Year 9

Julie Moore - Coach

Year 9 Squad - October 2021

Year 9 Results
Date Crosskeys U14 Score vs Score Opponents
Sept Crosskeys U14 vs
Sept Crosskeys U14 vs
Crosskeys U14 vs
Crosskeys U14 vs
Crosskeys U14 vs
January Crosskeys U14 vs
Crosskeys U14 vs
Crosskeys U14 vs

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 9th October 2021

Today say me covering for Sarah Parker with a slightly different squad than usua,l giving others opportunities to show their skills.
Team: Lotti, Ella, Olivia, Daisy B, Izzy, Chloe, Daisy W & Evie
The weather was perfect possibly a little to hot for the girls and the match did not go our way.
Score line
Qtr1 5-8
Qtr2 8-19
Qtr3 14-26
Qtr4 16-36 to Conquerers.
Throughout the game there were pockets of good netball, but also lots of silly mistakes.
Things to take away from today to be worked on.
Stronger passing and
Spacial awareness.
POM from Conquerers went to Olivia – Well done
My POM of the match today went to Chloe.
Thanks you to all the supports, Marion Hooke for umpiring and Katie Gostling for scoring,
Julie Moore


Last Match of the summer league today for the U14’s
Great to finish on another good win
Qtr1 – 14-3 Xkeys
Qtr2 – 26-8 Xkeys
Qtr3 – 35-2 Xkeys
Final CQtr 42-13 Xkeys
Excellent result so proud of you
Today was a really good game with some great play. Everything is improving and coming together
POM’s were given to
Swans B went to Nissi – well done
Coaches POM went to Toula Rice
Fantastic Result Girls
Thank you to Claire for scoring Sarah Parker for Co-coaching and Lilly Southward for umpiring
Julie Moore


Qtr1 – 5-2 Xkeys
Qtr2 – 12-8 Xkeys
Qtr3 – 22-13 Xkeys
Final Qtr 31-17 Xkeys
Excellent result today girls
A really good game with some great play.
POM’s were given to
Wodson went to Gracie – well done
Coaches POM went to Summer
However all 8 players played their part, and the team spirit that is growing is brilliant.
Thank you to Stacey for scoring Sarah Parker for Co-coaching and Lilly Southward for umpiring
Julie Moore


Qtr1 – 9-4 Xkeys
Qtr2 – 13-7 Xkeys
Qtr3 – 17-12 Xkeys
Final Qtr 21-15 Xkeys
Excellent result today girls
A really good game with some great play.
Welcome to Summer a new play.
POM’s were given to
Braintree’s went to Danielle – well done
Coaches POM went to Chloe
Although all 8 players played their part
Thank you to Claire Goodall for scoring Sarah Parker for Co-coaching and Lilly Southward for umpiring
Julie Moore


What a lovely day for a game of Netball
Excellent result today girls. 28-7 to Crosskeys
A really good game with some great play – you all listenes at each Qtr time and executed instructions.
POM chosen by Wodson went to Nissi – Coaches POM was Lucinda
Although all 7 players played their part
Thank you to Joe Holland for scoring Sarah Parker for Co-coaching and Lilly Southward for umpiring
Julie Moore


Well where do I start? This game had everything with terrible weather,a bloody nose(ball in face)for Georgia, hope it’s OK now, and busted fingers for Lucy (hope it’s feeling better now) and all against Tegate, which is always a strongly contested game. I was so proud of each and every one of the squad today. You kept your heads no mater they threw at you and came away with the win. Well done all of you.
Team today: Grace, Georgia, Maddie, Keria, Evie, Lucy, Missy and Kezia.
Thank you to Kerry & Gina for scoring and Laura for First Aid (kept you busy today!) and all our amazing supporters. Also a big thank you to Daisy my assistant today.I would like to add that the Umpires came over to say we’ll done to girls for playing so nicely.
Sarah Parker

REGIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE – 2nd February 2020

Today saw us head off to Norwich this morning to face Conquerers. We knew this was going to be a tough one and we asked the girls to believe in their game plan. So off they went and the game was close all the way through. A few words of encouragement going into the last quarter, asking the girls to keep their heads, play safe and not rush. They did just that, taking the win 29 – 25. Well done girls, proud of each and every one of the squad. Thank you to Tony for scoring, Gina/Sue for keeping my records and Laura for being First Aider. Plus a big thank you to all our loyal supporters who travelled to support the team today and to Marion for being our umpire.
Sarah Parker


We knew this was going to be a tough game and boy was I right, finishing first quarter down by 4. A little team chat and the girls began to settle and play their game, working hard with some great play even when things got a little heated. There were some great moments a couple not so great with two injuries. (I hope Keria & Georgia are OK) But girls dug in deep to take the win. So proud of you all today girls. A massive thank you to all the supporters who stepped in to help when needed. Thank you to Tony for scoring.
Team: Grace, Georgia, Maddie, Keria, Evie, Lucy, Missy and Daisy.
What a win 30/26!!
Sarah Parker

CHELMSFORD CUP – 13th October 2019

Good effort today by the girls especially with key players not available.
Team: Daisy Georgia Madi Kira Molly Kezia & Lucy.
Qtr 1 – 7-2 keys
Qtr 2 – 18-8 keys
Qtr 3 – 27-11 keys
Final Score 34-19
Great win putting us into the Qtr Finals
Thank you to all the supporters and Kerry for scoring
Julie Moore

U 14′s TEGATE TOURNAMENT – 9th June 2019

Wow what a day
7 games to play and play well they did. Not all games went our way but the play throughout the day just got better and better.
Lost to Wodson 4-11
Lost to Flames 9-10
Beat Marine 16-5
Beat Saffron Hawkes 12-4
Beat Braintree 16-13
Beat Tegate 10-7
Lost Hatfield 7-11
Team: Molly M, Fran, Emily, Sian, Sofia, Abbi – who’s birthday was today – hope you enjoyed meal when you home.
Lilly & Erin.
So proud of you girls.
Thank you to all the supporters


Team: Lilly, Nancy, Erin, Abbi, Maia, Sian, Fran, Sofia.



This was a well executed game from start to finish and the movement and passing from all the U14 squad was exceptional today.

We took control of the game from the start and only allowed flames to score 1 goal in the first quarter. We didn’t let flames inexperience effect our play and throughout the match we had great vision which allowed us to capitalise on flames errors.

Although this was an easy win for the girls today they all gave 100% throughout the match and played some lovely text book /set play Netball.

Well done U14’s a fantastic win. You did yourselves, Julie Moore, Me and the other coaches and Crosskeys proud.

Squad :- Erin Williams, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney, Francesca Calierno, Emily Best and Molly Morrissey.

Thank you to Sarah Parker for supporting me today, to Claire Kearney for scoring and to all the wonderful parents for supporting and encouraging the team.
Lisa Best

POOLE TOURNAMENT – 6th October 2018

Firstly can I say how wonderful it was to have so many teams at this tournament.
It’s been s long time since we have gone down in force and although the rain was relentless for the whole day the teams did the club proud.

U14’s today had 9 games which in the weather conditions was a challenge.
Squad today was
Molly M, Emily B, Sian K, Fran C, Ava Q, Sofia R, Lily S and Nancy W.
Results were as follows:
1 Exeter Won 7-6
2 Lovall Warriers Lost 3–10
3 Barr Beacon Lost 5-9
4 Bournemouth Bluebelles Won 8-7
5 NDNC Lightening Won 8-7
6 Westex Lions Won 10-2
7 Poole Lost 3-10
8 Westex Pumas Lost 5-6
9 Bournemouth Cherries Won 13-0
I can not express how proud I am of you all.
We have come along in huge strides this season and you are growing as a squad and are becoming so versatile as a unit positional swaps are becoming easy as each of you can deliver 2 or 3 positions to a high standard.
I am so glad that even though you were all so wet and cold your faces kept smiling. ????????
Well done girls ????????????????????????
Thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring all day and the other coaches for supporting throughout our very tight schedules.
Here’s to the coming season
Julie Moore


CROSSKEYS vs HHR NAVY – a win to us.
Lovely evening tonight to play 1st summer league match. At first it seemed funny being back over at Turnford having played winter league at Chelmsford. But it didn’t take long to feel right at home.
The girls took to the court and from the off they led the way. It was great to see such great team spirit from 9 players supporting and encouraging each other. It’s never easy having to make the switches but when all players have taken on more than one position throughout training and understand the set plays it’s s pleasure to be a coach.
Results were
Qtr 1 6-4
Qtr 2 10-8
Qtr 3 22–10
Qtr 4 33-17
Meg Lucy Jen Freya Beth Caitlin Niamh Mollie & Molly
POM from HHR was Megan Well done
Coaches POM was Niamh .
Well played girls we have some tough games ahead I am sure, especially with lots of clubs having 2 teams in the league. However, I am sure that with hard work and determination we can deliver some great results.
Here’s to a great season.
Thank you to our supporters Amber P for scoring and to Kayla for umpiring and doing a great job.
Julie Moore


Team :- Caitlin Best, Lucy Djemal, Megan Dowton, Imogen Scantlebury, Molly Fletcher, Beth Brichieri-Colombi, Freya D’Alberto

Results :-
Crosskeys 10 – St Joseph’s (A) 3
Crosskeys 10 – St Patrick’s 2
Crosskeys 10 – Lady Margaret (B) 1
Crosskeys 12 – St Joseph’s 1
Crosskeys 10 – Priory School 8
Crosskeys 10- Wolverhampton 5
Crosskeys 16- William Allitt 0
Crosskeys 2 – Lady Margaret (A) 4
Crosskeys 14 – Nottingham High 0

We played round robin and came second in our group and met Wolverhampton who had come third in the semi final. We yet again outplayed this team and won this match 11 – 4.

The final was between us and Lady Margaret’s, the team who we had previously lost against in the round robin section of the tournament. After a very close nerve wracking match the full time score was 8-8.
On to 2 minutes extra time and we upped our play and managed to break away the final score being 11-9 to Crosskeys.

Victory was ours. Well done Year 9’s.

The girls all played fantastically over the weekend and really gelled together throughout the court. They showed great skill and determination and are a talented group of young ladies.

A big thank you to the year 8 girls that played for the year 9’s over the weekend, you all did really well and slotted in perfectly.
A very successful tournament for this squad and really proud of all of the girls.
Lisa Best


CROSSKEYS v BROOKSHAW (Quarter Final game)
The girls came to this game not knowing what to expect we were playing top of div 1 and we were yet to know what the standard was going to be as we are sitting top of Div 2.
So with all to play for we go on court
Qtr 1 sees us 7-1 up
No changes for us but we can see them panicking. 3 changes for them. Oh dear not good.
Qtr 2 sees us at 8 all.
1 change for us and back we go
Qt3 see us 13-12 us
1 more qtr and the semis are ours. I more change and on we go.
Today wasn’t meant to be.
Final Score 17-13 to Brookshaw
Lots to learn for all here
Thank you to the parents for supporting and Wendy Chambers for umpiring.
Julie Moore

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 23rd September 2017


It was an extremely close game throughout today, both teams making numerous errors and both teams taking advantage of their oppositions mistakes.

It could have gone either way but on this occasion we got lucky and clinched the win in the final quarter.

Crosskeys 14 – Dunmow Dragons 13

Squad :- Megan Dowton, Lucy Djemal, Freya D’Alberto, Beth Colombi, Mollie Fletcher, Caitlin Best, Mollie Plowman and Niamh Peake.

Thank you to Sarah Parker for supporting me today, greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Liz Peake for scoring and to all the parents for fighting their way through the Chelmsford roads, which were mayhem today!!!

Lisa Best



An excellent first game for the U14′s in the Chelmsford league. They outplayed the opposition from the start and took control of the game. They defended well throughout the court and moved the ball up the court well. I played a variety of combinations, and although some worked better than others, the girls worked hard each quarter and gave 100% throughout the game.

Quarter 1 – 8-2 to Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 12-2 to Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 22-2 to Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 29-5 to Crosskeys

Final score 29- 5 to Crosskeys.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Freya D’Alberto. Well done Freya, fantastic game.

A lovely game girls areas to focus on for future matches- not forcing the circle and consistent passing.

Squad :- Megan Dowton, Lucy Djemal, Freya D’Alberto, Beth Brichieri-Colombi, Jennifer Johnson, Caitlin Best, Mollie Fletcher, Niamh Peake and Molly Plowman.

Thank you to the parents for your encouragement and continual support.



Nottingham Tournament 2017

The girls knew that it was going to tough but I am not quite sure if they realized how tough.

However with that all in mind it can only be taken as a learning experience. Each and every player gave 110% and as a coach that’s all you ask of your players. They keep smiling throughout the weekend and I believe that meant they had an enjoyable time.  On the Saturday the girls played against:  Durham, Barr Beacon, Trafford, Warrington, YMCA Bury, Manor, Oldham and Blackpool.   We secured wins against Durham and Blackpool

Sunday’s games were due to be against:
Durham, Manor, Blackpool, Barr Beacon, Ribble Valley, Parkside, Cliftonettes. In the Plate
Today was just not our day and we only managed to win against Blackpool – however, the Durham & Barr Beacon games were so close and we only lost these by 1 goal.

So …… next year we know that if we have concentrated on our training, the set plays and practiced our shooting we will be in a much better position to take those tight games and make them ours.  I am hoping that this squad with a few that were missing can work together throughout the 2017/18 season so as to gain some continuity. This will help them immensely

This group of girls have been through it this season: losing key players through injuries etc, So let’s work hard together dig deep and get this going on. Sept 2018

Team for 2017 was
Molly Plowman, Mollie Fletcher, Caitlin Best, Beth BC, Freya Dalberto, Kitty Jarvis, Lucy Djamal & Imogen Scantlebury.

My last comments are to thank the others: Sarah, Lisa Wendy and especially Tegan for making the weekend a great first experience for all the girls.


**************************** REPORTS FOR SEASON 2016/2017 ARE BELOW **************************************


Turnford Summer League U14′s v Wodson B

Tonight we continued with our new shooting combo of Leah Shipp & Daisy Ball and it worked very effectively throughout the game. Although we won this match 24-7 the game held plenty of disasters. Qtr 1 saw Katie turn her ankle and having to be carried off and sent on her way to A&E. Team re jigged mid court and we carried on however Qtr 3 then saw Harriet go down with a nasty tripping up by their WA and off she was carried, not sure if she was going to A&E or just straight home. Now down to 6 players – thank goodness we had gained a strong lead. Last qtr of the game then sees Greta hit the deck and slide across the court on hands and knees must say she bounces well. What a game. Take 8 – think your covered – not necessarily. Sarah and I hope that all players are ok.
POM voted by Wodson was Daisy Ball – well done. Excellent effort from all girls tonight. Thank you to all supports and Amber for helping with the coaching. I have to say it is excellent to see how many Dads are coming and watching this team.

Julie M


Tonight started with a very stern chat to the team about where we need to be going too be moving forward. Not quite sure the girls were impressed however it had to be done. So we take to the court and O my they are on fire.  Collectively they played some fantastic play
1st Qtr – 9-3 us
2nd Qtr – what can I say things fell apart and ASCO took advantage of this and keep on coming at us score 10- 13. Asco.
Few changes again serious team talk and back on. Now the speed of play was a touch to fast and small mistakes were happening however this did not deter the girls from digging deep and controlling the qtr from the off set. Each player gave it their all and the score line at the end of the Qtr 3 was 19-19.
All to play for and again all Sarah & I could ask for was the determination that this game was gonna be ours. And that’s what the girls delivered. Pure Brillance 
Final score 23-19 what a win
Team – Daisy Ellie Harriett Katie Greta Summer Beth & Klara
POM – Summer – well done you .
Girls today u showed everything, fight – skill and most of all team spirit. We could not have asked for more however problem we have is that I don’t want to have to give you a grilling before each match  but I am glad it worked for today.
Thank u to all the parents for supporting Amber Moore for coming over and scoring and offering guidance.
Heres hoping we can keep this going

BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 25th March 2017

Crosskeys U14′s V Saffron Hawkes
So, second game against Saffron Hawkes -and like us they had several U13′s playing for them. Things had gone a bit pear shaped for the team – missed communication and sickness had caused a lack of players
So, thank you to the U13′s for staying and making it so that we could field a team. Freya D, Caitlin & Molly P. Thank you.

U14′s today Emily, Greta, Jess, Leah & Beth

Score 34-10 to them. Well tried girls just wasn’t our day as the score really did not reflect the effort you put in 

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