.
Unfortunately we lost 29-7,but we did improve in the third quarter!
Lots to work on at training!
Team : Rihanna, Gracie, Danielle, Libby, Darcey, Toula and Evie.
POM to a very well deserved Gracie Goodall.
Thanks to Marion for umpiring and Claire for scoring!
Anita Griffiths


This week we managed a full seven players from our own under 12 team.
A comfortable win for them today although at times we made extremely hard work of this match.
Making some changes in defence really made the difference with Becky and Kacey giving that extra height we needed.
Rhiana and Gracie working well together with Danielle,Evie and Amelia who was playing her first match)at centre court.
Well done to Rhiana on her POM very well deserved!
Thankyou to Claire for scoring and Marion for umpiring and to all the parents for there support.

????Final score 18-8.????

Team: Rhiana,Gracie,Evie,Danielle,Amelia,Kacey (Capt) & Becky.
Anita Griffiths


Score 25-1 to Crosskeys
Convincing win from the under 12’s today, Keira and Libby playing up and slotting in extremely well.
Thanks to Claire for scoring and Marion for umpiring.
POM to Gracie.
Big thanks to Julie Moore and Lisa Best for lifts back to my abandoned car!
Team: Rihanna, Grace, Keira, Danielle, Darcey, Evie, and Libby.
Anita Griffiths

Crosskeys U12 White vs Cheshunt Wormley 17th May 2018

What a difference a week makes. And finding a formation that works on court in match-play. We could be forgiven for thinking that every club in this league is a top club, and our previous experience of Cheshunt is that they are. But our newly formed squad of four weeks turned in a barnstorming performance in the first quarter, which left me at a loss for words except repeating enthusiastically, “That’s good netball Keys”. Our attack of Ruby C and Grace in the circle and Mileina WA and Kacey C simply just clicked. And our defence of Molly GK, Elani GD, Kiara WD and Kacey stopped the Cheshunt attack in their tracks. The squad swept into a 9-2 lead!
However, after the start of the second quarter, with an unchanged formation, we were thrown by Ruby C having to come off. We quickly rearranged the formation to put Mileina in at GS (a position she hadn’t played before) and Ruby Mc came on as WA. We held on in the second quarter to draw 1-1.
What was going to happen? After a long talk at half-time this squad, with Ruby C in support on the sidelines, showed their spirit, raised their game and turned in a sterling performance to win the third quarter 12-2. And although we faded in the final quarter — we shaved it 4-3 — the squad turned in an outstanding overall performance to secure their first league win ever: 26-8!
POM voted by the Cheshunt Squad: Kacey— deservedly for seeming to be everywhere in the right place, demonstrating so consistently how to get into good space to receive a pass.
Coach POM: Ruby C for her good heart in dealing with her disappointment and cheering the squad on, and Grace for turning in an outstanding performance at GA. Congratulations to all the squad for throwing themselves into this game with good heart, commitment and fighting spirit. We are not the finished netball article by a long way but we are showing some signs of winning at life. Let’s roll some more.
Our Squad: Grace(capt), Ruby Mc, Ruby C, Mileina, Kacey, Kiara, Elani and Molly.
Thanks to Cam for jumping in to help with coaching on Wednesday, you made a real difference, please come back again any time – we had 30+ girls on two courts — Jackie for her even-handed, safe umpiring and her encouraging words at half-time. And the parents for supporting this new rookie squad and celebrating with them their hard-earned, first win.
Points noted from the match for next training session:
• Celebrating team spirit.
• Passing: timing, movement and thinking — for every session.

Crosskeys U12 White vs Hornets Navy Wormley 10th May 2018

Crosskeys have launched a second squad, U12 White, in this summer league to give more of the U12 girls an opportunity to play competitive club match netball and thereby raise the standard of play in the junior club. Turnford, our local League, which we have entered, is one of the toughest in the country – the U16 National Champions come from this league. So we are in at the deep end. Our players, except one, have not played competitive match netball before and they are up against teams who have played in this league for two years or more. That’s a reality, not an excuse.
What we offer at Crosskeys is quality netball training, including playing games of netball, on a Wednesday evening, to improve the standard of netball for each player. Building a new squad takes time and inevitably means a fair amount of experimentation in the early days; giving as many girls as possible who show some promise, a chance to play in a match or two is an important part of this process. It also means we are not able to stabilise the squad until well into the term, if then; and changes involved in the interim mean we have to set our sights for improvement as a squad realistically. Inevitably, the uncertainty of who is playing or not each week, will bring some disappointment to individual girls; even so, we cannot give anyone a firm place in the squad on a Thursday during this summer term.
We started brightly enough with another formation, scoring the first goal against a skilled Hornets side. And followed up with another goal. As Hornets hit their stride, we fought gamely but the lack of consistency in our passing/receiving gave them too much possession. We ended the first half 17-5. In the second half, there were some notable sequences of good play, but too often we lost possession again. Playing without possession is very tiring because we were chasing Hornets and the game. Our tiredness showed in the third quarter but we did rally in the final quarter to score 3 more goals. Final Score 31-8.
POM voted by Rangers Squad: Kacey— deservedly for demonstrating so consistently how to get into good space to receive a pass.
Coach POM: Ruby C, and Grace for their tireless efforts to be involved in play. Congratulations to all the squad for throwing themselves into this venture with good heart, commitment and fighting spirit. Let’s roll some more.
Our Squad: Grace(capt), Ruby M, Ruby C, Meleina, Kacey, Kiara, Bronte, Evie and Alessia.
Thanks to coaches Wendy, Lisa and Marion for taking on the extra work for this venture, and Jackie for her even-handed, safe umpiring. And the parents for supporting this new rookie squad through a learning from experience process.
Points noted from the match for next training session:
• Passing: timing, movement and thinking — for every session.


CROSSKEYS U12′s 29 V TEGATE U 12′s 20

OMG! EeeeeK! What a game!
First quarter 5-4
Second quarter 15- 7
Third quarter 24 – 15
Fourth quarter 29 – 20
I cannot begin to express how well these girls played tonight. The shooting was amazing from Georgia and Meisha, our mid court players Maddie, Yasmin, Keira and Daisy hardly put a ball wrong and the defence of Lucy and Missy were “class”.
I/we (the parents) were so proud and so pleased with the game. Congratulations to all the players. Thanks to our loyal band of supporters and to Dave for his “input” at training.
POM: Keira and Georgia
Squad:- Georgia, Meisha, Daisy, Keira, Maddie, Yasmin, Lucy, Missy.
Thanks girls – a great way to spend a Thursday evening.
Marion Hooke



Wow! What can I say? Absolutely blistering performance from this team tonight. So proud of you all girls.
We started slowly and in the first few minutes were 3 goals down. Then we seemed to “find another gear” and not only did we claw back the deficit but with careful passing and excellent shooting we built a lead to end the first quarter 10 – 6 in front. Half time saw us lead 17 – 8. By the end of quarter three we were ahead 27 – 14. The final quarter and the request was – lets win this so we can say we won all four quarters of the game. Final score 33 – 17. Brilliant.
POM – Daisy.
SQUAD:- Georgia, Meisha, Olivia, Daisy, Yasmin, Maddie and Ruby ( thank you for playing up for us tonight).
Marion Hooke


Don’t be fooled by the title of this Turnford team. They were fast, skilful and feisty, just like any other good Turnford side. Tonight our U12 Purple team played so, so well. I was very proud of them all. We won the first quarter by one goal, lost the second quarter by 7 and then drew the third and fourth quarters. Lots to be excited about with this squad who are improving with every game they play. Seven super players.
POM went to Daisy McAuliffe – Congratulations Daisy.
Squad:- Goergia Kerry Leslie, Olivia Curaba, Daisy McAuliffe, Keira Karen Hearn, Maddie Georgina Bailey, Lucy Becky Hunter, Missy Laura Winter-Chick.



The squad:- Georgia Kerry Leslie (capt), Olivia Curaba, Daisy McAuliffe, Tia Burt, Yasmin Judi Carboni Delport, Maddie Georgina Bailey, Lucy Hunter, Missy Laura Winter-Chick.

Crosskeys 13 Hereford Cathedral C 0
Crosskeys 11 Hereford Cathedral B 0
Crosskeys 3 Hereford Cathedral A 5
Crosskeys 6 Lady Margaret B 2
Crosskeys 6 Lady Margaret A 0
Crosskeys 7 Notts 0
Crosskeys 8 St Joseph 0
Crosskeys 4 St Margarets 2
Crosskeys 12 Walkwood 1
Crosskeys 8 Ipswich 5
Crosskeys 8 Bramdean 6
Semi Final
Crosskeys 10 Lady Margaret 2
Final Crosskeys 3 Ipswich 4 – after extra time

As you can see the girls played plenty of netball. The pool was played as a round robin. Going into the semi’s in 1st place we played the 4th placed team and won by a large margin as some of their players were late on court. The final saw us playing Ipswich a team we had previously beaten in the pool. After 6 minutes each way it was 3-3 and 2 mins extra time was to be played. Unfortunately nerves got the better of us and we lost by just one goal! However, this squad played brilliantly throughout the weekend and gave me every reason to be immensely proud of them. Congratulations Year 7.
Marion Hooke

U12 Crosskeys 21 vs 18 Wodson B Wormley March 10th 2018

We went on court with our starting 7, with the idea of an interchangeable axis of GD, C, GA of Keira, Daisy and Georgia, and a squad of 9. We certainly held our own in the first quarter, but we thought it was important to see if stability in the team would give them a chance to bed in, so we remained unchanged for the second and we made it 11-9 at half-time. During that time, there were times when our movement and passing through the court, were a joy to watch, but we lack consistency. With that consistency, this game would have been over by half time . Good to see the link up in attack with Tia at WA and Olivia at GS holding up the GK to take the overhead ball, and the axis working well for Daisy and Keira to switch at half-time. Keira’s opponent, In my view their best player, moved with her to C, and Keira fought hard to contain her throughout the match. An interesting duel.
The second half, with Yasmin and Bronte slotting in the wing positions, and Georgia and Maddie working tirelessly to keep us ahead, was a real slog. The ball changed sides too many times: a testament to our doggedness, our ability to mark tight and harry and chase our opponents, and a pointer to the need for us to practise the basic elements of making and receiving a pass that helps us to retain possession. If we focus more on retaining possession then we would not have to work so hard to defend and chase the game. We deserved our win 21-18.

POM selected by Wodson: Kezzia; well deserved in her first outing for Crosskeys.

Squad: Olivia, Georgia(capt), Tia, Bronte, Keira, Daisy, Yasmin, Maddie, and Kezzia.

Coach’s POM: Olivia – most improved player.
Thanks to Jackie for umpiring, Kacey and parents for supporting and appreciating the game.
Points for training: All aspects of successful passing.

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 24th February 2018

Crosskeys U12 5 v Turnford A 15
We started off brightly creating many opportunities but just could not convert the chances into goals and this set the pattern for the entire game. Our shooters were always under pressure from an extremely tall GK but the whole team worked tirelessly throughout and did play some brilliant netball.
Congratulations Georgia Leslie on POM today.
Thank you to all the Mum’s and Dad’s for your encouragement and support and to Dave for helping to coach.
Point to improve :- working in triangles.
Marion Hooke

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – Saturday 27th January 2018

A terrific game from start to finish for the girls today. First quarter finished 4-a-piece. Half time saw Hatfield one goal in front. 3/4 time still nothing in it. Everything to play for. Final score was 16 to Crosskeys 13 to Hatfield! Great shooting from Olivia and Georgia was matched by some excellent centre court work from Yasmin, Keira and Tia. Not to be outdone our defensive pairing of Daisy McAuliffe and Maddie Bailey marked tight resulting in several crucial tips and interceptions. So proud of everyone today. Well done girls. Thank you Dave for coaching and our trusty band of supporters – we couldn’t have done it without you all. Looking forward to our Condover trip with these girls.
Squad:- Olivia Curuba, Georgia Kerry Leslie, Tia Kim Burt, Keira Hearn, Yasmin Judi Carboni Delport, Daisy McAuliffe, Maddie Bailey.
POM – Keira Hearn.
Marion Hooke

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – Saturday 13th January 2018

The girls worked really hard throughout this match but unfortunately couldn’t deliver a win today. Many of the squad were playing out of position which they coped with well and we were able to welcome Ruby Cowan to her second appearance and Grace Kearns on her debut. Once we “iron out” the passing and settle this squad I’m sure there will success in the future.
Squad:- Daisy,Keira,Zara,Yasmine,Bronte,Ruby,Olivia,Georgia, Grace.
Marion Hooke

Broxbourne Junior League- Saturday 25th November 2017

CROSSKEYS U.12′s 14 v ABBEY FLYERS U.12′s 17
The game this morning didn’t go our way despite us having most of the possession. Everyone tried sooooo hard but too many unforced passing errors cost us dearly. On the plus side we defended with great determination and shot accurately once we had worked the ball into the circle. We will definitely beat this team next time. Thank you Dave for your support and to all the parents who stood in the chilly November weather.
Squad:- Maddie Georgina Bailey, Keira Hearn, Olivia Curuba, Yasmine  Carboni Delport, Bronte Humphrey, Zarah Hussein, Meisha Trend-Evans, Daisy McAuliffe, Georgia Leslie.
POM Daisy - congratulations

Marion Hooke

U12 Crosskeys vs Asco – 14th October 2017

What a lovely day for netball. And what a great squad, Crosskeys U12s, and a pleasure for me to step in and coach in today’s match. The players in the squad are a credit to their parents and to the coaches who train them on a Wednesday.
We started off brightly enough but were 2 goals down at the end of the first quarter. At the start of 2nd quarter we drew level looking more consistent in our play. Unfortunately an injury to Daisy, which took some time off court to treat, disrupted our game and we were 5 down at half time. The squad agreed that we could win the next quarter and resolved to do so. Moving Daisy to Center and Keira to GD improved both our possession and delivery in the final third, where Olivia and Georgia combined really well in the shooting circle, and strengthened our interceptions in defence. We won the third quarter by 1. Morale was up and the final quarter was a really competitive one, which again we won by 3 — only to lose the match by 1 goal. Score 22-23.
To lose a match by 1 goal means it was close, but there’s always a keen sense of ‘if only’ with a tight result like that. As a squad, I think we could answer that with the following improvements:
1. Fight more to win the loose balls – grab it.
2. After making interceptions or winning the ball back, keep possession with a simple pass. Don’t throw it away.
3. Try not to be too fed up and distracted from your game, when decisions, however unfair they seem to you, go against you.
Squad: Olivia, Georgia, Bronte, Keira, Casey, Daisy, Maddie, Zhara.
POM voted by Asco: Keira, who I thought was outstanding in anticipating and making quality interceptions.
Thanks to Jackie for umpiring, Kacey for playing up, and parents for supporting the squad and me, and appreciating the game.

ROSSKEYS vs CHESHUNT –  9th September 2017

Thanks to Marion for umpiring for this match. In the end, a convincing win for Crosskeys U12 squad. There is a good rhythm to the movement and passing for the squad when in possession. In this match, our feeding in to the shooters and by the shooters was effective in allowing us to shoot from close to the post. And our shooting was consistently good despite the injury to Georgia’s fingers. Our defence was resolute in the circle, and it was good to see a GD prepared to attack and a GA to help out in defence. Good movement and passing down the court when in possession was the key to this win, and some effective interceptions in defence provided us with more possession to go forward.
Points to note for training: Getting into good space to receive. Being more vocal on court. Marking tight when not in possession, particularly when trying to block your opponent’s pass.
Squad: Maddie, Daisy, Zara, Keira, Yasmin Georgia, Olivia.

Opposing team vote for best player: Keira

Dave White

************************************* REPORTS FOR 2016/2017 ARE BELOW **************************************

Colchester Tournament July 2017

Great day in hot weather saw this squad play 11 games! We had a fantastic start winning V Essex Rockets 14-1. We went on to play a further 10 games and ending 5th overall out of 12 teams – a commendable place – could have so easily have been 3rd with the four games we drew!!

Results: 5 Wins / 4 draws and 0nly 3 lost matches.
A big well done to you all fighting all the way. The squad is certainly growing in maturity and set play is apparent too. Gave me a good insight today on what we need to work on next season girls to climb up the league tables more.

Squad :- Abi Topcott (capt)/ Lily Southward/ Molly / Ava Quill/ Sophia Reed/ Emily Best/ Sian Kearney/ Ava Rowson and Nancy Wimbleton

Thanks to all the parents for your support today

Jo W

Crosskeys U12′s Vs Hatfield Purple

Myself and Jo coached the girls tonight against an extremely tough and polished Hatfield team.

We got off to a very slow start and by half time Hatfield had an admirable lead.

However after a good team talk all the girls came out in the second half fighting and the game was much more evenly matched. Some good play throughout the court.

Final score 16-29 to Hatfield Purple

POM – Chosen by the opposition went to Emily Best. Well deserved Emily.

Squad:- Molly Morrissey, Lily Southward, Abbie Topcott, Ava Quill, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

Thanks as always to the parents and other supporters. Your encouragement is appreciated.



Crosskeys U12s V Hornets U11.
We got the result we wanted but not with the start I would have hoped.
A slow start saw us not playing our usual game and drawing the first qtr 3 all. After a good pep talk the girls starting getting into the game and we went ahead end of qtr 2 by 2. Third qtr the mojo was back and we starting looking like our usual selves and pulled right away. 4 qtr was a closer fought game but we secured the game I think 24-14 – please correct me Lisa Best if that’s wrong?

Going forward i know a more thorough warm up will be the answer to stopping the slow starts which will improve all aspects and secure our wins from the start.

Pom voted by opposing team was Sian and the coaches Pom was lily.

Squad – Ava Rowson, Sian Kearney, Sophia reed , Emily Best, Abi Topcott, Ava Quill, Lily southward and Nancy Mae Wimbleton

Jo W


The U12s today had a good day narrowly missing out on a semi finals place.
Everyone in this now established squad played their all and this resulted in the following scores:
Flames 2-2 draw,  HHR. 2-2 draw,  Conquerors 6-2 win, Tegate 7-4 win, Braintree 2-4 lost,  Abbey flyers 3-2 win,  Hatfield B 3-6 lost

A mixed bag of results but we have come on so well over the last 2 years. Our finest moment (I’m sure the girls will agree!) was our convincing win against rivals Tegate.
Well done to you all and to Lisa Best who coached with me today and does a fab job organising everything and not forgetting the parents for your support as always.
Oh and a big shout for Keira Best who scored for us – well done ????????



Crosskeys U12′s vs Cheshunt

Myself and Jo were unable to coach tonight’s game, Jo hope Jess had a lovely 21st, so Dave White kindly offered to support the girls for us.

As this group was new to him I’d planned each quarters positions as guidance. I was hoping, from looking at last years game against cheshunt, that this was going to be a relatively easy match for us so I’d tried out some new combinations to work with in future games.

The girls certainly didn’t disappoint and shone from the start. I have been informed that they gave it there all and played superbly throughout the court.

Quarter 1 = 8-3 to Crosskeys
Quarter 2 = 19-4 to Crosskeys
Quarter 3 = 29-5 to Crosskeys

Final score = 44-9 to Crosskeys

U12′s a massive well done, so very proud of each and everyone of you. Lovely to hear that all the hard work in training is starting to come together.

Pom chosen by the opposition went to Emily Best

Pom chosen by coach went to Sofia Read.

Well done to you both, fantastic play.

Squad :- Nancy Wimbledon, Lily Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney, Molly Morrissey and Ava Rowson.

A big thank you to Dave White for advising and encouraging the girls during the game. Much appreciated.

Thank you to the parents and supporters for your support and encouragement.



Crosskeys U12s vs Hornets B

This was a nail biting game from start to finish ( my heart has only just recovered) and only ever a couple of goals separated the teams throughout the game.

All the girls played with grit and determination and although at times we were clustered and didn’t always make the easiest, safest pass the girls all played some lovely netball and worked very hard as a team.

They made some cracking interceptions and turnovers and at times the flow of play was exceptional. The shooting was fantastic and knowing the score was tight both girls didn’t falter under the pressure.

Final score Crosskeys 25 – Hornets B 25

Not the win we wanted but a fair result. We will win next time and Well done U12′s for never giving up and putting into play ways to improve throughout the game.

POM chosen by the opposing side went to Emily Best. Well done Emily.

Squad :- Nancy Wimbledon, Lily Southward, Abbie Topcott, Ava Quill, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Molly Morrissey and Ava Rowson.

Thanks as always to the parents and supporters for your encouragement and support. Much appreciated.



Turnford Tournament May 2017

The girls performed extremely well today and from the first game worked incredibly hard throughout the court. Each one of them contributing to the teams success.

Games :-

Woodley – Lost 5-3,  Cheshunt – Won 6-5,  Dacorum – Won 5-4,  Hatfield – Lost 9-4,  Raiders – Won 6-2

We missed a quarter final place on goal difference and although disappointed the girls should feel very proud or themselves as they gave 100% throughout the day.

Well done U12′s.

Squad :- Nancy Wimbleton, Molly Morrissey, Lily Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Ava Quill, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson

Thank you to all the parents and supporters for cheering the girls on throughout the day.

A big thank you to Sarah Parker and Anita Griffiths for assisting me. You we’re both fantastic and helped me immensely.

A thoroughly rewarding day. Go Crosskeys.



Crosskeys U12 V Abbey Flyers

Started off with great gusto with good steady play feeding into the circle accurately to get ahead by 5 at one point but Abbey slowly clawed it back so within 2 after first qtr.
2nd qtr seemed to be a downfall as Abbey really got into a flow and capitalised on our errors which saw hurried passes and bunching together. 3rd qtr after a pep talk to play our own game and slow down we started to look more settled. 4th qtr was better too but the girls couldn’t quite claw back what we lost in the 2nd qtr and lost 28-20.

After a team chat post match we all agreed what we needed to work on in training. The girls have the determination and that always shows and there was some good flowing play and interceptions along the way. Next time girls – you can beat them. POM voted by opppositions and I agreed was Abi Topcott – well done.

Squad – Ava R, Sian, Sophia, Ava Q, Emily, Abi, Lilly, Nancy

Jo W

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 25th February 2017

Crosskeys U12 V Cheshunt A

Lovely to watch this squad playing today albeit a slow first few minutes the girls got into their mojo and were leading 9-5 end of 1st qtr. A quick team talk Re: keeping the ball safe, swapping the Ga and GS round and swapping on a player to Wd the girls went on again to play their own game. Lovely feeding and movement to change direction by Sophia Read Wa and Emily Best C along with Ava Rowson and Sian Kearney working the circle well together to increase our lead at half time to 16-9. 3 qtr the girls were moving the ball fluent down the court taking the time to be sure of their passes, with tips from Johanna Rees and Lili Southward keeping tight on their players. Last qtr saw the girls more determined as we didn’t want to lose our lead of 7 goals. The defence were tight – Nancy Wimbleton not giving the GS any room to breath along with Abi Topcott at WD setting up backlines as I’d ask her along with Lili GD to enable a successful throw on from Nancy Gk numerous times.

We won 29-19. So good to see the girls playing how I wanted and the training paying off. Thanks girls a real pleasure to see you play today and coach you. Thanks to Sian’s mum scoring and Emma Wacey umpiring along with parents supporting. POM went to Emily Best, chosen by opponents, who worked tirelessly in the Centre – well done

Jo Wacey

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE -11th February 2017

Crosskeys U12′s vs Wodson Park B

It’s was extremely harsh playing conditions today but all the girls stepped up and played phenomenally.

Our defence was tight and made interception after interception the centre court were solid backing up the defence and driving forward well and controlling the game from start to finish and our attacking circle were immense shooting well and putting some superb balls into the attacking circle.

An all round superb game. Area of improvement from today’s game would be when in possession of the ball to remember to play our game, spread out and don’t play the oppositions game, which at times lowered our standard of play.

That said the girls all did themselves proud and secured a fantastic win. final score 30-7 to Crosskeys.

Pom chosen by the opposition went to a well deserving Sian Kearney. Well played sian.

No coaches POM today as all the girls were fantastic today. You did me and jo proud, executed what we have been working on in training fantastically.

A big Thank you to the parents and supporters who supported the girls in such awful conditions. You are amazing.

Team :- Nancy Wimbledon, lily southward, Abbie Topcott, Ava quill, Emily best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson,

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 10th December 2016

Crosskeys U12′s (23) vs Hornets A (32)

Although I didn’t let on to the girls I was a little nervous going into today’s game as last season we lost to this team 41-15 and although we have improved a lot i was still apprehensive.

I really shouldn’t have been we played phenomenally. We moved the ball around the court well, the majority of the time passed the ball into the space, defended tightly against a difficult attack and shot incredibly well. Both Sian’s and Ava R’s goal ratio was over 85%.

We had a shocking 2nd quarter which Hornets capitalised on and which unfortunately cost us the game but in quarters 1,3 and 4 we more or less matched Hornets goal for goal.

Quarter 1 – 8-8
Quarter 2 – 10- 19
Quarter 3 – 19-27
Quarter 4 – 23-31

Although we didn’t win today We played incredibly well and I am really proud of the individual and team improvement this team has made.

POM chosen by Hornets went to Emily Best. Well done Em even though I give you a hard time you always give it your all and deliver a good game.

My POM went to Ava Rowson for not only excellent shooting but for holding well and listening to what we worked on in training. Well done.

Thanks to Johanna and Abbie for playing out of position as GK today, you worked really hard.

Thanks to the parents for your continual support.

Team :- Abbie Topcott, Johanna Rees, Lily Southward, Ava Quill, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson


BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 22nd October 2016

Crosskeys U12′s vs Saffron Hawks

We started off without much fight in the first quarter and were making silly mistakes which allowed SH to steam ahead and at quarter time we were losing 10-2.

After a few changes and a peep talk we started to get our act together and gel as a team but we were still throwing flat balls into our attacking circle which were getting easily intercepted and at half time SH were beating us by 15 goals to 5.

Quarter 3 saw a different team step out onto court ( the team I am used to seeing) we were defensively strong, linking up well, creating space and feeding our attacking circle with ease. Sian Kearney (GA) and Ava Rowson (GS) were totally in synch with each other and this, along with the other points I have mentioned, allowed us to take charge and convincingly win this quarter bringing the score back to 12-17.

The last quarter saw SH step up their game and it was a very evenly matched quarter. We desperately tried to break them down but unfortunately we had left it too late. Final score 15-21.

A big lesson learnt today – we can’t take half a game to start playing well. If we’d played like we did in the second half we would have beaten them.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Abbie Topcott who defended and attacked superbly.

Coaches POM was Lily Southward who defended fantastically, picked up every loose ball and backed up the attack throughout the game.

A big Thank you to Alana Brown for playing up for us today, without you we wouldn’t of had a team. You played fantastically.

Team:- Alana Brown, Lily Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Nancy Wimbleton, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.


BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 8th October 2016

Crosskeys U12 vs Wodson Park A

Due to a few of our regular players being unavailable today a few of our team were playing out of position and it took us a quarter to settle into the game and play as a team. At quarter time we were losing 6 -2

After a peep talk about driving forward, using the space effectively and how to control an incredibly tall shooter (when we had no height in our defensive circle) we went into quarter 2 a different team, raring to go and take control of the game. We moved the ball around the court well and were so determined and at half time had brought the score back level to 8-8.

Quarter 3 was just as nail biting and each player gave 100% and the change I had made in quarter 2 of swapping Ava R to GA and Sofia to GS was working very effectively. The girls were all hungry for the win and at the end of this quarter we were only one goal down, 15-16.

The final quarter just didn’t go our way and I think we wanted it so badly that nerves set in and we made a few silly mistakes throughout the court . Wodson A took full advantage of this and despite our best effort Wodson A won 20-16.

A fantastic match to watch, Bev Dean actually commented the best game she’d seen all morning. Well done U12′s you did yourself and Crosskeys proud.

POM chosen by Wodson Park went to Emily Best

Coaches POM went to Sofia Reed for her shooting and great movement in and around the circle.

Team :- Abbie Topcott, Lily Southward, Johanna Rees, Emily Best, Ava Quill Ava Rowson and Sofia Read.

Thanks as always to the U12 parents for your continual support. You are awesome.


Crosskeys U12 V Abbey Flyer
First game of the new winter season and due to traffic we started with 6 players, some out of position. Our girls nevertheless got on with it and fought hard and were were down 6-2 end of 1st qtr. They continued without our GS and GK and with 6 in the 2nd but found it difficult to keep up with a team who took advantage and found their stride.
Off they came down 10 now but with all 8 present, a pep talk of encouragement, they went on with renewed energy and we decided to go on and match them in the second half as we were capable of giving them an equal game.
It took 5 mins to get their old mojo back but it was still there and gelling together with ended the third qtr 7 all.
All fired up and believing themselves on we went and for the first 5 or so mins we were 4-2 up. Flyers managed to catch us though and just pip us in the last qtr by 1 goal.
Had it been like this from the start it would have been a nail biting game so I was very proud of the team.
Abi Topcott had a fab game as WD, intercepting and backing up the attack for resetting and deserved Pom by myself today.
GS Ava Rowson GS,
Ga Sian Kearney
WA Sophia Read
WA/C Ava Quill
C Emily Best
WD Abi Topcott
Gd Lily Southward
GK. Nancy Wimbleton
Pom voted by opposing team Emily.
Well done girls and Lisa best having to sort and umpire to start!
Jo W


One very proud coach today !! U12 played fantastic in every game, fighting hard and playing some outstanding netball which lead them to their first semi final only losing one game in the group stages (against Turnford) the girls looked strong all day but sadly we lost to Turnford again in the semi .  We gave them a good game and showed we are a team on the up ! Well done girls you were fantastic and it was a great day.
Big thank you to all the parents for your support and Lisa Best, who as always is a legend helping me.



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