Year 6


Lisa Best - Coach

Vanessa - Coach

Years 5 and 6 - February 2020


The last time we played Swans A was at the beginning of the season where we lost 16-8. Just showing how much the girls have improved and continuing to progress.
5 – 6 Swans
11-7 Crosskeys
16 -11 Crosskeys
20-11 Crosskeys
Team Today – Aneeqa, Sophie, Annabel, Eve, Summer, Clemmie, Lois and Freya.
POM from opposition went to Eve.
Coaches POM went to both Sophie for some amazing movement and Aneeqa for some lovely defending.
All the girls played amazingly and worked hard.
Thank you to Marion Hooke / Danny Fells for scoring and Lisa Gingee Davey for umpiring.
Tegan LB


What a lovely morning for a game of netball! The girls played some great netball this morning. A few different combinations tried. We are getting there girls well done! some really good improvement by all, onwards and upwards girls, a great win for us
Summer, Annabel, Amelie, Eve, Lois, Clemmie, Freya and Anneka.
POM Annabel
Coaches POM Eve
Delia Gudgeon


When these two teams met a few weeks ago Hornets beat us by a “hat full”
Today the result could have gone either way.
What an improvement! Well done Yr6
Marion Hooke.


The girls have now started to pull together as a team and there is an improvement in confidence in all the girls. Some amazing interceptions and picking up the loose balls. Still some things to work on at training, but we are getting there.
Quarter 1 – 5-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 9-3 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 13 – 5 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 18 – 7 Crosskeys
Team was – Lois, Clemmie, Aneeqa, Summer, Eve, Freya, Annabel, Amelie A.
POM from opposition was Amelie A. Well done!!!
My coaches POM went to Eve for some amazing dodging and getting free for the ball. Well done!!
Thank you to Clare Lintonbon-Baker for scoring and all the parents for the continued support
Tegan LB



Third game over at Turnford for the U11s and what an improvement the girls have made. The girls worked well as a team from the beginning bringing the ball down the court with the defence working hard to turnover the ball, linking up with the mid-court and getting the ball to the shooters.
Quarter 1 – 5-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 15-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 19 – 0 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 27 – 0 Crosskeys
Team was – Lois, Clemmie, Aneeqa, Summer, Eve, Freya, Annabel, Amelie A.
POM from opposition was Lois. Well done!!!
Coaches POM went to Freya for some amazing shooting and movement. Well done!!
Thank you to Danny Fells and Delia Gudgeon for helping coach the girls.
Tegan LB

CROSSKEYS U 11′s vs WODSON – 25th April 2021

We played two friendly matches today.
After previously losing 24-0 and 16-3 back in November, the girls have really improved. Well done to you all.
Today’s teams were:
Pink team – Clemmie, Lois, Summer, Annabel, Amelie A, Freya, Brooke, Eve.
Crosskeys 11 – 10 Wodson Sky
POM – Lois (well done!)

Blue team – Amelie K, Amelia, Holly, Sara, Aneeqa, Lucia, Connie, Ava
Crosskeys 1 – 19 Wodson Aqua
POM – Holly (well done!)

Thank you to Danny Fells and Delia Gudgeon for helping with coaching
Tegan LB


Another great performance from the U11’s who out played the opposition from the start. Great movement and passing throughout the court and every single player and team combinations delivered great play.
Quarter 1 11-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 20-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 29-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 37-2 Crosskeys

Fantastic win. Proud coaches

Team :- Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Connie Kearn and Wanatsa Dumbura.

Coaches POM went to the whole team today for outstanding teamwork throughout the court.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for assisting me, Susan Kearn for scoring and all our great supporters for cheering on the team.

Bring on the semi finals.
Lisa Best



Despite the very blustery weather conditions the U11’s adapted their play well. They took on board the advice and did short sharp passes to get to goal. Although the conditions made it difficult to score they still managed to extend their lead in every quarter. The defence marked incredibly tight and made a number of interceptions only allowing Conquerors the opportunity to score once throughout the match.

Quarter 1 7-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 17-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 27-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 34-1 Crosskeys

Another fantastic win U11’s, great match and the play got better with every quarter.

Team:- Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Connie Kearn and Emilia Allen.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Gracie Smith. Fantastic dynamic play and feeds into the attacking circle. Well done Gracie.

Coaches POM went to Darcie Wilkinson for great man to man marking and fantastic interceptions. Well done Darcie.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching with me, Emily Best for umpiring, Julie Allen for scoring and to all our amazing supporters for braving the cold and encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best


This was definitely a game of 2 halves. In the first half the girls took a while to gel and our attack took a while to adapt their game to a tall and very aggressive defence. After a half time team talk by myself and Vanessa about how to get the better of the opposition the girls came out a different side and put into play the tips and ideas we suggested. They capitalised on the oppositions mistakes and the attack scored goal after goal in this half and the defence were magnificent only allowing Flames to get one goal in quarter 3 and 4.

Super proud of the girls today, you all showed great character and determination throughout.

Quarter 1 – 3-2 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 8-8 Draw
Quarter 3 – 18-9 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 30-9 Crosskeys

Half way through the league and with 7 wins we are currently sitting top of the table. Let’s keep this momentum up.

Team :- Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Connie Kearn

POM chosen by the opposition went to Gracie Smith. Well deserved. Very instrumental in getting lots of interceptions and feeding some fantastic balls into the attacking circle.

Coaches POM went to Maggie Heath for fantastic defending and supporting the centre court when attacking.

Thank you as always to Vanessa McMahon for your wisdom and ideas, to Jane Herbst for scoring and all our lovely supporters for encouraging the girls. Go Crosskeys.
Lisa Best


We knew it was going to be an easier match today as we were playing Dolphins, who are currently sitting at bottom of the league. They are a new team and from the start we outclassed them with our movement, passing and accurate shooting.

We used the game to try out new things and myself and Vanessa gave each player individual areas of their game to work on to improve their play in future matches.

Quarter 1 – 17-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 31-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 47-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 63- 0 Crosskeys

Amazing result girls. Great play throughout the court.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Gracie Smith. Great passing and linking the defence to attack. Well done.

Coaches POM went to the team today- for not only excellent play throughout the 40 minute game but for the respectful way they were towards the opposition.

Team :- Isabella Culverhouse, Darcie Wilkinson, Maggie Heath, Emilia Allen, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Connie Kearn.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching with me and to all our lovely supporters for encouraging and cheering on the girls.
Lisa Best



Another great win for this newly formed junior team. Despite the convincing score line this felt a lot closer than the 12 goal advantage we ended the match with and Braintree were experienced opposition that gave us a good challenging game.

Despite the game being a little scrappy at times there was some great netball throughout the court and times where these girls played well beyond their years. They are improving with each game individually and as a squad.
Lots to work on over the coming months but am excited by the potential that this team has. Great win U11’s.

Quarter 1 5-3 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 12-7 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 17-10 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 23-11 Crosskeys

Team :- Isabella Culverhouse, Maggie Heath, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Connie Kearn

POM chosen by the opposition went to Connie Kearn. Well done Connie, great movement and shooting in the attacking circle.

Coaches POM went to Gracie Smith for great interceptions throughout the court and great passing especially into the attacking circle.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching with me, to Jane Herbst for scoring and to all the lovely supporters for braving the cold to support and encourage the girls.
Lisa Best



We knew that today was going to be a tougher fixture than our first 2 league matches but came out positive and were determined to dominate the game from the off.
That we did, and played some fantastic netball throughout the court.

Our defence, Wanatsa and Isabella, marked incredibly tight and made lots of interceptions. Our centre court Darcie, Gracie and Lois brought the ball effortlessly up the court and Gracie,Lois and Keira had great vision and fed our attacking circle well. Both Keira and Connie had great movement in our attacking circle and linked up well with each other.

Quarter 1 – 8-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 12-4 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 15-5 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 20-11 Crosskeys

A great win, very proud of the girls. Always satisfying to beat Tegate. ????????????????????

To improve as a squad we need to learn to vary our play so our game isn’t so readable once the opposition have worked out our strategy.

Team :- Wanatsa Dumbura, Isabella Culverhouse, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Connie Kearn.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Well deserved great movement and Shooting.

Coaches POM went to Wanatsa Dumbura for great man to man marking, great interceptions and listening throughout the match on how to improve her play.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching with me today, Jane Herbst for scoring and all our lovely supporters for cheering and encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD CUP – 13th October 2019


This was the first time this group of girls had played a match together and although there is lots to work on with this new squad they all did amazingly. They defended well making numerous turnovers and the attacking force linked up so well together making it incredibly difficult for the opposition. They executed some great passes resulting in some fantastic goals.

Quarter 1 – 6-1 Xkeys
Quarter 2 – 11-2 Xkeys
Quarter 3 – 15-7 Xkeys
Quarter 4 – 19-7 Xkeys

Great win girls. Into the quarter finals.

Team :- Maggie Heath, Wanatsa Dumbura, Darcie Wilkinson, Isabella Culverhouse, Gracie Smith, Charlotte Sullivan, Lois Herbst, Connie Kearn and Keira Best

POM chosen by the opposition was Connie Kearn. Well done Connie great shooting and movement in the attacking circle.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching with me , Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our committed supporters for encouraging the girls.

Lisa Best


U 11′s KATS TOURNAMENT – 15th June 2019

I had the pleasure of coaching this lovely group of girls at the Kats Tournament. Today, the U11 squad was made up of a mixture of U10 and U11 players and experienced players and players who are relatively new to match play.

It was a tough day as the girls had 13 games with very little breaks but during every match they played with great determination and got stronger individually and as a team as the day progressed. It was lovely to see the more experienced players offering support and guidance to the newer girls and the team spirit was wonderful.

We had a very successful day, winning 8 Games and losing 5.

We came 5th out of 14 teams. Great effort girls, proud of you all.

With a little more guidance and hard work this tournament could be ours. I aim to win this next year.

Squad :- Darcie Wilkinson, Connie Kearn, Charlotte Bateman, Chloe Hearn, Lexi Norman, Chloe Allen, Olivia Southward, Libby Braddick and Keira Best

A big thank you to Lilly Southward and Emily Best who assisted me today. Giving advice to the girls, warming them up Pre matches and scoring for me. You were a great help and a credit to the club.

Also, as always, a big thank you to the parents for your continued commitment and encouragement. Greatly appreciated. Go Crosskeys!!!

U 11′s TEGATE TOURNAMENT -9th June 2019

The U11 team had a mixed bag of results today. But grew in confidence and strength as the day progressed. We had 3 new players taking to the court and after trying various different combinations we established what worked best and started to gel well together and played some fabulous netball throughout the court.

We won 4 games and lost 5 games.

Team :- Keira Hearn, Ella Gostling, Charlotte Bateman, Daisy Wickstead, Gracie Smith, Olivia Southward, Brooke Hayzelden and Keira Best.

Well tried girls, really proud of you.

A big Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for coaching with me today as I was coaching 2 squads. Your support as always was greatly appreciated.

Also Thank you to all the other parents and supporters your commitment, support and encouragement was fantastic.



This was a very easy game for our U11 squad so we used the opportunity to try different combinations of players and to try out the new set plays we had worked on at training.

We took control of the game from the start and played some lovely text book netball throughout the court. A lovely well deserved win.

Quarter 1 6-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 13-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 20-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 25-1 Crosskeys

POM chosen by the opposition went to Gracie Smith. Well done Gracie. You played all 3 positions you played in superbly.

Squad- Chloe Allen, Gracie Smith, Daisy Wickstead, Brooke Hayzelden, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward, Keira Best and Lexi Norman.

I set the girls a task at the start of the match to think of one thing they did well during the match and one thing they could improve on. They all delivered the things they felt they did well excellently. Keep working on the things you want to improve on so you can go from being good Netballers to great ones.

Thank you to Marion Hooke for umpiring, Emily Best for warming up the girls and scoring and to our lovely committed supporters for your help and encouragement.


A very close game between these rival clubs and some lovely netball played by both squads.
However our sheer determination and want won through and secured us a well deserved win.

Quarter 1 – 5-4 crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 8-5 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 11-7 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 13-11 Crosskeys

Well done U11’s great team effort.
POM given by the opposition went to Lexi Norman. Well done Lexi.
Squad :- Chloe Allen, Gracie Smith, Brooke Hayzelden, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward, Katie Dibbs, Keira Best and Lexi Norman

Thank you to Michelle Allen for scoring, Vanessa McMahon for assisting me and to all our committed supporters for encouraging our lovely girls.
Lisa Best


Well done U11's

The girls played 7 tough matches throughout the day of which they won 2 and lost 5. They tried incredibly hard in each game and never gave up even when the score wasn’t going their way.

Well tried U11’s. Lots to work on over the summer.

Team :- Daisy Wickstead, Lexi Norman, Gracie Smith, Chloe Allen, Brooke Hayzelden, Keira Best, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward and Katie Dibbs.

Thank you to Vanessa McMahon for supporting both myself and the girls throughout the day and thank you to our loyal band of supporter




A lovely start to the Turnford summer league. Over the last year we have grown as a team and although we still have plenty to work on, the girls play has really evolved and they all played some fantastic netball tonight.

It’s wonderful to see combinations of players working so well together and learning to read each other’s game.

A great first win.

Quarter 1 – 3-1
Quarter 2 – 5-2
Quarter 3 – 8- 2
Quarter 4 – 10-2

POM chosen by the opposition went to Brooke Hayzelden. Well done Brooke great movement and fantastic interceptions.

Team :- Chloe Allen, Gracie Smith, Daisy Wickstead, Brooke Hayzelden, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward, Keira Best and Lexi Norman.

Thank you to Marion Hooke for umpiring, to Vanessa McMahon for assisting me, Michelle Allen for scoring and all our wonderful committed supporters for your encouragement.

Go Crosskeys.


Crosskeys U11’s 13 v Braintree 13

We knew this was going to be a tough game today as this was the team we lost to in the quarter final of the cup, 10-6.

Braintree are an incredibly tall team and with the high winds today we knew we had to play smart and do shorter passes to keep the ball safe.

Despite a shaky first quarter, where we got in each other’s way in the centre third, the rest of the game we went from strength to strength and I felt, despite the opposition having a height advantage across the court, we were technically the better side.

Still lots to work on at training but this group has plenty of potential.

Quarter 1 – 4-1 to Braintree
Quarter 2 – 6- 8 to Braintree
Quarter 3 – 7- 10 to Braintree
Quarter 4 – 13 – 13 Draw

Fair result as each team one 2 quarters each.

Well done U11’s for a great comeback.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Gracie Smith. Well done, Fantastic interceptions and tight marking.

Coaches POM went to Lexi Norman for great movement and shooting in the attacking circle. Well done Lexi.

Team :- Chloe Allen, Gracie Smith, Daisy Wickstead, Olivia Southward, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Lexi Norman.

Thank you to Marion Hooke for assisting me and Umpiring, Vanessa McMahon for assisting me and Michelle Allen for scoring.

Thank you to all our other wonderful parents and supporters for your commitment and encouragement.
Lisa Best

CROSSKEYS HIGH 5,s TOURNAMENT – 27th January 2019

The under 11s had a busy day of games in the bitter cold and I hope everyone has warmed up now. Although the results didn’t go our way, I hope everyone enjoyed playing in different positions.

Crosskeys vs Turnford 0-2
Crosskeys vs Poole 0-11
Crosskeys vs AP saints 1-4
Crosskeys vs Magic 0-5
Crosskeys vs Tegate 2-3
Crosskeys vs Turnford 1-4
Crosskeys vs Poole 0-10
Crosskeys vs AP saints 2-7
Crosskeys vs Magic 1-3
Crosskeys vs Tegate 1-3

Some really tough games today, everyone gave 100%. Well done girls!!!
Team: Libby, Lottie, Katie, Brooke, Lexi, Olivia, Chloe.

Thank you to all the parents for your support and a big thank you to the u14s who helped me and Lily Luffman
Tegan Lintonbon


CROSSKEYS U11 – 9 vs TEGATE U11 – 6

This was an incredibly close match against our biggest rivals and we needed to play smart, to ensure we kept possession and took control of the game.
Despite a shaky first quarter, where we bunched and didn’t create enough space, we settled into the game from quarter 2 and just had the edge on our opponents.

Quarter 1 Crosskeys 1 – Tegate 0
Quarter 2 Crosskeys 5- Tegate 4
Quarter 3 Crosskeys 7 – Tegate 5
Quarter 4 Crosskeys 9 – Tegate 6

A well deserved win. The girls all gave 100% throughout and were so determined to win this game, fighting for every ball to gain or keep possession. So proud of you all.

Team :- Chloe Allen, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Brooke Hayzelden, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward, Keira Best and Lexi Norman

POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Well done Keira, great movement and shooting.

Thank you to Marion Hooke for umpiring, Michelle Allen for scoring, Vanessa McMahon for assisting me and to all our loyal supporters for encouraging the girls.
Go Crosskeys!!!!
Lisa Best


CROSSKEYS U11’s 21 – SWANS U11’s 3

A great start and Win to the New year for the U11 team.

They are really starting to gel together well. The defence applied lots of pressure making it incredibly difficult for swans to push forward. The centre court dominated play and fed the ball accurately into our attacking circle. The play between our shooting combination was phenomenal today and their shooting was spot on. Great team effort.
We had worked on driving forward at training and passing into the space and both these skills were executed superbly.
Going forward we need to work on making our shoulder passes stronger, using all channels and zoning.

Quarter 1 – 4-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 9-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 17-3 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 21-3 Crosskeys

Team :- Chloe Allen, Gracie Smith, Brooke Hayzelden, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward, Keira Best and Lexi Norman.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Olivia Southward. Very well deserved. Picked up loads of loose balls and excellent balls into the attacking circle.
Coaches POM today went to the team for listening to improvements throughout, using what we had learnt in training and giving 100% throughout the game.

Thank you to Marion Hooke for assisting me and umpiring. To Michelle Allen for scoring and helping out at the start of the match. To Vanessa McMahon for getting the girls warmed up and assisting me throughout and to Sherene Norman for organising new match jumpers. They were fantastic and the girls looked so smart.

Great start to 2019.

Lisa Best


A good solid performance by this U11’s Crosskeys side. They dominated play throughout and each quarter listened to their coaches on how to improve their individual and team play to make them stronger going forward.
Good points – driving onto the ball, interceptions, maintaining possession after getting an interception, feeds in the attacking circle, shooting.
Areas for improvement- stronger passes throughout, quicker release of the ball, defensive back line and zoning.

These girls flew the purple flag amazingly today – they were determined throughout the match and seemed to enjoy every minute of the game. Don’t ever lose that excitement girls- winning is great, but for a coach, seeing the happiness playing gives your team is just as fulfilling.
The U11’s still have lots to learn but they are becoming a great squad and have so much potential.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Well done Keira fantastic play and shooting.
Coaches POM went to Olivia Southward for great drives forward and fantastic feeds into the attacking circle.

Team :- Daisy Wickstead, Lexi Norman, Brooke Hayzelden, Libby Braddick, Olivia Southward, Keira Best and Lois Herbst.
Well done Lois Herbst on a great debut game for Crosskeys.

Thank you to Marion Hooke for umpiring, Caitlin Best for scoring and to all our amazing supporters for encouraging the girls.
Fantastic win!!!! Woohoo
Lisa Best


This little group of “Warriors” played so well this morning in not very pleasant conditions to secure a resounding win over the opposition. Passing, movement and shooting were all so much better today girls – well done.
Squad:- Lexi, Keira, Olivia, Libby, Brooke, Daisy, Chloe.
POM – Libby
Thanks to Lisa and all the parents for their continued help and support.
Marion Hooke

POOLE TOURNAMENT – 6th October 2018

First of all I have to say how incredibly proud I am of all Crosskeys teams that played today. The weather was absolutely atrocious and we had a 6.15 start from Harlow (many set out earlier to meet the coach) . However, both on and off the court our girls were fabulous and “flew the purple flag” superbly.
The U’11′s were a squad of 9 until Friday afternoon when they suddenly went to a team of 7!! Two poorly children not able to come with us – I hope you will soon be feeling better Flic and Daisy.
This whole experience was something totally new to this little squad but my goodness did they rise to the challenge! We finished the tournament in 4th place (equal 3rd on points but pushed to 4th on goal average) . So proud of the immense effort and resilience displayed by the girls today. I couldn’t have asked for more.
Huge CONGRATULATIONS Keira, Libby, Lexi, Katie, Olivia, Gracie (on her 10th birthday) and Chloe. Enormous THANKS to Michelle Allen for team managing for me today. Vanessa McMahon for providing spare clothes/blankets/umbrellas for everyone. Our troop of supporters and Julie Moore for organising the whole day.
Crosskeys V Apollo 1 – 0 win
Crosskeys V Westexe Kittens 6 – 0 win
Crosskeys V Hoops 2 – 2 draw
Crosskeys V Swan Amythysts 0 – 4 lose
Crosskeys V Barr Beacon 2 – 1 win
Crosskeys V Team Matrix 1 – 0 win
Crosskeys V Poole Diamonds 0 – 18 lose (tournament winners)
Crosskeys V Bournmouth 1 – 1 draw

Thank you girls for a cold/wet but brilliant day
Marion Hooke

Crosskeys Netball Tournament Sunday 29th April Mark Hall Sportcentre

Crosskeys U11s Netball Squad April 2018

My first Tournament with the U11s – a bit of an up-and-downer. My daughter once said to me that playing netball for some length of time was like winning at life. Today’s experience gave me some insight into what she meant!
The first Match we drew 3-3 in fair style and, allowing for us to get used to 2 halves of 4 minutes, we seemed set to do ok. The 7th and last match we won in blistering style, with the squad really switching on and doing consistently in that match a lot of basic play: good passing — made possible by good movement away and driving into the pass, that really pleases the coaches and entertains our parents and supporters. Also, the interplay between Gracie and Rhiana in and out of the circle as twin GAs paid off. It’s so good to see that they can all play that well and coupled with the determination in this squad, bodes well for the future.
I think it’s true to say that in our group of 7 only one team outclassed us and the squad picked themselves up from this defeat to turn in an astonishing performance in the last match. And drawing and losing other games was our not coming good with the basics, rather than the opposition outplaying us.
Final Results Won 2, Drew 2, lost 3
Coaches POM: Kacey.
Squad: Kacey(Capt), Juliet, Darcey, Becky, Hannah, Gracie(Vice-capt), Rhiana, Ruby, Lily.
Thanks to Louise and Joan for taking outside training sessions in between matches to try to ground some of the ideas of good play. And to the parents for their good-hearted support. And finally a big thank you to the organising committee for putting on such a successful and enjoyable tournament.

U11 Crosskeys 9 vs 15 Cheshunt Wormley 19th April 2018

The first match of the summer league and we had to take on a number of unexpected mishaps. Our umpire, Pat had to contend with her car breaking down but still managed to arrange to be available to be picked up so that we arrived just in time. Two of our usual squad had withdrawn previously. But unfortunately, and for good reasons, two of our squad couldn’t make it on the day. So we took to the court with just 6 players playing in an untried formation. But this squad is a spirited bunch. And fought hard for every quarter. We improved every quarter losing by a couple of goals in each quarter but got it together to win the last quarter 3-2.
Our defence of Kacey and Juliette, without the protection of a WD, were outstanding and showed how they have developed as a combination and how well they play under pressure. And how well they manage when decisions go against them. Milly, Darcey, Ruby and Rhiana eventually were to prove an effective attacking combination. Final score: we lost 9-15.
Thanks to all the parents for their support in the struggle on the day. Praise is due for all the team’s efforts.
POM voted by Cheshunt Squad: Milly — deservedly in only her second match for Crosskeys.
Coach POM: Rhiana showing such determination.
Our Squad: Kacey(capt), Juliette, Milly, Darcey, Ruby and Rhiana.
Thanks to Louise for stepping in to organise the team, for her coaching and encouraging the team in unusually difficult circumstances, and to Pat for her resourcefulness and her even-handed, cheerful, umpiring.
Points noted from the match for practice in next training session:
It has to be:
• How to manage and overcome feelings of frustration and disappointment, with a depleted squad, and when many decisions go against you and still maintain your game and your determination to play your best in a game.
• Passing: timing, movement and thinking — for every session!

Great Netball; Great Feeling; England Make Netball History: 52 – 51 Australia

Jo Harten helps England win gold 52 - 51 Australia

Jo Harten England’s GS/GA in Crosskeys U11s about 20 years ago

Jo Harten England's Goal Shooter in Crosskeys U11s 20+ years ago.

U11 Crosskeys 21 vs 12 Wodson A Wormley 10th March 2018

We finished in the top half of the league before the split last week, so there are going to be only hard games with the top teams in the division for today’s match and the remaining matches. Today we managed to edge every quarter by one or two goals apart from the third quarter, which we won by 4 goals. It is always gratifying to see the team produce quality play moving down the court with a good passing rhythm, to prompt the coach to shout on several occasions, “That’s good netball, Keys!” The more I am able to shout it, the better I like it. That’s the sort of coaching I like to do.
It is hard to pick out one player who figured in these purple patches, even Wodson had difficulty choosing a POM – they came up with two — Izabelle and Rhiana, deservedly. But I want to mention Gracie because despite not playing in her favoured position, she showed how a good WA can make all the difference. By timing her dodging, when marked by two players at Centre Pass, or collecting in mid-court, or positioning on the circle to support the shooter, she managed on many occasions to get into space, or drive into the ball, so that the passer of the ball had an easy job to do. That’s good play in a nutshell. If all our squad would/could do that consistently, we would progress in leaps and bounds.
It is important also to recognise the role that our defenders play in digging out our results. Well done Kacey, Juliette, Darcey and Ruby. I finish with congratulations to Hannah, who plays consistently well for us, whose school team finished about 12th yesterday in the Nationals for independent schools.
Thanks to all the parents for their support.
Our Squad: Kacey(capt), Juliette, Darcey, Ruby, Izabelle, Gracie(vice capt.), Hannah and Rihana.
Thanks to Kayla for her excellent umpiring for which she was commended by a member of the organising committee, and for her spot of coaching for our attack last Wednesday at training.
Points noted from the match for practice in next training session:
• Fitness
• Passing: timing, movement and thinking — for every session until we get it!

U11 Crosskeys vs Cheshunt Wormley 24th February 2018

Making a good start in a match sometimes makes the difference, and so it proved in this highly contested match. We put on a new lineup, a strong starting 7 and kept them on for 2 quarters without change. The scores for the 4 quarters: 7-2, 3-2, 3-3, 2-4. There is no doubt that our defensive starting trio of Kacey, Juliette and Beki held the Cheshunt attack out, with Kacey managing consistent interceptions against a much taller shooter. The key highlight improvement for our team was a consistent fluency in movement and passing through the court, that we have been striving for this season, that enabled our shooters Rhiana and Hannah to score aided in the final third by Gracie and Izabella. Darcy and Ruby slotted into the attacking and defensive wing positions in the second half, as Cheshunt came back at us.We faded a bit particularly in the fourth quarter and our lead fluctuated between 7 and 4 goals, but the match remained pretty even as we continued to fight for every ball. Cheshunt are rated as one of the top teams in our division, so this was indeed a good win. Scoreline 16-11.

Thanks to all the parents for their support on a really cold but fine day. Praise is due for all the squad’s efforts.
POM voted by Cheshunt Squad: Izabella — in her second match for Crosskeys.
Our Squad: Kacey(capt), Juliette, Becky, Izabella, Gracie, Hannah, Rihanna, Darcey and Ruby.
Thanks to Joan and Louise for coaching and encouraging the squad (and me!), and to Pat for her even-handed, cheerful, umpiring.

Points noted from the match for discussion and practice in the next training session:
It has to be:
• How to manage and overcome feelings of frustration and disappointment when many decisions go against you and maintain your game and your determination to play your best in a game. Juliette showed us in the 3rd quarter how she was prepared to play on — and give her best, despite real frustration with decisions given against her.
• Passing: timing, movement and thinking — for every session!

U11 Crosskeys vs Wodson B Wormley 10th February

The best matches are where you win by the skin of your teeth; the next best when you draw; and the next best, though full of ‘if onlys’, is when you lose by 1. In all these cases be prepared for the inevitable bumpy ride.
Don’t count your chickens. A nailbiter in the end. Don’t stop trying. Those three phrases go a long way towards summing up this match. We needed to win this match to have a chance of finishing in the top half of the draw when the league splits into two for the rest of this season. We could be forgiven for feeling slightly confident since we beat Wodson A earlier in the season, and started this match against their B side brightly with two goals up in a matter of minutes. Our scoring slowed down in the first quarter but our opponents were not scoring either. In the second and third quarters we lost our way, Wodson B upped their game and ended up 5 goals in front.
In the final quarter we had a mountain to climb. But we started in the break with, ‘at least let us try to win this quarter’. And so it started. We slowly hauled them back and eventually with just a few minutes to go we drew level at 10-10. Then they scored again. Were we going to be eclipsed as we were earlier in the game. After many turnarounds, it seemed ages before we managed an equaliser. Then it was, ‘can we hang on for the draw’ or ‘do we go for the win’. But I have never seen this squad give up, and in the last knockings we got the winner. Final Score 12-11.
Thanks to all the parents for their tireless support. Praise is due for all the squad’s efforts,
Kacey(capt), Juliette, Darcey, Becky, Ruby, Izabelle, Gracie and Rihanna.
Opposing team vote for best player: Becky
And a special mention for Izabelle’s fine debut in the squad, Rihanna’s exceptional shooting and Becky’s managing of the midcourt. Thanks to Joan for coaching and encouraging the squad, Louise for coaching in our training sessions, and to Pat for her cheerful umpiring.
Points noted from the match for practice in next training session:
It has to be:
• Passing: timing, movement and thinking
• Fitness
• How to manage physicality in a game

U11 Crosskeys vs Turnford C 13th January 2018 at Wormley

A new term and time to try out some new combinations of players in the squad today in a match, after introducing some ideas in training on Wednesday. Congratulations to Gracie, Rihanna, Juliette, Becky and Ruby, who played well in positions, outside their comfort zone, that they hadn’t played in before in a match. No doubt you all have your favourite position, but it is important as a squad player to be skilled in, and able to turn in a good performance in more than one position. And so appreciated by your coaches when trying to get the best out of this squad.
The experimenting really paid off, both for the attack and especially for the defence, turning in scorelines of 8-0, 7-0 in the first two quarters. In the second half, Turnford re-grouped as we expected and perhaps we rested on our laurels a bit, and we shaved the 3rd quarter 3-2. But we re-grouped too, in the final quarter, and we have come to rely upon this squad putting in the extra work and effort needed when called upon, and we finished the quarter 9-0 with a final scoreline 27-2.
POM voted by Turnford: Gracie
A special mention from our coaches for Ruby and Rihanna, who turned in sterling performances.
Thanks to all the parents for their support on a cold morning, to our coaches Louise and Joan, who make the difference for the squad, to our umpire Pat, and to our sporting opponents Turnford.
Our squad: Kacey(capt), Juliette, Darcey, Becky, Ruby, Hannah, Gracie and Rihanna.
Points noted from the match for practice in next training session:
1. Tactics and skills Rebounds in the circle, movement and feeding into the circle – Louise.
2. Skills Passing: timing and thinking – Dave
3. Tactics Centre-pass – Dave


U11 Crosskeys vs Saffron Hawks B 25th November 2017

Still early days, but encouragement for me today to see the team put into practice some of the basics in passing and movement. It was Millie’s first match and the team congratulated her on a good performance. Also it was a day when Ruby and Darcey our two wing players really got more involved in the game than before and showed signs of coming into their own. Keep at it you two. Hannah and Rhiana had a bonanza as a new pairing as shooters particularly in the first half with a scoreline of 19-1.
But the resolute defending of the rotating GD/GK combination of Kacey and Juliette proved effective in denying the Saffron shooters any real chance of establishing a platform of scoring opportunities, and provided a reliable springboard for our attacks. We do, and I think we can, rely on this squad to put everything into their game and it gave us a fine winning performance in each quarter. Final Score 31-5.
POM voted by Saffron Hawks Hannah who played GA for us for the first time.
Thanks to all the parents for their support on a very frosty morning, to Marion for standing in as umpire, and offering some good tips in the breaks, and to our sporting opponents Saffron Hawks.
Our squad: Kacey, Juliette, Darcey, Millie, Ruby, Hannah, and Rhiana.
Points for practice:
1. Using channels in mid court particularly.
2. Driving in to receive a pass instead of standing still and flag waving.

U11 Crosskeys vs Hatfield 11th November 2017

Our third match in the league, and our first defeat at the hands of a good squad from Hatfield. How did our squad play in the game? They fought tirelessly, in the rain, which bodes well for the future. In the first two quarters, we were very much in contention with the scores for the first two quarters set at 5-2 and 4-3 to Hatfield. We played some good flowing end to end netball, particularly in the second quarter, and our weakness was evidently losing possession — in the main through hurried or badly judged passing. What we tried very hard to do was defend every ball, resulting in good repossession from our defensive quartet of Rebecca, Kacey, Juliette and Hannah.
In the second half, losing possession so often meant that we were literally chasing our opponents and the game. Fighting so hard to regain the ball, and to get the ball into the attacking circle, which we did many times, in the last quarter, particularly, against a much taller defence duo, resulted in a tiredness that affected our scoring level and our attack groupings of Rhiana, Gracie, Ruby, Darcey and Hannah. Well done the Keys Squad for effort and spirit. Final score 8-18 to Hatfield.
POM voted by Hatfield: Hannah who excelled, in particular, in the number of interceptions she made.
Thanks to all the parents for their support, to Jackie for umpiring and to our opponents Hatfield for a hard fought game, and for giving us the opportunity to see what we need to improve in our netball.
Our squad: Rebecca, Kacey, Juliette, Hannah, Ruby, Gracie, Rhiana and Darcey.
Points for practice:
1. Finding ways to keep possession so that we don’t have to chase the game so much. The art of passing!
2. Raise our fitness for netball levels.

U11 Crosskeys vs Turnford B at Wormley Saturday October 28th

Early days. We always knew a match against any Turnford side wasn’t going to be easy, especially in only our second match of the season. And so it proved. Welcome to Gracie and Lily for their first match. In the first quarter, we were finding our feet, and getting used to playing with a changed squad. It was tough: their defence was strong and our main difficulty was with our service to the attack of Rhiana and Gracie although we managed a number of shots from distance in the circle; and we were under a lot of pressure from their attack, but Kacey and Rebecca in our defensive circle broke their attacks down and we held them at bay for 0-0 scoreline. In the second quarter a change of line up with Kacey at GD gave us more fluency out of defence and in mid-court. We had better chances in attack and at last scored. 1-0 to the Keys!
In the second half our mid-court of Hannah, Darcey, Ruby and Lily got more of a flow going and our confidence picked up. In the third quarter, they came back and equalised, but by this time we had upped our game scored 3 more and finished the quarter with a 4-2 scoreline. In the final quarter, we had more shots at goal from both shooters, still from a distance but with more success and we ran out winners in all three final quarters. Result 6-3.
POM voted by Turnford: Hannah who showed outstanding drive in all the skills of Center.
Thanks to all the parents for their support, to Pat for umpiring and to our opponents Turnford for a hard game.
Our squad Kacey, Rebecca, Darcey, Hannah, Ruby, Lily, Gracie and Rhiana.
Points for practice:
1. Feeding into and in the circle, to be able to shoot closer to the stick.
2. Making our passes count, by driving into a pass to receive it.

Happy Smiling Faces:September 2017 U11s First Match vs Wodson A won 7-3

Click twice on the photo to see a close up of those smiling faces!


CROSSKEYS vs WODSON A –  9th September

Well done U11 squad. A 7-3 win for the U11 squad on the day makes a good start to the season. Thanks to Marion and Joan for introducing me to the U11s first training session, Louise for coaching and interchanging the squad, and Pat for her cheerful umpiring. It’s early days, but the signs are that we have the makings of a good U11 squad who showed particularly in the last two quarters that they know how to, and can operate, as a team. We were able to move the ball fluently down the court when attacking, and I saw some intelligent interceptions in and around the defending circle and some confident steady shooting in the attacking circle.
Points to note for training: More care with making your passes count. Keeping a team shape when attacking and using the whole court. Footwork.
Squad: Kacey, Juliet, Rebecca T, Hannah, Darcey, Rhiana, Rebecca F, Ruby and Olivia.
Opposing team vote for best player: Rhiana

Dave White

***************************************** REPORTS FOR 2016/2017 ARE BELOW **************************************

Yr 6 - November 2016


Colchester Tournament - July 2017

What a great day for this lovely bunch ending up 4th in their table.
Marion scratching around for players for this team at the 11th hour,after illlness and injury causing us to be two players down.
Luckily for us we had the honour of having an ex Tegate and current Tegate player joining us.
These two slotted in nicely to this very friendly and welcoming group.
Our first game was against a Braintree where we struggled losing 8-2.
Still smiling onto beat Kats 4-3, same result and another win for us against Civil Service,Swans 5-0 win, onto play CD Phoenix we were 3-0 down at half time, so second half we switched Georgia into GK for some height against their tall shooter and Olivia into shoot with Tia we lost this game 5-2, but a much better second half.
Our final match against Turnford we lost 10-2, however the second half we won!

Well done to the team:Tia,Bronte,Georgia (capt) Daisy,Maddy,Olivia and Keira.
Some excellent and entertaining play today, highlight for me was Georgia’s header!

On the plus side I think we’ve gained another player!????????

Thanks to the lovely parents,for your help and support and we wish Gina speedy recovery!
And Marion Hooke for umpiring all day.



One of our regular players not available today so we were short in defence!

So we had to have another re shuffle for our seven games all of which we attended!!!
Winning two games, losing four and one draw.
We made some silly errors in the first two games and some lazy play and after a quick chat we then got our first win followed by our draw.
Unfortunately we lost Daisy during the Wodson Park game where we were drawing due to a fall on court just before half time,if she hadn’t gone over I am confident this would have been a win.
Again we had another player pushed over against Tegate by the GK and we lost our little Olivia for the game whilst she got patched up!????
So we beat Poole and Asco, a draw against Wodson and lost to Norfolk,Tegate,HHR and Hornets.
All in all a good result for this squad and there were no more foul throws after the first game in which we had three in one game!
Fitness needs to be upped as this squad were flagging half way through the day,so watch out for some more circuit training girls!????????
Team today Olivia,Libby,Ella, Morgan,Daisy,Georgia (Capt), Maddy and Meisha.
Well done to olivia stepping in as a GS today working well with Georgia.and Daisy moving to GD and Meisha to C.
Personally I think the squad learnt a lot in those seven games today and the fact they they were all moved about and quite happy to play where I put them made my job easier.
Massive thank you to Wendy Andrews for collecting money, first aiding,scoring and keeping the group together for me!
Happy birthday to Olivia’s mum what a great way to spend your birthday!!????????
Thanks to all you committed bunch for giving up your Sunday and birthdays!
Onto the next one!????



Crosskeys Under 11′s v HHR B

Great result for this team tonight winning 13-7 on a very hot and sunny night!
Our attack working very hard and our little Yas never to be beaten in a race ever, beat HHR picking up a loose ball across court! Well done Yasmin.
Defence worked tirelessly,slowing the game down with some great interceptions.
Fantastic result well done everyone!
Team tonight Georgia, Meisha, Daisy(captain), Yasmin, Zara, Olivia, Keira and Madeline.
Yasmin voted POM, well done Yasmin.
Thanks to Kerry Leslie for scoring, Wendy Andrews for Collecting subs,Kayla Burt for umpiring oh and coach Dave for his support and wise words!


Turnford Tournament May 2017

What an eventful day!!
The weather with sun one minute and a down pour the next then an injured player off to minor injuries and then back to play and a nearly missed game it certainly wasn’t boring!

A slightly different team to Thursdays league and Daisy,And Keira having to play a variety of positions.

A great day for this team gaining much needed match experience.
They all enjoyed the day but unfortunately we didn’t make the quarter finals this time!

Great effort by all! On to the next one!!!
Team today: Maddy,Georgia,Olivia,Daisy,Keira (capt),Ella,Libby,Morgan and Hannah.
Thanks to Wendy Andrews for collecting fees in and all the parents for their support as always just might get one of you to proof read my fixtures in future!!!????
And Sarah Parker and Lisa Best for their continued support



Crosskeys under 11′s v Turnford under 11′s.
A great start to the summer league for our under 11′s tonight.
A bit of a shuffle for the team position wise,but one that worked very well.
Two new players to the regular team slotted in nicely,Meisha and our little speedy Yasmine.
Fantastic shooting from a very well deserved POM Georgia Leslie scoring 19 out of our 20 goals and playing as a GA/GS.
Defence worked extremely hard,Keira and Maddy in particular as a great new combo GD/GK.
Centre court our Daisy keeping a very calm control of the game with Olivia,Yas and Zara always there for the next pass.
Everyone of our players worked extremely hard tonight in terribly wet and slippery conditions and every player defended when Turnford were on the attack and this resulted in a lot of held balls for Turnford!!

SO WE WON  20-6

Superb play under 11′s tonight!
Team: Meisha,Georgia,Olivia,Maddy,Yasmine,Daisy,Zara and Keira.
Thanks to all parents for their support.



Crosskeys U11 v Hornets B

A cold, rainy start for the U11′s however they did not let the rain defeat them.
The team worked well in the first quarter. Keeping the score tight at 3-3.
It took a while for both teams to settle, but when they did the whole team were determined to get as many goals as they could.
The second quarter was much the same, keeping the goal difference very tight.
Third quarter found crosskeys slipping away slightly. However the team worked their socks off and produced some excellent netball.
In the fourth quarter we had a swap around, but Hornets managed to pull away in the final few minutes and unfortunately we couldn’t catch them up. A fantastic effort from everyone!
Team: GS-Georgia, GA-Daisy, WA- Zara, C-Keira, WD- Olivia, GD-Alana, GK-Maddie
Final score- 10-4
Pom was awarded to Alana.
Thank you to Katie Woodstock for umpiring, and to all the supporters!


BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 25th March 2017

Crosskeys Under 11 v Wodson Park A
Tough match again today for the under 11′s replaying Wodson.
Fantastic effort from all players, unfortunately Morgan having to come off due to a bashed hand but we had the luxury of eight players.
Olivia Curaba playing her first game as GA with Georgia Leslie, some really good feeds into the circle against a tall and athletic GD.
POM Went to Alana Brown, well done Alana.
Final score 20-8 to Wodson.
The score does not reflect our players game today it was actually much better than two weeks ago even though it was a closer score back then.
Thanks to Katie Woodstock and mum umpire and scoring team!
Team Today: Morgan, Ella,Libby, Alana,Keira,Olivia, Georgia and Hannah.
And all the parents for their great support.
Well done girls great effort!


BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 11th March 2017

Under 11 v Wodson Park A

We started of very very slowly and Wodson took advantage of this taking the lead quite quickly.
Two very accurate shooters helping them ahead.
However by half time we started to realise most of our earlier mistakes and played two really good quarters.
Alana, Morgan and Maddie worked so hard in defence whilst on centre court Keira (who must be asleep now) worked tirelessly to intercept Wodson’s attacking balls or bring the ball back to our attack.
Our attack were up against it today as the defence were extremely pushy!
However Olivia,Hannah,Daisy and Georgia played their game feeding the ball into the circle and our goals started to go in.
We won the two final quarters but unfortunately not enough to catch up Wodson.
Massive thanks to Emma Wacey for umpiring today an absolute star.
This was such a good game today and all the team should be extremely proud of how hard they worked.

Thanks also to the parents for their support and Mr Brown for scoring and bringing over Emma.

Final score 18-12 to Wodson Park.

POM awarded to Alana.
Team today Morgan Foord,Madeline Bailey,Alana Brown,Hannah Castley,Olivia Curaba,Daisy McAuliffe,Georgia Leslie and (Capt)Keira Hearn.


HIGH 5′s TOURNAMENT – 29th January 2017

We entered two teams today for our High 5′s Tournament.
First time playing for Crosskeys for Aoife and Yasmin.
Sarah and Julie looked after one team and me the other.
Well played all of you today,both teams improving their skills as the morning went on.

Unfortunately I only got to see one match for the white team as all under 11′s played at the same time. However Sarah and Julie were very impressed with how every team member tried their best and improved in every match and played as a team.

White team:Madeline, Morgan, Olivia, Aoife and Yasmin.

Purple team some lovely play and passing on the move has improved immensely. Some very close matches today and we are getting stronger.

Purples:Daisy, Georgia, Ella, Libby, Keira.

Thanks to Julie Moore and Sarah Parker for coaching the girls

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