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We are a thriving Senior Club, are affiliated to the England Netball Association, and compete in the following leagues:

  • England East Region Senior League Div 1
  • Herts Senior League Div 2
  • Harlow Association Senior League, 6 Teams
  • Bishops Stortford Senior League, 4 Teams
  • Bishops Stortford Senior League, Back to Netball, 2 Teams
  • Turnford Senior League Div 1 and Div 3, 2 Teams

Training and Coaching at Mark Hall

Crosskeys Netball Club Harlow was formed as an “open” friendly club in 1980 with ambition to do well. In those essentials we haven’t changed. New players of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us. The Club caters for girls aged 6 through to Senior level. This includes coaching, umpiring and competitive games for our U10′s right through to the senior first team. Come along to meet us at our Netball Training Sessions for our junior, youth and senior sides on Wednesday evenings. Based in Harlow, Essex on the border with Herts, we currently train at Mark Hall Community School and Sports College Sports Centre and attract players from Essex and Herts.

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(The entrance to the car park at Mark Hall Sports Centre is in London Road


Another great win and well fought match for Xkeys 4 today, up against tough opposition everyone played so well and found their game swiftly from the start! Defence turned over some great ball from well-read interceptions, whilst mid court adapted well to bring the ball down the court and give some great feeds into the circle, despite the sun coming out and impairing vision making those long balls somewhat difficult!
A well deserved win for the team today, so proud of all the ladies for their relentless effort and bringing their A-game to the court right from the beginning.
Q1 12-6
Q2 27-14
Q3 40-17
Final score 55 – 26 to Xkeys!
Team – Myself, Sophie Gallacher, Karen Lucas,
Ashleigh Marie Minihane, Georgia King, Nicola Clark and Hollie Martin (thank you for stepping in to help us yet again Hollie!)
Thank you to Lisa Gingee Davey for umpiring
Alice Short
Well deserved POM to Ash who was on ???????? throughout!

Alice Short

HERTS LEAGUE – 15th January 2022

Well this was definitely a game of 2 halves. Brand new combination in attack in H1 with Georgia Leslie making her debut in the Herts League. We made some good turnovers in defence but struggled to capitalise on the turnovers with us finding it hard to get the ball into the shooting circle.
In the second complete change of tactics seeing Lizzi Mitchell moving into the shooting circle, more height in there and the ball flowed smoothly down the court and the goals were being sunk by before shooters.
We had great determination and fight in the second half seeing us we the second half by around 10 (can’t quite remember score at half time). Ours heads did not drop and it was a great team effort. Lots of new combinations to work on at training.
Sadly we lost by 4 – but was a great game in H2, five more mins and reckon we would have had them! Thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett and Claire Goodall for coaching and Sue Woodstock for scoring. Rose thank you for playing up you smashed it.
Team – Georgia Leslie, Georgia Goodall Megan Pointer Katie Woodstock Lizzy Dawson Lizi Mitchell Rose Johnston and myself
Jo Montague

The physicality of this game was a bit of a shock from the start…going down quickly within the quarter. BUT we managed to settle and started to battle back, finishing the quarter only 1 goal down.
The game continued to be physical but the team worked so hard throughout the entire game…with interceptions being made everywhere on court. Excellent shooting, feeding into the circle, centre court keeping the ball safe and defence keeping the pressure on and breaking down the Hornets game meant we won by 1 goal for the next two quarters.
The game saw us lead, then play catch up, then lead, then go goal for goal really meant we all had to keep working hard until the final whistle.
Ending the game with a 10 goal WIN! Outstanding game from everyone today girls.
Final score 50 – 40 to us…Positive team spirit.
Team: Joyce Barton, Becky Allen, Emily Jones, Emma Lee Ince, Erynn Palmer, Tegan Lintonbon-Baker, Harriet Nicholson, Rose Johnston and Myself
Lisa Davey


Another game where Team 3 had to grit their teeth and dig deep to get a point. The game swung from one up to one down and back again! An injury to Tegan playing GA did not help the cause but she refused to come off and let the girls down! In the final quarter everyone played some lovely netball and a draw was a great result.
Squad:- Jacqui Atkinson, Carla Scott, Annie Hall, Jo Kirkby, Jane ‘Taffs’ Turner, Tegan Lintonbon-baker, Delia Gudgeon.
POM – Tegan
Marion Hooke



The weather didn’t put the team off today and,  with a few different players helping out today, they played some great netball.
They had a couple of wobbles but dug in to pull off the win. Well done everyone.
Team today:
Joyce, Emily, Beth BC, Emma, Beth P, Erynn, Lisa & Fran
Final score 31-24
Thank you to all players who helped out today and thank you Martyn for scoring today.
One more to go ladies
Sarah Parker
A very different looking Pinks team compared to our last match against them and the really wet conditions didn’t put us off our stride this morning. We kept our centres safe, playing our game and getting the ball quickly down to the shooters, who worked well around the circle. We made Pinks’ centres hard work for them so they had to battle for each goal, earning us turnovers. We also were the quicker team to pick up the loose balls which were inevitable from both teams in the wet conditions.
6 up after one quarter, 16 up at half time and a 44-21 win by the end of the match!
Unbeaten, top of the league with only “friendly rivals” Crosskeys 3 left to play!!
Well done all – Chaz Southcott, Georgia Leslie, Sophie, Hayley Jones, Kiera, me, Jess and Kate Margerum.
Pom – me!
Nichola BC


A really tough game this morning where everyone had to “dig deep” to secure the win but “dig deep” we did and with every quarter we edged a bit further ahead. Well done girls, you all showed real grit and determination as well as more than a little bit of skill.
Q1 9-5
Q2 17-11
Q3 27-18
Q4 36-22
Squad :- Chaz, Fran, Hayley, Sofia, Anna, Nic, Kate.
Thank you Fran and Sofia for playing today.
POM Fran Amanda Calierno
Marion Hooke
A terrific game this morning for Team 3 where the score ebbed and flowed one way then the other. Many thanks to our “guest” players this morning as without you we couldn’t have played ( so many girls not available for various reasons). Eventually we managed to nick the win but it was a closely run thing!
Squad:- Delia Gudgeon, Kayla ( guest), Evie (guest), Jo , Jane ‘Taffs’ Turner, Tegan Lintonbon-baker (guest), Jacqui Atkinson.
POM Tegan, congratulations
Thanks also to Jo for umpiring.
Marion Hooke


A difficult game for Team 3 today against a decent Sparks squad. The ladies took to the court with just seven players , no fresh legs to bring on, established players missing due to Fathers Day, injury and other issues.
Thanks to Tegan and Lucy for helping ( get well soon Lucy Becky Hunter) you were both great.
In the end the ladies were just pipped and lost by three goals. A fantastic effort.
Lou, Tegan, Kathy, Jane, Annie, Lucy and Jackie.
POM Lucy
Marion Hooke
CROSSKEYS 2 40 vs SWAN 3 17
An early match for Team 2 this morning. Once again playing Swan 3 but not the same players as last week! However the outcome was the same, an emphatic win for the Team 2 ladies. A good first quarter. A bit of a wobble in quarter two. A “Championship “ third quarter and a steady final 12 minutes.
Q1 7-4 Keys
Q2 13-15
Q3 30-13
Q4 40-17
Congratulations girls. You all played your part in a convincing win.
Grace, Sophie, Hayley, Emma, Anna, Nic, Jess and Kate.
POM – Emma
Marion Hooke


What a scorcher of a day to be playing top of the table. Having lost to them at the start of season we knew it was going to be a tough one. What a game it was, a real team performance. Well done all
Q1 9-7 up
Q2 17 -13 up
Q3 24-21 up
Q4 31-26 win
Team today Joyce, Catilin, Beth B C, Michelle, Beth P, Erynn, Jess & Freya POM today Michelle and thank you to Martin for scoring
Sarah Parker

CROSSKEYS 2 50 vs SWAN 3 9
Sweltering hot even at 9.30 in the morning!
Plans went adrift right from the off as Team 4 were a player down and “stole” our 8th player ! So – no rests for any of us today! Then in the first quarter Chaz gets bowled over! She’s a tough cookie ( thank goodness) and got up to continue and finish the game. Final quarter Sophie is struggling to move- sore hip ( the one she had the op on). Hope you are both ok ladies?
We were just too strong for a spirited young SWAN side today. Congratulations to all the players for some lovely netball. Thanks to Emily Best for playing today ????.
Chaz, Sophie, Emma, Emily, Anna, Nic, Kate.
POM – Our own “ Duracell Bunny” Emma Lee Ince
Marion Hooke


Another gorgeous day for netball and another impressive win for Team 2. This was a physical game from start to finish with a few bumps and falls but thankfully everyone came through unscathed ( Hayley I hope the finger is ok).
We had an unfamiliar lineup today as due to half term and illness a few of the “regulars” were missing but the “replacements “ were fantastic and filled those boots brilliantly!
I’m very pleased with today’s performance and so too should the team be.
Grace, Sophie, Hayley, Emily, Fran, Nic and Jess.
POM Grace – well done
Thanks to Emily, Grace and Fran for playing today.
Marion Hooke


CROSSKEYS 2 60 vs PINKS 2 14
Not quite such a wet morning for us today. The squad all played some fantastic netball throughout the court and from start to finish of the game. Congratulations to everyone on an amazing score in only about 45 mins netball. The attack were “ on fire” hardly a shot missed and some brilliant “ long bombs” from mid court. Defence worked hard and turned over possession on numerous occasions. A great team effort against a young Pinks side that never gave up despite the huge score line.
Chaz, Sophie, Hayley, Emma, Anna, Abbie, Jess and Sofia.
POM Chaz ( I think that’s her 3 POM in a row)
Thank you Jo for umpiring.
Marion Hooke


CROSSKEYS 3 17 vs SWAN 3 14
Well,what a morning! Started off beautiful. Sun shining, warm, jumpers off! That was for the first round of games. Then the 11.15 teams took to the court and gradually the clouds, wind and rain took over. The games were all halted midway through quarter three with the players all drenched and umpires unable to see due to the torrential downpour.
However, Team 3 emerged with a narrow victory over a young Swan side. Well played everyone in tricky conditions – glad we finished when we did and avoided injuries!
Congratulations Georgia Leslie on POM
Great to see Lucy on court again bossing the defence and Kezia in her first adult game playing amazingly at GK and GD!
Louise Ayliffe, Georgia, Annie Hall, Jo Kirkby, Jane ‘Taffs’ Turner, Lucy and Kezia.
Thank you Kerry Leslie for scoring for the girls ( sorry you got so cold and wet).
Marion Hooke


What a lovely morning for a game of netball! The girls played some great netball this morning. Lots of different combinations tried. An introduction of a new player or two. Everything just “worked”. Well done ladies.
Chaz, Fran, Molly, Sian, Emma I, Anna, Nic BC, Jess S.
POM Chaz
Jess and Anna I hope your “ injuries” are quick to recover.
Thank you Sian, Fran and Molly for playing today. Hope you had fun
Marion Hooke

The team took a little while to settle this morning but after a quarter time chat and a little shuffle of players took to the court with determination to get it together. The second quarter proved to be their “championship” quarter winning it 10-2. More great play followed and saw the girls clinch a well deserved win. ????????
Squad :- Louise, Grace, Kathy, Jo, Jane, Lucy, Carla and Jacqui
POM – Grace
Thanks to Lucy ( 1st senior game today) and Grace

*Written on Facebook by me but reported by Grace.
Well done Team 3


Well what can I say, a great game this morning with everyone playing so well.. It took a little while to settle in but we got there in there in the end.
Qtr1 6 – 12
Qtr 2 16 – 19
Qtr 3 30 – 27
Qtr 4 42 – 36
SQUAD; Joyce, Catilin, Beth B C, Michelle, Beth P, Erynn and thank you to Abbie and Erin for playing up today .
POM from Richmond was Beth P well played and thank you Martin for scoring
Sarah Parker

Another beautiful, bright morning for netball but a freezing cold one for coaching!
The squad took a quarter to get used to the new combinations on court, losing 12- 9 after the first 12 minutes! But then they got into their flow and played some brilliant netball.
A very special Welcome Back” to Chaz who was her usual reliably accurate self in at GS – just like she had never been away for three years plus lockdown.
Also a big THANK YOU to Lilly, Sofia and Fran for stepping in to play and an even bigger THANK YOU to Keira for agreeing to play at very short notice when Jess was unwell. You were all amazing.
Q1 9-12
Q2 19-15
Q3 35-19 ( championship quarter)
Q4 47-24
Chaz Southcott POM
Chaz, Fran, Sofia, Emma Lee Ince, Anna Fleet, Keira, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, Lilly
Marion Hooke


What a lovely day for the first game back andi it was great to see everyone. Crosskeys 1 vs Pinks 1 was a great top of the table clash.
They all played very well but, unfortunately, it was not our day.
Final score: Crosskeys 30 -Pinks 37
I am sure you will get them on the return leg.
Team today:
Joyce, Catilin (POM Well done), Beth P, Michelle, Beth B.C, Erynn, Jess and Freya
Thank you Martin for scoring
Sarah Parker


Great game tonight. Centre court played really well creating lots of turnover opportunities, particularly by defending well and being rewarded with ‘held ball’ against Royston. The ball then flowed well down the court, where the turnovers were capitalised on with accurate feeding making the most of our height in the circle – finished off by quality shooting tonight.
And not forgetting the defence who disrupted the game with tips, and creating their own share of turnover ball!
Final Score: Crosskeys 54 – Royston 20
POM given by Royston – Emma Lee Ince at C
The team – Freya Rowson, Caitlin (Lisa Best), Beth BC, Emma Lee Ince, Anna Fleet, Millie Wyatt, Freya D’Alberto (Natalie Dalberto),
Nichola BC


Final score 47 – 30 to Crosskeys 3
After a close first quarter we found our stride and continued to increase the goal difference for the rest of the game. Playing our own game, making the easy decision, causing and capitalising on Turnfords mistakes we went from strength to strength. We got to try out different combinations that all worked seamlessly as a team.
Well done Joyce Barton (POM), Lily Luffman, Millie Bolton, Georgina Dobson, Emily Jones, Harriet Nicholson, Rose Johnston and Myself. Thank you
Martyn Carter for scoring.
Lisa Davey


A beautiful day for our long awaited return to netball. The “original” B2N ladies benefitted this morning from the inclusion of two of our young U15s who both put in a sterling performance. Congratulations on a good win.
Grace , Georgia, Kathy Wallace, Jo Kirkby, Jane ‘Taffs’ Turner, Carla Scott and Jacqui Atkinson.
POM was given by the other team to Grace.
Marion Hooke


Great start for this new team consisting of several for our U17′s, right up to the likes of me! We have had some practise together at training the last 2 weeks, and it paid off with a great first quarter going up 5-11. We held on to the lead for the rest of the match with some cracking centre passes going straight to goal, great shooting, and defence generally getting in the way and annoying the Cuffley attack!
Final score 36-28 to Keys. Great start to the season.
GS – Amy Edwards
GA – Becki McLean
WA – Caitlin (Lisa Best)
C – Emma Lee Ince
WD – Beth & Nic BC
GD – Freya D’Alberto (Natalie Dalberto)
GK Imogen (Louise Scantlebury)
Nichola Brichieri – Colombi

Herts League Team 3 - February 2020

HERTS LEAGUE – 8th March 2020

This was gonna be a tough match. Everyone knew what we had to do, steady play and play our own game. Game started and 1 min in my calf went ping and I was off for the rest of the Match. The girls played a great first half leading by 5, second half saw them pull back with 2 goals. Going into the third quarter I made some changes, Lucy to GS, Megan to WA, Tegan to WD, Katie w to C and Emma Wacey to GD. The change paid off as we went 10 ahead. We just had to keep it. Final quarter saw some calm composed play for us to take the win 55-47, well done girls so proud of you all
Shelley Jackson

HARLOW LEAGUE – 18th February 2020


With a last minute panic for another player we managed to field 7 – a Big “Thank you” to Beth and Sarah Parker for rushing over at short notice.
We took to the court, me a bit of a fluster!, with notably Emily Jones taking one for the team and wearing the GS bib.
We all played hard but couldn’t keep up with BS tonight although the defence made numerous turnovers and we saw moments of our usual good movement it wasn’t to be.
Thank you girls for digging in and keeping your heads up.
POMs voted by the umpires went to Lisa Gingee Davey and Emma-Louise Wacey – well done. Emily we will get the WA bib on you one day! Hannah thanks for helping out as well and Martin scoring.
Team Lisa, Beth, Zoe, Emma W, Jo W, Hannah and Emily Jones.

Jo Wacey

HERTS LEAGUE Div2 – 16th February 2020

A strong solid start today saw us take an early lead and this was key to our success as we all gelled and had the confidence and determination to keep ahead for the rest of the game.
Molly Morrissey GS – a young talented player with great positional movement and accurate shooting made it a pleasure for Michelle Seary, myself and Hannah Hogan GA, to feed. Hannah supported Molly well producing a good partnership. End of qtr 1 we were up 19-9.
2nd Qtr saw Caitlin Best on as WA. ( her debut game in Herts) and she played a steady game and also fed the shooters with ease.
Defence today saw Emma Wacey ( welcome back – so lovely to have you today) as GD/GK alongside our stalwart GK ,as always, Lisa Davey and Beth Parker as WD/GD. Lovely tips, interceptions and a hunger for the ball from you all and Erica Owusu-Boateng , WD, who bounced about effortlessly as usual.

We kept our lead the same throughout the match and “uped it” as they tired in the last qtr to win 68-46

Well done to all and our supporters along with our reliable scorer Martin
Jo Wacey

HARLOW LEAGUE – 11th February 2020


The girls all played some fantastic netball throughout the match and worked together incredibly well. Despite the awful injury that Georgina Dobson picked up at the end of the first half this didn’t phase the girls and they continued to play sensible passes and keep the game calm to secure a great win.

Georgina unfortunately suffered ligament damage to her ankle and will be out of playing netball for about the next 6 weeks. Wishing you a speedy recovery Georgina. I know everybody was really worried about you and wishes you all the best.

Team :- Molly Morrissey, Caitlin Best, Fran Calierno ( thank you for stepping in to play the second half), Lilly Luffman, Beth Parker, Klara Fridrichova and Nichola Brichieri-Colombi

POM :- Molly Morrissey and Lilly Luffman

A great game played and well deserved win.
Lisa Best

HERTS LEAGUE – 2nd February 2020

A real nail-biter today ladies! Up by 2 after the first quarter, level at half time….then after the third quarter an eight goal lead. I breathed a sigh of relief as this is often our worst quarter… then we managed to let our lead slip, but we did win by 1, well played everyone, great versatility and determination shown by all. Thanks for playing where needed, I know many of you were out of position!

Big thank you to Jo Montague for coaching, Martin for scoring and all the parents and team 2 for your support.

Squad to day was, myself, Zoe O’Grady, Lisa Gingee Davey, Erica Owusu-Boateng, Beth Parker, Molly Catherine Morrissey, Millie Bolton and Fran Calierno
Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 12th January 2020

This was a very important game for us and we new it was going to be tough. The girls were prepped before the game that we would only win if we kept our heads. Lots of pointers before we went on and we went out strong winning the first quarter by 5. Kept the same formation for 2nd quarter and went up by 9 goals we kept the ball and kept composure at all times. Amazing play by everyone. 3rd quarter Tegan came on at WD and Lucy on at shooter. This changed dynamics and was exactly what we needed at this point.
I kept the same line up for 4th quarter as everyone was playing great. We started to settle again, 5 mins in I made yet another change. Taking myself off, Georgia G at WA, Lucy to GA and Katie C to GS. They couldn’t keep up with the change in play and we extended our lead to 8. Crosskeys won 48-36. So proud of everyone on the court today. Every single person played out of their socks and played good sensibly netball!!!
Shelley Jackson

With a squad of 9 today we took to the court with steady play against BS. We were pretty evenly matched yet again but trailed by narrow margins most quarters. We drew one quarter and were within 5 of their score at one point but couldn’t quite claw ourselves up to get the win today.
Final score 47-38

Lisa Gingee Davey, Emily Jones, Harriet Nicholson,Zoe O’Grady, Lily Luffman, Katie Miles, Hannah Hogan, Joyce Barton and Jo Wacey
Thanks Martin for scoring yet again
Jo Wacey

HARLOW LEAGUE – 7th January 2020

Great game to kick off the new year that was played in good spirit by both evenly matched teams. After first half we were down by 3 and went back on knowing it could go either way. We dug in and managed to take the lead in the final minutes to win by 1, 30-29

Big shout out for all the team tonight including Lisa Davey, who not being 100%, reserved and had to come on for the last 10 minutes to help when Hannah H, came off feeling unwell herself, despite playing great. All the team carried on with composure despite a couple of changes. Thank you and fab play:
Emily J. GK
Emma k GD/GA
Lisa. GD
Zoe WD
Michelle. C
Hannah. GA
Olivia B. GS and POM from one of the umpires

Thanks Karen for coaching/ Vicki for scoring and Marion for umpiring on our behalf
Jo Wacey


Great night at Harlow tonight for Crosskeys Netball Club entering 4 teams into the Cup Competition. Well played everyone. Teams 1, 2 and 3 all reached the semi finals with Team 1 going on to win in the final against Tegate Wrens.

Brilliant to see everyone together tonight supporting each other and playing some amazing netball

Karen Heskett

HERTS LEAGUE – 27th October 2019


A great game from the start. We all went out with the intention to smash it. Every quarter we increased our lead. It was a real team effort today with everyone being versatile. Some really great play today both in attack and defence. Some great feeds in to the circle. Let’s keep up the hard work, team work and awesome attitude girls and it’s in the bag!!!!

Final score CROSSKEYS 67- HORNETS 28

Shelley Jackson.


Today saw us play the team one position above us in the table so both teams were looking for a strong win. Half term saw several of our regular team unavailable so a big thank you to Molly Morrissey for stepping in at short notice and playing GK, also to Beth Parker who helped out at WD.

The first quarter saw both teams challenge every ball and goals more or less went with centre passes, we finished up, 16/12. Small changes were made and the second and third quarters we’re solid but with no real winner showing from either side, scores being 29/26 and 41/39 to us.

The final quarter is where we often make mistakes and rush….but not this week, Michelle Seary played a steady centre, every team member looked after the ball and made accurate passes….and the team zoomed ahead, final score 60/46 to us, a comfortable and very well deserved win. Well played everyone.

Squad today, Hannah Hogan, Michelle Seary, Joanne Wacey, Zoe O’Grady, Harriet Nicholson, Molly Morrisey, Katie Miles, Beth Parker and Joyce Barton..
Thank you to Jo for coaching, Susan Miles for scoring, Lizi Mitchell, Caroline Danby, Catherine Morrissey, Tegan Lintonbon-baker, Claire Lintonbon-Baker and Sarah Parker for supporting
Joyce Barton.

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 18th March 2019

This was a lovely game to watch and score tonight, played with great team spirit and attitude. The more experienced players encouraging the newbies in the team and made them feel a part of it.

Charlie and Emily fought hard in defence against a very tall goal shooter and managed some great turnovers with centre court bringing down the ball effortlessly with Nicola, Michelle and Lily passing round the ball and not forcing the ball in the D until the right moment.

Alice and Joyce linked well tonight and the shooting was precise.

Qtr 1 saw us double their score
Qtr 2 was a win for them so after a quick swap over of WA & C for Qtr 3 after a shaky start saw us steady the score
Qtr 4 we left them standing and even though it was a very short quarter we finished the match on a very comfortable 49-35 WIN! Well played girls

Team tonight was Joyce Barton Lily Luffman Charlie Barton Alice Miles Emily Jones Michelle Seary Nichola Brichieri-Colombi.

Amy Miles

HERTS LEAGUE -10th March 2019

Going into this V Hatfield 2nd in the table we knew we had to pull out all the stops and be at the top of our game!
We did just that and unusual for us we stormed off to end 1st qtr 14-7 up. Trick is to keep the lead and today in the 2nd qtr, we lots of encouragement from myself, even out of breath!, we did just that and ended 2nd qtr 28-15 up.

Myself off for a well earned rest Sophie came on at WA and Georgia Das to C. On we went. Hatfield made a very good call and put their GK to GS and it changed the game. Jess and Emma fought hard and took time to get use to this change as with her height and accurate shooting they pulled ahead and at the other end our attack needed time to adjust as they all seemed to want the same space! A bit of panic set in but al, credit to the girls they kept fighting. End qtr 3 we were up by 2 – 38-36

A good team talk of encouragement and determined to win I went back to C and Georgia to Wa with Lizzy Dawson off for Sophie to WD. We took 5 mins again to settle in attack but defence started to get the better of Hatfield attackers and after a few minutes of going down by 2 we clawed it back to even. On we went with composure and steady determination and we got a very deserved win 53-51.
Great movement and shooting by both Lucy and Georgia today too.

FAN – TAS-TIC – that’s what I felt today – so pleased for all of us as all our games are so close. Well done everyone and a massive shout out to Marc Das who saved the day by scoring – I think you might be our lucky omen!

Team. Lucy Skelton, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Jo Wacey, Lizzy Dawson, Emmase Wacey, Jess Barclay and Sophie Llewellyn

Jo Wacey

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 4th March 2019

With 4 of our regulars missing from the line up tonight, it was always going to be a tough ask against a strong Turnford 2.

It took time for the girls to adjust to the new formation (particularly hard for those members of the team playing out of position and adjusting to their space) but we managed to end Q1 only down 7-10.

Going into Q2, however, Turnford made some changes to give some additional height in defence and that’s when the wheels started to come off a bit as our attacking unit of Katie, Beth and Lily struggle to get the ball cleanly into Nada without being intercepted by their new, tall GK.

At half time we brought on our super-sub Beth BC at WA allowing Beth P to move back to her usual WD slot.

Lisa, Nic, Emily and Beth did what they could to neutralise the Turnford attack but it was very difficult with their height, speed and accuracy.

Going into the last quarter the team were instructed to fight for every ball and they did themselves proud, managing to win the last quarter and salvaging the vital point – although overall we ended up losing 21-38

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that played for the team tonight – it was a very cold evening, but without your support we’d never have been able to put a team together – amazing.

It was also wonderful to see some of the younger girls in action tonight, they fitted in beautifully.

Respect to our girls: Nada Tadros (GS), Lily Luffman (GA), Beth BC, (WA), Katie Woodstock (C), Beth Parker (WA/WD), Nichola Brichieri-Colombi (WD/GD), Emily Jones (GD) and Lisa Davey (GK)

And many thanks to our loyal band of followers for your support
Sue Woodstock

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 18th February 2019

With Charlie and Emma in the US, Lily in France and Joyce with broken fingers (!!), we were slightly relieved when the ASCO 2 team coach approached to ask if it was ok to play the match as a friendly so that they could use a number of their Year 12/13 squad to fill in – we reluctantly agreed (Yay!!)

As most of their team had already played in the earlier match, we were expecting a relatively easy win but the reverse was true. High on adrenaline from their earlier win, they came out all guns blazing, throwing themselves all over the court and our players (literally).

It was wonderful to have Shelley back on court. She linked up brilliantly with Katie and Daisy to feed the ball into Joyce and managed to sink a few shots herself; her team talks in the break were spot on – everyone respected her feedback and took her great advice into the next quarter.

Our defensive unit of Beth, Nichola and Lizi were amazing. They made a number of interceptions at critical points in the game, stuck to the mantra of “don’t get floored” and did what they needed to do to limit the number of goals scored.

This young ASCO team are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future, but today our combination of experience and youth won through with the final score of 41-23.

Our winning team tonight were: Joyce Barton (GS), Shelley Jackson (GA), Daisy Wheeler, (WA), Katie Woodstock (C), Beth Parker (WD), Nichola Brichieri-Colombi (GD) and Lizi Mitchell (GK)
Sue Woodstock

HERTS LEAGUE – 17th February 2019

Early start this morning and I think we must have all had an early night the night before as we sped off ,unusually, with great control and gained a lovely lead. End of qtr 1 and 2 we were still leading with a 2/3 goal lead.

Only a couple of positional changes today by Karen coaching – Sophie into C for me 2nd qtr and then to WD for Lizzie 4th qtr. Steady controlled play was our aim and with the defence as usual rock solid the attack kept the ball safe to feed into Joyce Barton , GS today for us. Georgia Goodall working the circle well backed up by steady feeds in by Georgia Das and myself.
The game was close and fairly contended all the way but we definitely had the edge today and managed to secure a win, which I felt we deserved today 49-47.

Well played everyone, thanks to Joyce for playing for us as well as your own game and to Karen coaching and Holly ( getting up early) to score.

Team – Joyce Georgia Georgia myself Lizzie Sophie Emma and Jess
Jo Wacey

HARLOW LEAGUE – 12th February 2019

Playing Bishops Stortford is always a tough ask – they are a well drilled team with tremendous support at Harlow and always play to win.

From the off, the teams matched each other goal for goal. In attack Katie, Michelle and Hannah were linking up really well to feed the ball into Stephanie, and in defence, Emma made some fantastic interceptions (and also helped move the ball up the court very effectively supporting the attacking play).
Vanessa and Jennifer were extremely effective and made it really difficult for the Stortford shooters to dominate (the quality of their shooting was fabulous btw) – we ended the first half up 11-12.

Bishops Stortford made a number of changes at half time, and Sophie came on for us at C bringing fresh legs.

Although Bishops Stortford wanted the win it was clear that we wanted it more and thanks to some more amazing interceptions, exceptional defending and very skilful attacking play, we managed to extend our lead to win the game 28-22.

Our brilliant team tonight were: Stephanie Pathak (GS), Hannah Hogan (GA), Michelle Seary, (WA), Katie Woodstock/Sophie Llewellyn (C), Emma Kennett (WD), Vanessa McMahon (GD) and Jennifer Monger (GK)

Many congratulations to Jennifer and Michelle who were umpire’s POMs ????

Thank you so much to Stephanie, and Vanessa for playing for us tonight, and to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching and supporting.
Sue Woodstock

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 11th February 2019


This was a very enjoyable match to watch, played with determination on both sides but in great spirit.

Winning the toss and taking the first centre, Crosskeys 2 followed Joyce Barton’s “virtual” instructions to the letter by keeping the ball safe and keeping the unforced errors to a minimum with Katie, Lily and Fran linking up really nicely to feed into Nada, with Nada and Fran both shooting amazingly well from both short and long range.

Our defence were excellent with Nic and Emma coming up for the centres and working tirelessly to take the ball up the court from any back line passes and turnovers, again keeping it safe, and sticking on the line in case the attack needed them to keep the ball in play. Lisa had her work cut out marking Lucy Skelton’s amazing shots but she did a phenomenal job.

Both teams were matching each other goal for goal until Q3 when Crosskeys 2 pulled slightly ahead, and ended up the winners 43-36.

Team 2 tonight were: Nada Tadros (GS), Fran Waller (GA), Lily Luffman, (WA), Katie Woodstock (C), Emma Kennett (WD), Nichola Brichieri-Colombi (GA) and Lisa Davey (GK)

Thank you so much to Nada, Fran and Lisa for playing for us tonight, to parents and friends for your support, to Jo Montague for your amazing support and encouragement for both teams, and to Team 1 for making it such an enjoyable game.
Sue Woodstock

HERTS LEAGUE – 10th February 2019

Early game today for the team and Crosskeys started strongly, matching Baldock goal for goal. Katie Chimes and Charlie Barton worked hard in the circle making it very difficult for their shooters and winning the majority of rebounds. Alex Povey, Emma Kennett and Michelle Seary combined well in centre court feeding the ball into Hannah Hogan and Joyce Barton who both shot from long and short range and remained calm and collected despite some very robust defending. The team played some lovely netball and even took a brief lead in the 2nd quarter but a combination of unforced errors and a few umpiring decisions that did not go our way, caused us to fall behind by the end of the second quarter. Katie Woodstock and Tegan Lintonbon came on in the third quarter and the team continued to play some lovely netball, however it just was not going to be our day.

Final score 39 – 51. Well played everybody. Baldock were a strong, well organised and combative team and you kept your heads today!
Vicki Brice


This week after out last few games being lost by the skin of our teeth I think we all came out ready to get a win.

First qtr saw us lost to the speed of Hornets and we made silly errors and wasn’t really playing our own game.

With a great pep talk by Karen, there to coach us this week, me to the bench for some fresh faster legs! Sophie to Centre, on we went. The team now settled into the game and by end of qtr 2 we had brought the score to within 2.

No changes into 3rd qtr and we continued much the same with the defence turning over some great interceptions. Feeding began to get tricky again with a few lost balls against some good defence work by Hornets.

Last qtr , down by 2, I think, the game needed to change and Karen put Sophie to the bench and some older legs on to steady the game in at C, namely myself!!! We persevered on taking a few minutes to then step it up, keeping the ball safe and with some steady play we Clinched this game by 3 – 40-37.

Very satisfying result for us and our morale this week. Thanks Karen, we needed you there and to Holly for her support. Calum thanks for scoring again. YESSSS
TEAM Lucy Skelton, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Jo Wacey, Lizzy Dawson, Emma Wacey,  Jess Barclay.

Jo Wacey

HARLOW LEAGUE – 29th January 2018

Team 3 came out strong right from the off tonight, and determined to get the points on this occasion.

The attacking combination of Katie, Michelle, Hannah and Joyce were very strong, ensuring that they capitalised on every scoring opportunity, with our defence of Emma, Charlie and Jenni defending like their lives depended on it, and intercepting a number of Epping balls to open up a lead at the end of the first half of 28-10.

As you’d expect Epping came out much more focused in the second half and although they pulled back a few, we kept calm and continued to capitalise on our brilliant first half, ending the match 53-28.
A great result against this highly respected team.

Our team tonight were: Joyce Barton (GS), Hannah Hogan (GA), Michelle Seary, (WA), Katie Woodstock (C), Emma Kennett (WD), Charlie Barton (GA) and Jenni Monger (GK)
Congratulations to Katie and Hannah who were umpire’s POMs

Many thanks to Jenni for playing for us tonight and to Karen Heskett for coaching
Sue Woodstock

LEVENTHORPE LEAGUE – 28th January 2019

Last time we played Richmond it was a very low scoring game finishing with us winning 18-13, this time they had the advantage of a Bishops Stortford GA filling in for them which made it a much more competitive game, especially as most of our attacking positions were being played by defensive players including myself!!! Despite this we started off really well & soon took the lead finishing the the first half 19-14, at this point I came off as WA to take over scoring & Kim came on to play the 2nd half, unfortunately this seemed to unsettle the play & Richmond took advantage of it to claw their way back to 2 goals difference, it was then going goal for goal until suddenly we settled again & pulled away again to win 32-28 ????.
Well played everyone, a great win & a really nice friendly game too.
Thanks to Lizi for filling in for us again & loved the flying goal you scored so you didn’t footwork ????

The Team: GS Nicola Arnold, GA Lizi Mitchell, WA Jenny Hicks/Kim McCombie, C Nicolene Van Rensburg, WD Danielle Arnold, GD Wendy Merry and
GK Wendy Chambers
Jenny Hicks

HARLOW LEAGUE – 15th January 2019


Our team started off very positively matching Tegate goal for goal with Katie, Michelle, Emma and Joyce linking up brilliantly to sink some amazing goals and catching this Tegate East Region team off guard with the speed and accuracy of our play.

We were level at 8 all, but a couple of turnovers meant that the half ended 12 – 18 to Tegate.

After the break, Tegate came out determined not to be humiliated by our newly promoted team, but thanks to our brilliant defensive unit of Sophie, Charlie and Lizi we made some fantastic interceptions, and as a team, managed to limit the score to 28-41.

On paper it was a loss, but it certainly felt like a win against this excellent side. Very proud of each and every one of our girls.

Our amazing team tonight were: Joyce Barton (GS), Emma Kennett (GA), Michelle Seary, (WA), Katie Woodstockk (C), Sophie Llewellyn (WD), Charlie Barton (GA) and Lizi Mitchell (GK)

Congratulations to Katie and Sophie who were umpire’s POMs

Many thanks to Lizi for playing up, Karen Heskett for coaching, and friends and parents for their enthusiastic support as ever.
Sue Woodstock

LEVENTHORPE LEAGUE – 14th January 2019

Last time we played against Corkers, we won quite comfortably so I was hoping we could do the same again & we did, we went into the lead almost straight away & kept it throughout the whole game. ( We didn’t even get a talking to from coach Karen at half time ????) Everyone played so well & it was a nice game too, a great start to 2019.
Final score 37-11.
A big thank you to GA Lizi Mitchell & C Nicole Saunders for filling in for us due to illness & work commitments & to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coming over to score for us, the rest of the team were GS Nicola Arnold, WA Nicolene Van Rensburg, WD Danielle Arnold, GD Wendy Merry & GK Jenny Hicks.
Jenny Hicks

HERTS LEAGUE – 13th January 2019

CROSSKEYS 2 – 38 v AFN – 49

This was another top half of the table clash, so was going to be a tough match. Didn’t start well went down 7 players at 9.30 due to illness, so Katie Chimes agreed to stay on from her match.

We started the first 20 minutes brilliantly working on things the girls had worked on in training, many defensive turnovers which led to conversions in the shorting circle. We went 8 ahead, but then we started to see the physicality of AFN defence and then started to play their zoning game which we could not breakdown.

Few changes at half time and 3/4 but they were a strong team and took the lead and the win. Few things to work on in training quicker release of the ball down court and playing through the zone.

Great to watch and coach. Well played girls. Team today – Lucy Skelton, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Joanne Wacey, Emma Wacey, Jess Barclay, Charlie Barton and Katie Chimes. Thanks Charlie and Katie for playing 2 games.

Joyce Barton for scoring and our supporters.
Jo Montague

HERTS LEAGUE – 6th January 2019


I was going into this game today little apprehensive as we had lost to Turnford the first time round & down the majority of our defence. Charlie stepped in  from Team 3, so off we started.

It was slow and steady for us and went down 3 straight away, however that was the only time in the match we were down. We played some fantastic netball today all the way down the court. Lovely flying interceptions from defence, ball brought down the court by centre court and then great goals scored in the shooting circle. No one gave up and you all kept encouraging each other to get to the end of the game. Great team spirit!!
I am a very happy captain this afternoon.

Squad today – Lucy Skelton, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Sophie Llewellyn, Lizzy Dawson, Joanne Wacey, Emma Wacey and Charlie Barton

Charlie you fitted in amazingly and thank you so much to Joyce Barton for scoring, it allowed me to coach from the sidelines to support the girls.

Jo Montague

HERTS LEAGUE – 24th November 2018


This was a game of 2 halves. Having lost Georgia to the first team this morning, Hannah stepped in at the last minute.

First half we played some good netball, but few mistakes from us, saw Hatfield capitalise on this and took a 13 goal lead at half time. This team today did not give up, couple of changes at half time and we were a different team, the mistakes were cut out and everyone defended down the court making amazing interceptions, ball being worked lovely down the court, resetting where necessary and feeds in the circle lovely and those little pops had the keeper in no mans land at times.

We smashed the second half and I believe if we had one more quarter we would have had them.

You all played amazingly well today and you never gave up, I nearly lost my voice today with all of my shouting but it was great you were all listening, if only I knew we needed to be within 4 for points!!

Team today – Lucy Skelton Hannah Hogan Joanne Wacey Emma Wacey Georgia Das Sophie Llewellyn Jess Barclay Robyn Graham

Thanks to Jess mum for scoring.

Jo Montague

LEVENTHORPE LEAGUE – 19th November 2018
We started the the first half quite well tonight & took the lead by a few goals but Swan fought back & I don’t think their shooters missed a shot so they were gradually catching up with us & at half time were only 1 goal behind us 13-14.

2nd half Wendy Chambers & Myself switched positions & Swan switched their GS & GA around, both these changes seemed to work to our advantage & after some great interceptions by our defence & some beautiful play into into our shooters who were also now hardly missing a shot managed to increase our lead to win quite comfortably 32-20 , great result girls ????

Big thanks to Lizi Mitchell who played GA & Nicole Saunders GD for helping us out tonight & to Danielle Arnold for volunteering to score for us as she had hurt her foot, the rest of the team were GS Nicola Arnold, WA Kim McCombie, C Nicolene Van Rensburg, GK/WD Wendy Chambers & Jenny Hicks

Jenny Hicks

HERTS LEAGUE – 18th November 2018

What a great team effort today from Crosskeys 3. The team took to the court with great confidence and matched the opposition pretty much goal for goal.

Harriet Nicholson and Charlie Barton worked together brilliantly in defence, making many interceptions against very tall and speedy opposition.

Tegan Lintonbon, Millie Boulton, Emma Kennett and Katie Woodstock ran their socks off in centre court, moving the ball speedily between defence and attack, but also knowing when to wait before passing. Unforced errrors were few and far between and players kept their cool despite some rather physical play from AFNC.

Hannah Hogan and Joyce Barton were reliable as ever in the circle. In fact this team is the 3rd highest scorers in the league, having already netted 357 goals.

Two mintues from the end and both sides were equal. As we attacked, a sliding foot was given as footwork, but the team intercepted the opposition’s next attack and we were about to feed the ball into our circle when a contact call went against us and we lost the ball again.

The match finished 43 – 44. So close and this team definitely could have won the match. The team looked excellent today, played with good positional awareness and supported each other well on court. Well played everybody!.

Vicki Brice

HERTS LEAGUE – 28th October 2018


We led throughout the game, finishing the first quarter 19/11 up. Katie Chimes and I worked well in the circle and the feeds in from the centre court were superb. Second quarter saw Hannah Hogancome on at WA and kept the pressure on their defence.

For the third quarter, Emily Jones had a break to allow Katie to play GK and try and capitalise on her height against Buntingfords tall Shooter. Tegan Lintonbon-baker at WD and Charlie Barton at GD held strong with numerous intercepts, finishing the third quarter 51/39 up. Final quarter and Michelle Seary at C and Katie Woodstock at WA continued the strong feeds into the circle for that magical win.

Great game with everyone playing well and supporting the team. Thanks to Jane Chimes for scoring, Karen Heskett for coaching and Clare Lintonbon and Sue Woodstock for their continued support. A positive game everyone and a very well deserved win.

Joyce Barton


From the outset, we took a commanding lead and never looked like losing this match. We put into action all the things we have been working on at training over the last few week and it definitely paid off.
Squad to Lucy Skelton, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Emma Wacey, Joanne Wacey, Lizzy Dawson, Robyn Graham and Jo Montague.
Jo Montague

HARLOW LEAGUE – 23rd October 2018


An easy win tonight for us which is what we all needed.. Great defence tipping balls, great rebounds and bringing it up the court with ease. Some well-timed feeds into the circle made shooting a breeze for both myself and Georgia. Final score 36-17 win. Team tonight: Jo Montague, Jess Barclay, Georgia Das, Emma Wacey, Joanne Wacey, Georgia Goodall and Lucy Skelton. Well deserved POM goes to Jess Barclay at GD tonight. Yes!!

Special thanks for Harriet for scoring for us at the last minute and Shona for the half time encouragement and coaching.
Lucy Skelton

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 22nd October 2018


As with a number of our games this season it was the first quarter that set the tone for the rest of the match.

With another combination of players, we took time to settle and that really was the only difference between us and Royston in the first quarter.

In the second quarter we started to gel and matched them goal for goal, drawing that quarter. However, even at that point it was difficult to see how we could start to claw back the difference because, frankly, their goal shooter was on fire!

Quarters 3 and 4 saw us concede another 5 goals in total and although the girls gave everything the match ended 43 – 58 to Royston – again another point to the team but disappointing that it couldn’t have been closer.

Many thanks to Amber and Beth who played for us tonight – you both made a huge contribution to the team.

Thanks to the team of: Joyce Barton, Amber Moore, Katie Woodstock, Lily Luffman, Nichola Colombi, Beth Parker, Tegan Lintonbon and Emily Jones.

Many thanks to parents for supporting on a very chilly night!
Sue Woodstock

LEVENTHORPE LEAGUE – 22nd October 2018


I knew this was going to be a hard game tonight as Sparks have won all their games & not lost a point, especially as we only had 3 of our regular players available due to, work & holiday commitments & illness/injuries ( not a good week ????) with the help of Karen we eventually managed to get a team of 7 out but unfortunately due to mix up in communications we only had 6 players so Karen Heskett volunteered to play GS for us despite not having played for over 2 years !!

As we were playing the top team & with a very different combination of players I really wasn’t expecting to win but OMG everyone just played their socks off and at half time we were winning by 1 goal. We went back on 2nd half and managed to pull ahead by 5 goals but Sparks were gradually catching us up. I was willing the final whistle to be blown but unfortunately we just couldn’t hang on and the final score was 24-24. What a game , everyone gave their all and never gave up – so proud???? and we definitely couldn’t have got such a great result without Karen stepping in at the last minute and Lizi moving out into the GA position- you both had a great game as did everyone.

The rest of the team were, GA Lizi Mitchell, WA Lucy Chambers , C Nicole Saunders, WD Wendy Merry, GD Vanessa McMahon & GK Jenny Hicks.

Thanks to all the players who helped us out this week at such short notice & to Wendy Chambers for scoring & supporting us.
Jenny Hicks

HARLOW LEAGUE – 16th October 2018


A tough game for these girls tonight against an Omega team of mainly regional players. However they more than held their own with the score finishing a very respectable 25 – 42 to Omega.

There were some lovely passages of play especially in the 2nd half when the girls had got used to playing together. First game at Harlow this season for Millie Bolton and Nada Tadros – both of whom fitted in really well.

Excellent Defending from Harriet Nicholson and Emily Jones coupled with steady play in the centre court by Alice Miles, Alice Amelia Boulton and Millie who had to work so hard against the very tall Omega players to bring the ball to circle edge to finish with accurate feeds into Fran Waller and Nada Tadros who both shot really well – earnt this team the 1 point they so deserved.

Well done girls. Thanks to Susan Amy Miles for scoring
Karen Heskett

HARLOW LEAGUE – 9th October 2018


Great game to night girls, no idea what the score was but we won by one!

We did lead by 3 at times due to some great intercepts in defence, Emily Jones, Charlie Barton and Emma Kennett were all jumping well against an equally bouncy attack. When Epping got a turn over it tended to be due to a mistake by us rather than good play by them….certainly something for us to think about and work on in training. It could be back to Karen’s ‘calm thoughts’ from Sunday! ????

Thanks to Emily and Alice Miles for playing up and well done Alice…player of the match! Thanks for scoring Beryl and shouting out the score Vicki Brice and to Marion for being our umpire. Big thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching and to our loyal band of supporters, it’s always great to have some noise on the bench, especially when it’s the late game

Squad to night, myself, Alice Miles, Katie Woodstock, Michelle Seary, Charlie Barton, Emma Kennett and Emily Jones, ????????????
Joyce Barton

LEVENTHORPE LEGUE – 8th October 2018

A great game had by all tonight & although it was a low scoring game there was some lovely netball played with the ball just flowing down the court into our attacking circle and some lovely interceptions by the defence players too.
Even though we played well as a team tonight at half time we were losing by 1 goal 5-6 but after a half time talk from Karen we went back on even more determined & fought back to win against quite a physical Richmond side who only managed to score 1 goal against us this half – final score 13-7 ????
A big thank you to Vanessa McMahon for filling in for us tonight ( hope you enjoyed your 1st game with us) & to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coming over to coach & Wendy Chambers for scoring due to injury. The rest of the team were Nicola Arnold, Lucy Chambers, Kim McCombie, Nicolene Van Rensburg, Wendy Merry & Myself.
Jenny Hicks

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 8th October 2018


A rather bizarre match this evening for Crosskeys 2. For two quarters we were close behind Turnford, even drawing level at one point in Q2.

Joyce Barton and Emma Kennett worked hard in the circle against two very tall defenders double marking Joyce. Katie and Lily were fast in centre court, moving the ball quickly from defence to attack, finding space and doing an excellent job on the circle edge to try and feed the shooters with Nicola and Charlie supporting the attack to provide extra passing options.

The defensive trio of Nicola, Charlie and Emily made many interceptions, feeding the ball quickly back to the attack.

We were pleased by the calmness with which we played. We got a point against a regional team that probably should have secured a bigger victory. Well played Crosskeys.

Team: Joyce Barton, Emma Kennett, Lily Luffman, Katie Woodstock, Nicola BC, Charlie Barton, Emily Jones.
Vicki Brice

HERTS LEAGUE – 7th October 2018


We went with a squad of 9 to day and everyone gave 100% both on and off the bench. We tried many combinations against the very physical Stortford side and finished most quarters two or three goals down. Final quarter saw us draw level, with the noise on the bench reaching fever pitch, only to find ourselves four goals down again three minutes later. Another last minute surge and we finished one goal behind. A great effort by everyone and a good learning experience…see you all on Thursday to work on team tactics.

Squad today, Katie Chimes, Emily Jones, Katie Woodstock, Emma Kennett, Charlie Barton, Michelle Seary, Alex Povey, Hannah Hogan and myself. Many thanks for playing up for us Emily, it was great to have you, and to Jane for scoring…and as always our band of supporters. ????
Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 7th October 2018

CROSSKEYS 2 48 vs HHR 30
In the first quarter it took us a while to settle into our stride – with a few silly mistakes and HH Rangers took a slight advantage, however we then settled into our game and took 2 goal lead into the second!

Small change in defence going into the second and we managed to capitalise on the changes on the HH Rangers changes in the shooting circle as well. The team worked tirelessly hard with a number of interceptions from Robyn, Jess and Emma. Plus some lovely feeds into circle from Sophie and then amazing shooting from Georgia and Lucy. Can’t remember half time score but extended our lead.

Third quarter, Emma off for a rest and Jo W on – continued to settle in our strife and working hard as a team and extended the lead to 39 – 18.

Last change saw myself and Sophie off, with Emma and Lizi back on – we fought to end and final score 48 – 30 to us.

Squad today – Lucy Skelton Georgia Goodall Sophie Llewellyn Emma-Louise Wacey Joanne Wacey Jess Barclay Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham Lizzy Dawson and myself.

Thanks to our scorer and our supporters and thanks to Claire Goodall Jennifer Sarah Holly Shilston for coming over after your game!
Jo Montague


We had a little wobble right at the beginning of quarter 1 but settled right down to business with our new defensive team of Wendy and Lisa fitting in brilliantly and making life very difficult for their very youthful attack – we finished the first quarter up 17-10

Quarter 2 saw us come out strong with some amazing interceptions by Emma helping to block their progress up the court and Michelle and Katie feeding really well into Hannah and Joyce and we ended that quarter up 37-22.

The wheels can sometimes come off in quarter 3 but today we continued to forge ahead with Hannah and Joyce scoring when every opportunity presented itself and with some more great interceptions by the defensive team – we ended that quarter up 56-32

Quarter 4 was short and sweet but again we continued to capitalise on our lead and finished the match 67-37.

Our amazing team tonight were Joyce Barton (GS), Hannah Hogan (GA), Katie Woodstock (WA/C), Michelle Seary (C/WA), Emma Kennett (WD), Wendy Chambers (GD/GK) and Lisa Gingee Davey (GK/GD)

Thank you so much again to Wendy and Lisa for playing up – especially since it was a late Monday night match Wendy Chambers!

Although the girls have a lot of very tough opposition still to face they are in a fantastic position with 5 wins out of 5 so far.

Thanks so much to Vicki Brice for scoring and Martin for supporting.

Sue Woodstock



We knew this was going to be a fast and physical game against a young opposition but we didn’t let this affect our play and got off to our usual steady start. Hannah Hogan and Joyce Barton did an absolutely fantastic job of working the circle despite lots of contact from very tight defenders. Centre court Katie Woodstock Michelle Seary Emma Kennett all put in brilliant strategic feeds working flawlessly together with Zoe O’Grady at WD always there for support. Emily Jones had a tough job as GK but turned over every rebound and picked up the high feeds making Tegate work hard for every goal. We ended the first quarter 11-9 up.
The centre court continued to work hard throughout the second quarter, Tegate always hot on our heels meant plenty of running and dodging but we held our own ending at half time 23-18.
The third quarter we really stepped up our game. Emma Kennett moving to play a very strong WD against a physical WA and Emily continued to dominate the Crosskeys defensive circle against a tall and accurate GS. Tegate were becoming increasingly agitated but we kept our game calm and pulled ahead 35-24.
Calm play and strong team spirit helped us through the final quarter to win 46-31. A well deserved win!

Well played everyone, hope your not too black and blue! Thank-you Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coming to coach and Vicki Brice, Sue Woodstock and Reilly for your continued support

Charlie Barton



The team knew that this was going to be a very tough match playing against a team that had beaten us twice in the winter league, some water on the courts, and the wind blowing a gale!

The first quarter both teams came out determined and although the weather was causing both teams some issues, with passes not reaching their intended target, our girls did not let the opposition get the better of them anywhere on the court and the quarter ended 10-11 to Palmers Green only head because of the benefit of it being their centre.

In the break Joyce reminded the team to keep the passing short and to hands and confirmed that we could beat them. Katie came off, Emma moved to C and Zoe came on as WD. Joyce and Hannah made some exceptional goals and Charlie and Emily were doing all they could to neutralise their GS but that was definitely a challenge, especially with her height and physicality. In spite of that we ended the quarter up 25-22.

Going into Q3 we had another switch in centre court with Michelle off and Katie back on in WA. Zoe, Emma and Katie combined with Hannah and Charlie to make sure we got the ball up court without taking chances but in spite of some great passing and us continuing to defend with all our hearts, we lost our 3 goal advantage and ended Q3 34-34.

Going into Q4, it was all to play for and all credit to every member of the team, they never gave up, they fought for every ball, made 2 or 3 amazing interceptions, kept the defending really tight and scoring whenever the opportunity presented itself, finishing with a win 46-39. It was England vs Australia all over again – well not exactly as the girls won by 7!!

Congratulations and well played to our amazing team – now 3 wins out of 3, a great fantastic start to the season: Joyce Barton (GS), Hannah Hogan (GA), Katie Woodstock (C/WA), Emma Kennett (WD/C), Michelle Seary (WA/C), Zoe O’Grady (WD), Emily Jones (GK) and Charlie Barton (GD). Special thanks to Emily for making it to the match in spite of her delayed flight.
Sue Woodstock


Started off slowly as finding new combinations out, and end of 1st quarter saw us 11-5 down!

2nd quarter with some encouragement from Karen on sideline we pulled our socks up and end quarter down 16/15. 3rd quarter maintained our pace and kept ball safer to end 1 up and finished the game winning 33-32 – yesssss!
Joyce Barton(thanks for playing up again), Georgia Goodall, Sophie Llewellyn, Jo Wacey, Jess Barclay, Emma Wacey and Jo Montague

Well done and thanks Hannah H for scoring this week and Karen for coaching
Jo Wacey

A win this evening against a fast and sometimes physical youth team. Emily Jones and Charlie Barton had a great game in defence against a tall and accurate GS, they managed to block most of the passes into her! Katie Woodstock and Zoe O’Grady meanwhile kept the GA out of the circle and the WA and C were left with no options! Excellent team play.

Once we had possession the ball flowed smoothly down the court with Phoebe Poulter stepping into the WA position and linking up brilliantly with Hannah Hogan, Katie and myself. First quarter saw us with 12 goals each, a steady second quarter and we were leading by 4, ran away with the third quarter and then a very up and down final 10 minutes finishing around 40/30…Sue, Sue Woodstock or Riley can you remember?

Well played everyone, thanks for playing Phoebe, and thanks to Karen Heskett for coaching, Sue for cheering us on and Riley for scoring…early game next week so it might seem a bit more like summer
Joyce Barton


First match of the summer league and it was a dry evening – thank goodness!

With 2 of our now 7 strong squad on hols I was very thankful to Joyce and Hannah H stepping in. This was always going to be a tough match against Tegate but we held our own and at half time were down by 4. The second half saw us slip down more but everyone gave there all and fought until the final whistle.

With some new combinations we started to get our flow. Well done to Jess B and Emma W who really played their socks off against a very experienced GA and a GS who is a young talented player, both showing their talent too.
Final score 52-34.
Squad – Joyce Barton, Hannah Hogan, Sophie Llewellyn, Georgia Goodall, JoWacey, Emma Wacey and Jess Barclay.

A big Thank you to Elaine Barclay for scoring for us.

Jo Wacey


First game of the summer league and it actually felt like summer! Both teams had got several players helping out, so it took us the first quarter to settle into our new combinations.

Both sides played some great Netball and the sportsmanship throughout was fantastic. The umpires patrolled the lines but had very little work to do as clean but competitive play was order of the day.

Final score 66/37 to Crosskeys 3. A big thank you to Riley for scoring for us and suppling the football results!

Squads today, Crosskeys 3, Hannah Hogan, Michelle Seary, Estelle Williams, Zoe O’Grady, Charlie Barton, Emily Jones and myself.

Crosskeys 4, Stephanie Pathak, Alice Miles, Ellie Lewis, Katie Whitehead, Georgina Dobson, Lizzy Dawson, and Nichola Brichieri-Colombi.

Joyce Barton



Still catching up with winter fixtures which didn’t take place due to snow!
This was a well contested game from start to finish with some excellent passages of play from both sides. It was however quite a “bad tempered” match at times which began with the Ongar Blazers supporters refusing to provide a scorer, progressing to some cross words when their supporters were asked to move so as not to impede the umpires movement, spilling over onto the court where one or two Blazers players consistently dissenting decisions!
Congratulations to everyone playing in this squad today on a good performance against a team that have regularly put anything from 50 to 70 goals past most teams with little response.
POM – Phoebe Poulter – well done
Squad:- Abigail Stickland, Phoebe Poulter, Julie Allen, Hayley Jones, Jo Kirkby, Amy Carpenter Lisa Carpenter, Carla Scott, Lizzy Everett.
Thank you to Katy Stickland for timing and offering to score today.
Marion Hooke



A nice match between these two teams this morning. It all started off fairly evenly with the first quarter ending 7-7. Crosskeys 3 started to pull away from us in the second with the half time score being 12-16 and again pulling further ahead in the 3rd ending 18-26.
We gave it our all in the final but it wasn’t enough to pull it back and the final score was 22-35 to Crosskeys 3.

Well done to my team Lisa May GS, Sam Davey GA, Karen Lucas WA, Michelle Lavender C, Lesley Galloway Weight WD, Lisa Gingee Davey GD and Fiona Stretton GK.

Congratulations to Lisa Davey on getting POM
Fiona Stretton

HERTS LEAGUE – 24th March 2018


This was the game of the season for us, a win would put us second in the league and in line for promotion, lose and we would finish 5th.

The first quarter saw Hannah Bishop stepping up to play GK, with Megan Pointer returning from uni to take the GD bid. They both got stretched with a tall and physical GS who rarely missed a shot, ably assisted by a nippy GA.

We finished the first quarter 12/14 down but knew we had given them points by small errors rather than them winning the ball. Michelle Seary (C) and Emma Kennett (WD) took to the court with Charlie Barton and Joanne Wacey having a quarter off. The fresh legs helped us take the lead a couple of times, only to find Wormley fighting back! Again two down at the end of the quarter 25/27 to them.

Change of tactic for the third quarter and we put Charlie in as GK to see if a bit of hassle would make the GS miss. Michelle and Jo we’re doing a great job feeding Hannah Hogan and myself In the circle, we managed to win the quarter 39/38.

Into the final quarter and we stayed the same, fighting for every ball, but with the same small errors creeping back into our game with 2 minutes 35 sec left on the clock we were two goals down! No one gave up and we all continued to play good Netball, Charlie got a brilliant interception which led to a quick goal. An equally quick centre from Jo saw us drawing! Nerves were stretched on both sides and their WD broke on their centre, the ball flew into the circle and we were one goal up, our centre, careful efficient play and we were two up when the final whistle blew. What a game, Steve Scutt was scoring and we certainly gave him several heart attacks during the final quarter. It was a very well deserved win, everyone on the team is so positive, always gives 110% and comes out fighting for the ball in any position they’re asked to play.

A huge thanks to Steve for scoring our games, Jo and Lisa Wacey for coaching and our faithful band of supporters, it’s been a pleasure to be the captain of this team, what a fantastic group of players
Joyce Barton


Today was a mid-table clash and having previously lost to Asco earlier in the season, but with us sitting higher in the league it was definitely anyone’s for the taking.

Asco read our game well and turned us over a few times giving them the advantage over the first 2 quarters. Things weren’t really flowing down the court and at times we found ourselves a bit bunched in the attacking third. We needed to change things up.

Great coaching and input from Claire Goodall at half time saw some changes and Georgia Das switch to WD and Emily moved into WA. Jess switched out with Jo Montague and fortunately for me Asco put a feisty (but short) player into GK.
This is the qtr we woke up and clawed back the difference of the 8 goals ASCO had over us. Winning this qtr we were back in the game. The ball was getting turned over by some great defensive play and when we make the confident quick drives the game was back in our control. Great fast runs from Georgia Goodall into Emily who created some lovely high feeds into the D that myself and Becky were able to turn into easy goals.This was more like it.

Some questionable umpiring decisions cost us at least 2 easy shots under the post, but it wasn’t to be and we ended this qtr drawing 40-40.

Final qtr and the changes in the ASCO side that had given us an advantage were changed back to the original formation. Asco capitalised on a few turnovers and stole the lead from us and we just didn’t recover… Final score 47-43

Well played girls. Team today:
Jo Montague, Jess Barclay, Emma Wacey, Emily Allen, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Becky Allen and Lucy Skelton.

Extra big thanks for Lizi Mitchell making the journey over and scoring the game for us. And a MASSIVE thanks to Claire Goodall for some wise words and strategic changes that definitely put us back in the game. Thank you

Lucy Skelton

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 12th March 2018


This team was only one position below us in the league so we knew it would be a tough match – we took to the court missing two of our centre court players Katie Woodstock and Emma Kennett due to illness (hope you are both feeling better soon) but were lucky enough to have Phoebe Poulter and Beth B-C on hand to help us out.

The first quarter was a bit rocky with Hornets very well established team dominating the game whilst we were still finding our feet. We ended the first quarter 12-4 down.

A couple of swaps and a motivational team talk saw us go into the next quarter determined to pull back some goals. As the quarter progressed we really started to gel – Joyce Barton and Lily Luffman playing seamlessly in the circle working the ball in around a very tough physical defence and fought for the rebounds to help us capitalise on every opportunity. Phoebe did a brilliant job at C and somehow managed to cover the entire court, never running out of energy! At the end of this quarter we had managed to narrow the Hornets lead – the score was 14-16 to them.

In the last half the defence Caroline Danby and Nichola Brichieri-Colombi made some brilliant interceptions, getting every rebound and then helping us work the ball back down the court. Beth made her adult league debut tonight at WD and did a brilliant job against a very speedy WA!
We managed to turn it around in the last half and came out with the win – Final score 25-28 to us.

Well played everyone, amazing team spirit despite the rain and lovely to have Beth and Phoebe playing with us. Also a big thank you to lily’s dad for scoring and supporting!
Charlie Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 11th March 2018


This didn’t start off so well as we only had 4 players available due to Mother’s Day.

Thank you Karen for getting us a team together at such short notice and for all the players that helped us out.
…We then didn’t have a scorer .. thanks Holly Shilston for coming along to save the day!

Thanks Jo Wacey who came over to  after her own game to be our 8th player. We were’nt sure how the game would go with players playing out of position – myself going back to my GA school days!
Stortford beat us by a couple of goals last time so we was determined to get the win!

Amazing play today by everyone!! Good turnovers in defence and the ball started to flow really well up the court into Lucy who popped in the goals.
Great team spirit the whole game.

We won!! 56 – 46

Thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for being a great coach!
Holly again for scoring.  Jo Wacey for being an encouraging sub and to our supports Anna Wacey and Hannah Hogan

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Lucy Skelton Georgia Das Michelle Seary Emma-Louise Wacey Caroline Danby Lizzy Dawson Jo Montague Joanne Wacey

Georgia Das


This team were sitting at the bottom of our division so we were a little surprised when a new player turned up, nice MK Netters hoodie, 6’ tall and playing GS….sharp in take of breath from Crosskeys! When they took to the court their second new player, 6’4” tall took to the court as GK. Despite the shock the girls played a very steady first half, going goal for goal with them, to 8/8. Then in the last 5 minutes of the first quarter we managed a couple of turnovers as Charlie Barton and Emily Jones really started to gel in defence. 10/15 to us at the first quarter.

Stayed the same for the second quarter and defence continued to work hard moving the ball down through centre court to Zoe O’Grady, Joanne Wacey and Emma Kennett, to feed Hannah Hogan and myself. I did struggle a bit with the tall GK but Hannah did a brilliant job of finding space around the circle. Half time score 29/18 to us.

Third quarter saw Phoebe Poulter make her Herts county debut at WA and she quickly settled into the team and was firing balls into both Hannah and I successfully negotiating the GK. 27/46 to us. Karen Elizabeth Heskett left to go and watch Herts 1 play, taking Jo Wacey with her, I must admit I was a little panic stricken. The score line was impressive but it had been hard work to get there!

My concerns were quickly dispelled in the last quarter, when the GK moved to play GA (Charlie was really dwarfed by her so asked how tall she was, hence the heights!) and I got a much shorter GK. The ball flew effortlessly down the court with Emma and Phoebe doing some lovely feeds into me to take the pressure off Hannah. Charlie and Emily continued leaping about in defence and got a lot of lovely interceptions, jumping certainly paid off! Final score 66/38 to us. Well played everyone, you all gave 110% to day, thanks for playing Emily and Phoebe.

Thanks to Karen, Emily’s boyfriend and Vicki Brice for supporting us and to Steve Scutt for scoring. It was a really fast exciting game, one of the best we’ve played….well done
Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 4th March 2018


Great win today for us – great to be able to swap positions about to see all the different combinations in this versatile team.

Took a great lead in the first qtr 16-4 and continued to build over the hour to finish with a good win 48-25

2nd in the table again but all very close with the top 5. We can do it – 2 more games to go!
Thanks Sue for scoring and our supporters on the side. Well done girls
Jo Wacey



We had a mismatch of players on the team today but nevertheless we played very well.
In the first quarter it took time for us to gel and get the flow of the game going. The attackers fed the shooters well with a diversity of passes and we made some great movement with coming forward and offering- we ended the first quarter with 11-6 to Crosskeys.
As we began to forget about the other team and play our own game we started to make some great turn overs and left the end of half time with 24-11 to Crosskeys.
We started to have some great play and the defence put pressure on the opposition and we got some great interceptions. Movement around the circle continued to be good and we really dominated the rest of the game, giving us an end score of 42-30

POM went to Alex Povey, who marked the GA very well and made some lovely interceptions and turn overs.

Squad: Wendy Chambers, Charlie Barton, Alex Povey, Kirsty Herbert,
Alice Boulton, Alice Miles & Estelle Williams. Thank you to the scorer and supporters and Mel for coaching
Alice Miles

HERTS LEAGUE – 25thFebruary 2018

HERTS 2 V ABBEY FLYERS (top of the league)

Thank you Karen for trying to find players as we only had 6. We was all happy to see Jo Montague back from injury to make the team 7. With no sub today we knew it was going to be hard game and test out our fitness.

What an exciting game! So close the whole way through .. we managed to get back within 1 in the 3rd quarter.
Unfortunately they pulled away in the last quarter.
Final score 44 – 52

Well done girls for pushing until the end!
Thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for Coaching, Claire Goodall for supporting and Lizi Mitchell for scoring.

Today’s Squad:
Lucy Skelton Becky Allen Emily Allen Georgia Goodall Georgia Das Emma-Louise Wacey Jo Montague

Georgia Das

HARLOW LEAGUE – 20th February 2018

CROSSKEYS 6( 32) v ZEBRA 2 (26)
Another good win for this team tonight with only six goals separating the two teams at the final whistle. Fantastic team performance which incorporated the mother/daughter combination of Harriet and Kirsty Herbert as well as the very speedy “flying Beth Parker”, Well played everyone. I know that Harriet got POM from one umpire (congratulations H) not sure who got the other!!
Squad:- Stephanie Ladlow, Fran Waller, Harriet Herbert, Kirsty Herbert, Beth Parker, Emily Jones , Nicola Arnold. Thank you all for playing.

Thanks also to Alex Povey and Phoebe Poulter for playing for Team 5 tonight.

Marion Hooke

TURNFORD SENIOR LEAGUE- 12th February 2018

Won 53 – 31

On an extremely cold evening we started on Court 1 which would have been better suited to an episode of “Dancing on Ice” than a Netball match!!

We were determined to come out strong and that’s exactly what we did with Katie Whitehead fitting in brilliantly, feeding really well into the shooters to help the team end the quarter ahead 18-11.

In Q2 we started to play more tentatively because of a few slips/splits, but when Caroline Danby took a terrible fall and twisted her knee, they finally moved the game to another court. We lost a little time because of the court move but could at last start to play more confidently with Caz heroically staying on court swapping with Nichola to go into GK. We ended the quarter 33-22.

With a good team talk at the end of Q2 with advice to keep the passes short and to hands, we finally started to enjoy our game and play with more confidence. Charlie and Nichola made some some amazing interceptions, Caz defended brilliantly in spite of her injury, Katie Woodstock and Katie Whitehead were taking the ball down the court with speed and Joyce Barton and Molly Fozzard put away some amazing goals to end Q3 49 – 28.

In the last short quarter Caz and Charlie continued to largely neutralise the attack and the whistle went with a win for Crosskeys 53 – 31.

Everyone played brilliantly on a very cold night with many thanks to Katie and Molly for helping out – congratulations Molly on a 100% shooting success. 

Team tonight were Joyce Barton, Molly Fozzard, Katie Whitehead, Katie Woodstock, Nichola Colombi, Charlie Barton and Caroline Danby.

Well done ladies.
Sue Woodstock

HERTS LEAGUE – 11th February 2018

With SAS sitting towards the bottom of the table this should have been an easy game for us. We took an early lead in the first quarter, which the opposition then managed to reduce to one goal by the end of that quarter!

We made a change in defence for the second quarter and then a change in the centre court for the third quarter, but we were really struggling to find our form. Footwork and contact calls from the umpires continued to slow our play and by the end of the third quarter we were 4 goals down.

A good team chat from both Jo and I, final swaps again in the centre court and we managed to hold it to a 4 goal difference until 4 mins from the end….then with a bit of true grit and a real push forwards we pulled the scores level and kept on going, final whistle at 42/40 to us. Well played everyone, a truely amazing win! Have next week off and then we will be back in fighting form on the 25th.

Squad to day was, myself, Hannah Hogan, Molly Fozzard, Joanne Wacey, Michelle Seary, Katie Woodstock, Zoe O’Grady, Charlie Barton, Kate Pink,  Thank you Sue Woodstock for scoring
Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 4th February 2018


This was another really important match for Crosskeys 2, but unfortunately for us today we were just could not quite beat this very young, very fast and somewhat physical Turnford side.

We finished the first quarter 11-13, the second quarter 21-26 and the third quarter 33-38. Crosskeys came out fighting in the final quarter and managed to even the score at 38 – 38. Unfortunately too many unforced errors meant that we could not push ahead and clinch a win.

The final score was 45-47. Well played everybody but a frustrating afternoon all round I feel.

Team: Kate Pink, Charlie Barton, Zoe O’Grady, Joanne Wacey, Katie Woodstock, Emma Kennett, Hannah Hogan, Molly Fozzard, Joyce Barton

Vicki Brice

HERTS LEAGUE – 28th January 2018


This was another crunch match for our team with 5 clubs now grouped at the top of the table and all fighting for promotion. Unfortunately Kate Pink was taken I’ll mid morning so we had to do a quick juggle and started with Charlie Barton playing GK, Megan Pointer at GD and Emma Kennett at WD. A couple of good interceptions by this very able defence meant we finished the first quarter 14/9 up.

Michelle Seary, returning from injury, took the centre bib from Katie Woodstock for the second quarter and continued to feed the circle along with Joanne Wacey playing WA. Molly Fozzard was playing her first county game this season as Hannah Hogan was in Dublin. She fitted seamlessly into the team and the ball continued to fly through the hoop. We finished the second quarter up 23/22.

The third quarter saw Emma move to GA and Zoe O’Grady come on at WD. We all kept fighting but Wormley Reds kept the pressure on. Third quarter 31/31 so everything to fight for.

The fourth quarter saw us pull ahead by 4 points with only 4 minutes to go. One break for a centre pass followed by a footwork was enough to let Wormley draw level. We all played well and just a couple of unforced errors in the last 5 minutes cost us the game and we finished 44/41 down. We can beat this team next time we meet them.

Next week sees us play Turnford 6, another top of the table clash…we can win. Training Thursday if you can and Karen Heskett will do some more back line work.

Thanks to Steve Scutt for scoring and Sue Woodstock, Vicki Brice and Denise Pointer for giving us so much support.

Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 21st January 2018

This was always going to be a difficult game as we had beaten this team by 4 in a very tight game before Christmas. The physical Hatfield side matched us goal for goal for the first 10 minutes, then managed a couple of turnovers and finished the first quarter 4 goals up.

Just one change going into the second quarter, bringing fresh legs on at WD, and a great team chat from Jo and off we went, unfortunately the loose balls seemed to roll to Hatfield and luck just wasn’t on our side. We finished the second quarter 13 goals down.

Again a small adjustment at half time and we held our own finishing 15 goals down with a final score of 56/40 to them. I know everyone was gutted, but we did give it 100% and with more practise we will make fewer errors and get used to the physical marking and just how pushy we can be to contest a ball without contacting them. Wormley next week, which is another hard game but I’m sure we can do it!

Squad this week Hannah Hogan, GA, Emma Kennett, WD/GA, Katie Woodstock, WA/C Joanne Wacey, C/WA Kate Pink, GK, Charlie Barton, GD, Zoe O’Grady WD.

Thanks to our loyal band of supporters and to Steve for scoring.

Joyce Barton

TURNFORD LEAGUE- 15th January 2018


Fortunately the rain stopped for the Monday evening games, however the courts were still slick and the temperature was low and falling. Crosskeys 2, sitting at the top of the table, played Bluebells in second place. It was a very well contested match, with Crosskeys staying in contention throughout. The Bluebells side was quite physical and more experienced so it was great to see every Crosskeys player on the court dig deep and give 100%.

The relaxed umpiring style didn’t really suit our fast direct play so unfortunately it was a 30/36 loss this evening. The team still kept smiling and know that on another day we could easily be the victors.

Well played everyone and Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, hope your knee is recovering, squad was Hannah Hogan, Katie Woodstock, Emma Kennett, Lily Luffman, Nicola Arnold, Nic BC and Charlie Barton. Thanks Vicki Brice for scoring.

Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 14th January 2018


This was always going to be our crunch game, Baldock had beaten us in our last three games, only by three goals in the most recent match….so we were determined! They turned up with 4 subs and significant supports. We went for economy and had one sub and tooooo many supports to count, Joanne Wacey had her Mum and Dad watching, Katie Woodstock and Emma Kennett had a selection of grandparents, mums and dads, Megan Pointer had her Mum, Charlie Barton had Dad so a full bench!

We started off well one goal each….then Baldock got some lovely interceptions and managed several turnovers bringing the score quickly to 6/1, we stayed with a 5 goal difference until 4 minutes from the end of the first quarter, then stepped it up with some great rebound interceptions from Kate Pink and Meg meant finished the quarter on 9 goals each.

Second quarter stayed the same and we stayed focused finishing 4 goals up, 22/18.

Third quarter saw Charlie going to WD, Emma Kennett to GA and Katie and Jo swapped putting Katie into C, Hannah Hogan was on the bench but ready to come on at GS, as I had a slightly twisted knee. Baldock struggled with the speed of Katie at C and Emma at GA, opting to double on me rather than trying to catch Emma. We finished 48/39.

More of the same in the fourth quarter, final score 48/39 to us, brilliant game girls, really well played with great team spirit, as Vicki Brice said to come back from 5 down and win by 9 against this team really is an achievement.

Thanks to all our supporters and to Steve for scoring….9.30 next week! See you all then
Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 7th January 2018


First game back after Christmas and we had a 1.15 start, which at least gave us a lie in. Added excitement was our band of supporters had grown to four. Megan Pointer was home from uni and kindly helped us out in defence as Jess Wacey was off travelling, while Charlie Barton filled in for Zoe O’Grady, who should be back from travelling soon.

We know how erratic our first quarter can be so started out carefully, building up to full speed and brilliant interceptions in the second quarter! We won all quarters convincingly 6/12, 11/25, 18/42 and finally 23/57.

With such a versatile team Joanne Wacey was able to feed players in and out quite easily. Emma Kennett started the first quarter at WD, Charlie then took the WD bib in the second quarter, Emma took over from Hannah Hogan at GA in the third quarter. It was Hannah’s first county game back after injury, well played Hannah, you settled in quickly and your ankle seems to be back to full strength. Final quarter saw Hannah back at WA and Katie Woodstock moving to C. Defence of Kate Pink and Megan remained the same throughout, both had an amazing number of rebounds and rescued loose balls, which ensured our final score line.

Thanks to Steve Scutt for scoring and Vicki Brice, Sue Woodstock, Lucy Skelton and Denise Pointer for cheering us on. Michelle Seary hope your shoulder is better soon and Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham let me know how your knee is! We have a tough game next week, Baldock who beat us by a couple of goals first time around, training on Thursday everyone and I’m sure we can do it!
Joyce Barton

TURNFORD LEAGUE -27th November 2017


From the first whistle the girls got straight into their game scoring 5 on the trot with no loss, putting down a marker to the opposition that this was going to be a tough night for them.
In attack, Lily Luffman and Katie Woodstock were feeding really well into Joyce Barton and Emma Kennett who were both capitalising in almost every opportunity they got and we ended the quarter up 18-6.
Turnford got into their swing in Q2 but with some great interceptions by Charlie Barton from their centre passes and fantastic defending by our trio of Nichola Colombi, Caroline Danby and Lizi Mitchell meant that they could do no better than keep us to 35-15 by the end of Q2.
Q3 can sometimes see us slipping back but we won this quarter too ending 54-22.

As usual Q4 was short and sweet but we had a switcheroo in attack and fought on to end the match with a 59-24 win.

Am sure the opposition thought the prosecco celebrations at the end were a little heartless but we had to mark a very special birthday – thanks to Joyce for organising.

The girls showed tonight that when you play together regularly great things happen on and off the court.

Thanks to Luffman Paula Graham for being our primary carer and Vicki Brice for scoring.

Sue Woodstock

HERTS LEAGUE -26th November 2017


After a delayed start due to one of the umpires not showing up. Kindly Joanne Wacey stepped in and umpire our game.

Everything we have been doing at training worked today girls! Well done to everyone!
Some great interceptions from defence, Lizi, Cam, Emma & Emily.
Great shooting from Steph, Becky & Lucy. Thanks to Steph for playing up.
Lovely feeds into the shooters from attack Emily, Lili and me.

Finally we won! And we won by a lot! Final Score 63 – 33

Thanks Jo Montague for scoring, Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching and again to Jo Wacey for umpiring after player her Herts 2 game.

Good to get another win under our belts! Next Herts game is on 10th Dec against Asco 2 at 10:45am .. please come along and show your support ! Last one before Christmas!

Stephanie Pathak, Becky Allen, Emily Allen, Lili Herbert, Georgia Das, Emma Wacey, Cam Brown, Lizi Mitchell and Lucy Skelton

Georgia Das


Another strong performance to day by Crosskeys club! No umpire available for us so Marion Hooke stepped in and umpired the 9.30 game with other club members helping out with the games at Stortford, thanks everyone.

Sue Woodstock then helped Cosmic by scoring at the table with Steve Scuttand Luffman Paula Graham got awarded the first aid kit and was our primary carer! Marion and Karen Elizabeth Heskett both watched the first half of the game, it was lovely to have supporters.

The game itself got off to a slow start but we did manage to focus and watch our passing, the marking by the opposition was often fierce but another convincing win for us, 2/12, 7/25, 14/39 and final score 18/53, well played everyone.

Team to day was myself, Lily Luffman, Katie Woodstock, Joanne Wacey, Zoe O’Grady, Charlie Barton, Kate Pink, and Jess Barclay
Joyce Barton

LEVENTHORPE LEAGUE – 21st November 2017


We knew it was going to be a hard game tonight as we were well & truly beaten by Epping in the summer but after Epping going into the lead at the beginning of the game we started to gel as a team & managed to catch up with them again, after that it was a very close game with some great interceptions & shooting making it a really close & exciting game.

Everyone played so well tonight & even near the end of the game when the score was 18 -18 we didn’t panic & worked the ball up into the shooting circle where Emma Kennett shot & scored in the last few seconds of the game making the final score 19-18 to us.
Well played everyone!!!
The Team tonight were
Nicola Arnold, Emma Kennett,Wendy Merry, Nicolene Van Rensburg,Danielle Arnold, Charlie Barton Jennie Hicks

Thank you to our supporters too especially as it was the late game.

Jennie Hicks

HERTS LEAGUE -19th November 2017

1.15 game to day and we knew it was going to be a hard game as we were struggling for players. Hannah Hogan and Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham were both still out injured and Zoe O’Grady and Emma Kennett were working.
First quarter saw us start with 5 players as roadworks on the A120 and congestion around a car boot sale delayed Joanne Wacey and Charlie Barton. Katie Woodstock put on the GA bib and Michelle Seary started at C. The umpiring was strict but consistent with very little contesting allowed, so the game didn’t flow. Despite this we managed to capitalise on a couple of Hatfield missed goals and finished the first quarter 8 goals up. Katie worked hard around the circle and popped a ball up scoring effortlessly half way through the quarter!
Lily Luffman arrived from her game at Stortford and took to the court as GA. Jess Wacey got some great intercepts in the defensive circle and was just getting into the game when she had to leave for work. We juggled Charlie to GD and Katie to WD for the third quarter and held our 8 goal lead.
The final quarter produced some of our finest netball, Kate Pink and Charlie had sorted out the circle and Katie was flying around the defensive third making some great interceptions. Michelle and Jo worked Lily into the circle as I was double marked and patience got Lily close enough to shoot, or a defender moving, leaving the pass into me open. We played fast but accurate netball and finished the fourth quarter 16 up….brilliant result girls and thanks Lily and Charlie for playing for us.
Thanks also to Steve Scutt for scoring and chasing after everyone for signatures! And to Sue for being our primary carer. We’re still top of the tables but Baldock are hot on our heels!
Joyce Barton

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 13th November 2017

A very cold night at Turnford saw us attacking, at lightening speed straight from the off, with Lily, Katie and Emma linking up really well to feed the ball into Joyce, and Emma putting a few amazing shots in herself. At the end of Q1 we were surprised to find outselves up 20-8 to this pretty strong Rangers team.
Hertford Heath pulled back slightly in Q2 but thanks to some amazing interceptions and fantastic defending by Lizi, Charlie and Nichola we managed to keep the score at 40-17.
As usual, we slipped up a bit in Q3 but Emma and Joyce kept the balls going in and Lizi and Nichola kept them out so we managed to finish the quarter still up 58-29.
The last 7 min “quarter” saw us finish with a fantastic win 60-31.
Great play by the whole Crosskeys team in spite of the cold – Caroline we missed you and Hannah we are hoping that you will be back with us soon.
Our amazing team tonight was Joyce Barton GS, Emma Kennett GA, Lizi Mitchell GK, Nichola Colombi GD, Charlie Barton WD, Lily Luffman WA, Katie Woodstock C
Sue Woodstock

HERTS LEAGUE – 5th November 2017


9.30 game this morning and with the A120 closed we had a slightly shorter warm up! The first quarter saw some silly passes, several footworks and some unforced errors, but we still finished 9/6 up.

Everyone agreed that we needed to settle down and slow down going into the second quarter…and it worked, we finished 22/14 up.

The defence of Kate Pink GK, Jess Wacey GD and Zoe O’Grady WD continued to put Watford under pressure, making them pass back into the centre third on many occasions. We won a lot of these balls and the centre court of Michelle Seary, Joanne Wacey and Katie Woodstock moved the ball swiftly down the court to Emma Kennett and myself. A couple of small changes for the third and forth quarters saw us finish 52/31.

A great result and again 100% from everyone, but the highlight of the day for me was when I checked our score had been entered correctly on the web……both Baldock and Worley lost so we’re top of the table! When we lost by three goals to Baldock we got a point so we’re one point in front of both teams. We’re almost half way through the season so this is a great position to be in, keep up the training and your commitment to the team, it’s great to see all our hard work paying off.

Thanks to Steve for scoring, Sue Woodstock for being our first aider, Jo for being such a supportive vice captain and Karen Heskett and Shelley Jackson for all their efforts at training.

One very happy captain tonight

Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 22nd October 2017


Today saw our starting Line up with 2 new shooters Steph GS and Emma Kennett GA due to injury (wish you back fit and well soon Hannah Hogan) and Joyce and Zoe away. Taking time to adjust we finished a credible 8 all qtr 1. One change bringing on Charlie Barton to WD we continued on with the intention of being more careful to stop unforced errors. This qtr saw Kate Pink and Jess Wacey getting the tips and interceptions to send the ball down but we didn’t capitalise on their hard work enough but still with some steady play ended qtr 2 -17 all.
One change again saw Katie Woodstock to WA and myself to C. After team talk and encouraging the players that we were the better team and we could do this things went up a gear. With some fab shooting from Emma Kennett who got her eye in along with Stephanie Pathak we pulled away ending the qtr 29-19. We had this now and were determined to keep our lead. With Michelle Seary coming on for me to C again we continued with great play from all ends and in the middle. Jess and Charlotte Barton making lovely interceptions and the ball flowed to end with great shots.
We won the game as I felt we should 42-26.

Well done to everyone, thanks to Steph for helping out, Sue Woodstock for scoring and our 2 supporters Vicki Brice (first Aider) and Sam.
Ps – missed you Robyn too!

Jo Wacey

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 16th October 2017


Well what a great night for the Happy Team! Playing against a strong Omega team, who moved the ball around the court with speed and whose tall shooters barely missed, Crosskeys were in for a hard-fought game. We went 13-15 down in the first quarter, but a great tactical change moving Jess Wacey to GD, meant that Crosskeys were able to intercept more balls in the circle and managed to neutralise the threat from Omega. By the end of the 2nd quarter Keys had moved to 32-25 ahead, a lead that was sustained to the end of the match, which in the end was a comfortable 61-46 win. The team played some lovely netball; Lizzie Mitchell and Jess Wacey worked brilliantly together in the defending circle, with Charlie Barton and Nichola B-C doing an excellent job at marking the rather speedy wing attack. Katie Woodstock, Lily Luffman and Emma Kennett were fast in attack, making excellent use of space to play the ball up court and feeding some fantastic balls into the double marked Joyce Barton who snatched them out of the air every time before calmly netting them home (is that even a phrase?). Well played everyone. It was nail-biting to watch, particularly in the earlier stages but also a real pleasures with the umpires remarking on what a lovely game it had been.
Well played everyone and thank you to Jess Wacey for helping us out.

Vicki Brice

HERTS LEAGUE – 15th October 2017


Unfortunately only 7 of our squad were available to day and no one was free to come as a sub! Half way to the game I decided 7 wasn’t a good idea and encouraged by Kate Pink I persuaded Charlie Barton to have lunch and then join us in Stanborough, she had already played two hours at Stortford!

The first quarter was fast and furious with a very young and springy Turnford side showing us how accurate and direct our passes needed to be! Strong defence from Kate and Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham in the circle meant the shooters were forced to make long distance shots with all the rebounds being swept up by Crosskeys. Steady play down the court and sensible passing saw us finish the first quarter 15/6 up.

Charlie and my husband arrived just before we started the second quarter which doubled our spectators to 4…Turnford had two loud benches so we were very grateful! More great interceptions and steady play saw us stretch our lead…then disaster struck, Hannah Hogan was taken out at the edge of the circle, time was called and Robyn helped her off the court, her ankle was swelling already! Joanne Wacey moved to GA, Katie Woodstock went to C and Charlie came on at WA. Versatile really covers the team as they all continued playing out of position with ease, second quarter finished 29/10 to us.

Zoe O’Grady and Charlie swapped WA/WD for the second half and again some great feeds in from Zoe. Jo continued her steady play at GA as if this was her first position, finding me effortlessly and popping back line passes straight into my hands. Final score 51/30 to us, excellent result.

Thanks Steve for scoring and sorting all the paperwork out with new players joining! Also thanks to Sue for her continued support and to Emma Wacey for her first aid skills! Hannah, hope you’re better soon…well played everyone, great result!

Joyce Barton

TURNFORD LEAGUE -9th October 2017

CROSSKEYS 2 played WORMLEY REDS last night. This was the team that beat us convincingly last year and won the league! We started in a very positive fashion, great defence from Caroline Danby and Lizi Mitchell getting every rebound and loose ball in the circle. The centre court moved it effortlessly down the court and it was delivered into the circle with a mix of high feeds to me, combined with quick circle edge play to Hannah Hogan.

By the end of the first quarter we had a good 6 goal lead which we built on each quarter. Charlie Barton, Emma Kennett,Katie Woodstock and Lily Luffman worked the ball consistently down the court to the shooting circle. Final score was 54/27 to us, a brilliant win, well played everyone, and thank you to all the parents that supported and scored.

Joyce Barton


It took us 5 minutes to settle into the game, due to different combinations of players getting used to each other, but once we did we controlled the game confidently.

We were defensively strong throughout and made some fabulous feeds into the attacking circle where the shooting was spot on.

We need to remember to be aware of each other’s space, as at times we were clustered and to drive onto the ball as sometimes we were behind our players, But on the whole this was an impressive performance by all of the squad.

Final score 45- 16 to Crosskeys.

Squad :- Sarah Parker, Amber Plowman, Justine Poulter, Megan Jarvis, Hayley Jones, Lisa Best, Greta Ollandini, Phoebe Poulter and Abigail Strickland.

POM chosen by the opposition was given to Abbie, well done, fantastic shooting.

Well done to Greta for doing so well in your first adult game.

Thanks to our supporters your encouragement was fantastic.

Lisa Best

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 3rd October 2017

This was quite a physical game against a tough team, and the score was tight the whole way through.

We had to really battle for every goal with Hannah Hogan and Joyce Barton doing an amazing job in the shooting circle, getting in some brilliant shots from the circle edge. Centre court worked hard with some lovely feeds from Lily Luffman, keeping the score close after the first quarter 12-10 to Palmers Green.

In the second quarter we managed to pull away, the centre court worked really hard to snatch every loose ball Katie Woodstock and Emma Kennett turning round several centres and the shots were on target meaning we pulled away leading 27-23.

The second half was tough with Palmers Green making some changes in their centre court, who were feeding their crazy tall GS from the centre third. We stayed determined with Caroline Danby and Nichola Colombi both having a fantastic game in defence making some lovely interceptions. Unfortunately they got away from us and the final score was 51-47 to Palmers Green.

It was a brilliant game against a strong team. Well played everyone

Charlie Barton

HERTS  LEAGUE – 1st October 2017


Phew! This was always going to be a tight game against a youthful, tall and talented team. However, with our blend of experience and youth, we had the edge in the first quarter and, despite going down by 3 goals in the first few minutes, we pulled it back, thanks to some cool link-up play by Zoe O’Grady, to take a well deserved 2 goal lead into the second quarter.

There were a few ‘oops’ moments throughout the game due to both teams wearing purple but we kept our heads and in a tight second quarter maintained a slim 1 goal lead. Special mention to Katie Woodstock for her energy and determination and a couple of awesome goals from Hannah Hogan.

The third quarter was where we won this game. Some great, fast, accurate feeds into the circle by Michelle Seary found Joyce Barton who shot well, despite being up against a tall and physical GK. The as-ever reliable vision and movement of Jo Wacey helped us end of this quarter ahead by 3 goals. Score 34 -31

The final quarter was closely fought but we kept playing our fast passing game and with some great defence and timely interceptions by Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham and Jess Wacey, we managed to pull away and win by 4 goals!!

Well done girls! A good win.

Steve Scutt

HARLOW LEAGUE – 26th September 2017

What a game! It took us a few minutes to settle into our stride but once we got going the result was never in doubt. It was lovely to welcome back Freya Rowson and Harriet Nicholson and to welcome onto court Harriet Herbert for her first game at The Leisurezone – thank you for playing at such short notice.
Squad:- Freya Rowson , Phoebe Poulter, Harriet Herbert, Kirsty Herbert, Alex Povey, Harriet Nicholson, Nicola Arnold.
POM Kirsty Herbert + Harriet Nicholson as voted for by the umpires – Well done ladies.

Marion Hooke

HARLOW LEAGUE – 19th September 2017


Comfortable win tonight with the ball flowing really well the whole way down the court. Some lovely feeds into the circle, shooting was on point and lots of turnovers by the defence.
Well done to Holly Shilston for getting voted POM by both umpires – shooting was on fire! Lovely to see Claire Goodall back as well ???? Team tonight was Holly, Claire, Aislinn D’Silva, Danny, Anna  Wacey, Cam Brown and Nicole Saunders. Well played everyone and thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching

Nicole Saunders


Always knew this would be a tough match for us tonight however we threw ourselves into it and at half time we’re only trailing by 5 – score 15 -10.
Second half slightly different story saw kestrals upping their game and pulled away. We continued battling in defence and trying to keep up with their speed down the court and with some unforced errors here and there never clawed it back.
Everyone gave their all and Hannah Bishop -playing up for us again as GS – had a great game against a very experienced defender – well done.
Unfortunately we lost out on gaining a point by 1 goal.

Well tried everyone
Squad – Hannah bishop , Hannah Hogan, me, Michelle Seary, Zoe o Grady,Jess Wacey and Kate Pink

Jo Wacey


We started off so well with excellent defence turning over balls, speed coming down the court and great feeds into myself and Amber and then B.S seemed to find their feet a little (and maybe we got a little complacent with a comfortable lead) by the second half B.S started to close the gap and they even got level at one point. BUT, we won’t be beaten that easily and we were determined to win tonight. Some steady netball saw us steal back the lead in the final minutes and win.

Final score 28 – 26 to u.

Thank you Robyn for helping out at the last minute. 

Team tonight: Jo Montague, Robyn Graham, Emma Wacey, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Amber Moore and Lucy Skelton.

Well done girls!

Lucy Skelton

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 18th September 2017

A storming start to the league for this team made up of youth and experience. Crosskeys went ahead from the start, finishing the first quarter 15 8. A lead that was maintained throughout. Hannahs Bishop and Hogan were outstanding in attack, linking up well and barely missing a shot. The mid court players worked the ball speedily and accurately up the court, showing excellent awareness of each others’ positioning. The play was fluid and skilful and this newly promoted team certainly indicated it could hold its own in this league. Thank you to Emma Wacey who played GD for us this evening, making numerous interceptions and always playing with a smile on her face. A big well done to Hannah Bishop and Lily Luffman playing brilliantly in their first match in this league. Final score 41 22 to Crosskeys.

Team: Caroline Danby, Emma Wacey, Emma Kennett, Nichola Columbi, KatieWoodstock, Lily Lffman, Hannah Hogan and Hannah Bishop (my personal POM)

Vicki Brice

HERTS LEAGUE – 17th September 2017


We struggled last year against a strong and at times very physical side, so took to the court determined not to let it happen this year. We made a positive start, but unfortunately nerves down the shooting end meant I missed three easy goals in a row allowing the opposition to accelerate to a 9/6 lead in the first quarter.

Second quarter saw fresh legs in the form of Jess Wacey in the WD position. The defence got some great turn overs and the ball came smoothly down the court allowing us the time to make several passes in and out of the circle in a controlled fashion. The patience paid off and the shooting improved, still finished 21/13 down but now slightly more confident.

Third quarter saw Jess move to C with Michelle Seary having a quarter to regain her breath. We managed to build on our 2nd quarter short pass structure and won this quarter by 4, finishing down by 4, 30/26.

Jess moved back to WD for our final quarter and despite some great play and winning the quarter by 1, we finished down 40/37.

Team this week, Hannah Hogan, Joanne Wacey, Michelle Seary, Zoe O’Grady, Jess Wacey, Kate Pink, Robyn Amber Fitzpatrick-Graham and myself. Thanks to Katie Woodstock for umpiring at Stortford to help out there.

It’s always disappointing to lose but I felt as a team we played well and helped build passes into the circle, great game everyone, and thank you to Karen for coaching us to day and to Steve for scoring. Have a well earned rest next week.

Joyce Barton

HARLOW  LEAGUE – 13th September 2017

A great game to start the season last night, we were on form straight away, quickly moving the ball down the court to Hannah Bishop and Olivia Burnwho barely missed a shot all night. Great defence at the other end prevented St Mary’s getting many goals in. Centre court worked well with the ball and getting into space creating a pathway for the ball. The score ending in 41-11. Well done girls it was a great match.

Team: LilyLuffman, Tegan Lintonbon, Jess Barclay, Ellie Vears, Megan Williams, Verity Poulter, Hannah Bishop, Olivia burn

Lilly Luffman

HERTS LEAGUE – 10th September 2017


First game of the season and we got off to a fantastic start. With only a couple of our original players it was an experimental first quarter and the results were great. Joanne Wacey, Zoe O’Grady and Katie Woodstock, owned the centre third, they worked the ball into Hannah Hogan and myself at the shooting end. Kate Pink and Robyn Graham combined well in defence, making interceptions and scooping up loose balls frequently. Emma Kennett came on at half time, providing fresh legs and got some great interceptions.

We finished the first quarter up by 4, and our lead grew with each quarter. Final score was 52/29 to us. Everyone gave 100% today and the team spirit was great….Well played everyone, you all deserved this great start to the season.

A huge thank you to Steve Scutt for scoring and keeping track of all the paperwork and to Jo for being a great vice captain and sorting out the fees. Must also mention Sue Woodstock, Vicki Brice and Gemma Graham for their solid support, looking forward to next week!

Joyce Barton

HARLOW LEAGUE – 5th September 2017

What. A. Start! Yes girls!! From the outset we took a confident lead and that went from good… to BRILLIANT – ever increasing our goal difference in the first half.

Defence picked off some great balls, which the centre court capitalised on – making light work of getting it to me and Becky.

2nd half was more of the same (thanks for stepping in at the last minute Amber as a substitute for Georgia Das – hope you’re ok Georgia?) Even with the switch up we continued to extend our lead to finish with an impressive 48 goals! Oh hello!? Well done girls.

Final score 48-22

Squad: Jo Montague, Emma Wacey, Emily Allen, Georgia Das, Georgia Goodall, Becky Allen, and me. (Substitute Amber Moore)  Pom: Jo Montague.

Lucy Skelton

First game for us of the season saw us taking the first 5 mins settling in but we kept goal for goal throughout the first half and being down by 1 at half time 13-12.
2nd half with encouragement from a Karen we went on to extend our lead. With great play from our defence and some strong passing down the court to the 2 Hannahs in the shooting circle playing great together we secured the win by a fab 32-21.
Well done girls – so good to get the win.

Squad – Hannah Bishop(Thanks for playing up for us- you did us proud), Hannah Hogan, Michelle Seary, Lili Herbert, Robyn Graham, Kate Pink and Jo Wacey

Jo Wacey

***************************** REPORTS  FOR 2016/2017 SEASON ARE BELOW *************

Crosskeys 2 V Hertford Heath Rangers
Tonight saw Joyce Barton step in last minute to play GK for us and we all took a while to get into our game ending the first qtr 13-12 up. With a pep talk from Karen we went back on with more determination and fight to own the game. Tighter defending and some great interceptions from Cam and Emma up the court alongside some great attacking play by Emily saw Lucy and Becky sinking the goals ending the half a creditable 28-19 ahead. Into the third qtr and we continued to increase our lead with solid play by all getting a d served win of 54-34.

Thanks Joyce for stepping up and at the other end as GK and to Karen coaching, Dave scoring and Sue Montague scoring.

Team – Joyce, Cam, Emma, me, Emily, Becky and Lucy

Well done all and good luck for the last match next week.

Jo W


Crosskeys 2 48 – Cheshunt 1 34

We had 7 players tonight – started off well taking a steady 4 0 lead. Then all we could hear from the sidelines was Crosskeys where is your umpire, unfortunately our umpire had not turned up. Lizzie and I both distracted meant Cheshunt came back at us. Karen Elizabeth Heskett came to our rescue and started to umpire for us. First quarter we went 13 10 up. Unfortunately Karen’s injury meant she could not carry on so we made a team decision to drop a player. Joanne Wacey was our saviour and umpires on behalf of us. This meant we took to the court with 6 players. Switching the centre court – I had to go to wing attack – never a good thing. We kept our heads but Cheshunt came back at us -we went into the half 20 19 up.

Karen trying her best to find a player and Caroline Danby was down the road at circuits so rushed over to come on during the third quarter. We all kept fighting for each other and this hard work paid off taking 32 30 lead into the last quarter.

We just needed to keep our centres and try and back down theirs and that’s exactly what we did taking the win 48 34.

Girls we fought hard and played some great netball tonight.

Team - Lucy Skelton, Becky Allen, Emily Allen, Joanne Wacey, Cam Brown, Lizi Mitchell and Jo Montague.

A massive thank you to Jo for umpiring, Dave for scoring, Karen for coaching and all of our supporters.

Jo M


Crosskeys 2 55 vs Royston 28

At 7.15 we still did not have an umpire – but thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett and Marion Hooke not giving up we found one as this should have been a match that we should have one.

Taking the whole squad tonight meant we were able to make few changes across the defence tonight. Everyone worked really hard tonight for each other and fighting for all of the loose balls. We extended our lead every quarter and we took away our first win of the season. It all gelled tonight and we played some good netball.

Squad - Lucy Skelton, Becky Allen, Emily Allen, Joanne Wacey, Emma Wacey, Cam Brown, Lizi Mitchell and Jo Montague.

Thanks to Karen for coaching, Onwards and upwards girls

Jo M


Crosskeys 2 V Turnford 2 Div 1
Well what a match!
1st qtr saw us drawing 9 all. 2nd qtr we lost our mojo with a bit of help from the umpire who decided to pull our girls in defence up for anything, unfairly, I thought and a few missed goals too we were down by 7. Not to be defeated we had the fighting spirit still and the 3rd qtr saw us draw and the 4th we pulled ourselves back and won the qtr by 5 but just missing out on the win by 2 – 35-33.
As Karen  Heskett said we need to fight hard the entire match and avoid a bad qtr. Saying that the squad are gelling well and we are gaining points all the time with such close results. We can do it girls.
Team tonight
Lucy Skelton Georgia Goodall Emily Allen myself Emma-Louise WaceyCam Brown Lizi Mitchell
Thanks to John for scoring

Jo W


Crosskeys 2 22 vs Turnford 1 24

Well tonight was definitely not summer league – pouring down with rain and at times super windy. Was not sure was going to get there tonight but thank you to Georgia Goodall for stepping in at the last minute!!

We started off goal for goal with Turnford bringing the ball well down the caught being nice to each other as the courts were very slippery!! Went into the first quarter 10 7 down. 2nd quarter we made few unforced errors which Turnford capitalised on and 2nd half we were 20 14 down. Team talk at half time keep the ball, reset and defend down the court seemed to work we got back to within , when the lights went out on the courts and all of the games were called off.

If we had the last quarter I think we would have beaten them. Great game by everyone tonight. Team was Lucy Skelton Becky Allen Georgia Goodall Joanne Wacey Emily Allen Cam Brown and myself. Thanks to Dave Allen to scoring, Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching us (it kept us all focused to the task at hand) and all of the supporters in the rain.

This is the best we have played this season and we seem to be gelling as team now – well played everyone

Jo M


Crosskeys 3 v Hornets 2.

We couldn’t quite get it together at the start of the match tonight, with Hornets’ fast-paced players turning over lots of our centre passes early on. A few changes in centre court and we started to bring it back with a much calmer approach to our game.
We won the second half of the match, with some great play all across the court. Defence working hard to break up their play and attack putting some lovely shots up. But unfortunately we couldn’t pull back the difference. Final score 48-35 to Hornets.

Team tonight: Megan Pointer, Jess Wacey, Nichole Colombiom, Zoe O’Grady, Hannah Hogan, Molly Fozzard, Joyce Bartonrton and Caroline Danby.

Thanks to Megan and Molly for helping us tonight.



Crosskeys 3 47 v Teegate 4 51

It took us a while to steady ourselves with the rain making conditions a little difficult and at the end of the first quarter we were down 14-12.

Unfortunately, the second quarter saw us losing further ground to this very effective young Teegate side and at half time we were down 23-30.

The third quarter was very evenly matched but in spite of us being down only 3 goals at one point, the quarter ended 37-44.

Into the final quarter and the team fought really hard to try to recover some of the deficit but we ran out of time and at the final whistle the score was 47-51.

A frustrating game on many levels but well played to all our girls:

Joyce Barton, Shelley Jackson, Katie Woodstock, Michelle Seary, Zoe O’Grady, Kate Pink, Hannah Hogan and Claire Montague.

Sue Woodstock


Crosskeys 3 37 – Palmers Green 37

On a breezy and chilly evening, Crosskeys fielded team with only four of their regular players and three brought in from other teams, so expectations were not overly high! However that thinking was to denigrate the Crosskeys fighting spirt!

Palmers Green have a reputation as being a physical but talented team and it showed in the first few encounters. It took Crosskeys a while to settle and adjust with the new players but they held on to Palmers Green and were only 2 goals down at the end of the first quarter. Score 10-12

In the second quarter, Crosskeys picked up the pace and with some great movement in the attacking third and some resolute defending, pulled back to level the score at half time. 22-22

Third quarter and Palmers Green put on the pressure and opened up a gap of four points at one stage. However, Crosskeys dug in and reduced the gap to 2 goals by the end of the quarter. 31 -33.

Into the final quarter and Crosskeys really strated to play some fast and flowing netball and at the bell held on to earn a creditable draw. 37 -37.

Well played to all the girls: Romilly, Hannah, Katie, Michelle, Zoe, Caroline and CE Woolley (my apologies for not knowing your first name)



Crosskeys 4 vs Hotshots

A lovely morning for our last game of the season. Different combination of players again but all fired up to win the game. We worked hard throughout and although this certainly wasn’t our best performance we fought for every ball and remained determined, even when things unfairly didn’t go our way. We secured a win of 25 -24. A little too close for comfort but still a win.

Well done to Justine Poulter for getting POM in her debut. Fantastic performance.

Team :- Justine Poulter, Sophie Beaumont, Amy Carpenter, Hayley Jones, Me, Karen Wilson, Kim Burt and Kayla Burt.

A massive thank you to everyone who has played for Team 4 this season you have been fantastic. Enjoy the summer.

Also thanks to Marion Hooke for your support, coaching and umpiring and helping me find players when needed.


TURNFORD LEAGUE – 13th March 2017

Crosskeys 2 Vs HH Rangers

It was our last game tonight and it was against the top of the table, meaning it was our final. We went on determined and got off to a great start, our defence put a lot of pressure on their attack meaning we got a few turnovers from held balls and even more from interceptions. We finished the first quarter 19-6.
Emma-Louise as WD and Caroline and Lizi also in defence meant we made numerous turnovers, grabbing onto every ball we could and successfully passing the ball down the court into the attacking third. We finished the second quarter 30-17.
Our mid court play was fluid as we passed the ball with speed and our accurate passing into the D allowed Molly and Joyce to score goal after goal- they hardly missed the whole game! Katie and Charlie carried the ball down the court with speed and made great movements and offers for the ball! The third quarter ended 42-26.
In the last quarter we kept up the good work and ended up with a good win 44-27!

Well done everyone, I think we have secured promotion! And thank you very much to all players who helped us this season. I will miss our funday mondays

Emma Kennett

HERTS LEAGUE – 5th March 2017

Crosskeys 2 43 vs. Nomads 2 43

Going into match today I thought we would have a certain 5 points and work in building our goal difference but Nomads came out fighting strong. With injuries to the team in attack and defence getting a team together was tricky – however we ended up with 7 strong players.

We started the game off well taking a few goal advantage, with some lovely shooting for Chaz Southcott and Becky Allen. The ball was brought down the court well by  Joanne Wacey Lili Herbert and Jess Wacey. Hanae Sbai made some lovely interceptions but unfortunately we did not take advantage of these turnovers. At half time I made some changes in centre court and defence but unfortunately still could not capitalise on Nomads mistakes now going down by 3 goals. Last quarter, some people have said a crazy move, but moved defence into shoot (do not panic too much not me). Needed bit of height in the circle and it seemed to work. Few more minutes and would have had them!!

These to Megan Pointer for scoring and all of our supporters today.

Jo Montague

BISHOPS STORTFORD LEAGUE –  26th February 2017

Crosskeys 1 v Sparks 1

A good win today for Crosskeys on a very slippy court. Crosskeys started off strongly and quickly pulled ahead thanks to great defending in the circle by Kate Henshall and Megan Pointer and a 100% score rate from our shooters Chaz Southcott and Hannah Bishop. The mid court combination of Emma Kennett, Hannah Hogan, Kirsty Herbert and Alice Boulton linked up well and were able to move the ball speedily up court. Crosskeys increased their lead in the 2nd and 3rd quarter to lead by 12 goals by the end of q3 when we lost Megan Pointer to injury. Luckily Crosskeys had a big enough lead to withstand a strong comeback by Sparks in the final quarter, winning by 3 goals in the end.

Well done to all the players who helped out today especially Hannah Bishop and Kate Henshall who were brilliant against very experienced opposition players. And we hope that Megan makes a quick recovery.

Vicki Brice

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 20th February 2017

Crosskeys 2 -46 V St James’- 20
A good win today for Crosskeys! We came on determined for a win and ended the first quarter 12-4. In the second quarter we had a change of positions which we stuck with for the rest of the game. Shelley and Joyce worked well together as GA and GS, hardly missing any shots and getting almost all the rebounds! Katie, Charlie and myself carried the ball up and down the court quickly and many interceptions were made. The whole team fought for every loose ball and regained possession from a lot of St James’ stray passes. Lizi and Caroline were very strong in defence, putting a lot of pressure on their attack allowing them to make lots of interceptions! At the end of the second quarter we were up 26-12 and after the third we were up 37-20. The last quarter we were determined to put in 100% and finish with a good lead, we played fast when attacking with accurate passing down the court and the defence made many interceptions which allowed us to finish this quarter without conceding any goals!

Really well played everyone it was a great game! Thank you Shelly for playing for us again and happy birthday Charlotte.

Emma K

HERTS LEAGUE – 19th February 2017

Final score 46-41

For a team that’s not yet won a game they put out a good team today, so sadly not the walkover we had last time. We also didn’t have a GD today so thank you to Jess Wacey and Lizzie Francis for taking that on! We took the lead from the start and kept ahead all the way through. Some of our usual unforced errors  but we kept our cool and came away with the win to catapult us back to 2nd in the table, thanks to Watford smashing Abbey Flyers today. We have a nice advantage on goal difference and an easier run to the finish than either of those teams, so as long as we win every game left and put some goals on our score each time we should end up in promotion spot.   COME ON!!
Rest of squad today Chaz, Lucy Skelton Joanne Wacey, Becky Allen, Lili Herbert, Amber Moore and Hanna Sbai

Thanks so much, as ever, to Dave Allen for being our super scorer so we didn’t have to drop a player, and to our supporters bench.


HERTS LEAGUE – 12th February 2017

Crosskeys 2 41 vs Abbey Flyers 46

We knew this wouldn’t be an easy game today – we drew this match the first time around after losing a 9 goal lead!!

Warm up didn’t start great with only 6 players there at 925!! This led to us starting off slow and going brown by 8 in the first quarter. Second quarter slightly improved but unfortunately could not break down this lead – now going down 9! We just could not break down this lead from the opposition and want down by 16 going into the last! Some figuring coaching talk at the last quarter and somehow we all seemed to play the game that we played in the first half of the season no enforced errors and working all together as a team – winning the last quarter by 11.

Team today - Lucy Skelton, Amber Moore, Chaz Southcott, Becky Allen, Megan Pointer, Hanae Sbai, Joanne Wacey and Jo Montague.

Big thank you to Marion Hooke for coaching us today, Dave Allen for scoring and all of the supporters on the sideline. We are now third but girls we just need to keep fighting and need to play from the first quarter. It is hard to turn the game around when go down by such a large amount. Having said that great last quarter by all and didn’t give up fighting til the end

Jo M

HERTS  LEAGUE – 5th February 2017


What a game we had today! After a couple of losses we were up against joint 3rd with us Watford, us only ahead of them in the table by goal difference. We knew they would want it badly, especially as we beat them by 6 goals in our first meeting. First quarter started out with our usual 5mins of unforced errors, letting them get a few ahead at the start, but we got ourselves sorted and ended up 1 up at the end of the first quarter 10-9, on our centre. I asked the girls to get us up to a 5 goal lead at half time and we did one better than that with 23-17 lead at that point. Third quarter we stretched out to 33-22, and eased off right at the end when meg tweaked her ankle (as we were down to 7 players at that point so no sub could have come on for the last 2 mins) so they got a couple of goals at the end but still a good score 46-37 to us.

Hanae Sbai and Megan Pointer had great vision today and worked together superbly picking off so many of their balls in. Lizzie Francis, Becky Allen, Joanne Wacey and Lili Herbert bringing up the ball through the court keeping it really safe and feeding into Amber Moore and myself. We really kept our heads and played wholly as a TEAM and this is the result – each and every one of you smashed it today well done it was a great game with a well deserved result.

Thanks to Julie Moore for scoring and all our supporters.


HARLOW LEAGUE – 31st January 2017


What a fantastic game tonight with everyone working so hard and playing so well. As we thought they would Tegate had their top guns out tonight and came out fast and furious and went 3 goals ahead before we got our composure and started to play our own game keeping the ball safe and working it through their zonal defence. Score at half time we were 3 goals down 13 – 10.

Back on for 2nd half and we needed to be much tighter on their GS and GA and our defence of Lizi Mitchell and Shona Mccabe did just that putting the pressure on and turning ball over. Anna Lisa Wacey working tirelessly at WD and putting loads of pressure on their centre passes and feeds into the circle.  Danny Fells gliding her way through the game as per usual linking up with Aislinn D’Silva at WA who had her first taste of playing against a very ‘angry’ Tegate WD but kept her cool and worked the ball around in the attack and was always available. Our shooting combo of Claire Goodall and Holly Shilston giving the Tegate defence all sorts of problems and putting the goals away with ease.

With 5 minutes to go we started to force Tegate to make errors and they started to panic. We kept our cool and stuck to our own game and got our noses in front. It was our turn to play keep the ball and we did exactly that. Final score Crosskeys 28 – Tegate 22. So proud of you all tonight what a great team performance. Player of the Match went to Danny x

Thanks to Hannah for scoring and to lovely supporters – we’ve missed your dulcet tones Shelley Jackson.



Good work tonight ladies – we got the win in the end 26-24, made hard work of it though pulling away only to let them catch us twice!! We got our act together when it counted and did the job. Think we need to work on keeping our turnovers safe, and perhaps bounce passes as they worked really well tonight but we don’t often do them so some went awry! Should be enough to keep our 3rd place in the table.

Lovely defence from Lizi Mitchell and Jo Montague, Zoe getting some lovely interceptions linking well to Michelle Seary and Joanne Wacey, with a welcome back to Harlow league for Shelley Jackson.

POM went to me (somehow!

Thanks to Beryl for scoring, Karen for coaching and all our lovely supporters as usual


HERTS LEAGUE 22nd January 2017


Tough game today against this physical Buntingford team, unfortunately things just not gel great for us today – number of enforced errors which really handed them the win.

We can still do this girls , we just need to keep our heads & listen to each other. We have beaten all the other teams and we know are good enough to do this as a team.

Team today - Lucy Skelto,n Becky Allen, Amber Moore, Lili Herbert, Joanne Wacey, Megan Pointer, Hanae Sbai and Jo Montague.

Thank you to the supporters and Kirsty Herbert for scoring.


HERTS LEAGUE – 15th January 2017

Herts League

First match back after Christmas in this league – we lost this match first time around and we were out for revenge to maintain top spot, unfortunately things did not go to plan.

First quarter was a bad quarter and we went down too much to really get it back. We had a lot of unforced errors across the court to which Turnford took full advantage going down by 11 in the first was a big low to us.

Taking 10 players today meant there were a lot of changes each quarter, the girls never gave up but we just could not pull back the advantage they took to begin with.

Few things to work on at training but we can still do this girls we just need to keep fighting.

Team today - Lucy Skelton, Chaz Southcott, Amber Moore, Lili Herbert, Becky Allen, Joanne Wacey, Megan Pointer, Lizzie Francis, Hanae Sbai and Jo Montague.

Thanks to Kirsty Herbert for scoring and all of our supporters.

Jo M

HERTS LEAGUE  - 8th January 2017

Joyce has asked me to do the write up for today. Great game at stanborough for Herts 2 today with a win of 46-31. Bottom of the league, Cosmic, turned up with some new tall players that gave us a challenge.

We finished the first quarter 8 up so took Joyce and Lizzie off and going into the second quarter, Romilly came on at GS and myself at GK. We held our lead and did a final swap for the third quarter putting Joyce and Lizzie back on to get some of that height in. Emma came on at C to get some really good interceptions! We kept it the same for the final quarter to give ourselves a comfortable win.

Overall a really good game and was really nice coming home and playing again.

Romilly Scut, Emma Wacey, Joyce Barton,Molly Fozzard, Lizi Mitchell, Emily Allen, Michelle Seary, Zoe O’Grady and Amelia Davies.

Amelia D

HARLOW LEAGUE – 3rd January 2017

CROSSKEYS 3 : 29 vs. TEGATE 1: 27

Well what can I say about this game – we were a few players down tonight but Lily Fakile and Jess Wacey stepped up to help out and what a great game they both had.

Lucy Skelton and Lily pit put some lovely shots up with some loving feeding into the circle by Michelle Seary and Jess. Defence of myself, Lizi Mitchell and Caz danby worked tirelessly in and around the circle. Half time we took 3 goal lead. Tegate made some changes at half time but we all kept our heads and took the win.

Team – Lucy, Lily, Jess, Michelle, Caroline Danby, Jo Montague and Lizi Mitchell. Thanks to Joanne Wacey for scoring, Karen Heskett and Marion Hooke for coaching and supporters. Great win girls

Jo M

HERTS LEAGUE – 11th December 2016

Crosskeys 2 73 – Turnford 4 25

I thought going into this game it was going to be tight contested game against Turnford. We took a good lead in the first quarter, but then unfortunately for them their goal shooter went over on her ankle and they had no subs so they went down to six. We played the ball down the court really well with everyone working hard to get the ball down the court.

Going into the last quarter – we gave ourselves a target to hit 70 goals in order to get our goal difference up as this will be important at the end of the season. Great game by everyone today – team was Lucy Skelton, Chaz Southcott, Amber Moore, Becky Allen, Lizzie Francis, Cam Brown, Emma Wacey and Jo Montague. Thanks to Cam and Emma for playing up, Joanne Wacey for scoring and supporters on the sideline

Jo M

HARLOW LEAGUE – 29th November 2016


Always set to be a competitive game against each other. With Lizzie stick in traffic quick re-org at the start with me and Caz working in defence. Michelle bought the ball down well with Zoe and some great link up with Aislinn and Lucy in the circle. We gradually pulled away in the first half and managed to maintain lead with defensive circle returning to normal. The 2nd team didn’t give up all throughout the match.

Well done everyone
Team 3 - Lucy Skelton, Aislinn D’Silva, Michelle Seary, Zoe O’Grady, Caroline Danby,  Jo Montague and Lizi Mitchell
Player of match – Myself – thanks girls

Thanks to Marion Hooke and Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching and all supporters

Jo M


CROSSKEYS 4 – 33 vs CROSSKEYS 5 – 29

We started off very slowly today and in the first quarter we were very lethargic – not fighting for the ball, getting lost behind the opposition and the attacking circle just wasn’t working. Quarter time saw us losing 13-3.

After a little switch around, as we were playing with 2 new players today, we started to find our feet, work together and our game improved throughout the court, however Crosskeys 5 were playing fantastically and although we started to pull back the half time score was 21-13 to Crosskeys 5.

Another change and pep talk saw us go out in quarter 3 a different team Kate Pink and Sophie Beaumont were awesome in defence making interception after interception and made it incredibly difficult for the Crosskeys 5 GA and GS. Anna Barton, Amy Carpenter and Honey Conquest were linking up well in centre court, attacking and defending well and using their speed to out run the opposition. Myself and Reah Leanne Norris had started to link up well in the attacking circle and our shooting was improving goal by goal. At the end of this quarter we were only 4 behind 22-26.

We continued our fantastic play in quarter 4 and although Crosskeys 5 put up a good fight we continued to dominate the game and made turnover after turnover. Although we made hard work of it, we eventually won the game 33 – 29.

Today’s game goes to prove you should never give up.

Well done to Crosskeys 5 you played fabulously and were great opposition.

A massive well done to all my lovely Crosskeys 4 girls. Each one of you played fantastically and contributed to today’s win. So proud of you all.

Well done to Reah for getting today’s POM, very well deserved.

A massive thank you to Wendy Chambers for umpiring for us today, greatly appreciated.

Team :- Kate pink, Sophie Beaumont, Anna Barton, Amy Carpenter, Honey Conquest, Lisa Best and Reah Norris.


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2- 27th November 2016


Despite being second from bottom in the table (due to a couple of draws) a game against ASCO is never an easy one, and today certainly proved how closely matched and competitive all the teams are in this division. We only had 4 of our original 10 woman squad available today – eek! So put out some new combinations again. The entire game went basically goal for goal, it was so nerve wracking to watch. At the end of the first quarter due to centre pass timing we were ahead by 3, but ASCO managed two more turnovers than we did (due to some passing errors – think we need more work on this in training pls Karen!) in quarter 2 so that they were leading by one goal at half time. We switched up the attack at half time to try unsettle them, and went out with one aim, which was to keep the ball safe when we had possession. We did this a bit better, and managed to secure a 3 goal lead at the end of period 3.  We then had a stern team talk that it was even more vital now that we had the lead to make every pass a safe one, no matter how much we needed to reset it, and keeping all of our centres would mean we would win the game. We know from bitter experience how easily a game can switch when this close, and every single one of the team put this into practice, evidenced by the fact it took 5 mins (I looked at the clock) in the 4th quarter for us to score from the first centre! (It got turned over a couple of time by both teams in that time, we didn’t just take that long to move it 20 feet!) we capatilised on a couple of turnovers too to win the game 48-43. Massive effort from everyone throughout today, it was a tough game, but we kept our heads and prevailed! Thank you so much to Lizi Mitchell, Jess Wacey, Georgina Dobson and Emily Allen for playing up for us, Dave for being super scorer, and all our supporters. Lucy Skelton, Lizzie Francis and Becky Allen completed the team.

Herts don’t usually do a POM, but I’d like to give special mention to Lizzie Francis who was always there backing up, and was instrumental for us getting the ball safely through the mid court, and there supporting when we needed to reset.

Well done girls




Wasn’t the best condition’s for outdoor netball today but Crosskeys 4 stepped up to the challenge and played with great skill and determination.

Both Kate Pink and Lizzie Everett defended well and made some fantastic interceptions and the centre court which consisted of Amy Carpenter, Hayley Jones and Reah Norris battled hard, made numerous interceptions and linked the defensive and attacking ends with ease.

Myself and Louise Ayliffe worked well together in the attacking circle and shot well.

Although the game was a little scrappy at times and on occasions we lowered our game to mirror that of our opposition on the whole we played fantastically and achieved a dominant win of 29-9.

Well done to Reah Norris for getting today’s POM. Well deserved.

A massive thank you to Louise Ayliffe who stepped in to help us out at the last minute, you are a star. Hope you feel better soon Sophie Beaumont.

Thanks to both Jordan Hinks and Wendy Chambers for umpiring and to Marion Hooke for supporting and coaching us.


HERTS LEAGUE Div2 – 20th November 2016

CROSSKEYS 2 51 vs. NOMADS 2 31

Going into this game we knew this was going to tough match – looked like this team had played together for a long time. From the outset we took the lead and never looked back gaining more advantage at each quarter.

Brand new centre court combination of Lizzie Francis, Emily Allen and Lizzy Dawson brought the ball down well end to end, with both ends of the circles working really together, Chaz Southcott and Lucy Skelton making some lovely shots and great defending from myself and Lizi Mitchell making it tough for Nomads to shoot.

Fresh legs at centre with Michelle Seary coming on and Emily moving to WA. We pulled away to take the lead.

Thanks to Dave for scoring & to the girls played up today

Jo M

HARLOW LEAGUE – 8th November 2016

This was a nail biting game with great shooting from both ends so turnovers played an important part. Keys were trailing by a couple of goals most of the first half until the last minute when they went 1 up 21-20.
With the team settled no changes were made and a few pointers made we continued to battle through the second half. With a few unforced errors  we went down by 3 and couldn’t quite get it back losing 37-34.
A close game which we can turn around on the return.
Well done to Ashlinn GA(Pom), and the squad Joyce GS, Hannah H WA, Emma Wacey C, Emily Allen WD, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi GD and Kate Pink GK playing up for us (thank you) marking tightly, doing a great job V a GS who’s was a key player on the opposing side.


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2 – 6th November 2016


This was a great win today for us, coming off the back of a game we really should have won last time, you can nothing for granted.

We took the lead from early in the 1st quarter and never looked back. Everyone worked their socks off today in order to build our goal difference wish will be key towards to end of the season.

Chaz Southcott and Becky Allen worked lovely in the shooting circles putting up slightest shots. Lili Herbert, Joanne Wacey and Megan Pointerworking the ball lovely down the court. Cam Brown and myself making some lovely interceptions breaking Hornets attack down.

Change at half time – fresh set of legs at centre saw Emily Allen coming again running effortlessly up and down the court making lovely feeds and interceptions. At the end of the third quarter we were up by 24 and said to the team lets try and get 30 goal led at end of the match – one last switch Jo in for Lili and we got that lead.

Well played everyone thanks to Cam and Emily for playing up today, Dave Allen for scoring, all the supporters and Holly Shilston for those action shots!

Jo M

BISHOPS STORTFORD LEAGUE Div 1 – 6th November 2016

Well after having a team yesterday afternoon then losing 2 players then finding replacement players we finally had a team so a very cold morning against top of table knew it was gonna be a hard game the girls started really well in first 2 qtrs going into half time down by 6. Unfortunately in yhe  second half Sparks pulled away to take the win, but I must say the girls never gave up. Well done all involved.

Team today: Hannah B, Hannah H, Alice, Georgina, Kirsty, Megan, Wendy and Amber well done to Hannah B on POM.  We will get them next time.


HARLOW LEAGUE – 1st November 2016


As ever, a lovely head to head tonight between our teams. Crosskeys 3 came out all guns blazing and halfway through the first half we surprised ourselves with a sizeable lead or 6 goals. Sadly we let it drop with some silly errors and halftime scores were nail biting neck and neck. Second half we couldn’t hold on and had a run of unforced errors, though picked it up and got a few back at the end. Final score 27-34 (I think Marion?)

Thank you to Marion Hooke for scoring and Emma Wacey for playing up for us – you had a brilliant game.

Not sure who got POM can someone tell me pls?

So much Netball love in our club thanks for all our supporters tonight – nice to have a crowd!



Great game by 2 strong teams tonight Crosskeys 1 did come away with the win but was a really well fought game.  Well done girls !
Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Amber Moore, Anna Wacey (POM)
Cam Brown, Lauren Ayers and Shona McCabe
Thanks for scoring Kerry Webb and coaching from Karen Heskett and, just as Chaz Southcott said, so amazing having so much support from everyone and was nice to see you Georgia Das,look forward to seeing you back on court soon!!


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2- 23rd October 2016

FINAL SCORE: Crosskeys 43 vs. Abbey Flyers 43

We got off to a good start taking a few goal lead – but then Hanae Sbai went over on her ankle so all change in defence, me moving into the cycle with Megan Pointer and Lizzie Francis coming on at WD.
The game was close all through the 2nd & 3rd quarter with some lovely shooting from both Lucy Skelton and Chaz Southcott, with great support from Lili Herbert and Joanne Wacey.
Last quarter went in with a 2 goal lead and managed to pull this away to 9 at one point but with some unforced errors they came back at us and managed to sneak the draw. This should have been ours today so need to ensure we beat them on the return leg!!

Massive thank you to Hannah Hogan for scoring and Hanae wish you a speedy recovery.

Jo M



I’m so pleased to say that Crosskeys 6 had their first win of the season this morning.
against Corkers.  We won 22-4.
Not much else to say except I’m so proud of my Back to Netball ladies. They have come so far since the summer and I know they will continue to get stronger and stronger.
Well done  Lisa Gingee Davey,  Lisa May,  Sam Davey,  Kate Hill(POM),  Maria Neglia Gibilaro,  Lesley Galloway Weight, Laura Calton and Michelle Lavender


HARLOW LEAGUE- 11th October 2016

Crosskeys 4 v Tegate Falcons

The first three points went well for us to night and then unfortunately it all started to go horribly wrong. We remained positive but despite our best efforts finished the first half 10 goals down, 9/19. A quick chat from Karen and a small change in centre court and on we went again, we won this half easily and played some great netball, final score 29/34 to Tegate. Certainly a game we can win next time around, well played everyone, a very good recovery and we almost did it!

PoM Nichola B.C., well played.

Squad, myself, Ashlinn de Silver, Emilly Allen, Mollard Fozzard, Claire Montague , Zoe Griffiths, Hannah Hogan and Nicola BC thanks for coaching Karen.,



Crosskeys 6 vs Hotshotz

We started off a bit slow only scoring 4 goals in the first 2 quarters! So at half time the score was 24 – 4 to Hotshotz. However, by the 3rd quarter we seemed to pick it up a bit and equaled the quarter with 5 goals each making it 29 – 9. The ladies did a fantastic job in the last quarter and we managed to win that one 7 – 3 making the final score 32 – 16 and just scraped a point from the match.

Well done to my team  Sam Davey GA,  Lisa Gingee Davey GD,  Lisa May GK,  Maria Neglia Gibilaro WA/C,  Lesley Galloway WeightWA, Laura Carlton WD, Michelle L C, Fiona Stretton-Emerson GS


HARLOW LEAGUE –  4th October 2016

Crosskeys 3 (32) vs tegate harriers (29)

Great game from everyone tonight and we kept focused on a tight game to take the win – despite a few hard decisions right near the end (it was nail biting!!). We made good use of the new rules and just grabbed every ball for side and back lines which really worked well.

Team line up: Lucy Skelton, Aislinn D’Silva (thanks for helping out), Zoe O’Grady, Joanne Wacey, Caroline Danby Jo Montague Lizi Mitchell

Thanks to Marion Hooke for coaching and scoring for us



Crosskeys won against Turnford 2: 56-29

A fantastic game played by all. After leading by 6 goals at the end of the first quarter, we had certainly found our rhythm. Not being tempted to fall into the Turnford traps, we took our time passing the ball down the court; passing the ball around the circle edge waiting for the opportunity to pass in. Our calm and collected play allowed us to storm trough the game. Our best quarter being the 3rd which we won by 10 goals. Well played everyone, same again next week! Holly Shilston, Lucy Skelton, Georgia Das, Shona Mccabe, Megan Pointer, Jo Montague

Jennifer Sarah

BISHOPS STORTFORD LEAGUE – 25th September 2016


All a bit hectic before we stepped on court as a number of our squad were unavailable for todays match and one of our players got injured yesterday leaving us with 6 players. Wishing Hayley Jones a speedy recovery and very much looking forward to having you back on court soon.

But our Crosskeys family came good and Jacqui Atkinson and Louise Ayliffe from team 5 stepped in to help us out. Greatly appreciated girls.

We started off slowly and took a quarter to settle and get used to playing alongside each other and at quarter time were only 3 goals up.

The second quarter saw a different team step on court. Jacqui and Kate were making interception after interception and Sophie, Amy and Kimberley were driving forward and bringing the ball up the court to our attacking circle well where myself and Louise were putting away goal’s with ease.

This play continued throughout the 3rd and 4th quarter (we did have 5 minutes of chaotic play in the last quarter but think tiredness had started to set in) and the final score saw us win with an impressive score of 32-13.

A fantastic enjoyable game today, despite the fact that I fell over in a less than graceful fashion. Well played everyone and a special well done to Kimberley Stafford for a great debut and getting today’s POM.

Thank you to Joanne Wacey for umpiring our game and to Marion Hookefor supporting and coaching us.

Team :- Jacqui Atkinson, Kate Pink, Sophie Beaumont, Amy Carpenter, Kimberley Stafford, Louise Ayliffe and Lisa Best.

Go Crosskeys!!!


We knew this was going to be a tough game and 1 minute we had a team and the next we didn’t have once all sorted we went over with mixed feelings but all up for it .
The first qtr was not good and we came off 3-15 but we knew we collectively could do better little team talk and on we go again 2nd qtr finishing 10-26. Right now we make some radical changes and 3rd qtr was ours score now 20-32 final qtr and we just needed to hold that point final score 24-38. Good effort from all today
Team:  Amber Plowman, Wendy Chambers, Sarah Parker, Kirsty Herbert, Megan Jarvis, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, Hannah Hogan and thank you to,,Chaz Southcott and Anna Wacey for playing for us .
POM went to Sarah



Crosskeys 4 v’s Saffron Walden 2

A new Crosskeys team made up of a group of ladies of mixed ages and abilities who were all raring to play today.

It’s was our first time playing together as a team and although I’m sure it’ll take a few games for us to gel, not get in each others way and learn our other team members game, everyone gave 100% and played fantastically. Our defence marked tightly, making many interceptions and our centre court worked extremely hard picking up loose balls and driving forward well putting some excellent balls into our attacking circle. Our shooters shooting was spot on.

On the whole a fantastic first game and win. Final score Crosskeys 4 29- Saffron Walden 21.

POM selected by Saffron Walden went to a well deserving Kim Burt whose shooting was top class. Well done Kim.

Squad: Kate Pink, Lizzie Everett, Sophie Beaumont, Amy Carpenter, Hayley Jones, Reah Norris, Lisa Best, Kim Burt

Thank you to Wendy Chambers for umpiring, so kind of you.

A thoroughly enjoyable game of netball with a great bunch of ladies. Really looking forward to the coming season.


TURNFORD SENIOR LEAGUE -12th September 2016

Crosskeys 1 – 35
Turnford 1 – 42

A fantastic game tonight with demonstrations of some great netball skills. Despite trailing at half term, a quick switch around which saw some players catapulting to the opposite end of the court benefitted the squad immensely. We came back fighting and won the second half by four goals. Despite the result, a fantastic game and definitely something to be proud of.

Well played Holly Shilston, Lucy Skelton, Georgia Das, Shona Mccabe, Megan Pointer and Jo Montague.

Jenifer Sarah

HERTS LEAGUE- 11thySeptember 2016

Crosskeys 2 46 vs. Bishops Stortford 38

Great start to season today for this team. First quarter saw us take around 8 goal lead which maintained throughout the whole game. Some lovely defending from Hanae Sbai and Megan Pointer in the circle. The ball was flowing well down court with great linkages between Becky Allen and Georgina Dobson, feeding into circle and some great shooting by Chaz Southcott and Lucy Skelton.

At half time Amber Moore came on in replace of Lucy and Chaz moving to shooter. Again some loving shooting and was able to keep our lead. Last quarter small switch with Chaz and Lucy.

Well played everyone and some great things that we can work on over the coming weeks. Thanks to Fabio for scoring and supporters.

Jo M

HARLOW LEAGUE – 6th September 2016
Crosskeys 3 vs Buntingford

A hot and sticky game to start the season tonight – we had a good start capatalising in their rustiness (for a change – it’s usually us!) as they kept lobbing the ball off the back for the first 5 mins. They settled and came back at us in the first half, ending a close 19-17 to us. We then decided to let them have a shot at us, as for a funny 5 mins in the second half Michelle and I lost all ability to get out for the centre pass, along with some dire umpiring, to leave us level pegging for a tense few minutes, but we sorted ourselves out and smashed out a few in a row, followed by keeping our cool and keeping the ball safe until the final bell, ending up with a win 36-32. Proud of the fight back from the team this evening when run of play was against us, showing we can do it if we don’t let our heads drop!

Lovely shooting from Lucy Skelton (their POM), tough defence from Lizi Mitchell and Caroline Danby, with some lovely space around the centre from Joanne Wacey Michelle Seary and Zoe O’Grady

Well done girls – kestrels next

Thanks to Marion Hooke for scoring and Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching


TURNFORD SENIOR LEAGUE – 5th September 2016

Crosskeys 2 V Oasis
A great start to the season for this team playing together for the first time. We got off to an excellent start, and led by 30 to 9 by the end of the second quarter. The defense were excellent, making numerous interceptions and the speedy midfield played the ball quickly up court with some excellent feeds into the circle. Oasis came back strongly in the 3rd quarter but we held on to our lead to finish 41-21. Well played everyone!

GK Lizi Mitchell
GD Caroline Danby
WD Nichola Brichieri-Colombi
C/WA Charlotte Barton
WA/C Katie Woodstock
GA Emma Kennett
GS Joyce Barton

Emma Kennett



Crosskeys 1 -45 Tegate 1 -48
Frustrating end to a great game some really great netball for us tonight just lost it at the end but close game all the way! Well done to Hanae Sbai and Amber Moore for playing up to the first team and doing really well.  Great play from the whole team tonight !
Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Anna Wacey, Danny, Jennifer and Sarah
Thanks Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching tonight so glad we had you there to keep us motivated and focused in a tough match !


Crosskeys 2 35 – Cheshunt 1 44

Quarter 1 saw Cheshunt start with 6 players, we capitalised on this slightly going 9 8 up, with some great shooting from Becky Allen and Chaz Southcott, supported by great feeds into the circle from Lili Herbert andJoanne Wacey.

Q2 saw change in shooting circle with Lucy Skelton coming on. We had some great turnovers in defence from Megan Pointer and Cam Brown, bringing the ball down the court and again some great shooting – however we went down 23 19.

Q3 again another change made – Becky going into the centre – we came out all guns blazing and finished the quarter 3 down going into the last quarter.

Q4 final change saw Lili coming off and Jo coming back on at wing attack – unfortunately not quite our night tonight going down a further 6 on the last quarter.

It was a great game tonight girls, all kept ours heads and we all kept fighting. Thanks cam for playing up. Emily Allen for scoring, Melanie Boulton for coaching and all of our supporters tonight.

Seeing as we have different combinations each week we are doing well this season

Jo M



Win for Crosskeys: 47 -32



Crosskeys 1 V Crosskeys 2
Good spirited match tonight on a slippery surface saw us all out for a tough match. The 2s got off to a good start and after the first qtr we were drawing 11-11. A few changes by the 1s and one change for the 2s and on we played. The firsts stepped up a gear and they managed to take lead at half time to 25-16. The 2s continued to battle on but the 1s on a roll with Claire Goodall and Holly Shilston pairing well together, they increased their lead. The 2s defence of Jo Montague and Hanae Sbai along with meg pointer did a great job marking tight and getting some good interceptions although the final score doesn’t reflect the fact that I think we gave the 1s a good game. Lovely to see younger players playing alongside the older ones! The mix certainly makes for good teams.
Final score 51-31 to 1s.

Well done to both teams for a good match and to the coaches, scorers and supporters. Good luck both teams in all your future summer league matches.

Jo W


Crosskeys 6 V Lea Park Ladies
26 – 28
A slow start tonight saw team 6 losing at half time by 18 goals to 7. All change – literally – everyone changing position at half time and it all suddenly clicked and we started to play as a team. Great defending byNicola Arnold and Wendy Merry in the circle helped by Jenny Hicks at WD bringing the ball up through the court together with Laurel Peck at C andDanielle Arnold at WA playing some lovely netball working the ball to the attacking circle. Some lovely feeds by Karen Elizabeth Heskett at GA wink emoticoninto Daisy Perry at GS to sink the goals. We actually won the 2nd half by 19 goals to 10 but unfortunately lost the game by 2 goals. Well done everyone and a special well done to Laurel Peck playing her first senior game in the Turnford Summer League – hope I haven’t scared you off.



Crosskeys 1 v Turnford 1
Put up a good show for 3 of the quarters in this game. Turnford had most of their Prem side out so given they’re 4 divisions above us in the winter we did pretty well in those quarters. Unfortunately we had a bit of a shocker in the 2nd quarter and Turnford used this to their advantage and pulled away. Final score 33-17 to Turnford.

Team was Lauren Ayers, Jennifer Monger, Anna Wacey, Danny Fells, Georgia Das, Claire Goodall, Holly Shilston and Nicole Saunders. Thanks also to Karen and Lynn. Good effort girls, shame we didn’t get closer.


TURNFORD SUMMER LEAGUE Div1 – 18th April 2016

Crosskeys 1 v Cheshunt 1

First game of the summer league for us tonight and it was a close one the whole way through. Cheshunt were leading by 1 at the end of the 3rd quarter and managed to pull away in the final quarter. Final score 40-34 to Cheshunt. Well played girls – shame we couldn’t quite get those few goals back. Team was Lauren Ayers, Jennifer Monger, Anna Wacey, Georgia Das, Claire Goodall, Joyce Barton and Nicole Saunders. Thanks to Joyce for playing for us tonight, Karen for coaching and Lynn Ayers for scoring.


LEVENTHORPE LEAGUE Div2 – 8th March 2016


Well the Crosskeys Old Girls were back on form last night with the help of the younger and faster legs of Hannah Hogan,who had a fantastic game as WA and made lots of interceptions to turn the play around and get the ball back into our shooters,Karen Heskett and Joyce Barton, who both shot well throughout the game. Nicolene Van Rensburg had a great game as centre and covered the whole court brilliantly. The defence, Wendy Merry, Nicky Arnold and Jenny Hicks also had a great game turning the ball around time after time, even though in the 2nd half we made a few sloppy passes we managed to regain possession against a lesser experienced team. Final score 26-5 well played everyone!



Well last game of season today for us and apart from losing our first game to Bishops Stortford we have had a clean sweep. So I am glad to say we have definitely won the league.
This team has had a regular line up: Kirsty Herbert, Lisa Best, Hannah Hogan, Nichola Colombi, Megan Jarvis, Wendy Chambers, Sarah Parker and Julie Moore.  Also Amber Plowman who due to injury has not played for a while.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the following who, at some point, have played and helped us achieve this placing; Hannah Bishop, Megan Williams, Lily Luffman, Tegan Lintonbon, Kate Henshall, Justine Poulter and Anita Griffiths

Our last game today was against Swans 2. Final score was 35-15. POM went to Justine well done, great play at GD.
I must just say it has been a thoroughly enjoyable season especially for me being able to play GS partnering most of my old junior team at GA. I look forward to the summer where I hope to play with Olivia Burn, Nada and Verity.  I will then have covered a shooting partnership with all my old juniors who shoot. I hope that introducing them into their adult netballing in a comfortable environment has helped them along their way getting them ready for September and their full move into adult teams


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2 – 6th March 2016


I spent all week trying to find a team and , finally, Ihad 8 players. We knew this was going to be a quick skilful game, so we knew what we were up against from the start. We went into the first quarter with a game plan and it did not work out, score at the end of the 1st quarter we were down 15-7. Big team talk at quarter time, swapping Lucy Skelton for Joyce Barton. It was like it was a different team,  making no mistakes in keeping the ball and working hard to feed the circle. Half time score 23-23, this was thanks to some amazing turnovers by Emma Wacey, and the team started to gel. Third quarter I made a change in defence swapping Jo Montague andEstelle Williams. We needed some speed in the circle and Jo’s arms over that feed. Again swapping Lucy and Joyce in as shooter keeping their GK on her toes. This quarter saw some amazing turnovers by defence and some excellent feeds by the attack. 3rd quarter score 40-30 to Crosskeys. Last quarter we knew we had to keep going as Turnford lost their heads. Chaz Southcott had a great game against their very physical GD, we pulled away by even more. Final score Crosskeys 56- Turnford 38.  I would like to say how well Emma played. She has great fitness, positions herself really well and her vision is outstanding for someone of her age. Definitely my player of the match. Thanks to Joyce, Estelle, and Emma for playing up. And thanks to Fabio for scoring. Another great win girls.


TURNFORD SERNIOR LEAGUE – 29th February 2016

Crosskeys 1 vs HH Rangers

Bit of a mish- mash of a team tonight. However still a great game in the freezing cold. Thanks to Lauren Ayers and Caroline Danby for playing for us tonight. And well done the rest of you playing out of position. Good win 32-24. Well done girls:


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2 – 28th February 2016


This was a closely contested game all the way through. Crosskeys went down by 5 in the first 10 minutes, and I thought- “oh no not again”. But with some amazing quick turnarounds we ended the first quarter even. Going into the second quarter, we made a change to attack and Lili Herbert came on and Jo M went in as GK,  with the instructions for defence to be tighter on the very quick attack players. The game was very even, however we went two down. It was a constant battle with very few goals between us all the time. We went into the third quarter 2 goals down, made a few changes; Sophie Chambers came off and Michelle went into WD. Again there were some great moments of netball, however w e could still have been tighter in the defending circle and more consistent with our feeds. By the end of the third quarter we were 3 goals up, all we had to do is keep it. We kept the team the same for last quarter just swapping Jo W and Michelle for some fresh legs in the middle. Omega were coming back strong and slowly getting those goals back. With five minutes left they were 2 up. We made two lovely turnovers and the score was even with 30 secs to go. All we have to do is score. With a scary 6 seconds on the clock Lucy Skelton got the winning goal, making the final score 50 to Crosskeys 49 Omega. Well done girls. Thanks to everyone who came over to support. Thanks to Fabio for scoring and Karen Heskett for giving some words of wisdom. Well done girls.



We go with 7 today this should be ok with me supporting and drinking tea kindly brought by Sue Bishop . How wrong can I be!

First quarter we see all the team: Hannah Bishop, Hannah Hogan, Lisa Best, Kirsty Herbert, Megan Jarvis,Wendy Chambers and Sarah Parker taking a strong lead, then an injury Sarah has done her thumb again!!  I now need to go on as GK . We continue to play good netball in the 2nd quarter and we have a 7 goal lead. In the 3rd quarter we switch a bit – Hannah H into GD Wendy dropping back Hannah B to GA and me to GS. I feel much better now less running.  Oh dear although Kirsty, Meg and Lisa are tirelessly controlling the mid court Mystix’s have brought it to only 4 in it . Quarter 4, a quick team talk and  we must now go back on and fight – and fight we did. Everyone put in 100% aiming to keep possession and only pushing forward when perfect. Wendy and I although (very tired) stole some fantastic interceptions. Mid court kept the ball safe by moving it around with short flat passes which were then fed into the two Hannah’s who just kept popping them in. Brilliant play ladies!
Final score 37 – 27. POM went to me – not sure how.
Thank you to Julie Hayes for umpiring Joanne Wacey for coming over thinking she was umpiring Sue for my tea and Jakki Howard again being there to support
One more match girls and promotion is ours. Wishing Sarah better.


BISHOPS STORTFORD LEAGUE Div2 – 22nd February 2016

Not the best of conditions yesterday very windy and bitter. I am sorry to say that Team 5 only had 6 players due to sickness at the last minute but still came to the game with full determination.  I am afraid that it just wasn’t meant to be their day. Final score 40-9.

Team 3 played well throughout and utilised their upper hand of a full 7. The game was played in good spirits.
Team 3 – Julie Moore, Hannah Bishop, Hannah Hogan, Megan Williams, Megan Jarvis, Wendy Chambers and Sarah Parker.
POM – Megan Williams.
Team 5 – Jackie,  Carla Scott, Tegan Lintonbon, Jo,  Julie( new player) and Kathy Wallace.
POM – Tegan
Must say it is good to to see the younger players getting the POM’s.


TURNFORD SENIORLEAGUE – 15th February 2016.

A win for Crosskeys 2 tonight against Phoenix. Final score was 23-13. A very low scoring game. Was a bit cold and wet which didn’t help, but I think we played at the level of the opposition and not to our full potential! The goal difference could have been much bigger if we’d got going a bit more…we were definitely the better side by far and won every quarter! Well done girls, some good play throughout the court tonight. Special thanks to Estelle Williams and Hanae Sbai for braving the weather and helping us out tonight. Squad: Hanae Sbai, Lulu Simpson, Megan Jarvis, Natasha Atkinson, Nichola Colombi, Estelle Williams and Caroline Danby



Crosskeys 1 win 41-20.

Great play girls! We used, and kept, our heads tonight playing in rubbish conditions and in a bit of a tense game. We produced a solid performance and  thanks to Hanae Sbai for playing two games.

Squad was: Lucy Skelton, Holly Shilston, Georgia Das, Hannah Sbai, Jennifer Monger, Sarah, Jo Wacey and Jo Montague. Good work girls !!


HARLOW LEAGUE – 9thFebruary 2016


Final Score ;26-25TO US!!!  A great game tonight girls so proud of how we handled ourselves tonight and played amazingly, even with all the pressure.  They had their big guns out tonight and we fought them the whole match, so proud of our performance.  well done Louisa Sorrensen, Claire Goodall, Georgia Das, Danny (POM!!), Nicole Saunders and Lauren Ayers. Thanks to Karen Heskett for her coaching, that really helped tonight, and to Lizi Mitchell for scoring.



With 4 of our squad struck down / unavailable we had to borrow Lucie Sudworth and Esther Roberts tonight – thanks for playing twice guys!! We played some nice netball throughout – defence of the Montagues andCcazza did some great interceptions to turn the ball over for us, Lucie at C was her usual faster than a speeding bullet and got a well deserved POM; Zoe O’Grady fed brilliantly at WA and Esther and I evidently decided to practice our rebounds tonight which we were ace at if I do say so myself, leaving us comfortable 37-19 winners at the end. Thanks to Lizi Mitchell for scoring for us too!! Well played everyone.


This was a horrible, wet morning for netball but the ladies in Team 5 just got on with the job in hand. Shooting was very tricky in these conditions and the ball extremely slippery so passing had to be short and accurate. Team 5 are also making it possible for some of the youth players to get games by incorporating them in their squad. This is excellent as the more we play the more we learn.
Hotshots were no match for our ladies today and we won fairly comfortably despite the tricky conditions.
Final Score Crosskeys 18 – Hotshots 6
POM Jo Kirkby (congratulations Jo)
SQUAD:- Kathy Wallace, Louise Ayliffe,  Lisa Goulden, Tegan Lintonbon-Baker, Jo Kirkby, Aimee Loader, Carla Scott,  Jacqui Atkinson.
Well done also to Fiona Stretton-Emerson for doing a great job umpiring.


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2 – 23rd January 2016

We started with a different formation to what I normally would. Hornets are top of the table so we knew it was going to be tough and a very fast game. Little pep talk to just say okay keep it steady, keep the ball do nothing silly and do NOT let them pull away, as the first quarters have been our weakness over the passes few games. So with plenty of hard work and a great defence from Hanae Sbai, Sophie, and Jo M, with great arms over the feed into the circle we went 3 goals up in the first quarter. The second quarter I brought Chaz Southcott as GS and Lucy Skelton came off. We really mixed it up in the circle and it made it a totally different game. Second quarter we went 2 goals up keeping it to short sharp bounce passes for the feed into the circle. It was anyone’s game, third quarter I brought Lili Herbert on and Joanne Wacey came off.  Some great turnovers by the defence and bringing it down the court, it just didn’t seem to be gelling in the circle with me and Chaz, so with 5 mins left of the third quarter I came off “injured” and Lucy came back on with some height in the circle. This really broke their game down, and we turned over the game by 4 straight goals. End of third quarter they were winning by 1. So it was all to play for in the last quarter Lili came off and Jo W went back to centre and  Michelle Seary at WA. All we had to do was keep the ball and get one turn over. The team battled really hard and got 3 turn overs. Making the final score Crosskeys 2 -47 Hornets 2- 43.  What a great win, now that was great netball. So proud of you all. Keep it up.

HARLOW LEAGUE – 12th January 2016


Well I’m pleased to say Crosskeys 2 got its mojo back tonight!  After a frustrating County tie on Sunday against this very team we put our game faces on and within a few minutes were 7-0 in the lead. We continued in similar fashion and ended up with a comfortable win 33-21. Lovely interceptions in defence by Jo Montague, Hanae Sbai and Zoe O’Grady, Lucie Sudworth had a stormer at C (2nd game on the trot) and, despite the  oppositions’ best efforts to wind her into submission, Shelley Dowsett ”the feeding machine”,  to POM Lucy Skelton who shot fabulously as ever. I ran around a bit and scored a couple of goals too. Thank you Hanae and Lucie for playing 2 in a row and helping us out tonight -Caroline Danby hope you’re feeling better! Thank you to our supporters, especially Steve Scutt for scoring and shouting out the score so professionally.


See we can easily do it girls- that was a nice warm up for ASCO on Sunday



FINAL SCORE   26 – 16 to us
Lovely morning for a game
With the second part of league starting today we are playing everyone again. We lost to BS last time we played them so this was a bit of a grudge match. The team consisted of Wendy Chambers, Sarah Parke, Megan Jarvis, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, Lisa Best, Hannah Hogan, Julie Moore and Hannah Bishop, playing her debut for an adult team.
We played well throughout although there were moments when we made a meal of it: like the first goal from our centre taking us 5 minutes to score putting us in the lead by 1. From this we never lost the lead, although they did manage to bring it back to within 1 . Wendy and Sarah played some brilliant defence albeit getting battered by a very contacty GA. Hannah B played extremely well putting in some extremely good shots, (always daunting to play with your old coach. Lol). In summary a well delivered performance. POM went to Nichola, well done


HARLOW LEAGUE – 15th December

Crosskeys 2 V Tegate Harriers

Not our night tonight ,- after being 1 goal down at half time we seemed to lose our way somehow in the second half. Everyone kept their heads up but it  just wasn’t our night. However, I would like to say Well Done to Becky Allen who played up for us a GA and fitted in with no problem and had great movement around the circle and sank some great goals.

Jo W

TURNFORD LEAGUE – 14th December 2015


Horrible conditions tonight to play netball, but the team played really well with some lovely interceptions from the defence - Jennifer, Sarah and Megan Pointer, with the ball being nicely brought down the court by Caroline Danby, Shona McCabe and Georgia Das, to end with some great shooting by  Holly Shilston and Lucy Skelton. Final score 35 27 to us. Well played everyone and thanks to Caz for playing twice and Megan coming over

Jo M

BISHOP STORTFORD LEAGUE – Division 2 13/12/2015


Not a good start as we get to  Birchwood only to find no netball posts set up, obviously a bit of a problem for our netball match and for me personally as if I’m playing shooter I like to sink 50 shots before a match!!! (OCD player).  Once sorted we knew we would have to try to play a calm, slower paced game as the court surface was wet and slippy which would make the game more difficult especially once the ball got wet and we would have to deal with a slippery ball as well!!!

It took us a good 5 minutes to settle into the game and initially we were slipping all over the court and slippery balls were flying everywhere. But once we found our form we were on fire and at quarter time we were winning 11-4.

We continued to go from strength to strength during the match and took full advantage of Mystix only having 6 players. Sarah and Wendy intercepted the slippery ball time after time and marked the GS and GA out of the game fantastically.

Nichola backed up Sarah and Wendy really well and along with Kirsty, Megan and Hannah picked up numerous loose slippery balls and drove the slippery ball up the court with great skill and ease.

Kirsty and Megan played some amazing slippery balls into me and Hannah and worked the attacking circle really well.

Our shooting was spot on today and despite the ball being slippy we got goal after goal.

Final score 35-13 to us.
A fantastic win today ladies but I feel we would of won even more convincingly if the weather conditions had of been better and we hadn’t had to deal with the slippery ball.

Well done Hannah Hogan for getting a well deserved POM.

Thank you to Julie Hayes for umpiring and to Amber Plowman and Beth Parker for supporting us despite the awful weather conditions. Much appreciated.

Squad :- Sarah Parker, Wendy Chambers, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, Kirsty Herbert, Megan Jarvis, Hannah Hogan Lisa and Best

A great game today ladies, we did ourselves and Julie Moore proud.



Tonight we played a ‘friendly’ against Tegate. What a game!! Everyone was amazing and gave 100% for the whole game battling for every loose ball and picking up lots of turnovers and converting them to goal. Working at what we have been doing at training for the last 3 sessions – quick release of the ball, losing our opponents and working the ball into the shooting circle. With a squad of 10 players we used the opportunity to play lots of different combinations all of which worked well. Score at 1/4 time and we were losing by 3 goals 10-7. Team talk – we needed more fight and needed to believe in how good we actually are and that is exactly what we did winning the 2nd quarter and bringing the half time score to 18 goals each. More changes and the 3rd quarter was very feisty both teams wanting to win against their local rivals. We pulled ahead in this quarter with some brilliant netball and Tegate had no answer for us. Score at 3/4 time we were winning 28 – 23. More changes and Tegate came out all guns blazing and despite continuing to play well they managed to pull the score back and go 3 goals in front with 3 minutes to go. But the fight was still there and we weren’t going to lay down and die quite yet we continued to play hard and turn the ball over and convert to goal. 30 seconds left and the score was 38 goals each we managed to take possession of the ball and get it to the shooting circle and we all held our breath as Lucy took the final shot of the match to sink the winning goal just as the klaxon went. A well deserved victory 39 goals to 38 – it felt like winning the world cup lol Crosskeys squad tonight a mixture of experience and youth – well done everyone you were all brilliant - Lucy Skelton, Claire Goodall, Amber Moore, Georgia Das, Danny Fells, Anna Wacey, Jennifer Monger, Shona Mccabe, Lauren Ayers and Hanae Sbai – thanks to our supporters and to Kerry Webb for scoring and to Patricia for umpiring.


BISHOP STORTFORD LEAGUE  Div 2 – 6th December 2015

THE NORTH WIND DID BLOW !!! (Nearly blew us away!)

The ladies certainly put on a good display of netball today in extremely “tricky” conditions. The wind just kept gusting and blowing the ball about all over the place!! The score at the end of the first quarter was something like 11-9 to us (a great effort in such windy weather).
We discussed a few tactics, decided to try and go forward for the ball and only feed the high ball in to Maya from the circle edge. During this quarter we steadily increased our lead with some great “turnover” ball from our defence and Annie picking up a lot of “loose” ball in the centre.
With a change made at each quarter we pulled further ahead of the opposition who simply had no answer to our superior height advantage throughout the court.
This was indeed a really good team effort from everyone. Congratulations to Jo Kirkby on POM award. Thank you to Wendy Chambers for umpiring for us. FINAL SCORE Crosskeys 33 Mystix 16.
SQUAD:- Maya Kolaska, Ellie Davies,  Kathy Wallace,  Lisa Goulden, Jo Kirkby,  Annie Kelly, Carla Scott and Jacqui Atkinson.


HARLOW LEAGUE – 1st December 2015

Crosskeys 1 beat Epping 1 tonight- not sure of the score but it was a comfortable win for the first team .
Thanks to Shelley Jackson-Dowsett for playing up and who got POM! Thanks to Hanae Sbai and Anna Wacey for also playing up, and well played Georgia Das for playing amazingly at GA ! Great win girls Danny , Nicole Saunders, Claire Goodall.  Thanks Kerry Webb for scoring and Karen Heskett for coaching us  and thanks for the support from Marion Hooke.


TURNFORD LEAGUE – 30th November 2015

Crosskeys 2 v Omega 3.
First of all well done to all of us tonight for playing in the torrential rain… I have just about warmed up again! Was a frustrating game tonight – we won the first quarter (just), but looked like the better team all round. Quarter 2 was a bit of a shocker, silly passes, footwork and not taking our time meant we were soon losing. We came out fighting 3rd quarter – pulling back goal after goal and really settling into a steady game. Unfortunately for us all games were called off and the score stood at 18 – 21 to omega. Really unlucky there as I’m confident we would’ve kept pushing past them and taken the win.  Team: Romilly Scutt, Sophie Felstead, Megan Jarvis, Natasha Atkinson, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi,Jessica Enemokwu and Caroline Danby



We started off slow, just finding our feet the weather was horrible. We knew they were going to be very quick in attack, and physical in defence. It was an up and down game with the score. Very close all the way through. We went into the last quarter 2 goals down and ended up winning 26-24. Massive thank you to the youth players helping us out tonight- Hanae Sbai at GS and Becky Allen at WA, and Megan Pointer at WD all played brilliantly. Thanks girls. X and thanks to Lizi Mitchell for scoring.


BISHOP STORTFORD LEAGUE – 29th November 2015

Tough game today out in the wind and cold but a good fight nevertheless. We had a good start, finishing the first quarter only one goal down, with great interceptions from the defence and feeding from the attack. However after that quarter we finished two goals ahead after working hard to bring the ball down the court and feed into the circle. We maintained this lead as the end of the third quarter we were still two goals ahead, unfortunately we did lose our lead due to some umpiring misfortunes from the opposition . The final score was 28-28. Well played everyone, great defence today with wonderful interceptions and the centre court players all worked hard to help get the ball in the circle and our attack did a great job shooting in the wind today. Special thanks to Molly Fozzard for playing before work and Wendy Chambers for umpiring. POM: Jess, and very well deserved !!!  Great result under the circumstances girls. Squad: Anita Griffiths, Joyce Barton, Hannah Hogan, Emma Thomson, Jessica Enemokwu, Jo Kirkby, Molly Fozzard and Kate Peacock.



Well what can I say it was just one of those games!!!  Crosskeys 2 vs Hatfield Magpies. The first quarter Crosskeys were still in the car park. We scored 6 goals and they took a massive lead on us in the first quarter. They had great movement in the circle and the ball moved down the court very quickly. A few changes at quarter time and  Jo M went in as GK to stop some of those runs. We needed to break the ball down as its was travelling down the court very fast. We had minutes of great netball but it was far outweighed by netball that was not good. They increased their lead with nothing at all  going our way, loose balls, tips,  unforced errors. It was a struggle.  We were on the chase from the start. Completely different team from last week. We need to make sure we play to whistle and not question the umpires. I am positive we  will get them next time girls, we need to work as a squad and not individuals. That said the other team were here early warming up and that’s something we need to look at, as we had such a poor start.

On a positive note, well played to Lili Herbert, best I’ve seen you play this season. We need our full squad there to make sure we have options.
Final score Crosskeys- 32- Magpies-45.
Team today- Lucy Skelton, Shelley Jackson-Dowsett, Michelle Seary, Lucy Sudworth,Lili Herbert, Jo Montague, Sophie Chambers, Hanae Sbai, and thanks to Caroline Danby for coming over as we were short. Thanks to sue Sue Sudworth for scoring.


HERTS LEAGUE Div2 – 22nd November 2015


We started the game steady with a plan in mind to keep possession of the ball and dummy the ball as we new they were a young team and would commit to an interception. The team did exactly that. We ended the first quarter 2 up. Team talk and some adjustments made to how the defence were playing, we wanted to put the pressure on as their shooter as they were not missing. With some massive arms fromJo Montague and with Sophie Chambers and Hanae Sbai, really keeping tight on there players, we increased our lead by 10 at half time. We all knew what we had to do in third quarter, keep settled and keep the ball short, the ball was moving down the court lovely on a first time release and we were feeding the ball from the circle edge which is what we had to do to get it passed there very springy defence. At the end of the third quarter we were up by 15. As a team we had a really positive attitude and wanted a bigger goal difference. So we went on for the fourth quarter and played just as well as we had the whole game. Final score TURNFORD 33 CROSSKEYS-59.

An awesome game to watch and play in well done girls. Team today- SophieCchambers, Hanae Sbai, Jo Montague, Michelle Seary, Joanne Wacey ,Chaz Southcott, Shelley Jackson-Dowsett and Lucy Skelton. And a big thank you to Georgia Das for scoring.


HARLOW LEAGUE – 17th November 2015

So clash of the Titans this evening down at the Leisurezone… Crosskeys 2 vs Crosskeys 1. Will go down in history as an epic battle of skill and cunning to rival all others… Started out with the underdogs gaining a ferocious lead, leaving the black blizzards shaking in our wake, taking a while to gather their wits and tactics, but had no answer for the fleet of foot of Crosskeys 2. Halftime we were still up by one glorious goal, but knew they would regroup and come out all guns blazing. We had put so much heart and soul into the first half that it was sadly unsustainable for the full 40mins, and some deadly leaps from Georgia Das gave the 1s the upper hand. We valiantly fought the whole way but sadly succumbed to their wiley ways in the end.

Final score 41-28, but felt much closer in game play. Well done ladies so proud of you all we really had them on the ropes for a bit!  Well done Crosskeys 1 also for some fabulous play. A lovely game played in great spirit by a great bunch of players. We will get our revenge next time around…


TURNFORD LEAGUE – 16th November 2015


First loss of the season for Crosskeys 2 tonight against Turnford 6. I thought we played well for most of the game tonight. A few wobbles here and there, but generally nice play down the court. Unfortunately for us Turnford had an amazing GS on their side – she missed only 1 shot through the entire game, shooting from anywhere in the circle! And their defence was particularly strong, so there was no room for error. I actually thought we were the better side overall, we’ll get them next time! Final score 29 – 40. Well played everyone Jessica Enemokwu, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, Natasha Atkinson, Megan Jarvis, Romilly Scutt (thanks for helping us today), Lulu Simpson and me. Thanks to Julie for scoring



Well played by everyone tonight, the conditions were terrible. Lots of slipping over and fumbling the ball. We played the first quarter with 6 players and worked hard to keep the ball. Shona Mccabe had a blinder at centre. Thanks to Megan Pointer for helping out again, great play even when she is out of position. Defenders made bluebells attack work very hard to get the ball into the circle!! We did make a few slip ups, due to the weather. But won convincingly 40-22. Well done girls, dry off!!!!!


HERTS  LEAGUE Div 2 – 8th November 2015


Firstly Iwould  like to say a massive thank you to Megan Pointer and Lauren Ayers for stepping in at the last minute to help us out. We had lots of attacking players so plenty of fresh legs. First quarter was a steady start finding our feet, we were up 13-10. Some changes at quarter time in the attack, we went on with a great attitude and was strong in defence bringing the ball down the court and giving it first time in the circle. Half time we are up 28-18, more fresh legs and we increased out lead to 45-26. There was some great interceptions in defence, a very physical game which we dominated and kept giving 100 percent and kept pressure on omega which made them false errors.

Final score Crosskeys 54 – Omega -35.

Really proud of how everyone played great determination and some excellent netball girls. Training is paying off.

Team- Lucy Skelton, Chaz Southcott, Shelley Jackson-Dowsett, Michelle Seary, Joanne Wacey, Lucy Sudworth, Lili Herbert, Sophie Chambers, Lauren, and Megan.




In the first quarter we gained an increasing lead with fantastic goals by Alice and Abi as well as interceptions. Easily keeping possession down the court, allowed us to move quickly and create space for one another. However, soon our passes became weak making us fight to pick up balls from the ground.
After a pep talk with Marion we realised we should have a greater lead, which made us focus on the basics as well.
In the second quarter, although some mistakes were shown we began to mark tighter increasing the pressure. This forced the other team to throw some poor balls helping us intercept. Our marking also effectively decreased the shots they were making and we became more decisive. The defenders who were slightly unfamiliar with playing with each other realised their mistakes and set up a plan for goal line passes.
Getting back on court in the third quarter, Amy was making lots of interceptions and snatching the ball as well as helping feed into the D with Katie. Emma and Katie swapped between C and WA the majority of the match, whilst playing C Katie made lovely intercepts especially from the centre pass. Emma was using the channels to her advantage and also caught great interceptions in midair.
Finally in the fourth quarter we were determined to boost our score so the defenders worked the ball down the court flowing well. Lore and Evie, marked well in the D tipped, intercepted and caught the rebounds stopping nearly every shot in the second half.
Lore played GD and she got a well deserved POM, which is opposite to her usual position . Thank you to the parents for supporting us and to Pat. Thank you to Marion for coaching us and at the same time juggling coaching another team, leading both to victory.
Final score 35-14, well played girls.
Evie, Loredana, Jordan, Emma, Katie, Amy, Alice and Abigail



I did not see the start of this game as we had another match being played on the lower courts and I had to take them their bibs and ball.
When I got to the top courts again we were playing well and had just nudged ahead by four/five goals. I asked the girls to be a little more focused when they returned to the courts and to “feed” the circle from closer in. This they did brilliantly and increased their lead to nine goals at half time.
Lauren Ayers and Estelle Williams were masterful in defence allowing their shooters very little possession, The centre court trio of Georgina Dobson,Jess Wacey and Sophie Felstead brought the ball down the court fluently giving our shooting duo of Becki McLean and Esther Roberts a relatively easy task of converting possession into goals (they are pretty good at doing this!).
This match was played in such a lovely spirit. The girls were genuinely enjoying the game and it showed on their smiling faces ( so good to see you altogether girls). Not only that but they also pulled off a fab result winning 46 -21. POM Jess Wacey (well done Jess).
SQUAD:- Lauren Ayers (many thanks for helping us out today Lauren, great interceptions/defending), Estelle Williams (lightening reactions), Georgina Dobson (always available to take a pass), Jess Wacey (sure she is part kangaroo, she leaps so high), Sophie Felstead (super feeder to the shooters), Becki McClean (ever reliable shooter of goals), Esther Roberts ( target woman and super shooter).


As Tegate 2 have been annihilating most teams in this division I was not entirely sure what to expect this morning! However, as always our girls got out on court and gave their all. At the end of the first quarter we were down 11-8. A respectable score and definitely everything still to play for. Some excellent play from every position on court.
As the game progressed we stayed within touching distance with never more than six goals the difference and on several occasions we pulled it back to only one goal or level! Despite our best efforts we just couldn’t quite manage to get our noses in front.
Thank you all for playing this morning girls. You “did me proud”. Final score 31 – 35 to Tegate but you should all be very pleased with your performances. POM Anita Griffiths – well done Anita (you DO look great in purple!! Hahahaha).
SQUAD:- Rosie Chadd, Anita Griffiths, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, Kate Peacock, Sophie Beaumont, Carla Scott, Jessica Enemokwu.
Extra mention to Jordan Hinks who came along as the 8th player this morning (and needed to go on for the last quarter). Many thanks.


HARLOW LEAGUE Div 1 – 3rd November 2015

Crosskeys 1 33-23 Crosskeys 3  Well played tonight everyone from both teams !! 1st team Louisa Rose, Claire Goodall, Danny, Robyn Graham, Jo Montague, (thanks jo jo )
and player of the match Nicole Saunders big thanks to Lucy Skelton for coming to our rescue for the first half and playing so amazingly.


TURNFORD LEAGUE 2nd November 2015

Crosskeys 1 vs Bury- bit of a slow start to the game, a few changes at the end of the first quarter Moving Holly Shilston into defence, and Jo Montague in to WA, we started to pull away and things started to gel. We were 7 goals ups going into the last quarter. Bury started to come back, defence turned the ball over plenty of times, but we struggled to get the ball into the circle. We kept focused and manage to win 33-29. Well played girls. Thanks to jo for playing out of position.


Crosskeys 2 v HH Rangers 2
So pleased we won this one. It was definitely full of ups and downs, with the ball being turned over again and again by both sides throughout the game! Shaky start for us giving away a few centre passes in the first quarter and making some silly mistakes, but was pretty even until the last quarter, where we really fought hard to take the win. Final score 29 – 24. So proud of everyone tonight, the team is getting stronger and working better together with every game. Five wins out of 5, well done girls. Lulu Simpson, Sophie Felstead, Megan Jarvis, Natasha Atkinson, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi, me and Jessica Enemokwu (lovely interceptions tonight Jess – well played!)


HERTS LEAGUE Div 2 – 25th October 2015

Crosskeys 2 39 vs. Buntingford 38
Going into this match we needed a win after 2 losses on the trot. We had a bit of a slow start going 11 12 down in the first quarter. In 2nd quarter we started to pull away slightly with some lovely play from defence into centre court and great shooting going up by 3! Third quarter more of the same taking the lead 31 26! The last quarter buntingford came back fighting we were one up with 60 seconds to go!! We didn’t panic and played to ball around in centre and attacking third to get the win!! Well played everyone Lucy Skelton, Chaz Southcott, Shelley Jackson-Dowsett, Joanne Wacey, Michelle Seary, Sophie Chambers, Hanae Sbai. Thanks to sue Sue Sudworth for scoring, Lucie Bastin-Sudworth for coming to support and  Melanie Boulton for coaching.

Jo M



Unfortunately this was one of those games that I was unable to watch/coach as I had to umpire but I am reliably informed that everyone worked hard and but for a few unforced errors we were the better, more skilful side. Well played everyone, a good result and a game I’m sure we will win on the return match.
SQUAD:- Joyce Barton, Zoë Griffith (lovely to have you back on court Zoe),Sophie Felstead, Jess Wacey, Georgina Dobson, Amelia Davies (again, lovely to have you back playing Millie) and Wendy Chambers.
POM Amelia Davies.



Again I was unable to watch/coach this team but thanks to Louise Ayliffe(who runs the team so efficiently). Not only did she play with fingers taped (one maybe broken) but she also ensured that her squad of 8 players all got court time. I’m not sure of the final score but I do know we won (maybe someone else can remember the score). A massive thank you to Tegan Lintonbon-baker who was playing her first ever senior league game (hope you enjoyed it Tegan?) and who hot footed it back from far away to be there this morning. I had a lot of support from Crosskeys girls “helping out” at fairly short notice on this one so again girls “Thank You”.
SQUAD:- Kathy Wallace, Louise Ayliffe, Tegan Lintonbon-Baker, Imogen Poulter, Phoebe Poulter, Alice Miles, Carla Scott and Jacqui Atkinson.


Crosskeys 3 rocking it again this morning.  What a great game the whole team played well today, great movement, lots of running around in the defence’s D. Well played everyone


HARLOW LEAGUE – 20th October 2015

CROSSKES 1 win 23-22 against TEAGATE 1!!!!! Well played girls !! Louisa Rose POM!
Claire Goodall, Nicole Saunders, Danny, Robyn Graham, Holly Shilston and thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching and all the support from everyone who stayed to cheer us on.


Crosskeys 2 vs St Mary’s

We worked hard tonight against a much stronger St Mary’s side than we usually come up against, started goal for goal but we then managed to pull away to 18-13 at half time. We came back on and continued the trend finishing up with a win 34-25. Some lovely interceptions down in defence from the Montagues, Cazza bringing it up through the court to allow some lovely feeding from Joanne Wacey and Georgina Dobson (thank you soooo much for playing two games in a row and helping us out – you gelled really well ) into Lucy Skelton who shot near 100% as ever, leaving me with little to do in the circle (just the way I like it )


Herts League Div 2 – 12th September 2015

An excellent start to the season with a mighty win against BS1.

Taking a squad of nine enabled us to look at different combinations on court and with each one,the team united well.
Sadly for BS they had an injury during the game and were therefore down to 6 players which did give us a strong advantage. However, we were able to practice some manoeuvres ( sometimes!) ready for the ASCO game next week.
A great effort all round and something to take back to training next week. ( ie no launching of the long ball…. Cough cough )
Final score was : 64-30 – win for Crosskeys.
Well done ladies

Thank you Sue Sudworth for scoring and also to our supporters.

Squad : Chaz Southcott, Lucy Skelton, Shelley Jackson-Dowsett, Lili Herbert, Lucie Bastin-Sudworth, Michelle Seary,
Joanne Wacey, Hanae Sbai & Jo Montague


HARLOW LEAGUE – 8th September 2015

Crosskeys 2 vs Tegate Harriers
Good start to our Harlow campaign tonight – comfortable win 33-24. We went out first half all guns blazing and everyone slotted together really well. Second half I think the summer break showed (me especially!) we all seemed to get a bit knackered and wasn’t quite as tight but we still dominated and stamina should improve as we go through!! Many thanks to Anna Wacey for playing for us at the last minute as cazza wasn’t feeling well – did a wonderful GD making some stunning interceptions and gets captains POM tonight. Claire. M and Zoe also did some wonderful work in defence, Joanne Wacey running the show in C as usual, Shelley Jackson-Dowsett making some spot on feeds into the circle and Lucy Skelton sinking the goals – and getting POM from Tegate in the process! Many thanks to beryl for scoring and Emma-Louise Wacey for being our stand by scorer! Lovely match girls well done


Crosskeys 1 vs Bishop Stortford 1 -

A great first game winning very comfortably playing great netball. Well done to Megan Pointer who played up and was fantastic ! Player of the match went to Georgia Das and was well deserved ! Claire Khodabukus, Claire Goodall, Louisa Rose dominated the attack and all shot well! Robyn Graham was really strong in defence hope the ankle is ok!!  Thanks to Karen Elizabeth Heskett, Kerry Webb and Marion Hooke for the support.   Well played girls!


HARLOW LEAGUE – 8th September 2015

Great start of the season for Crosskeys 2 as well tonight. Won 33 – 24 against Issi Leopards. We took the lead straight away, working the ball well down the court. We lost it a bit in the last quarter – bringing the score a bit closer, and making me shout a lot!! But everyone worked hard to keep in front. Well done girls - Lulu Simpson, Becky Allen, Emily Allen, Natasha Atkinson, Megan Jarvis, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi and Jessica Enemokwu


Crosskeys 1 vs Asco 1- great first game tonight ladies. We were winning from the off. Great play in defence all the way through the game. We made a good change at half time and pulled away to win 40-31. Well done to all the girls, well battled game and look forward to playing with you all this seasons. Thanks to Jess Wacey for playing for us and Caroline Danby for scoring. Great first game by Jenni Monger at GK. Few more games playing together so we can gel and we will be unstoppable.


TURNFORD WINTER LEAGUE – 7th September 2015

Great start of the season for Crosskeys 2 as well tonight. Won 33 – 24 against Issi Leopards. We took the lead straight away, working the ball well down the court. We lost it a bit in the last quarter – bringing the score a bit closer, and making me shout a lot!! But everyone worked hard to keep in front. Well done girls - Lulu Simpson, Becky Allen, Emily Allen, Natasha Atkinson, Megan Jarvis, Nichola Brichieri-Colombi and Jessica Enemokwu


Crosskeys 1 vs Asco 1- A great first game tonight ladies. We were winning from the off. Great play in defence all the way through the game. We made a good change at half time and pulled away to win 40-31. Well done to all the girls, well battled game and look forward to playing with you all this seasons. Thanks to Jess Wacey for playing for us and Caroline Danby for scoring. Great first game by Jenni Monger at GK. Few more games playing together so we can gel and we will be unstoppable.



Well done Crosskeys Seniors coming runners up at the Stortford Charity tournament today.  Some good netball and hopefully some cobwebs blown away



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