Year 8

Sarah Parker - Coach

Year 8 November 2018


Year 8 Results 2018-19
Date Crosskeys U13 Score vs Score Opponents
Sept Crosskeys U13 vs
Sept Crosskeys U13 vs
October Crosskeys U13 vs
November Crosskeys U13 vs
December Crosskeys U13 vs
January Crosskeys U13 vs
January Crosskeys U13 vs
January Crosskeys U13 vs
February Crosskeys U13 vs
Crosskeys U13 vs


A combination of strong winds and not adapting our play to combat these conditions led to a scrappy performance today and the team not playing with their usual finesse. That said all the girls continued to give 100% and battle hard to secure a comfortable win.
Quarter 1 10-3 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 16-6 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 22-9 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 32-9 Crosskeys
Team :- Natasha Tomlinson, Wanatsa Dumbura, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best, Connie Kearns and Ava O’Reilly
POM chosen by the opposition went to Wanatsa Dumbura. Well done Wanatsa, some fabulous flying interceptions.
Thank you to Vanessa Smith on co coaching with me, Marion Hooke for umpiring, Jane Herbst for scoring and to all our wonderful supporters for encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best

U13s CHELMSFORD CUP WINNERS – 13th March 2022

Crosskeys U13’s 40 vs Flames Hurricanes 8
Today the U13’s took on Flames Hurricanes to determine who would be the Chelmsford cup winners for the 2021/22 season.
We were expecting tough opposition as flames are currently undefeated in the league.
However they were no match for our dynamic squad and we dominated play throughout the court. Our passing was phenomenal and by the second quarter we broke down their play making interception after interception. They had no answer to our play.
A solid team performance.
Quarter 1 – 10-4 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 21-6 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 29-7 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 40-8 Crosskeys
Well done U13’s super proud of you all.
Squad :- Wanatsa Dumbura, Connie Kearns, Darcie Wilkinson, Keira Best, Isabella Culverhouse, Natasha Tomlinson, Lois Herbst, Gracie Smith and Ava O Reilly
POM chosen by the opposition went to Ava O Reilly. Well done Ava fantastic shooting and circle play.
Coaches POM went to Wanatsa Dumbura fantastic interceptions and supportive play in the centre third.
Thank you to Jane Herbst for scoring and to all of our lovely supporters for encouraging the girls throughout.
I would also like to thank Vanessa Smith , who couldn’t coach alongside me today ( she was coaching the U11 final) as she has been pivotal in supporting and improving these girls play throughout the season.
Go Crosskeys!!!!

Lisa Best

CROSSKEYS U13’s Qualify for the ENG YNPL

Crosskeys U13’s 37 vs AP Saints 21
We knew it was going to be a tough battle today against AP Saints who before today’s fixture were 2nd in the ENG League.
But we took charge from the off and we played a safe steady game which paid off and allowed us to extend our lead quarter by quarter.
By analysing their game beforehand we knew AP Saints strengths and weaknesses and tried to break down their play which I feel we did effectively, ensuring we capitalised on their errors in our attacking circle.
Quarter 1 – 11-6 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 19-10 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 28-16 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 37-21 Crosskeys
A Great result. Well done U13’s . Super proud of today’s play and proud of you achieving a Grand final Slot in this highly competitive league.
Squad :- Ava O Reilly, Wanatsa Dumbura, Eloise Ampofo, Kendra Paho, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Keira Best and Connie Kearns.
POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Exceptional shooting throughout, only missing 1 goal during the match.
Coaches POM went to Ava O Reilly who played exceptionally well both ends of the court and took charge in the defensive circle making some crucial interceptions.
Thank you to Vanessa Smith for co coaching with me and to all our wonderful supporters for your continued commitment and encouragement.
Bring on the Grand Finals!!! Woo hoo
Lisa Best


A lovely sunny day for netball and a wonderful game played by the U13’s.
After a dodgy first few minutes we dominated play and played some exceptional netball throughout the court.
We used the game to execute what we had worked on in training. Dictating where we want the opposing player to be on the court, feint passes and using the bounce pass effectively in the attacking circle. Although these areas didn’t always come off it was great to practise them so the players can improve and evolve.
Quarter 1 – 9-0 Crosskeys
Quarter 2 – 24-1 Crosskeys
Quarter 3 – 35 -1 Crosskeys
Quarter 4 – 48- 5 Crosskeys
Well done girls another great win. ????????????????
Squad :- Natasha Tomlinson, Anna Trapmore, Lucy Kempley, Gracie Smith, Eilidh Hutton, Lily Cunningham, Keira Best and Ava O Reilly
POM chosen by the opposition went to Keira Best. Great shooting and use of the feint and bounce pass in the attacking circle.
Coaches POM went to Eilidh Hutton. Great quick release accurate feeds into the attacking circle. Well done.
Thank you to Vanessa Smith for Coaching alongside me, Marion Hooke for umpiring, Lucy O’Reilly for scoring and to all our supporters for encouraging the girls
.Lisa Best


CROSSKEYS U13’s 51 vs SWANS U13’s 6
A great team performance by the squad today who delivered throughout the court in all 4 quarters. We made it incredibly hard for the opposition to find space as we dictated the play at all times. We didn’t always use the correct pass which sometimes got intercepted but when this happened we fought back to regain possession. A good solid performance by all of the team.
Quarter 1 12-2
Quarter 2 28-3
Quarter 3 39-4
Quarter 4 51-6
Squad :- Natasha Tomlinson, Wanatsa Dumbura, Lucy Kempley, Gracie Smith, Eilidh Hutton, Lily Cunningham, Keira Best and Ava O Reilly
POM chosen by the opposition went to Wanatsa Dumbura, well done to Wanatsa solid defensive performance making numerous interceptions and controlling the defensive circle.
Thank you to Simon Smith for scoring, Lucy O’Reilly for timing, Marion Hooke for umpiring and to all our wonderful supporters for encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best


It was my pleasure today to umpire and coach our U13 squad in this friendly match. The girls all worked really hard throughout the game and showed what talent they have. I’m sure they will have learnt a lot from the experience and will continue to grow and develop as a squad.
Squad :-
Freya, Anna, Lily, Eloise, Izzy, Lucy, Kendra, Isabella.
POM – Anna
Marion Hooke


At last this little group of lovely girls have got a win that their passion deserves. They played against a good Wodson side that were not expecting us to beat them!
Half term meant U13 numbers were a little depleted but fortunately for us some of the U12s were able to help us out.
A massive THANK YOU to Keira, Ava and Gracie for playing today and helping us get a great result. Also thanks to Vanessa Smith for giving up her to time coach the group and to Ava’s Mum for scoring. Thank you Lilly Southward for umpiring.
POM – Olivia Suzi Southward.
Marion Hooke


Two very evenly matched teams met today and unfortunately for us we were pipped to a win. Lots to work on to improve but everyone gave 100% effort.
Main things to focus on are accurate passing and taking the ball to goal when we achieve a turnover.
Thank you to Lilly and Emily for excellent umpiring today.
Unlucky today girls but I look forward to meeting this team again in the winter league at Chelmsford.
Lexi, Olivia, Daisy B, Priya, Brooke, Daisy W, Marcy and Rae.
POM – Lexi – well done.
Marion Hooke


U 13's - 1st May 2021

Whoop whoop Congratulations U13s. We got our first win of the season this morning.

So pleased for the girls that at last their hard work at training has paid off.
Well done Daisy Wickstead on POM some excellent defensive interceptions.
Coaches POM goes to the whole squad.
Marion Hooke


Super proud of the U13s today reaching the semi finals playing against some really tough teams along the way full report to follow well done to each and every one of you and thank you to all the parents who supported the team today plus massive thank you to Tegan and Lilly for all your help


We knew this was going to be a tough game, top of table clash. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our day. The girls all worked really hard and kept fighting till the end. A few things to work on in training and we will get them next time.
Team today, Georgia, Daisy, Grace, Keria ,Kezia, Meisha, Lucy and Missy. Thank you to Richard for scoring today and all parents for there support
Sarah Parker

CHELMSFORD JUNIOR LEAGUE – 10th Novenber – 2018

U13′s V EASTWOOD – Final score 25-7 win
Today saw me take a different group of girls for observation and what a pleasure it was.
Georgia Daisy Evie (playing her debut) Maddie Grace Lucy & Missie

Score breakdown
Qtr 1 – 5-3 us
Qtr 2 – 10-7 us
Slight switch around of the positions at halftime and on we go.
Qtr 3 – 16-7
Qtr 4 – 25-7
POM went to Georgia today well done ????
Thank you to the parents for supporting and providing me with cups of tea and to Tony for scoring for us.
Julie Moore

CHELMSFORD JUNIOR LEAGUE – 3rd Novenber – 2018

Under 13s at Chelmsford today against Swan Purple. I asked the girls to go out in the first quarter and play straight from the first whistle. The girls did this so well, winning the first quarter 11-0. In the second quarter the girls continued as they did in the first, finishing this quarter 23-0. All the girls played so well today focusing on set plays. We finished the game 44 – 5, well done today girls some good netball. A big thank you to Tony for scoring and Kerry for timing and all the parents for their support
Sarah Parker


Cup game against division 1 Flames Lightening. Another wet day at New Hall School but this didn’t put the girls off they came out fighting from the first whistle and went goal for goal in first qtr finishing just in front qtr2 Flames pulled back and took the lead 3rd qtr was much the same so last qtr I asked the team to go out and win last qtr which they did winning in great style and fighting back we ended up losing by only 5 goals I was so proud of every player as Flames are 3rd in division 1 girls should be proud of themselves well done team today Georgia Daisy Maddie Kezia Keira Lucy Missy and Meisha ???????? thank you Tony for scoring and thank you parents for supporting team ????????
Sarah Parker

POOLE TOURNAMENT – 6th October 2018

So proud of all girls today. After an early start and he bad weather all the girls did us proud.
Results today:
POOLE lost 6-1
Bournemouth won 4-2
Poole draw 4-4
Barr beacon lost 4-0
Hoops draw 3-3
Ndnc draw 4-4
We came 3rd overall.
With some of these girls not having played in a tournament before they improved with each game. Well done everyone!! Hope you are all warm and dry now.
Team today: Lucy, Maddie, Keira, Daisy, Georgia, Evie, Ruby, Grace and Mileina. Thank you too Laura and Kacey for your help today.
Well done Julie Moore for all your organising to get us there.
Sarah Parker



Due to injury and unavailability we had several members of the team playing out of position tonight. That said we started well and at the start of the first quarter were matching Turnford goal for goal. We lost focus towards the end of this quarter and at quarter time were trailing 6-12.

Quarter 2 we played phenomenally well. Our defence worked together so well marking their GA, who outplayed us in quarter 1, out of the game and forcing them to make errors. Our attack used the court well driving into the space and creating some lovely play into our shooters who rarely missed.

At the end of quarter 2 the score was 16-16. Game on.

Both teams were desperate to break the other team down but in quarter 3 both sides kept their centre and neither team were able to turnover the oppositions centre pass. At the end of quarter 3 it was 23 a piece.

Quarter 4 saw Turnford come out very aggressive and despite the Turnford defence continually contacting our shooters it went unnoticed. We became frustrated and lost focus throughout the court which unfortunately affected our game and the final score ended up 27-37 to Turnford.

They girls worked incredibly hard tonight and can all be proud as they played some fantastic Netball. We need to learn not to allow the opposition to get into our heads and play our game.

Well done U13’s a good effort.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Sofia Read. Well done Sofia great play.

Team:- Molly Morrissey, Nancy Wimbleton, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Ava Quill, Francesca Calierno and Sian Kearney.

Thank you to Lilly Southward for scoring and to all our lovely supporters.

We will beat them next time.
Lisa Best


Despite a slow first quarter where we took time to settle into a new attacking combination we took control of the game in quarters 2,3 and 4 and extended our lead throughout the match.

Our defensive did incredibly well against an aggressive and tall attack and got stronger as the game progressed giving hawks little options causing them to make errors on many occasions.

Our attack was dynamic and didn’t force the ball into the attacking circle waiting for the right opportunity and using lots of different feeds so our play was creative and not obvious.

A great win and skilful game. Well done U13’s.

POM chosen by the opposition went to Sian Kearney. Well done Sian great play as GA and WA.

Comedy moment – Emily Best scoring a fantastic goal from outside the circle whilst playing centre. Shot of the season but let’s leave the shooting to the delegated players.

Team:- Molly Morrissey, Nancy Wimbleton, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney, Francesca Calierno, Ava Rowson.

Thank you to Lilly Southward for scoring and to all the supporters for encouraging the girls.
Lisa Best



The girls were all incredibly excited to be playing in their first cup final.

They all showed grit and determination throughout the match and despite being out played by a very big and physical Brentwood team I’m immensely proud of their never give up attitude.

The score certainly doesn’t reflect the effort that this team put into every minute of the game.

The U13’s learnt a lot from today’s match I think most importantly the biggest lesson learnt – not allowing the opposition to intimidate you and letting that affect your play.

The girls have come a long way in the last 2 years, under Joanne Wacey and my guidance, and if they continue to work hard, improve their skill set further I am confident that a cup final win is just around the corner.

That said cup final runners up is a fantastic achievement. Well done U13 squad, immensely proud of you all.

Cup final photo to follow once the girls have received their trophies.


Squad :- Molly Morrissey, Lilly Southward, Nancy Wimbleton, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Ava Quill, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

A big Thank you to all of the supporters for encouraging the girls yesterday and to the parents for giving up their day to ferry the girls between the cup final and our home tournament.
Lisa Best



What a match!!! Exciting from start to finish. ( and heart stopping in places!!!)

We started out well, creating good space, moving the ball skilfully up the court allowing us to feed our attacking circle to score some phenomenal goals. Our defence were marking extremely tightly making it incredibly difficult for Braintree to find space and were getting some fantastic interceptions. At the end of quarter 1 we were leading 5-4.

Quarter 2 saw both teams dig deep and play some fantastic Netball throughout the court, each team causing the other to make errors and at half time the score was 9-9.

Again it was goal for goal in the 3rd Quarter and there really wasn’t anything between the 2 teams. Braintree had the final centre of the quarter which put them one goal in front as the whistle blew, 15 -16.

Going into quarter 4 we knew there was everything to play for. We fought for everything and although we lost composure at the start of the final quarter ( hence my mini bunny hopping tantrum!!! ????????) we regained focus and played safe skilful Netball breaking Braintree down to secure the win.


#nailbiting #finalwhistlecouldntcomequickenough

A big well done U13’s. Phenomenal play from start to finish.

I am honestly bursting with pride, each player gave it there all and showed great maturity, listening to advice and supporting the coaching decisions that were made. The girls that were off each quarter encouraged their teammates and displayed great team spirit.

Squad:- Molly Morrissey, Nancy Wimbleton, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Ava Quill, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

Thank you to Sarah Parker for being my wing man (woman) today, greatly appreciated and thanks to all the supporters for encouraging your lovely girls.

Bring on the final. ????????

Go Crosskeys

Lisa Best



We started out so well in the 1st quarter against a very fast Hatfield side and at the end of quarter 1 was leading 10 goals to 5.

Unfortunately we came out in the second quarter, or more honestly didn’t come out, the same team. We were running away from the ball, making silly mistakes which Hatfield capitalised on and threw away our five goal lead and at the end of the second quarter was trailing behind.

We never got back into the game and although we didn’t give up we lost focus as the lead increased.

Not our best game and lots to work on over the next few weeks at training to improve our performance but that said we were up against a very experienced, slick Hatfield squad.

Pom went to Lilly Southward. Well done Lilly.

Squad :- Nancy Wimbleton, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Ava Quill, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

Thank you as always to the parents for your support and encouragement and thank you to claire for scoring, becky for timing and Kayla for umpiring.

Onwards and upwards.

CONDOVER – March 2018

Squad :- Nancy Wimbleton, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Ava Quill, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

Saturday’s Results :-
Crosskeys 4 – Ratcliffe College 3
Crosskeys 9 – Ipswich High 7
Crosskeys 14 – Hereford (B) 3
Crosskeys 8 – Priory School (A) 5
Crosskeys 10- St Margaret’s (C) 1
Crosskeys 8 – St Margaret’s (B) 3

As we won all of our games on the Saturday we were placed top of Group 1 and put into the Cup on the Sunday.
We knew, due to the standard of year 8 teams, that this was going to be challenging but were all very positive and raring to go on the Sunday.

Sunday’s results :-
We won and first game convincingly
Crosskeys 13- Priory School (B) 1

But only the top teams in each pool made the semi final.
Our next game was much tougher and at half time we were 5-1 down. After a few positional changes we gave it our all and showed great maturity and determination and managed to pull back and win the game 8-7.
Crosskeys 8- Hereford (A) 7

Semi Final :-
Crosskeys 7 – Boughton Belles NC 8

Despite our best efforts we couldn’t break down this team ( who were tournament winners) and unfortunately lost the game by one goal.
Despite not bringing home any silverware these girls had a fantastic tournament and showed great skill determination and maturity and played some excellent Netball.
Well done year 8 squad, very proud of you all.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE -24th February 2018

Crosskeys U13’s 17 vs Brookshaw 9

Today was definitely a game of 2 half’s, in the first 2 quarters we weren’t our dynamic selfs and were getting in each other’s way and struggled to adapt to the windy conditions and kept losing possession by playing long overhead passes. At half time we were only 1 goal ahead and quite honestly the team were giving me heart failure!!!!

After a team talk and ways to improve our play the girls went into the second half a different team. They started to gel and were defending well and driving forwards, creating space and making it incredibly difficult for the opposition to gain possession. This half especially the final quarter we made numerous interceptions allowing us to extend our lead.

Final score 17-9 to Crosskeys.

Incredibly proud of the girls today as their heads could have gone down after a difficult first half but they all showed great maturity and stepped up their game and took on board ways to improve. Well done U13’s.

Team:- Nancy Wimbleton, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Molly Morrissey and Ava Rowson.

Thank you to all the parents for braving the cold today to encourage the girls and a big thank you to Amy Rowson for scoring for me today. Greatly appreciated.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 27th January 2018


Easy win for our girls today in this league which they seem to be dominating this season.
We had some of our usual standard play where we looked good and the ball went effortlessly down the court but not as constant as we have seen in past matches. Saying that the wind and slippery court didn’t help as the girls were more cautious chasing balls. Gave me a great opportunity to switch the girls round and see different combos.
Final score 21-4
Well done on another win and thanks to Wendy Chambers for umpiring today,Claire Kearney scoring and as usual the parents supporting in the cold.

Squad – Molly /Ava R /Sian /Ava Q /Sophia/ Emily/Abi/Lily and Nancy

Jo Wacey



We knew it was going to be a tough game today as we were playing top in our division.
We started out well and didn’t have our usual 5 minute wobble and was moving the ball throughout the court well. By the end of the first quarter we were leading 6-4.

We had obviously decided to save our wobble for the second quarter today and were not driving towards the ball and making numerous silly errors which allowed Conquerors to make up the deficit and more and by half time we were trailing 12 goals to 10.

After a stern talking to discussing areas we needed to improve on to make the game ours the girls came out fighting in the final 2 quarters. The defence were marking incredibly tight and making it very difficult for the opposition’s attack to find space, the centre court were defending well, picking up every loose ball and linking up well with both our shooters who were totally in synch with each other and rarely missed a shot.

Final score was 23 – 19 to Crosskeys.
Semi finals here we come!!! Woo hoo.
Incredibly proud of all of today’s squad, who played their hearts out and dug deep and gave it there all.
Squad :- Molly Morrissey, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Nancy Wimbledon, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Ava Quill, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.
Well done girls, great result.

Thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring and to all the other parents and supporters for braving the cold and cheering and encouraging the girls.

Your commitment is amazing.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 6th January 2018


Lovely to watch these young ladies today as I haven’t seen them for a while in a match.

Slow start as usual( it seems for junior and senior teams alike!) going down 3 goals until they got their mojo and from there on each qtr the girls pulled away to get a convincing win against a team I understand were 2nd in the table. Think final score was 24-9?

I’m informed it was a tougher game today but the girls showed determination and had some lovely team work going on. You really are gelling well now and eachone of you has come on.

Still things we can improve on which we can practice at training so hope to see you all Wednesday.

Squad – Molly/ Ava R / Sian / Sophia / Ava Q / Emily / Abi / Lily/ Nancy.

Thanks parents for your support and Lisa who is there every week coaching you.
Jo Wacey

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 2nd December 2017


We played a relatively inexperienced team today and took control of the game from the offing.

The U13′s had a considerable lead throughout the game and as a couple of our usual squad were unavailable due to school Christmas commitments it gave us the opportunity to try different combinations to see what worked and what didn’t.

We made some great turnovers and read the oppositions game well and made some fantastic feeds into our attacking circle which we capitalised on.

Final score 30-8 to Crosskeys. Well done girls great win.

You all worked incredibly hard and listened to how to improve your individual and team play.

We have some challenging games ahead of us going into the new year and we need to focus on improving our footwork, our timing and jumping for the ball.

Team:- Nancy Wimbledon, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Ava Quill, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Molly Morrissey

Thank you to Julie Moore for helping me coach the girls today and to all the parents and supporters for your continual commitment.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – Saturday 4th November 2017

A scrappy game by the U13′s today that wasn’t helped by the awful weather conditions.
That said every player defended well during the match and fought for every loose ball. To improve their game the girls need to drive forward and not run away from the ball and release the ball quicker .
Although it wasn’t their best game they all gave 100% and remained focused throughout the game to secure a solid win.
Final score 21 – 9 to Crosskeys.
Squad :- Molly Morrissey, Lilly Southward, Nancy Wimbleton, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Ava Quill, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.
Thank you to Mel for umpiring, Claire Kearney for scoring and to the parents/supporters for encouraging the girls and your continual commitment.
Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE -15th October 2017


Chelmsford knock out cup second round.

This was a easy draw for the U13′s today and every combination that we used worked effectively and every player delivered throughout the game.

Although an easy game it allowed us the opportunity to try new combinations and try players in new positions. It did also highlight areas we need in to focus on to improve our game when playing harder opposition.

A fantastic win of 45-4. Well done girls. Looking forward to the quarter finals!!!

Squad :- Molly Morrissey, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Ava Quill, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

Thank you to Sarah Parker for supporting me in coaching today and thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring.

As always thank you to her parents for giving up their Sunday and supporting and encouraging the girls.

Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 30th September 2017


Due to illness we only had 7 players available today and a few of our players were not feeling 100% and a few were playing out of position.

Although we made silly mistakes throughout the game and it certainly wasn’t our best performance the girls persevered in every quarter and listened at ways to improve their individual and team play.

A well deserved win of 18-14 to Crosskeys.

Squad :- Molly Morrissey, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Nancy Wimbleton, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson

Pom :- chosen by the opposition went to Emily Best. Well done, fantastic game.

A big welcome back to Molly Morrissey, a lovely first game back after injury.

Thank you as always to the supporters for your commitment and encouragement.

Lisa Best

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 16th September 2017

The girls had a good first game in their Chelmsford Debut. They all worked hard and executed set plays well and worked hard to create space throughout the court ( an area we worked on in training last week)

An impressive win for the girls of 25-5.
Well done.

Squad :- Nancy Wimbleton, Lilly Southward, Abbie Topcott, Emily Best, Ava Quill, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Ava Rowson.

Thank you to Julie Moore and Sarah Parker for supporting me in coaching the girls today. Much appreciated.

Thanks as always to the committed parents and family for supporting and encouraging the girls.

Lisa Best

***************************************** REPORTS FOR SEASON 2016/2017 ARE BELOW ************************


Crosskeys U13′s vs Turnford Toppers

A difficult game tonight for our U13 squad against a well executed Turnford team.

However despite being on the back foot from early into the game the girls all played with great determination, fought for every loose ball and took on board advice given.

As always we can take away positives and areas to work on in training to improve our games individually and as a team.

Final score 31-15 to Turnford Toppers

POM chosen by the opposition went to Caitlin Best. Well deserved Caitlin.

Squad :- Megan Dowton, Kitty Jarvis, Lucy Djemal, Freya D’Alberto, Beth Brichieri-Colombi, Caitlin Best, Mollie Fletcher, Molly Plowman and Niamh Peake.

Thank you as always to the parents and supporters your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Also despite being able to play, due to injury, was lovely to have Jennifer Johnson supporting her team mates. Thanks JJ, hope to have you back on court soon.

A big thank you to Joanne Wacey for helping me coach this squad tonight. Your expertise was brilliant. Many thanks.



Crosskeys U13′s vs Hertford Heath Rangers.

The team benefitted from having played together last night, and came out with a strong start with some lovely shooting, winning the first quarter 5-3.

The second quarter saw the defence working hard hassling the Rangers shooters and causing them to be blown up for several held balls. Centre court worked hard chasing loose balls and getting several tips – Freya D was particularly fast and springy tonight! They won the quarter by 3 with the half time score being 13-8.

More of the same in the third quarter, although they could have done even better if they looked after their hard earned turn-overs more carefully. Won the quarter by 2, giving a score of 17-10.

The last quarter was scary as the Rangers umpire blew the whistle over and over in Rangers favour in their shooting circle, and the 7 goal lead came down to 2! At last the whistle went and Keys won by a well deserved 3 goals – 19-16.

Well played everyone – bring on Sunday’s tournament!

POM from Rangers – Jen for her cameo appearance – hope you are fully fit again soon.
POM from the coach – Freya D

Team: Niamh, Mollie, Freya, Beth, Kitty, Jen, Lucy and Megs

Nichola C


Crosskeys U13 vs Hatfield White

Different combination of players tonight and some players playing in positions outside there comfort zone.

This initially stilted the flow of play however once they settled down the U13′s played some lovely netball, making some lovely interceptions and driving into the space well.

We need to work on Maintaining possession after intercepting the ball and ensuring we deliver the right safest pass to our teammates.

Although lots to work on a solid performance from this squad. Well done U13′s.

Final score Crosskeys 21 vs Hatfield white 33

POM chosen by the opposition went to Niamh Peake. Well done Niamh.

Squad :- Megan Dowton, Lucy Djamel, Kitty Jarvis, Freya D’Alerto, Beth Brichieri- Colombi, Mollie Fletcher, Caitlin Best and Niamh Peake.

Thank you as always to the parents for your continual support and encouragement.


BROXBOURNE LEAGUE – 25thMarch 2017

Crosskeys U13′s v Saffron Hawkes
Today we knew it was a grudge match as we had beaten them on the first leg however it wasn’t to be our day today
Score 31-17 to them. Well tried girls.
Team today :
Meg, Lucy, Freya, Jen, Caitlin, Mollie, Niamh & Molly
POM from them went to Jen
Coaches POM today went to Lucy
Well done to both of you.
Thank you to Katie for umpiring and all the supporters



Started slow as a little match rusty in cold conditions, went down by 3 goals but managed to bring it back to 8:9 to them. Second quarter the team as a whole built in confidence making interceptions and turnovers pulling away to 18:13 to Keys. Third quarter they maintained their lead, had a few unforced errors on turnovers due to rushing but some accurate shooting by both shooters and excellent defending by everyone on the court ending the quarter at 26:18. In the final quarter pulling away even further unfortunately just missing out on our target of 35, the final score was 33:19 to Crosskeys .
Team: Niamh Peake, Freya Henshall, Freya D’alberto, Freya Knight, Beth BC, Caitlin Best, Jennifer Johnson& Megan Downton.
POM: Jennifer
No coaches POM as everyone played so well. Thank you to all the supporters that stood in the cold.

Sarah H


Crosskeys U13′s vs Turnford B - 8/10/16

This was some of the U13′s first match at Turnford and was the first time these girls had played together( other than at training) as a team.

Throughout the match all the girls played with great energy and enthusiasm and made some fantastic drives forward and used the court effectively, creating space throughout the match.

I was particularly impressed with how each girl took on board (after our quarter time peep talks) how to improve their game and how to improve their team play. Every quarter we got better and although we didn’t manage to beat Turnford on this occasion we managed to secure a point. Final score 32-20.

POM chosen by Turnford went to a well deserved Freya D’Alberto who played outstandingly.

Coaches POM went to Alex Gilkes for great defensive play and for fantastic determination.

Well done girls you done yourself and Crosskeys proud.

Team:- Alex Gilkes, Megan Dowton, Millie Coulbeck, Freya D’Alberto, Freya Knight, Niamh Peake and Molly Plowman.

Thank you to all the U13′s parents that supported the girls. You were fantastic.


U13′s v Turnford- 10th September 2016
Firstly may I say how smart u all looked in your new dresses
I don’t really know these girls too well however I have to say how proud of you all Sarah and I were today. Your play improved as the match went on – you executed all instructions and gave 100% Final Score 13-20
Well done to Megan,, Jennifer, Freya, Beth BC,, Caitlin, Neve, Freya H & Molly

POM – Jennifer



Crosskeys u13s vs Turnford
What a night, so windy and cold.   The girls were up for the game despite the weather, they fought hard and there was some really nice play.  Unfortunately Turnford pulled away 9 – 3.  At end of first qtr a few changes of position and everyone continued to try hard and not giving up.  At the end of the 3rd qtr Julie asked the girls to go out and win last qtr which I am happy to say they did just that.  We’ll done girls,  you believed in yourselves.

The team tonightwas: Harriet, Ellie, Summer, Katie, Greta, Beth and Leah. POM from Turnford went to Greta. Hopefully it will be a warmer game tommrow.  Thankyou to all the supporters tonight.  Final score 24 – 7 to Turnford



Crosskeys U13 v Wodson
We played well tonight girls Although a bit slow to start we delivered some great play
Q1 2 – 4 us little bit of a movement on positions and off we go again and what a qtr we didn’t even let in a goal. Our defence ticked all the boxes and everyone else took advantage to deliver up the other end.
Q2 2 – 14 us
Again some changes and although we were still playing good netball our foot came off the gas a little
Q3 5 – 17 us Last qtr another change and we closed the win
Q4 7 – 21.

Team was;
Emily J, Ellie L, Katie, Greta, Summer, Harriet, Beth and Leah. Girls I am so proud, 2 games 2 wins. Bring it on for Turnford next week!!
Pom chosen by Wodson went to Leah well done you.

Thank you so much to Wendy Chambers for covering her umpiring so I could pinch Tash. And thank you to all the supporters.  Same time next week please.



We decided to mix the squad  up today putting a mixture of players in both teams.
Whole squad being Leah, Beth, Bailey, Heidi, Charlie, Greta, Leanna, Summer, Phoebe B, Harriet, Katie, Ellie, Emily R, Phoebe M and Emily J.
Sarah and Anita coached the teams today making sure the girls played on and off and in varying positions. I know that moving players around gives us coaches an insight to where players may be progressing. We knew it was going to be tough but having all but three of the U13′s Group was great.
I know that Sarah Parker and Anita Griffiths would say there was no actual POM today as you all played your hearts out. However they would like to mention well done to Katie as GA , Phoebe M as WD and Charlie as GK as these were all first time attempts.

Today has certainly given us lots of things to take back to training.
We collectively hope you all had a good day
Sarah Anita and Julie


One happy coach !!
First game of the summer league today for the U13′s and I must say how well you all played .
We were playing Hatfield White with the line up of Leah, Beth, Greta, Harriett, Ellie, Katie, Summer and Emily J.
We started of a tad slow and finished the first qtr 2-4 down. After a little talk off we went taking the 2nd qtr 8-6
3rd qtr 15-10 and finally winning 23-16.
We just got better throughout. The defence of Beth and Leah worked really well delivering all that had been taught. Mid court found Ellie, Katie, Summer, Greta and Harriett dodging and running their socks off and with varying different shooting combos of Emily/ Summerand Ellie/ Harriett all delivering well.  Although we do need to get our hit rates up girls – practice practice practice.
POM went to Katie chosen by Hatfield well done.

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