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Youth – November 2016


Date Start Crosskeys Score vs Score Opponents Home/Away
September Crosskeys vs Away
October Crosskeys vs Away
October Crosskeys vs Away
November Crosskeys vs Away
November Crosskeys vs Away
November Crosskeys vs Away
December Crosskeys vs Away
January Crosskeys vs Away
January Crosskeys vs Away
February Crosskeys vs Away
February Crosskeys vs Away
March Crosskeys vs Away
March Crosskeys vs Away
Crosskeys vs
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Today saw the Youth Team play in the U16 Chelmsford Plate Comp

It’s been a long time since we have done a tournament and today reminded me that I have missed them.

Team was:

Grace Georgia Gracie Maddie Kezia Evie Keira and Lucy

We had 9 matches to play in great weather.

The results reflected just how far this team has come:

Game 1 – Infinity

19-0 CK

Game 2 – Conquerers Caesars

18-1 CK

Game 3 – Braintree Crystals

20-3 CK

Game 4 – Chelmsford Cleos

17-0 CK

Game 5 – Flames Ice

13-2 CK

Game 6 – Conquerers Zulu’s

11-4 CK

Game 7 – Chelmsford Colts

13-1 CK

Game 8 – Braintree Diamonds

11-3 CK

Game 9 – Flames Monsoon

10-6 CK

A full sweep to Keys with fantastic stats

132 goals scored

20 goals conceded

An absolute fantastic day girls. Sarah and I are so proud of you.

Thank you to Tony for scoring all day and to all the teams supporters. It was great to see Dads snd grandparents joining in the supporters club

Go Girls

Julie Moore


Team 5 V Tornados 2

Late match tonight and it wasn’t that warm – but it was worth it.

Team tonight was:

Grace Amber Maddie Kezia Keira Evie Beth & Lucy

The game was a stronger match than last week and the play reflected this..


Qtr1 – 15 – 3 Crosskeys

Qtr2 – 33 – 3 Crosskeys

Qtr3 – 41-14 Crosskeys

Final Score – 48-17

Well done girls

Thank you to those that helped out tonight to Sarah for helping coach- to Tony for scoring and all the usual supporters

Julie Moore


Team 5 V Tornados 3

First game of this league and like most of the teams we had players away or unavailable. So team was:

Grace Amber Maddie Keira Evie Beth & Lucy

The game was ours from the off. So throughout we were able to move players around do as to see who could deliver where.

Result was:

Qtr1 – 18-7 Crosskeys

Qtr2 – 30-13 Crosskeys

Qtr3 – 45-22 Crosskeys

Final Score – 51-29

Well done girls – good first game

Thank you to those that helped out tonight to Sarah for helping coach- to Steve Karen Hearn for scoring and all the usual supporters – it was especially great to see Evie’s dad

Looking forward to a great summer season

Julie Moore


Team: Keira Georgia Maddie Grace Nissi Kezia Evie and Lucy

Match 1 V Tegate

We knew this could go either way – but it just wasn’t meant to be – a lot of unforced errors and chasing their game in panic led to us being defeated

35-21 – unlucky girls – Next time

Match 2 V Abby Flyers

On we go again and this 2nd game was ours from the off. We do still need to think about our unforced errors and our spacing girls but a good result.

33-19 – xkeys – well done

Thank you to Laura Wise for scoring – Marion Hooke for umpiring Sarah Parker for supporting and all of our supporters for getting the girls up to St Neots

Here’s to doing it all again this Sunday at Chelmsford.

Julie Moore



Todays game was a clash of the top of the table and probably was going to determine who is on for winning the league. Having only beaten them by 7 the last time we played them we couldn’t gauretee anything.

Firstly Disasters hit when the traffic caused the full 7 not to arrive for the start of the game. So with no alternative I have to enter the court for the first qtr. Well thanks to pure tenacity and versatility of this team we came off leading 15-5. 2nd qtr all change and on we go again steaming ahead 35-14. Qtr 3 51-24

Final Score 66-34

The progression of this team was reflected in this final score line.

Well done girls.

Team: Me Grace, Gracie, Maddie, Evie, Lucy, Keira & Nissi

POM: Grace Kearns

Coaches POM: Gracie Goodall & Nissi Onafowokan – for both young players fitting into this team so well and getting better & better each week

Thank you to Tony for scoring

And all the supporters

Julie Moore



Another mixed squad of U15/U16 players. It was good to see the girls playing well together and really pleasing to see the player development. The match result was never in doubt as we stamped our authority on the game from the first whistle.

POM – Gracie Goodall for excellent court work and good support in and around the shooting circle. ????????????

Coaches Player – Summer Moore for demonstrating huge improvement with positioning/ movement and ‘ hit rate’.

Julie Moore you would have been proud of these girls today.

Thank you to Tony for scoring, Claire for coaching and organising the swaps and of course our loyal supporters.


Summer, Gracie, Toula, Maddie, Evie, Sophia, Lucy and Nisi.

Marion Hooke



Well the weather was exactly the weather for netball – the wind was hideous and this was really reflected in score line for both teams.

Squad today was again a mixture of our U16’s along with U15’s

U16’s Grace Evie, Lucy

U15’s Gracie, Danielle, Sofia & Nissi

The game was slow from the start and stayed that way until the end.

The positional swaps help this game so thank you to Evie for playing GK Nissi for moving out to GD and Lucy for playing C – great job guys – excellent team work from all.

I would also like to thank Evie for playing even though you were poorly to Laura Wise for being Xkeys taxi service  thank to Claire Goodall for scoring and Sarah Parker for coaching with me. And lastly wishing Maddie a speedy recovery from her poorly back. Missed you today.

Score Line

Qtr1 2-3 Conquerers Zulu

Qtr2 5-3 xkeys

Qtr3 9-6 xkeys

Final Sore 14-8 xkeys

POM from them went to !!! I am not sure who

POM from coach goes to Gracie. Well done

Julie Moore

EAST REGION YOUTH LEAGUE – 22nd January 2022

Today saw the team play in the first round of Div 1 of the Regional League – we had done so well to get to be in the top 7 of the East Region I was a little apprehensive on what was ahead.

Well what can I saw again the girls played their hearts out and delivered some great netball with fantastic grit and determination.

1st Game V Wodson

Qtr1 12-10 Crosskeys

Final Score – 22-21 Crosskeys

A well deserved win

2nd Game V Hornets

Qtr1 14-12

Final Score – 31-22 Crosskeys

What a score

Team: Grace Georgia Maddie Kezia Keira Evie Lucy Nissi

I am so proud of you girls 2 picked off out of 6

Rock on for the next round

Thank you to Sarah Parker and all our trusted supporters for bring their today

Hope you have all thawed out

Julie Moore



Well today was a great day for netball – brisk but bright

We knew this team was gonna be gunning for us as we had beaten them just before Xmas convincingly – I thought that there would be no issues so I was quite distressed part way through the first qtr when swans were 2 up . The girls carried on and first qtr result was

12-10 Crosskeys.

Team talk and strategic positional change and on we go to deliver some fantastic netball right to the end of the game.

Qtr2 32-15 Keys

Qtr3 48-23 Keys

Last qtr further positional changes Georgia Leslie moving to C and Gracie Goodall dropping to GA – a target of 60 goals set and o what a qtr.

Final score 65-30

So proud of you girls

Team: Grace Georgia Gracie Maddie Lucy Keira Nissi

POM from Swan – Nissi

Coaches POM – Lucy – you played really well today

Thank you to Tony for scoring and the supports watching on the back fence

Julie Moore

,h3>CHELMSFORD JUNIOR LEAGUE – 15th January 2022


First game back and we are up against Tegate Falcons

Squad today was again a mixture of our U16’s along with U15’s

U16’s Grace Maddie Evie & Lucy

U15’s Summer Gracie Chloe & Nissi

The game was ours from the start and all girls played well extending our lead qtr by qtr.

Score Line

Qtr1 10-4 xkeys

Qtr2 17-9 xkeys

Qtr3 27-10 xkeys

Final Sore 40-16 xkeys

POM from Tegate went to Grace – well done

POM from coach goes to Evie

Well done

Thank you to Marion Hooke for umpiring Claire Goodall for scoring and all of the supports for being there

Julie Moore



A slow start today on this cold morning led us to being 5 Down in the first quarter

After a team talk and a switch around we went out and put in 100% effort to make the score at the end of the second quarter 20-15! Overall the play was good and all the girls worked hard for this win to put us at the top of the table!

Score – 37-32

Team- Me, Alice Short, Evie, kezia, Holly Martin, Lucy, Nissi

POM- Alice !!

Thank you to Alice and Holly for helping the team out this morning!

~I also have to mention Nissi, she played so well today and even though she is in the year below you would never tell! Her defence in the circle was brilliant today getting loads of tips and turnovers for the team.

Finally thank you to Marion for coaching us today and Jo Wacey for umpiring

Georgia Leslie

ENG Youth Premier League – 4th December 2021

Some of the U13 squad travelled to Aylesbury today to take on Teignbridge Titans from Devon and 5 Ways Netball Club from Brighton in the ENG Youth Premier League.

We were expecting 2 tough fixtures and neither disappointed. Nail biting games until the final whistle.

Crosskeys U13’s 21 – Teignbridge Titans 20

We took a while to settle into the game and in the first half, although there were moments of excellence, we made silly mistakes throughout the court. In the second half we started to play our game and played some excellent netball to take control. The girls all showed true grit and resilience and in the last few seconds the score was 20 all. As the final whistle blew we got contacted just inside our attacking circle and got a penalty. We capitalised and took the win with the last touch of the game.

Well done girls. Proud of you for your mental toughness to secure the win.

Quarter 1 5-5

Quarter 2 9-11 Teignbridge

Quarter 3 15-15

Quarter 4 21-20 Crosskeys

Crosskeys U13’s 20 vs 5 Ways NC 18

Another close contested game throughout. Both teams playing some superb netball and both making silly mistakes and not keeping possession at critical times. This match was tough both physically and mentally but again the girls kept their composure and dug deep, never giving up which allowed us to take the win in the final quarter.

Well done girls not our best performance but a game we learnt a lot from and one where we all gave 100% to take a much needed win.

Quarter 1 – 3-7 5 Ways

Quarter 2 – 10-10

Quarter 3 – 14-15 5 Ways

Quarter 4 – 20-18 Crosskeys

Squad :- Isabella Culverhouse, Wanatsa Dumbura, Ava O Reilly, Darcie Wilkinson, Gracie Smith, Lois Herbst, Greta Creasy, Keira Best and Connie Kearns.

Thank you to Simon Smith for coaching alongside me in game one and Vanessa Smith for coaching alongside me in game 2. Both your knowledge and support was invaluable today.

Also a big thank you to the parents for your continued commitment and support allowing us to play in a league which is pushing the girls and helping them to improve their individual and team play.

Go Crosskeys.

Lisa Best

EAST REGION YOUTH LEAGUE- 24th November 2021


Tonight saw this team play their last match in their pool to proceed into either Div 1, 2 or 3 for the East Region.

It was an absolute pleasure to be their coach and be able to watch them deliver some fantastic play. Each of the games throughout have been matches of 2 halves, very weird I know.

Tonight’s result was 26-22 to Crosskeys – a win for regional but we then continued this to full time and took the full time score of 53-38.

Team: Grace Georgia Maddie Kezia Evie Keira Lucy & Nissi

POM went to Grace – Well done but for me they all deserved it.

With this result it confirms that we have been placed in Div 1, only losing to Turnford along the way – congrats girls.

Julie Moore

REGIONAL RESULTS – 14th November 2021

Three matches

1. V Turnford score 40-16 to them – although this score line seems quite severe – it certainly doesn’t reflect the game – the girls fought tireless throughout. Having checked all other teams results against them we managed to score the most goals against them – good effort girls

2. V Marine

1st half of the game 13-11 us – it took a while to get into our stride having had an hours break however, after a quick team talk a change of positions and the 2nd half was ours for the taking 32-19

3. V Thetford – Final game of the day – well what a game – neck & neck all the way – keeping Sarah Parker and me in our toes – the team showed resilience and maturity with positional swaps where needed – Final score 20-18 us.

So not a bad outing – well done girls

Team: Grace, Georgia, Maddie, Kezia, Keira, Lucy, Missy and Nissi

Thank you to all the supporters and to Marion Hooke for umpiring and here’s to our next trip out to Norwich

Julie Moore



Today saw a tremendous battle displayed by this young Crosskeys team. I was so proud of their display and so gutted that Epping pipped us to the win

Team today was a bare 7 – due to Covid and sickness

Georgia Leslie, Gracie Maddi Bailey Evie Keira Hearn Kezia & Missy Atkins. Thank goodness there were no injuries as I was the reserve.

Score Line

Qtr 1 – 13-15 Epping

Qtr 2 – 21-26 Epping

Qtr3 – 37-32 Crosskeys

Final Score – 42-43 Epping

It was Epping’s maturity in the last qtr that got them this win. Just something you gain with years and years of playing.

Thank you to Georgia Goodall for getting Gracie to the game at short notice snd scoring.

Thank you to all of the supporters and Jo Joanne Wacey for umpiring

Julie Moore



What a great season, and what a great team to captain!

36-28 against Cuffley

54-20 against Royston 2

71-22 against Cheshunt 4

19-17 against TE Zebs 2

39-23 against Neons

26-50 against Tegate 4 (boo!)

28-30 against Cheshunt 3 (so close)

43-39 against Saffron Hawks

51-28 against St James (tonight’s match)

Tonight’s team – Freya Rowson, Becki McLean, Caitlin, Beth, Emma Lee Ince, Freya D’Alberto, me, Imogen.

Millie Wyatt, Anna Louise Fleet, Amy Edwards – we missed you tonight!

Thanks to our super scorers Louise Scantlebury and Natalie Dalberto, to Lisa Best for help coaching, to the umpires, and to the juniors who have helped us out on the weeks where mocks, injuries and covid left gaps in the team.

Thanks for a super season girls – it has been lovely to play netball with you.

Nichola BC



We are getting to the end of the league – 1 more to go after this one

All players showed real grit even with a very slippery court – from the off the game was ours and we kept on excelling throughout to the final whistle. Fantastic – we even had the chance to try out different combos ????


Grace Fran Sian Sofia Emily Abbie Lilly Erin snd Molly who played a half after her injury – good to have you back ????????

Score Line

13-3 = Crosskeys

25-9 = Crosskeys

39-21 = Crosskeys little wobble in this qtr

Final Score 53-26 = Crosskeys

POM went to Grace Kearns – well done.

Excellent Result Girls

Thank you to Claire K for scoring Sarah Parker for taking all stats and dealing with all the blood and as always all the parents/supporters

Julie Moore



I expected it to be tough game for you and as we moved through Qtr1 & Qtr 2 I was a little worried. However your tenacity throughout gained you a very convincing win.

Score Line

Qtr1 / 9-9 Evens

Qtr 2 / 17-18 Swans

Qtr 3 / 31-22 Xkeys

Qtr 4 / 42-25 Xkeys


Grace K Georgia Leslie Evie W Maddi Bailey Keira H – good return after an injury Lucy H Missy Atkins & Emily Lisa Best for playing in.

POM – went to Grace K – well done

Thank you to Kerry Leslie for scoring – Connie (U12) for doing my stats

KJulie Moore



What a game tonight.

All players showed real determination from the off and continued this right through to the final whistle.


Grace Fran Sian Sofia Emily Abbie Lilly Erin

Score Line

13-4 = Crosskeys

26-14 = Crosskeys

40-23 = Crosskeys

Final Score 50-27 = Crosskeys

My POM went to Erin Williams – girls can you let her know as she’s not on here.

Excellent Result Girls. They really weren’t expecting it.

Thank you to Claire K for scoring, Lisa Best for being First Aider and Molly Morrissey for her continued support (whilst getting over her injury) and all the parents/supporters

Julie Moore



First game tonight in this league and the girls secured their first win – good result girls

Score Line

Qtr1 / 10-3 Xkeys

Qtr 2 / 18-9 Xkeys

Qtr 3 / 26-19 Xkeys

Qtr 4 / 33-20 Xkeys


Grace K Georgia Leslie Gracie Claire Goodall Evie W Maddi Bailey Kezia B Lucy Becky Hunter Missy Atkins

POM – went to Lucy Hunter – well done

Thank you to Becky Hunter for scoring – Connie (U12) for doing my stats ????????

Julie Moore



The U16 squad had a very physical game tonight and although we didn’t get the win – I have to say how proud we are of the girls. All players showed real grit and determination right through to the final whistle.

It was defiantly a game of two halves / with them taking the 1st & 2nd qtrs and us winning the 3rd and 4th.

The scorer for them said to Claire Kearney – that was the best game they had played in the division, I’ll take that as a compliment .


Grace Fran Sian Sofia Emily Abbie Lilly Erin

Score Line

8-17= Turnford 6

16-29 = Turnford 6

29-40 = Turnford 6

Final Score 38-47 = Turnford 6

Good Effort Girls

Thank you to Claire K for scoring and Sarah Parker & Lisa Best for your continued support.

Julie Moore


We had a wobbly start, and went 4 down. More settled in the next quarter only losing by 2. A little rejig of the team at half time saw some lovely play down the court from defensive turnovers, and great persistence at getting the ball into the circle, but we still couldn’t catch them and lost the third quarter by 3, 9 behind overall.

And then there was the last quarter – what a stormer! We won that quarter 11-4!! The team worked so hard and did not give up. Sadly time run out with us only 2 goals behind – 28-30. So exciting – and few more minutes and we would have got them!

Tonight’s fab team: Becki McLean, Caitlin, Beth BC, Freya D’Alberto (Natalie Dalberto), Anna Louise Fleet, Millie Wyatt, Imogen and me.

And our super scorer – Louise Scantlebury and super coach – Lisa Best – thank you!

Nicola BC


Crosskeys 5 V HHRnother win for the U16’s, well done girls.


Grace Fran Sian Sofia Emily Abbie Lilly Erin

Thank you to Grace K for playing

Score Line

10 – 9 = Crosskeys

23 -18 = Crosskeys

34 – 35 = Crosskeys

46 – 32 = Crosskeys

Although a good win we did make this more complicated than it needed to be.

We saw some some great individual performances but we need to bring this back into a great team performance.

We need to capitalise on every opportunity given.

Tips to take away for next game.

1. Use more of the court when on the attack.

2. Be kinder to each other on our throwing – This was a pointer at the last match.

3. Don’t force anything always use the reset and then go again

A steady strong result.

POM went to Emily Best

Thank you to Lisa Best for scoring Molly Morrissey for supporting her team from the side and – Sarah Parker for co-coaching ????

Let’s do it all again next week.



Took us some time to settle tonight, so were only up 1 at quarter time. But then things started to flow – and we were 10 up at half time.

Sadly then the rain started to flow too and the game was abandoned at 3/4 time – 39-23 to us.

At least the bibs got a wash!

Well done to all the players (Freya Rowson, Becki McLean, Caitlin, Freya D’Alberto, Millie Wyatt, Anna Louise Fleet and Imogen).

Thanks to to our fab scorer (Louise Scantlebury) and the wet mums (Lisa Best, Natalie Dalberto and me)!

Nichola BC

U 16′s vs – 18th May 2021M

Well tonight saw a match with a different slant.

The U16’s got the opportunity to play against some of the clubs Regional and Team 1 Players

Thank you to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for sorting and the following for coming out in this awful weather:

Katie Chimes, Claire Goodall, Danny Fells, Jennifer Sarah Aislinn Elston,

Lucy Skelton, Georgia Goodall and Harriet Nicholson.

Thank you to Joanne Wacey and Marion Hooke for umpiring Jane Chimes for scoring and as always Sarah Parker for coaching with me.

The girls found the match a valuable experience

Team Molly Fran Sofia Sian Emily Abbie Lilly & Erin

You all played really well and the future looks bright ????

Score line

Qtr 1 9-8 U16’s

Qtr 2 14-21 Adults

Qtr 3 21-34 Adults

Qtr 4 28-43 Adults

Julie Moore


CROSSKEYS 6 vs TE ZEBS 2 (basically Zebras)

Bit of a shaky start as we got used to a different line up this week. Also Amy took a tumble in the circle really hurting her knee and had to come off for the rest of the match.

First Quarter 3-2 down

Anna Louise Fleet was a star to step in as GA, and she and Becki McLean battled on in the circle against the wind and strong defenders.

Half time 8-10 down

We knew we could do it. Our young centre court (Beth BC, Freya D’Alberto (Natalie Dalberto) and Millie Wyatt) worked well together using their speed to get the ball down the court.

Third Quarter 14-13 up

A couple of great rebounds; tips that were chased; centre passes intercepted by centre court and defense (Imogen (Louise Scantlebury) and me) got the ball down to the shooters who battled on, passing around the circle and resetting….. and the hard work paid off:

Final Score 19-17 to Crosskeys!

Great perseverance shown tonight when we were a shooter down.

And I keep forgetting to say – thank you to our superstar scorer Louise Scantlebury!

Nichola BC



the U16’s are on a roll – long May it last


Molly Fran Sian Sofia Emily Abbie Lilly Erin

Score Line

10 – 3 = Crosskeys

23 -11 = Crosskeys

38 – 13= Crosskeys

45 – 24 = Crosskeys

Some great play again tonight girls. We wobbled a little when the hale stone’s hit with players slipping around. We need to be able to adapt the play quicker when things like this occur. Short – sharp – play was needed. Throughout the whole game we took down lots of interceptions but sometimes throwing them away as quickly as we had picked them up.

We need to capitalise on this much better.

Tips to take away for next game.

1. Adaption of play needs to be quicker – when needed.

2. Be kinder to each other on our throwing – remember who were throwing to.

3. Make sure turnovers are turned into goals every time.

Well done Girls

Throughly deserved rest week next week

Thank you to Caitlin Best for scoring and – Sarah Parker & Lisa Best for co coaching

Julie Moore


A frustrating result for the U14’s yesterday vs Cojags

A game of 2 halves today

Some qtr time positional switches did not pan out how we would have wanted – which is something for me to take away.

However some excellent play was executed throughout the game by all players, but some very silly mistakes too.

Tips for the girls are:

1. You are a team and we need to play like one

2. Heads must not drop when game turns against us – dig deeper to bring it back.

3. We need to play harder when in defence – big arms always – gonna practice on this.

Score Line

10-6 Crosskeys

14-12 Crosskeys


Final score

23-27 Cojags

POM / don’t think one was given by them / correct me I am wrong

Coaches POM was Gracie Goodall

Thank you to Claire Goodall for scoring Sarah Parker for Co-coaching and Lilly Southward for umpiring

Julie Moore



Another convincing win tonight for the U16’s

Team: Molly Fran Sian Sofia Emily Abbie Lilly Erin

Score Line

14 – 5 = Crosskeys

30 – 11 = Crosskeys

40 – 13 = Crosskeys

55 – 18 = Crosskeys

Some great play tonight girls with different combos being tried. Lots of interceptions being executed which was great to watch.

Tips to take away for next weeks game. 1. Utilise the whole of the court. 2. Look in earlier to the circle. 3. Make sure the feed is correct.

Well done Girls.

Julie Moore

Thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring and – Sarah Parker for co coaching

Julie Moore



The U16 squad had a very good start for their first game back.


Molly, Fran, Sian, Sofia, Emily, Abbie, Lilly and Erin

Score Line

10 – 3 = Crosskeys

26 – 9 = Crosskeys

36 – 17 = Crosskeys

41 – 23 = Crosskeys

Well done Girls

Julie Moore

HERTS LEAGUE Div 2 – 8th March 2020


Slightly different line up today saw us take to court V this young Hornets side. We went up in the first 5 mins but Hornets got into their speedy rhythm and with a Gs that was on point they took an 8 goal lead. With the 8 players we had I swapped it around as I saw fit but we never managed to catch them. Everyone played hard but we couldn’t quite break their attack down and sometimes struggled mid court to get the ball up our end and didn’t quite gel as we would have liked.

Final score 64-40 – not quite what we anticipated but it was still a well fought game.

Thank you to everyone who played today and as usual Martyn for scoring.

Squad. Claire Khodabukus – great to have you on board/ Hannah Hogan /Zoe o Grady /Emma k /Beth parker /Lily Luffman/Erica Owusu-Boateng and Lisa Gingee Davey – thank you played the whole game without fuss with a nagging shoulder injury.

Jo Wacey

HERTS LEAGUE Div2 – 16th February 2020


A strong solid start today saw us take an early lead and this was key to our success as we all gelled and had the confidence and determination to keep ahead for the rest of the game.

Molly Morrissey GS – a young talented player with great positional movement and accurate shooting made it a pleasure for Michelle Seary, myself and Hannah Hogan GA, to feed. Hannah supported Molly well producing a good partnership. End of qtr 1 we were up 19-9.

2nd Qtr saw Caitlin Best on as WA. ( her debut game in Herts) and she played a steady game and also fed the shooters with ease.

Defence today saw Emma Wacey ( welcome back – so lovely to have you today) as GD/GK alongside our stalwart GK ,as always, Lisa Davey and Beth Parker as WD/GD. Lovely tips, interceptions and a hunger for the ball from you all and Erica Owusu-Boateng , WD, who bounced about effortlessly as usual.

We kept our lead the same throughout the match and “uped it” as they tired in the last qtr to win 68-46

Well done to all and our supporters along with our reliable scorer Martin

Jo Wacey

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 8th February 2020


Again fielding this team was a nightmare – School Trips / family commitments and sickness took the team down to 5 players. So 3 playups from the U14′s were needed. Thank you to Grace, Keira and Evie for playing.

This match could have gone either way as we hold similar placings in the league.

Full Team:

Molly, Grace, Sofia, Keira, Abbie, Evie, Erin and Lilly returning for 1/2 a game after being out from injury.

The result went our way and we lead from the off – it was a great match.

9-6 keys

20-8 keys

29-17 keys

39-23 keys

Well done girls.

POM from Braintree went to Evie – well done.

Coaches POM was Abbie

Thank you to all our supporters

Julie Moore

HERTS LEAGUE- 2nd February 2020


A real nail-biter today ladies! Up by 2 after the first quarter, level at half time….then after the third quarter an eight goal lead. I breathed a sigh of relief as this is often our worst quarter… then we managed to let our lead slip, but we did win by 1, well played everyone, great versatility and determination shown by all. Thanks for playing where needed, I know many of you were out of position!

Big thank you to Jo Montague for coaching, Martin for scoring and all the parents and team 2 for your support.

Squad today was, myself, Zoe O’Grady, Lisa Gingee Davey, Erica Owusu-Boateng, Beth Parker, Molly Catherine Morrissey, Millie Bolton and Fran Calierno.

Joyce Barton

CHELMSFORD CUP – 13th October 2019


Our U15’s took to the court today and had a fantastic match. I am one very happy coach.

Team: Molly, Fran, Emily, Sofia, Sian, Abbi, Lilly and Erin


Qtr1 – 15-6 Keys

Qtr2 – 27-10 Keys

Qtr3 – 38-17 Keys

Final Result – 48-23

Didn’t quite hit our personnel target of 50 but still a great result girls.

Thank you for all of the support today – great to see dads there. Thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring

Qtr finals here we come!!!

Julie Moore



A very physical game today against a strong U16’s Conquerors side and in pure Crosskeys style we got off to a slow start. After a few changes we started to play some decent netball and despite being knocked about the court the girls showed great maturity and kept focused and didn’t allow it to affect their game. Although we didn’t win we managed to secure a point and won the last quarter. A good effort girls.

Quarter 1 – 5-13

Quarter 2- 8-22

Quarter 3- 13-31

Quarter 4- 19-35

Team :- Lilly Southward, Erynn Palmer, Abbi Topcott, Nancy Wimbleton, Emily Best, Sofia Read, Sian Kearney and Molly Morrissey.

Thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring and to all the wonderful parents for braving the awful weather to support and encourage the girls.

Lisa Best



Well I can’t say more about how proud I am of this combo.

As it was was half term many of the squad players were away. We were down so low that Sarah & I thought we may have to take to court / but no all was fabulous with the 7 players playing.

Team: Molly M, Sofia, Beth BC, Jen, Freya, Lilly & Erynn.

Thank you to Sofia for covering the GA position, playing brilliantly and supporting Molly splendidly.


Qtr 1 – 14-11

Qtr 2 – 31-25

Qtr 3 – 41-40

Now this game went up and down but was definately meant to be ours. Final Qtr and this was ours for the taking. Something to learn here girls, always try and capitalise a large enough lead when it’s running with us so when we switch ends it doesn’t impact so dramatically.

4th Qtr and within a minute it was evens. A bit of a bellow from the side line and off the girls went. Such great team spirit displayed from all on court and fabulous encouragement from supporters off court.

Goal – turn over – goal – turn over – fabulous!!

Final score: 54-45

Congrats girls, a well deserved win

Thank you to Nichola Colombi for scoring and to  all the supporters for their support.

Julie Moore



From the off set we knew That this game was ours if we just played our game and kept it steady.

Qtr1 14-9

Qtr2 26-18

Qtr3 41-29

Qtr4 54-35

Comfortable Win to Crosskeys

As the match evolved we were able to look at different combinations which was really good.

Team tonight was Molly P, Molly M, Caitlin, Sian, Leila, Erin W, Erynn P & Fran – thanks for stepping up at short notice.

Thank you to Claire Kearney for scoring and all the other supporters

Julie Moore




This was a tough match from the start playing against a very aggressive opposition, during the first quarter this took us by surprise and threw us off our game and ended the first half down by 8 goals. However we then used this to our advantage and decided we weren’t going to let them get to the better of us. We played a completely different game in the second half, Alice and daisy holding their own despite being pushed around. The whole team seemed to gel and work well together and went into the last quarter 1 goal down. Having the first centre we quickly managed to bring the game to a draw. Well done girls well played, thankyou to Martin for scoring and Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching.

Team: Lily Luffman, Beth Parker, Lisa Gingee Davey, Millie Bolton, Alice Miles, Daisy Wheeler and Nichola Colombi

Lily Luffman


Team: Sarah K,, Molly P, Beth P, Erynn, Jen, Beth BC, Freya, Leila, Caitlin

HERTS LEAGUE – 10th March 2019


Sunday saw Crosskeys 3 take to the court for a bottom of the table clash with Hertford Hornets. Both teams were fighting to avoid relegation and the will to win was evident on the court. Crosskeys took an early lead, but only two goals which Hornets managed to whittle away and won eventually by 6 depriving us of a much needed point.

As a team we were eager to win and everyone gave 100% right until the final whistle. We got some amazing interception, but we often threw the ball straight back to the opposition with careless passing. I felt we lost the game rather than Hornets won it, so with some positive training and accurate sharp passing we can improve and have some fantastic wins next season. Playing together and training hard will make us go from strength to strength, if we cut out the errors we will be in the top half of the table next season. This is our first season in division 2 so we have played well as most of our games have been very close.

One more game to go and we have everything to play for, big thank you to Marion Hooke for coaching the team, Hannah Hogan, Katie Woodstock, Katie Chimes, Emma Kennett, Michelle Seary, Charlie Barton, Alex  Povey, Tegan Lintonbon, and to Jane Chimes for scoring, Sue Woodstock for being our First Aider and to all the parents for their support. The noise coming from the bench really does help! Look forward to seeing everyone in two weeks for the final game of the season.

Joyce Barton

CHELMSFORD LEAGUE – 9th March 2019


The Chelmer Park location, as it was open to the elements, was even windier than Great Baddow.

This made for a very comical match as it was very difficult to play in and was especially difficult to shoot in, hence the low scoring game.

That said all the girls listened on how to improve their play each quarter and gave me 100% throughout.

We were losing by 2 going into the final quarter where we all dug deep and gave it everything we had to steal the match.

Quarter 1 – 1-1 Draw

Quarter 2 – 3-3 Draw

Quarter 3 – 6-4 Brookshaw

Quarter 4 – 10-8 Crosskeys

Well Done Girls, fantastic win.

The U15’s have had a difficult season for a number of reasons this year and to see them loving the game and beaming when they won the match was absolutely priceless.

Team :- Erynn Palmer, Freya D’Alberto, Caitlin Best, Jennifer Johnson, Beth Brichieri- Colombi, Niamh Peake and Molly Plowman.

Thank you to Amber Plowman for scoring, to Nichola Brichieri-Colombi for assisting me and all our lovely parents and supporters for your commitment and encouragement.

Lisa Best

HERTS LEAGUE – 17th February 2019


With three of our squad missing we knew this was going to be a tough game. Beth Parker came along to help us out and Karen Elizabeth Heskett was on the bench to coach.

We started strongly matching them goal for goal, Everyone was working hard bringing the ball safely down the court and we seemed to be on a roll. Then a couple of unforced errors and a moments madness with our passing allowed the opposition to get three goals ahead.

Quarter time and we went back on determined to minimise the errors….it worked and we clawed our way back to within a goal of them. Unfortunately they then upped their game and pulled away by 5 goals.

Half time saw Alex Povey take the Centre bid for some renewed energy, with Beth playing WD and Tegan Lintonbon moving to GD to assist Katie Chimes. Again we caught up and then relaxed and fell behind.

The third quarter saw Megan Pointer back on at GD with Katie Woodstock, Hannah Hogan and I remaining in attack. We fell behind by 10 goals and things were looking dire, then another burst of energy and we pulled back to within 5 to get a very useful point! Final score 49/54

Well played everyone, not our best performance but we dug deep and kept trying! Next time we will get them. Thanks to all the supporters, we filled our bench! To Sue Woodstock for scoring and Karen for coaching. Enjoy your Sunday off and see everyone on the 3rd March

Joyce Barton




A really nice game today against a lovely team. We started to pull away in the first few quarters however Pinks managed to catch up to us. It was a very tight game as we drew for the last two quarters leaving it at 32-32. It was a frustrating game but everyone fought throughout. A really good game today well done girls. Well done to Klara who got POM, well deserved.

Team: myself, Emily Jarrett,  Sara Jarrett, Klara, Caitlin Best, Jen, Maxine Johnson, Lizzie Everett, Lizi Mitchell, Rianna Collins.

Abigail Stickland

HERTS LEAGUE – 3rd February 2019


What a well contested game today. Starting line up Lucy Skelton , Georgia Goodall, Katie Woodstock, myself, Lizzy Dawson, Emma Wacey and Jess Barclay.

We took to the court and took time to settle with the flow of the game being interrupted by the umpire more than necessary. However she was consistent and fair and treated both teams equally in my eyes.

End of qtr 1 and I think we were a few down. No changes and we settled into the game perhaps ending qtr 2 down by 3/4.

Swapping Katie Woodstock and myself over C/WA in the 3rd and bringing Katie chimes on as GS, we continued to fight our way keeping the score the same.

Last qtr – well the team up’d the game and with me to the bench ( shouting excitedly) and Hannah Hogan on at WA the whole team seemed to really go for it. The defence in my eyes today were outstanding with Jess Barclay and Emma Wacey turning around numerous balls, supported by Lizzie Dawson the ball flowed up the court with great feeds into Katie by the attackers and we managed to claw back a 6 goal deficit and go ahead by 1 or 2 at one point. Levelling it out at 42 all with the last 6 seconds HHR gained possession and wapped it into the GS and Emma fought to intercept as it was clearly going into the GS hands to score with 2 secs left. Penalty given as 0 secs and whistle literally being blown. A Helen Housby moment as the goal went in for them to go 1 up 43/42.

Phew what a game – fabulous last qtr and really unlucky it fell their way.

Thank you to all the players, the 2 Katie’s and Hannah Hogan for helping us out and supporters along with Calum ( lizzies boyfriend) scoring for us.

Jo Wacey


This was a game we really wanted to win, having lost by 1 in the first half of the season.

We started out strongly finishing the first 1/4 with a healthy 6/14 lead. Small changes to get some fresh legs on the court saw us extend out lead at half time to 13/28.

Then it was the third quarter where we often relax and let the opposition come back at us….but not this week! 21/44 into the final quarter. Final score 32/56….an amazing win from a fantastic team, well played everyone. We did have our share of injuries from rough play but everyone kept their heads up, focused and ensured a convincing win.

Squad to day was, me, Hannah Hogan, Katie Woodstock, Michelle Seary, Emma Kennett, Katie Chimes, Charlie Barton, Tegan Lintonbon, Alex Povey

Big thank you to Marion Hooke for coaching, Jane Chimes for scoring and all the parents for their continued support. Lovely to see you Zoe O’Grady, you will be back on the court soon.

Joyce Barton

HARLOW LEAGUE – 29th January 2019

Last night saw team 2 face Tegate 1. We knew exactly what to expect… And I think they underestimated us a little trying to pull off some pretty showy moves, but not on our defences’ watch! I loved watching team 2 turn over their attempts at being fancy! We turned them over quite a few times too and made sure they did not run away with the score, and made them really work hard for their goals. It was a noticeably physical game and we even had to stop play on the umpires request to ‘tone it down before it gets dangerous’ Not at all phased by this, we played our game, bringing the ball down to the circle edge and keeping the score close. This was our best result against them, so MASSIVE well done. I feel like we are going to beat them next time!! Final score 23-28.

Team: Myself, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Joanne Wacey, Lizzy Dawson, Emma Wacey, Jess Barclay

THANK YOU Karen  Heskett for coaching and Holly Shilston for scoring and the advice at half time (such a gem)

POM goes to Emma-Louise Wacey

Lucy Skelton



Final Score 22 – 26

An unlucky loss and tough game today. We fought hard through the game and managed to catch up with hotshots leaving the score at 22-26 to them. Some good interceptions and shots however we made some scrapping passes. Well done to Jen who got POM.

Well played girls.

Team: Emily Jarrett, Jen Johnson Maxine Johnson, Lizi Mitchell, Klara, Caitlin Best, Sarah Keeling, Rianna Collins and Abigail Stickland.

Abigail Stickland

HARLOW LEAGUE – 23rd January2019


Final Score 25-36

Last night was a tough game however throughout the match we all worked hard as a team and put up a good fight. Our defence worked great together in trying to intercept the ball to get it back to our shooting end. At times we rushed, resulting in us losing the ball, however this didn’t stop us from fighting hard as in the second half we slowed our play down and the centre court worked together to get the ball to the shooting end where Hannah and Olivia managed to get the ball into the net. It was an unlucky loss but well done girls and thank you to Sarah Parker for coaching us and Clare Lintonbon-Baker for scoring.

POM: Lily Luffman

Team: Tegan Lintonbon-Baker, Beth Parker, Lily Luffman, Alex Povey, Megan Williams, Olivia Burn, Hannah Bishop

Lily Luffman

HERTS LEAGUE – 20th January 2019


An exciting game in lots of ways. Katie Chimes car broke down, so we were down to our basic 7. Sarah Parker kindly stepped in and brought Beth over to help out.

First quarter saw us fighting for every ball, we got in front a couple of times but finished one down. Second quarter saw Beth Parker come on at WD and assist Alex Louise Povey and Charlie Barton in defence. With Emma Kennett and Michelle Seary on fire in centre court feeding Hannah Hogan and I perfectly we pulled away and finished with a 6 goal lead.

Third quarter saw Lily Luffman come on at centre to allow Emma a rest. The battle continued on court and Turnford, with a new combination managed to get a 4 goal lead.

Forth quarter and we had Emma back on at C. We managed to pull back even with them, then lead, then they came back at us and it looked like it finished as a draw 60 all. Unfortunately three seconds got added on and a penalty advanced to the goal third which allowed Turnford to score the critical winning goal. Although we lost by one it was a great game, everyone played some of the best netball I’ve seen you play. We did have our moments so still lots to work on!

Well played everyone, I’m gutted but we did give 100%.

Thanks Vicki Brice for scoring and to Sarah Parker, Paula Luffman Paula Graham and Louise Povey for supporting us.

Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 13th January 2019


9.30 games are always tough and this one was no exception. We had a squad of 8 so Hannah Hogan and I were shooting with Charlie Barton and Katie Chimes in defence, Michelle Seary at WA, Tegan Lintonbon-Baker WD and Katie Woodstock and Emma Kennett shared C so we had fresh legs at half time. The first three quarters were frustrating, up after the first 11/9, then 25/25 and 35/35.

Jo Montague was coaching us and encouraging us to keep the ball safe after the defence got an intercept. Reset and try again on the circle edge if necessary as we had so many turn overs that we threw away. Well we certainly listened and in the final quarter converted our turn overs into goals! Final score 55/43 to us. A convincing win ladies! Well played and thank you to Jo for coaching, Sue Woodstock for scoring and our band of supporters Clare Lintonbon-Baker, Vicki Brice and Jane Chimes.

Joyce Barton

HERTS LEAGUE – 6th January 2019


A tough game for us to start the second half of the season with but we gave it our all. Hatfield arrived with a squad of 12 and their Wasp coach! They were a very well drilled side and despite out tenacity we finished the first quarter down by 8, the gap widened to 20 by half time, a slight juggle moving Emma to GA and Tegan to C with Alex at WD meant we won the third quarter and were just 15 behind. Our victory was short lived as we ended the game 44/65 down.

It was a steep learning curve for us, we need to move onto the ball to prevent interceptions, especially in the centre third and get some set plays for our centre pass and theirs! Lots to work on at training on Thursday.

Squad today was Hannah Hogan, Katie Woodstock, Emma Kennett, Katie Chimes, Charlie Barton, Tegan Lintonbon and Alex Povey, great to see you back Katie C.

Thanks to all the mums and dads for supporting and to Jane for scoring. When the score line is not in our favour our supporters keep us focused and positive so everyone can play with 100% determination until the final whistle. ????

Joyce Barton



A really lovely game this morning despite the slippery court. Everyone played well, thank you for playing up Caitlin Best and Jenifer Johnson you fitted into the team very well. A well deserved POM went to Caitlin Best Lisa Best.

Well played everyone.

Team: Abigail Stickland, Caitlin Best, Lisa Best, Beth Parker, Jenifer Johnson, Maxine Johnson, Sarah Keeling, Rianna Collins and Lizzie Everett.

Not sure on the final score, was near 33-21 to Crosskeys 4.


HARLOW LEAGUE – 20th November 2018


We certainly played with determination to night and we all appreciated lots of team 1 and 2 staying to watch. The first couple of goals went with centre, then Lizi Mitchell and Charlie Barton started to settle into the game and we got enough turn overs to give us a comfortable lead at half time.

A sensible team talk from Karen  Heskett and everything continued to work in the second half and allowed us to extend our lead. Emma Kennett, Katie Woodstock and Sophie Llewellyn did a great job in centre court providing some solid balls into Hannah Hogan and myself. The final score was 31/17 to us. Well played everyone and thanks to all the spectators for their continued support.

Joyce Barton



I took this squad today, haven’t seen them play for a while and was looking forward to seeing what the u16s Div 1 league was like. They girls played really well throughout the whole game. There were a few silly mistakes which they can work on at training.

Final score was 10 – 14 to Eastwood.

Team today, Erynn, Mollie, Caitilin, Beth, Freya, Jen, Lucy and Megan.

Thank you to Nic for scoring and Maxine for your help.

Sarah Parker

HARLOW LEAGUE – 6th November 2018


Unfortunately for team 3 they only had 6 players tonight but all credit to them they gave a very good account of themselves. Nada Tadros and Olivia Burn working well together in the shooting circle with Emma Kennett and Katie Woodstock working tirelessly in the centre court and with no WD both Tegan Lintonbonr and Alex Povey certainly had their work cut out but kept working hard and putting the first team shooters under pressure.

This young team should be extremely proud of themselves tonight for their performance in a game which for some of them was their first taste of first division netball.

Well done to the first team on winning the game – not sure of the final score but it was great to see such talent on both teams and everyone supporting each other.


Karen  Heskett


A lovely confident win tonight girls. We didn’t quite realise how many tips became goals tonight and were shocked to hear we’d won and with an impressive goal difference too! Excellent defence and some really fast play into the circle.

THANK YOU Katie for playing up and please pass our thanks onto your mum for scoring too. Thanks for coaching us to a lovely win Karen Elizabeth Heskett

Final score 32-18

Team tonight: Jo Montague Jess Barclay Emma-Louise Wacey Joanne Wacey Katie Woodstock Georgia Goodall and myself.

S/O for Keys getting BOTH POMS tonight. Very well deserved Katie and Georgia!

Lucy Skelton




Sorry for the short report, it was a good game today. There were a few loose balls which we need to try to work on, however everybody played well. Well done to Beth Parker for POM some great interceptions. Thank you to Martin Parker for scoring.

Team: Abigail Stickland, Klara, Emily Jarrett, Hayley Jones Lizzy Everett Beth Parker Sarah Keeling

Abigail Stickland

HARLOW LEAGUE – 31st October 2018



Everyone seemed to gel together last night as we were working very well finding space and quickly getting the ball down the court. Defence were making some amazing interceptions all over the court and some great rebounds were made in the circle. Attack worked well to get the turnovers into our shooting circle, where shooting by Nada and Olivia was on fire. Congratulations girls well played by everyone with the score ending in a 39-25 win. Thank you to Marion Hooke for coaching and Tracy for scoring.

Well done to Olivia Burn who received POM

Team: Lily Luffman, Tegan Lintonbon, Olivia Burn, Nada Tadros, Lisa Davey, Alex Povey, Beth Parker

Lily Luffman



A good win today for Crosskeys 1 today against a very enthusiastic Hatfield BO side who maintained there energy levels throughout the game.

From beginning to end we gelled well as a team. There was some great feeds into the shooting circle from Alice B and Katie who possessed great vision of the space. These were followed by great circle work and shooting from Lily and Steph. The defence maximised on 50/50 passes from the opposition gaining some great turnovers. This gave Crosskeys the edge which allowed us to take the win.

Q1 Keys 17 Hafield 11

Q2 Keys 32 Hatfield 21

Q3 Keys 47 Hatfield 29

Q4 Keys 55 Hatfield 38

Team: Stephanie Pathak (GS) Lily Luffman (GA) Alice Amelia Boulton (WA) Katie Whitehead (C) Fran Waller (WD) Emily Jones (GD) Harriet Nicholson (GK)

A well deserved POM: Katie

Fran Waller

HARLOW LEAGUE- 16th October 2018



Although starting with only 5 players,  we worked together as a team getting the ball up the court and getting into space well. Defence made some amazing interceptions throughout allowing us to make many turnovers where the attack made quick movements to get the ball to the shooters and into the net. End result 35-30 win, and player of the match was given to Lily Luffman. Well done girls.  Thank you to Marion Hooke and Karen Heskett for coaching and Clare Lintonbon-Baker for scoring.

Team: Lily Luffman, Tegan Lintonbon-Baker, Beth Parker, Ellie Lewis, Olivia Burn, Lisa  Davey and Alex Povey

Lily Luffman

TURNFORD WINTER LEAGUE – 15th October 2018


We started the first quarter with a couple of players out of position which seemed to affect our play, and as we have done in a couple of matches this season, we gave ourselves a bit of a mountain to climb.

In Q2 we settled and the game started to feel more evenly matched with Emily and Charlie making some cracking interceptions in the circle and Nicola supporting them, and the attack, by bringing the ball down court and picking up a number of centre passes.

We started to really push on in Q3 with Emma swapping to C and Katie going into WA, both feeding some great balls into Nada and Lily who capitalised on the opportunities they had and we won that quarter.

Emma’s groin injury meant that she had to be swapped out in Q4 so we had another small reshuffle with a great mother and daughter pairing in defence trying to neutralise the oppositions attack for the short time we had to play.

In the end, the girls just had too much to do to catch up, but were rewarded with a point for their hard work and commitment until the end, with the score ending 24-40 to Cheshunt.

Our great team tonight were: Nada Tadros (GS), Lily Luffman (GK/GA/WA), Emma Kennett, (GA/C), Katie Woodstock (C/WA), Nichola Brichieri-Colombi (WD) Emily Jones (GK/WA), and Charlie Barton (GD)

Many thanks to our loyal band of supporters and Joyce Barton for guiding the team from the sidelines this evening.

Sue Woodstock



After a tough match yesterday, the girls went out keen for a win! They scored 6 goals before they even gave Flames a look in. We need more of our matches to start like this: 8-1 at quarter time.

After an unsteady start on the second quarter when it was goal for goal for a few minutes, the girls got back into their stride and continued to increase their lead: 14-3 at half time.

A few changes going in to the third quarter. Defending was strong through out the court – it was great to see all players acting as defenders. ‘Big arms’ all over the place, and the other team didn’t know what to do and didn’t manage to score at all: 24-3!

The girls kept playing hard right to the end even though they had clearly won! 35-5. Impressive play today, lovely to watch.

Something to work on – snappier, stronger passes. Some play today was loopy, which we could get away with today, but won’t be able to against stronger teams.

A special mention has to go to Jen (Maxine Johnson) as she kept appearing from nowhere to intercept and several times she kept balls on court that rest of us would have considered out of play. Exciting to watch!

Thanks to Lisa Best for coaching.

Niamh, Mollie (Nina Fletcher), Beth, Freya (Natalie Dalberto), Jen, Lucy (Sarah Jane Djemal), Erynn and Meg (Alison Dowton)

Nicola Brichieri – Colombi



We had a good start to the game with our defence, Lizzy Everett, Beth and Sarah, keeping on their players. The ball was brought down accurately to myself and Julie in the goal third by Hayley and Rianna. Second quarter Klara came on and made some strong passes into the goal third. However due to the wet and slippery court, some mistakes where made. The ball was very slippery making us loose some balls. Third quarter was better for us as we brought back a few goals and won this quarter. However Hotshots where keeping the lead all the way through the game. Not sure on the score but Hotshots managed to take the lead.

Well played ladies, a tough game with the weather and the team. A few pushes here and there but we fought through till the end. A huge congratulations to Sarah for getting POM, well deserved as you made some great interceptions throughout the game. Thank you also to Klara and Julie for playing for us today.

Team: Abigail Stickland, Julie Allen, Rianna Collins , Hayley Jones, Beth Parker,Sarah Keeling , Lizzy Everett and Klara Dita.

Abigail Stickland



A great game was played down at Bishop Stortford this morning. It was neck and neck for the first two quarters with both teams playing some very nice netball.

But going into the third quarter the defence made some excellent interceptions and turnovers that we began to take a lead.

We kept the ball safe in the last two quarters and the attack moved well around the circle, despite the aggressive defence on the opposition making it difficult for us.

The end score was 40-31 to us :)

Thank you to everyone who helped us out today, Kirsty Herbet for scoring and the supporters who came to watch.

The team – Katie Chimes, Jo Wacey, Millie Bolton, Harriet Herbet, Ellie Lewis, Alice Boulton, Steph Pathak and myself.

well done POM Millie Bolton.

Alice Miles

POOLE TOURNAMENT – 6th October 2018

Coach – Wendy Chambers

Squad – Klara, Mollie F, Freya D, Jen J, Megan D, Lucy D Beth P & Summer who stepped in at the last minute when we heard that Caitlin had ended up having stitches in her hand and Beth BC’s back was playing up. Thank you Summer.

The team had 5 matches today. The first two were against Poole Crystals and WP Blades which unfortunately we lost. These two teams were extremely well drilled and their shooters couldn’t miss despite our efforts of a strong defence.

The third game was against Lovell Aztecs and was a much closer game with us showing some great Netball skills. We made some great turn overs from the defence and then taking the ball down to our shooters. First Win 4-3,

Game 4 was against Westex Ocelots we again started strongly and took advantage of the turn overs. 2nd Win 8-2.

Game 5 – was a very close game. The girls showed great determination and team spirit and took to a another Win 7-6

Wendy was extremely proud of the girls today as they played some great Netball in terrible conditions. They showed great team spirit working hard for each other in different positions throughout the day.

Well done Girls !!

Thank you to Martin Doon Parker for being the scorer and the other supporters for keeping the girls fed and watered

Julie Moore

HARLOW LEAGUE – 2nd October 2018

Crosskeys 6 Vs Tegate 6

From the outset this was an exciting game against a very physical Tegate side. The first 15 minutes saw both teams capitalising on their centre pass and the score remained equal. However just before half time Tegate forced us to make a few errors allowing them to take the lead. Half time score 24-19 to Tegate.

After a few positional changes we went back on raring to go. Every player gave it their all. We defended Tegate’s extremely tall goalshooter well, rattled her, causing her to make some errors. The centre court worked tirelessly to bring the ball skillfully up the court to our 2 shooters who despite getting battered worked incredibly hard and shot superbly.

Our hard work paid off and 2 minutes before full time we were level.

Tegate Centre and we intercepted the ball and despite their best efforts to regain possession we capitalised on their error. We played extremely safe netball in the last 30 seconds and even managed to sneak in a last minute goal making the final score 35-33 to Crosskeys.

Well done girls, a great game tonight and a well deserved win.

POM went to Hannah Bishop. Well done, Great shooting and play Hannah.

Team :- Klara Fridrichova, Orla Peake, Jennifer Johnson, Hayley Jones, Megan Williams, Caitlin Best and Hannah Bishop.

Thank you to Sue Bishop for scoring and to all our supporters for your encouragement.

Lisa Best



Win 25-6

Team Klara, Fran Waller, Harriet, Emily, Honey, Summer, Leah and Nikki

A different combination again tonight. Welcome to Fran into this large group.

Thank you to our supporters.

Good Result

Julie Moore


U16 Chelmsford Cup Tournament – today saw us go over to play in the plate competition for teams that had gone out in the first 2 rounds of the Cup. With the rules and regs being so strict we needed to mould a squad.

Team today – Klara, Holly, Caitlin, Beth, Summer, Beth & Leah. Thank you to Emily Best for being Team Manager and scoring.

Mixed results / 8 games played 4 won 4 lost. Opposition – Tegate Braintree x 2, Eastwood, Chelmsford x 2, Conquerers and Brookshaw.

Thank you to all supporters and Martin for scoring each game.

An enjoyable Morning in the sun.

Julie Moore



Right from the start of this game Crosskeys showed they were a stronger side managing to make turnovers and get the ball down to the end of the court. Even though we seemed to slow down in the second quarter allowing our opposition to gain a few points as they started to make interceptions. However in the last 2 quarters we made a few changes and we all stepped it up with some excellent defence making some great interceptions and rebounds and the attack working well to bring the ball up the court, we ended the game with a 36-28 win. Well played everyone and thank you to Sarah for coaching.

Team: Lily Luffman, Orla Peake, Beth Parker, Ellie Vears, Hannah Bishop, Megan Williams, Lisa Davey

Lily Luffman


Div 5

Having started off the league with lots of players in this team it was a struggle to get a squad out tonight.

After some jigging a combo of players was formed.

As we all know playing as a new squad is not easy. However, I can say that I was very proud of the youth today some of whom were playing their first adult match.

Team tonight:

Nicola Arnold, Leah Shipp,  Rianna Collins, Sarah Keeling, Summer Wimbleton, Emily Jarrett, Klara Fridrichova and Julie Moore

Qtr 1 – 9-11

Qtr 2 – 14-24 but of a wobble here.

Bit of a shift around and we then managed to win the next 2 qtrs

Qtr 3 – 21-29

Qtr 4 – 24-31

Good effort girls and I hope that everyone enjoyed the match

Julie Moore



This was such an exciting game against a very tough and physical Tegate team. Despite our side never having played together before and many of us playing our second game of the day we came out fighting with brilliant energy and determination!

The first quarter saw Tegate pull ahead, their very tall and experienced GS popped in the shots whilst their physical defence were tight on our attack. We kept positive and started to gel as a team beginning to move the ball more easily down the court as the game progressed. In the second quarter we narrowed the lead Tegate had gained.

By the third quarter we had come into our own. Alice Miles at GA worked the ball seamlessly around the circle with very accurate long distance shots and Freya Rowson had a brilliant game popping in shot after shot despite lots of contesting from the Tegate defence. Our centre court Estelle Williams, Lily Luffman and Emily Jones worked tirelessly, utilising every turnover and keeping the ball safe. Wendy Chambers in defence kept the GS shooting from a distance and helped work the ball back up the court after every turnover.

A cracking last quarter and final few minutes saw us draw even ending the game 48-48!

Such an exciting game with brilliant team spirit despite a miserable rainy morning! Well played everyone.

Thank-you Marion Hooke for organising a team and well done to Estelle for a well deserved player of the match.

Charlie Barton


Sorry for the late report, but the girls had another excellent game yesterday morning. We have really gelled as a team and it is evident in our play. We began with a strong lead, with the defence, Charlie Barton, Nicola, Wendy Chambers making some great turnovers and good movement around the circle with Ellie Lewis and Alice Boulton creating easy high balls going into the circle to Freya Rowson, resulting in a lead of 36-12 at half time.

Our game was easy and we won every quarter, increasing our goal difference by more and more each time.

The end score was 63-22 to us.

Well done to everyone for playing, only one more game to go now so we can get promotion!!

POM was well deserved and went to Charlie Barton

Alice Miles



We had a bit of a random team for our game today with our defence having to step in to umpire, however we played a great game.

In the first quarter our defence was on top form and we started to put pressure onto pinks team, but due to some tall defenders on their side, the ball was struggling to go into our circle. Pinks made some turnovers and started to dominate the game leaving it at 12-8 to pinks in the first quarter.

After a change of some positions, and Freya Rowson giving us some new extra height in the circle, our game started to flow and we came back strong. We started to get on a roll and we were putting up great shots and making turnovers, leaving the score at 26-26 at half time.

By the third quarter we had really gelled and our team was making some great interceptions and turned over so many balls. We were now playing our own game and we really brought it back, making it 50-35 to Crosskeys after the third quarter.

The fourth quarter we kept our speed and still fought for every ball. There were some more great interceptions by the defence and shots were going in easily. The end score of the game was 62-47 to us :)

Thank you to Wendy Chambers for stepping in as our umpire we really appreciate it, and thank you to all the supporters on the sidelines who really encouraged us today, it was a great game we all played so well.

The team was – Charlie Barton, Alex Povey, Kirsty Herbert, Ellie Lewis, Harriet Herbert, Freya Rowson and Alice Miles, and thank you to Haley for helping us in the first quarter

Alice Miles

HERTS LEAGUE – 4th March 2018


Well done girls today on a comfortable win (53- 34)! First quarter was level so we knew we had to work harder against a young Turnford side.

Everyone worked really well and our attack did some lovely feeds into Lucy & Becky. And great tips from our defence.

Long arms over that feed made Turnford panic and worked in our favour.

Something to work on at training is grabbing in the ball. A few dropped balls lost us turnovers.

Thanks Michelle Allen for scoring.

Team: Lucy Skelton Becky Allen Emily Allen Georgia Goodall Lili Herbert Georgia Das Emma-Louise Wacey Jess Barclay

Jo Wacey

BISHOP STORTFORD LEAGUE – 25th February 2018


A well contested game from start to finish today. Mystix were a feisty team with some very skilful players but fortunately Keys were able to match the skills and edged in front with some great shooting, brilliant court play and impressive defending. Congratulations Phoebe Poulter on yet another POM nomination. Thank you to everyone for playing, Lisa May for scoring and our little band of parent supporters.

Marion Hooke

HERTS LEAGUE – 25th February 2018


A great win for us 38/26 putting us into third position. A big thanks to Jess Enmokwu for stepping in and playing GK as Kate Pink was on hols. Jess, Charlie Barton and Emma Kennett worked tirelessly in defence getting an amazing number of turn overs for us. I’ve got to say centre court and attack were both a bit wobbly to day but we got there, my players of the match go to all three defenders.

As a team we all played a great 3rd quarter which ensured our win, next week we need all four quarters to be this good! I know we can win our next three games…we just need to believe in ourselves!

Team to day was Molly Fozzard, Hannah Hogan, Joanne Wacey, Charlie Barton, Jess Enmokwu, Katie Woodstock, Emma Kennett and Joyce Barton.

Thanks to Steve for scoring and Sue Woodstock and Vicki Brice for supporting!

Joyce Barton

HARLOW LEAGUE – 20th February 2018



Right from the start Stortford proved to be a strong team with a fast attack and tall defence, throughout the game Crosskeys stayed fighting making some excellent interceptions and managing to gain a few turnovers keeping the score close during the match, with he first half ending 10-15. Even though we were 5 down we stayed strong bringing the score up with a difference of 2 during the second half. However some mistakes were made and Stortford pulled away. Overall Crosskeys were strong throughout with some amazing interceptions carried out by the defence and some quick attacking work. Unfortunately we lost with just a 7 point difference ending the score 34-27. Well played everyone and thank you to Karen for coaching us.

Team: Lily Luffman, Olivia Burn, Megan Williams, Phoebe Poulter, Orla Peake, Alex Povey and Jess Barclay

Lily Luffman



It was a very close game today and both Swans and ourselves played some lovely netball.

Throughout the game we made some excellent well executed passes, created some well timed moves which allowed us to create great space and defended superbly throughout the court, limiting Swans options on a number of occasions and the pressure we applied caused them to make numerous errors.

That said, going forward we need to work on not throwing away the ball after making an interception and making the correct pass at all times ( we sometimes made it very difficult for ourselves by not playing the best ball ).

In my opinion from quarter 2 we dominated the game but didn’t make it easy for ourselves by not playing our game and maintaining possession at crucial times.

However our determination and keeping level headed throughout the game shone through and we secured a win of 32-29.

Well done Team 3. POM went to Phoebe Poulter. Well done Phoebe, fantastic play.

Team :- Sarah Parker, Beth Parker, Amy Carpenter, Katie Whitehead, Harriet Herbert, Phoebe Poulter and Abigail Strickland

Thank you to our loyal supporters and to Marion Hooke for umpiring. Greatly appreciated.

Lisa Best

CROSSKEYS 1 -49 – SWAN -23

This morning it took Keys 1 a little time to adjust to yet another playing combination! At the end of the first quarter the score was 10 -10 so all to play for. During the second quarter our shooters “got their eye in” and began to score freely thanks to some excellent feeds from the hard working mid-court trio. Defensively we were “masterful” and definitely in-charge constantly applying pressure on both shooters and making it incredibly difficult for the Swan attack. By the end of the third quarter the result was beyond doubt! 41 -22. With only six minutes to play in the final quarter Keys were on for a convincing win.

A massive THANK YOU to Joyce Barton and Emily Jones for playing today and an even bigger THANKS to Phoebe Poulter for deputising so impressively for an unwell Megs (hope you feel better soon Meg) and staying on to play a second game – and winning a second POM of the morning (hope you are not too bruised after your tumbles).

Squad:- Joyce Barton, Olivia Burn, Phoebe Poulter, Lily Luffman, Orla Peake, Emily Jones, Lizzy Everett.



We had a tough game today, both teams competing to win the league.

In the first half of the game we had good movement in the centre court and some great defence, but unfortunately Richmond had some strong interceptions and began to dominate the game leaving us with 17-10 to Richmond at half time.

However, in the third quarter, Crosskeys started to fight for the ball and really put our all into it. We made great interceptions and really turned it around. the end score of the third quarter was 20-17 to Richmond.

We were extremely determined in the last quarter and still played some very good netball, and movement around the circle was getting very sharp, but unfortunately we just missed the win, and the end score was 27-24 to Richmond.

well done to everyone, we really tried our hardest but the odds were just not in our favour this morning x

Well done to Charlie Barton(POM), and thank to Katie Miles, Georgina Dobson and Molly Fozzard for helping out our team today!

the team was – Wendy Chambers, Charlie, Georgina, Ellie Lewis, Alice Boulton, Katie, Molly and myself.

Alice Miles



Our game this morning was a bit of a struggle due to the freezing weather which made it difficult to catch the ball and make fast movements around the court. But despite this our team worked hard and came out with a great result

The first half we began to break away from and the team as the defence was good making great turnovers and putting pressure on the team making the end score at half time was 24-13

During the second half we picked up some injuries and our hands were getting very cold, but we continued to fight and work together to come out with a great score of 43-35

Well done to everyone and also POM Alice Boulton

Team was – Wendy Chambers, Nicola, Alex Povey, Charlotte, Alice Boulton, Molly Fozzard and Alice Miles

Thank you to Molly for playing for us, and thanks Mel for coaching.

Alice M


We have had a difficult few weeks with the results not going their way so today we wanted to get back on track and prove a point. We had a bit of a wobbly first quarter and took a while to find our flow but once we settled into the game we took charge and dominated the game.

At times our play was a little scrappy but we never gave up and executed some lovely play throughout the court making some lovely drives forward feeding our attacking circle well.

A good secure win for Crosskeys 3 which was very well deserved.

Team :- Lisa Best, Klara Fridrichova, Amy Carpenter, Hayley Jones, Harriet Herbert, Claire Murphy and Abigail Strickland.

POM :- Abigail Strickland. Congratulations Abbie.

Lisa Best


This game started off quite even with goals coming from centre pass. Sparks only having 6 players! Gradually Crosskeys eased ahead by a few, thanks to some excellent defensive turnovers which resulted in goals from our hotshot shooters Stephanie Pathak (Ludlow) and Fran Waller. Just on the stroke of half time the Sparks GS took a tumble and was unfortunately unable to continue in the game, which took them down to only 5 players! Crosskeys now pulled even further ahead although I will say, credit to the five still on the court, they never gave up.

Big THANK YOU to Greta who stepped in to play only yesterday and did a grand job. Thank you to Rianna’s mum for scoring and our little band of parent supporters for braving the cold this morning.

Squad:- Stephanie Pathak, Fran Waller, Greta Orlandini, Kayla Burt, Emma Thomson, Emily Jones, Rianna Collins.

POM – Rianna Collins – congratulations.


HERTS LEAGUE – 4th February 2018

Crosskeys 2 vs. Hornets 5


Only on friday we managed to claw together a starting 7 for this mid table battle. Thankfully Jess Enemokwu came to our rescue and extended a home visit from uni. LIFE SAVER.

Hornets started the game fast and accurate as we expected and the first qtr didn’t see either pulling away with a lead. Defence turned some excellent balls our way breaking down their feeds into their D and the centre court did well to support the ball up to myself and Becky.

2 qtr and we went 1 goal down (I think) but it was well within our reach to pull it back….. and that we did! 3rd qtr saw some awesome defence and we began to pull away – Emma and Lili supporting the tireless Georgia Goodall which really helped get the ball down our end quickly. Emily and Becky linking up with speed an accuracy popping the ball in to great shooting positions.

Training was so apparent in our play today, we closed down the feeds and we confidently extended our lead to the end whistle. Winning by 10 goals!

Today showed what being part of a team is all about. Everyone gave 100% even in positions a few don’t usually play and our determination got us a brilliant result. I’m absolutely buzzing. WELL DONE TEAM!

Thank you to all pur supporters today. It’s so encouraging to hear the voices on the side lines. Gives us all such a boost.

Huge thank you to Karen . Not only have you been a star this week assisting me trying to find players, the entire team took on your advice every qtr and it made such a difference.

Becky and Emily, please pass on our thanks to your dad for scoring for us today! (Nice not to be scoring from a cold cupboard, like last wk in st.albans!)

Massive kudos to our team today: Myself, Becky Allen Georgia Goodall Emily Allen Lili Herbert Emma Wacey Jess Enemokwu

This was a tough contest against a strong physical side and I’m so glad we came out the clear winners.

Lucy Skelton

HARLOW LEAGUE – 23rd January 2018


We got off to a brilliant start in the first half moving the ball quickly down the court and outrunning the opposition to give us a steady lead which we maintained throughout.

Amazing shooting from Molly and Lily who worked together seamlessly in the circle, out thinking the defence and fighting for every rebound. The centre court play came together allowing us to quickly work the ball down the court and make the most of every turn over by the defence.

Big thank you to Lily and Jess for staying on and playing two games and also to Karen for coaching.

Well played everyone. Lovely win for us.

Team: Jess Barclay, Georgina Dobson, Emma Kennett, Katie Woodstock, Lily Luffman, Molly Fozzard.

Charlie Barton


This was an unlucky loss as the whole team played well throughout, attack worked very well getting the ball in the shooting circle and Hannah and Lily carried out some amazing movement enabling them to shoot. The first half was close ending 14-15. During the second half we still worked hard as a team however a few held balls were given away and Epping got the better of us, moreover halfway through the second half unfortunately we were a player down and had to drop the WD, However we kept our heads up and carried on playing our game. The game ended on a 32-18 loss,   Well played everyone and thank you to Karen for coaching us.

Squad: Lily Luffman, Orla Peake, Megan Williams, Olivia Burn, Hannah Bishop, Jess Barclay and Verity Poulter

Lily Luffman

HARLOW LEAGUE – 16th January 2018

Tonight team CROSSKEYS 2 faced TEGATE 1. We knew this would be tough competition from the off in light of the recent injuries to our defence (across the board) but luckily for us Jess B stepped in for Jo and was linking up seamlessly with Emma.. Defence were solid and we did turn them over a few times but we just weren’t able to capitalise. Lovely speed up the court and support from Emily and some fast drives from Georgia and Amber feeding nicely into Becky and pinging it into me. Great work!

We noted alot of unforced errors throughout the match which we need to work on in training (ironing this glitch out and I reckon we can definitely beat them!) all in all we didn’t give them a comfortable victory and fought well not letting them run away with a big unjustified scoreline.

Final score 31 – 40 to Tegate.

Team tonight, myself, Becky, Georgia, Amber, Emily, Emma-Louise, Jess Barclay. Thanks so much for helping tonight Jess, you worked tirelessly against their tall GS. Big S/O to Jo Montague for scoring

Well played girls!

Lucy Skelton

Crosskeys 3 v Epping 1

Harlow League 9.15

Crosskeys 19 – Epping 21

With a number of new players stepping in tonight, we took a bit of time to get into our rhythm against a very strong Epping team with a very tall shooter!

We went down 5 goals in quick succession but thanks to some amazing interceptions and very strong defending by Kate and Charlie, we managed to contain them and finished down 9-11.

After the half time chat with Coach Karen and Joyce, we came come out even more determined. Zoe had the job of trying to neutralise their very strong GA in order to keep their score down and on the break Katie, Georgina, Charlie and Hannah pushed down with speed and determination to try to feed the ball in which was tough given their defensive height advantage.

This half saw some unbelievable shooting from distance by Hannah and Molly and more great interceptions by our defence and at one stage we even managed to draw level.

However, they were just that bit too strong for us tonight and the game ended 19-21.

Disappointing for the team but everyone gave their all – the super squad tonight were: Kate Pink, Charlie Barton, Zoe O’Grady, Katie Woodstock, Georgina Dobson, Hannah Hogan and Molly Fozzard.

Many congratulations to Charlie who was POM.

Sue  Woodstock

HERTS LEAGUE – 14th January 2018


With Jo Montague still injured, myself with a bad toe and Amber playing for ER we knew we needed to bring someone up to make our 8th player. Thank you Jess Barclay for stepping in as a strong defender.

We started off slow and it took us a while to get into the game as we fell behind by 6 goals. Second quarter we made a small change, Jess moving to WD putting Lili on the bench. We started to pull it back but Omega’s tall GS was putting the pressure on, not missing a single shot.

Third quarter Emma Wacey went to WD, Jess changed to GD and Lili came back on at WA giving Emily a rest and Goodall to C. It was then neck to neck, with one goal in it and level at some points! Now I know what it feels like when Karen says her heart rate is going up!

Going into the fourth quarter only 1 goal down, Emily came back on at WA and we also swapped defence bringing Cam out to GD and Jess into keeper. Although we were making brilliant interceptions unfortunately the pressure got to us and we kept giving the ball away with unforced errors.

Highlight of the game was Goodall making two amazing interceptions in a row!

Something to think on at training is we need to start pushing our players up the court.

Omega used the tactic of keeping the ball with short fast passes to delay time by shouting ‘fast net fast net’. We need to next time jump in and intercept those balls.

Final score 54 59. Unfortunately it wasn’t our day today girls but everyone gave 110% trying really hard. Just an annoying result when we were so close.

Well played everyone, thanks to Jo Montague for scoring and Jess for stepping in.

Team; Lucy Skelton, Becky Allen, Lili Herbert, Georgia Goodall, Emily AllenEmma Wacey, Jess Barclay, Cam Brown

Georgia Dass



It was our first game in the new year this morning and what a great start!

our movement around the circle was amazing and our passing was accurate and precise

We began to dominant the game increasing our lead to 41-16 at half time.

We started to make great interceptions and started to turn the ball over.

It was a great game and everyone played excellently.

The end result was 70-29 to us

Well done to POM Ellie Lewis

Team was – Wendy, Alex, Charlotte, Ellie, Harriet and Freya.

Alice Miles

HARLOW LEAGUE – 9th January 2018


First game back after the Christmas break and we got off to a strong start with lots of fast play in the centre court from Emma Kennett Katie Woodstock and Georgina Dobson keeping stortford on their toes. Great shooting from Alice Miles and Lily Luffman meant we capitalised on every turn around from the defence – Wendy Chambers getting some brilliant rebounds and interceptions.

In the second half we increased our lead and gelled even more as a team. Katie and Georgina gave some lovely feeds into the shooters and worked the ball well around the circle against a strong Stortford attack. Emma at WD got lovely interceptions and helped bring the ball speedily down the court!

Well played everyone, lovely game and nice to start the season off with a win. The final score was 31-19.

Team: Lily (GS), Alice (GA), Georgina (WA), Katie (C), Emma (WD), Me (GD) and Wendy (GK). Thank you Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching and all the parents for supporting!

Charlie Barton


Despite only having 6 players, throughout the game the whole team played amazing constantly on the ball and looking for interceptions. This was a tough game against Tegate, defence making some great interceptions to take possession of the ball and attack working well to get the ball back down the court. Unfortunately Tegate had the upper hand, we ended the first half 7-14 to Tegate, although we still battled through the second half Tegate managed to pull away despite all players giving their all ending the game 36-10.

Well done to everyone, especially Alex and phoebe helping us out after playing a game, and thankyou aislinn for coaching us.

Team: Lily Luffman, Phoebe Poulter, Olivia Burn, Orla Peake, Alex povey, Jess Barclay

P.O.M : Alex Povey

Lily Luffman

HARLOW LEAGUE -2nd January 2018


Slow start tonight after our long Christmas break with a slightly different line up to adjust to.

Ended first half down against the experienced Tegate team who played with 6 by 21-12.

Second half saw us get our flow and some good feeds by Lili and Jess W saw Freya get her mojo flowing and sink the goals ably assisted by Hannah H back from injury.

Second half was much closer , losing only by 3 and gained a point losing the match 41-30.

Lovely to have Meg Pointer back from uni and Freya R playing, defending with Kate who gave 100%.

Well played everyone

Squad Freya/ Hannah / Lili H / Jess W / Meg P/ Kate Pink and myself.

Thanks to Beryl scoring for us, Karen coaching and our supporters

Jo Wacey


We took a few minutes to settle back in to this first game after Xmas, but when we did we stormed ahead. Defence turning lots of balls and some fast drives into the corner pockets saw us capitalise ending the first half 13-9 with some great shooting!

I didn’t want to change the second half as we had just found our stride. However, Bishops Stortford started to claw it back and close the 4 goal lead – getting as close as 1 in it at times. (Thanks for the nail-biter girls!) We kept our heads and final score was 25 – 23. A win for Crosskeys to start the year! Ya!

Team tonight. Amber Moore, Becky Allen, Georgia Goodall, Georgia Das, Emily Allen, Emma Wacey and Kate Pink (Thanks for giving us the height in defence we so desperately needed tonight!) Well done girls!

Thanks to Hannah for scoring and Karen for coaching

HARLOW LEAGUE – 19th December 2017

Crosskeys 6 23 V Mark Hall Ladies 20

This was a nail- biting game from the first to the last whistle. Mark Hall Ladies were fielding possibly their strongest team and Keys 6 were missing some notable players but the 14 players on court tonight gave 200% and despite being 4 goals down at half time Keys were not going down without a “fight”. At half time we made a few tactical swItches which I am sure influenced the final result.

Congratulations to Nicola Arnold and Lucie Sudworth for POM nominations from the umpires.

Squad:- Nicola Arnold, Fran Waller, Harriet Kirsty Herbert, Lucie Sudworth (2nd game tonight at C), Emma Thomson, Megan Pointer (2nd game tonight at GD) , Amelia Davies (3rd game tonight at GK).

Thank you to the supporters and a massive THANK YOU to Denise Megan Pointer for making sure Millie got home safely. I appreciated your care

Marion Hooke

Crosskeys 4 V Tornado’s Thunder

Some spectacular shooting tonight from Nada Tadros and Alice Miles saw Keys 4 cruise to a comfortable win against Tornado’s but I also have to say a huge THANK YOU to the Uni girls for turning out to play for us tonight in force (and multiple games) – You were stars all of you and it is so lovely to have your skills back on court when you are home. Another thank you to Lily Luffman for playing two games tonight.

Squad: Nada Tadros, Alice Miles, Lily Luffman, Lucie Sudworth, Estelle Williams , Nichola Colombi, Amelia Davies.

If anyone knows who got POM in this game or the final score I will edit the report to show it.

Thanks to Sue Sudworth for scoring and to our small band of loyal supporters.

Marion Hooke



Since we only had three original players playing for the team today it took a while for the seven players to gel on court.

Our first quarter was a little slow for us, with hesitant passes and not pushing the ball forward when we had the time and space to do so. Going back into the second quarter we added height into the circle from Harriet Nicholson who rushed to the game with little notice, so thank you Harriet. This did help us regain possession but again the turn overs didn’t always result in a goal. Claire K had some outstanding shots with some good feeds from the attacking circle.

Half time saw us only two goals down and this was due to our hard working defence and the fact our attacking was now starting to look for their shooters rather than sending the ball laterally in the attacking third.

Sadly, we just couldn’t make up the goals we lost from the first quarter, and lost the game

Considering the squad was put together last minute I felt we played considerable well, especially against a very pushy and verbal opposition.

Thank you to all our supporters , Mel for coaching and umpiring.

Squad: Alex Povey, Ellie Lewis, Alice Boulton

Huge thanks to Claire K, Jordan Hinks, Katie Whitehead (POM ) Harriet Nicholson and Kayla.

Score 35-39

Alice Boulton

HARLOW LEAGUE- 8th November 2017


From the start of the game there was fast play all throughout the court and attack was strong, we ended the first half leading 11-8. In the second half the whole team worked together well to get the ball from one end to the other with some fantastic tips and interceptions from the defence getting it down to the shooting end and with some lovely movement in and around the circle we managed to get some lovely shots in. However playing an experienced Stortford side they managed to pull it back from the first half ending the game 24-21. Unlucky girls, well played to everyone and thankyou to Aislyne and Karen for coaching us.

Team: Lily Luffman, Tegan Lintonbon, Olivia Burn, Verity Poulter, Phoebe Poulter, Katie Whitehead, Nicola Arnold

Alice Boulton

Lily Luffman



A different team fielded today with Freya Rowson (GS), Kayla GA/WA) and Lizi Mitchell (GK) along with Lily Luffman (WA/GA) Verity (C), Megan Williams(WA/WD), Orla Peake(WD/GD) and me (GD).

We started well and gained an 8 goal lead in the first quarter and continued to increase this throughout the game. Well deserved win this morning – well played everyone!

Final score 55-23.

Thank you for everyone who played today, Marion for coaching, my mum/Ava for scoring and all the supporters.

Pom -Lizi

Tegan Lintonbon

POOLE TOURNAMENT – 7th October 2017

U16 – Poole Tournament & Tegans 16th Birthday ????????

All the girls were there bright and breezy it was Sarah Beth and I who were late, but this did not cause any probs the girls had started warming up and we went to court and smashed our first 3 games. 4th game was against Trafford – we knew that this was going to be a tough & physical game. The girls gave 100% even when up against some dodgy umpiring but we just could not pull it off. 5th game, we took another win . Now we had our longest break between matches which should not have thrown us but I am not quite sure what happend. We went back on playing Poole. The girls seemed to be in second gear and Poole just capsulised on this. Not only did we lose but we saw Hannah go down with a knee injury. Last game of the day and we saw the girls dig deep and pulled the 5th win off.

So 5 wins 2 loses not enough to see us into the semis / unlucky girls.

Team. Hannah, Nada, Olivia, Lily, Meg, Beth, Ellie, Tegan & Orla

Thank u to all the supporters for a great day & Sarah Parker for driving.

Julie Moore

HARLOW LEAGUE – 3rd  October 2017


Grid locked roads into Harlow meant we had to face TG with only 5 players on the court. Baring a few, we were also facing their East Region side.. 15 mins into the first half and we were holding our own with them only managing a 2 goal lead on the 5 of us. Great steady play = opportunities to capitalise on.

Luckily Emily Allen and Becky Allen got the better of the traffic and got straight to work. No half time due to the late start and no adjustments to the starting side.

Great defence girls against a forceful side and really good efforts Georgia Das, Emma Wacey and Amber Moore who did all the leg work in the first 15 mins bridging the gap for the missing girls and still kept up the energy for the entire game.

Unfortunately we never did close their initial lead and the final score was 36 – 29.

Well deserved p.o.m (both Keys players) Emma and Amber.

Well played girls – I’m really sure we could beat these girls, not the threat I thought they’d be.

Team tonight: Jo Montague Emma Wacey, Emily Allen, Georgia Das, Becky Allen, Amber Moore and Lucy  Skelton

Lucy Skelton

HERTS LEAGUE – 1st October 2017


I think we all underestimated Watford and what they were capable of. The whole way through the game we had to fight to win. We fought for the ball, putting what we practised in training into play. Ending both first and second quarters 4 goals up. Then we went down by 7 by the end of the third quarter.. letting Watford get to us.

However we pushed till the end and played as a team, losing only by 5 goals.. 41 – 46. Unlucky girls, we’ll get them next time!

Thank you for Claire Goodall Shona Mccabe and Joanne Wacey for coaching and helping on the side line today. Thanks to all our supporters & to Michelle Allen for scoring.

Let’s move on and get a win next time

HARLOW LEAGUE – 26th September 2017



A tough match last night against a very strong opposition, who came across as an experienced tegate team we were please to get a point for half of their score. We started off strong however felt the loss of Olivia Burn, hope you get better soon. Tegate pulled away from us in the second half and we battled well with some of the girls playing out of position. Final score 32-16. Some great play from all of the girls although some sloppy balls at times, well done to Orla Peake umpires POM.

Thankyou to Aislyne for coaching us and justin for scoring

Team- Lily Luffman, Tegan Lintonbon, Olivia burn, Hannah Bishop, Orla Peake, Verity Poulter, Jess Barclay and Ellie Vears

Lily Luffman

BISHOPS STORTFORD LEAGUE – 17th September 2017


Hard game this morning with a couple key defensive players missing and Orla back filing into GK (thank you). Everyone continued to fight for the ball and it was just a few too many mistakes. In the words of Marion, a bit of a baptism of fire for the team this morning. Final score 44-60.

POM Olivia burn

Team: Orla Peake ,Tegan Lintonbon , Megan Williams, Verity  Poulter, Lily Luffman, Olivia Burn andHannah Bishop

Well played girls!

Thank you to Marion Hooke for coaching, supporters and Kayla for scoring and being 8th player if needed.

Tegan Lintonbon


We all started a little nervous as this was our first time playing together as a squad but once we found our rhythm we played some lovely netball throughout the court.

It was a close match, both teams taking the lead during the game but eventually we pulled away and achieved a well deserved win 43-37.

Well done girls/ladies you all played fantastically.

Squad :- Abigail Strickland, Sarah Parker, Lisa Best, Lizzie Everett, Phoebe Poulter, Harriet Herbert, Katie Whitehead and Beth Parker

POM went to Katie Whitehead. Well done Katie.

A big Thank you to Katie Woodstock for umpiring at the last minute. You are a star.

Thank you as always to the supporters, your encouragement was appreciated.

Lisa Best


A mixed line up today, but we worked well as a team from the offset and won the first quarter by 3, 12-9.

A strong shooting pair of Molly Fozzard and Steph worked well in the circle, with good feeds from the centre court attackers, Charlie Barton and Kayla, meaning we won the second quarter by another 3, 26-20.

We won’t talk about the third quarter (they nearly got us), so we went into the final quarter only 1 up, 33 – 32 and it was their centre….

After a pep talk from Marion Hooke about keeping our cool even when the score was close; we went on, got the turn over and we were off. Lisa, Megan Jarvis, and I worked hard in defence stopping all but 3 goals in the final quarter.

Final score 41-33.

A great win, and a lovely match to play in.

POM – Nichola Colombi

HERTS LEAGUE – 17th September 2017


We knew this was going to be a tough first game for us as Omega have just come down into our league.

As a new squad with players that haven’t played with each other we soon found our feet and adapted quickly.

First quarter finished, Keys 9 – 8 Omega .. a close game throughout but as a squad we worked hard. Some fab interceptions from Emma Wacey.

2nd quarter Amber came on as GA and Emily at WA. Omega stayed hot on our toes leading this quarter to end 20 all.

3rd quarter we brought on fresh legs Lili at WA and Myself at C. We managed to slowly start to pull it back ending five goals ahead. Keys 35 – 30 Omega.

In the last quarter we was determined to win. Only change was Emily back at WA. Good defending and more accurate passing helped us get the ball up the court and into the shooters.

Final score Keys 48 – 40 Omega.

Well done girls great first win! Thanks Robyn for playing up to help our defence. Also Thank you to Joanne Wacey for scoring, Karen Heskett for coaching and to all our supporters.

Team today:

Lucy Skelton, Becky Allen, Emily Allen, Amber Moore, Lili Herbert, Georgia Das, Georgia Goodal,l Emma Wacey, Cam Brown and Robyn Graham

Georgia Dass


**************************** REPORTS FOR SEASON 2016/2017 ARE BELOW ***************************


Crosskeys 4 vs Issi Cougars

We started strong and took the lead in the first quarter. Unfortunately this was not to last and Issi soon pulled back to end the first quarter 2 goals up. It continued to be a close game and we pulled back to 1 behind at the end of the 2nd quarter and drew level at the end of the 3rd. Unfortunately we were not able to hold on and game finished 45-47.

Everyone played so well tonight and put in 100% effort. Unlucky girls.

Team: Hannah Bishop, Olivia Burn Alice Amelia Boulton Georgina DobsonZoë Griffith Charlie Barton me Wendy Chambers

Thank you to Wendy and Georgina for helping us.

Thank you to the parents and Marion Hooke for your support, Tracy Maddams for scoring and Melanie Boulton for coaching!


Crosskeys 6 V Asco

Score: 28-24

A very sweet victory against a very physical Asco last night despite some dodgy umpiring on our gk we managed to stay ahead in every quarter. There was good passing into the shooting circle and some accurate shooting we managed to come out of the first quarter 5-8 Great play from all the girls we pulled away even further in the second quarter. In the third quarter Asco managed to pull back some however we still managed to keep the lead despite being knocked around the court by flying Asco players. At the end of a short 4th quarter we finished ahead 28-24 great match against difficult opposition well done to Nicola for her great shooting and well done to all our girls keeping their heads. Thankyou Marion Hooke for coaching us x

Team: LilyLuffman, Megan Williams, Ellie Vears, Orla Peake, Jordan Hinks, Wendy Chambers, Nicola Arnold

Lily L


Colchester Tournament - JUly 2017

An amazing end for my last tournament as the U16 coach. Pipped to the post by two points by Manor NC we came runners up on what was an outstanding performance from these young players. I’m so proud of these girls who worked tirelessly in all ten games. Thank you girls you were AWESOME.

Thank you parents for your continued support and especially to Tracy for not buying the ice creams ????haha. Always love a tournament, have a wonderful and restful summer.

Squad Lily Fakile, Hannah Bishop, Olivia Burn, Emma Wacey(capt), Emma Kennett, Jordan Hinks, Jess Barclay, Katie Woodstock, And Tegan Lintonbon.



Crosskeys 6 V Hawks


It was a tough game tonight as we played with only 6 players for the first 5 minutes and the opposition were very strong, we ended the first quarter with 13-7. The second quarter we started off well clawing back a few points giving it our all however during the end and in the third quarter there was poor passing all round the court which lead to Hawks getting many interceptions. Well played girls it was a tough match end score: 33-50, thankyou to Marion Hooke for coaching us.

Team: Lily Luffman, Megan Williams, Nada Tadros, Jordan Hinks, Sophie Beaumont, Wendy Chambers, Esther Roberts.

Lily L

Crosskeys 5 v Turnford 6

Just the mention of the name Turnford seems to give rise to concern in any opposition but, even though Turnford 6 are made up of very young players, Crosskeys started off in a very determined manner and put away 6 goals without reply. Turnford rallied a little and the first quarter score was 13-5 to Crosskeys.

With only 7 players, Crosskeys continued on into the second quarter with no positional changes and, despite some ‘interesting’ challenges from the Turnford younsgsters, pulled ahead a little more. Georgina Dobson unfortunately got herself into a bit of a tangle and ended up on the floor and hurt her shoulder. Julie Moore was champing at the bit to come on and play for George but sadly was not needed! Half-time score 24-13

In the third quarter Crosskeys started to really dominate and with some awesome defending from Jess and Meg and Kate and Georgina moving the ball so well up the the court into the ‘D’, Crosskeys almost doubled their score. And that was despite Romilly and Amber passing to each other instead of scoring!! Third quarter 41-22.

In the final period, Crosskeys were never troubled and started to enjoy themselves, ending up with a final score of 53-27.

Well played to Romilly Scutt, Amber Moore, Kate Peacock, Georgina Dobson, Estelle Williams (nice to see you back from Uni), Jessica Enemokwu and Megan Pointer.

Only a couple more games to go. Let’s see if we can go undefeated for the season!


Crosskeys 4 vs Turnford 5

It was a game of 2 halves tonight – in the first quarter we had led by 3 but ended the quarter 2 down. Halfway through the game and we were 4 down. The 3rd quarter was where things turned around – we scored 16 goals to their 7, giving us a lead of 5. In the final quarter we continued to pull ahead and final score was 40-30.

Well played girls!

Team: Hannah Bishop , Olivia Burn , Alice Boulton , Verity, Zoë Griffith, Jess Barclay , Charlie Barton and Tegan Lintonbon.

Thank you to supporters/parents, Justine Poulter for scoring and Melanie Boulton coaching.


Crosskeys 3 – 37 vs Bluebells – 39

1st quarter – we started with 5 players due to a part of the A120 being shut and some delays. Some players out of position but worked the ball nicely. At the end of the quarter it was 10-9 to us!

2nd quarter – we then had 7 players!! However, bluebells started to gel with a sub and fresh pairs of legs they started to lead. At the end of the quarter it was 18-24 to them.

3rd quarter – we started to gel and come back by working the ball into the D efficiently so by the end of the quarter it was 29-34 to them.

4th quarter – as a team we wanted to pull back bluebells lead and were determined to win! We managed to pull back their lead by 3, so by the end of the game it was 37-39 to bluebells.

It was an unfortunate game but everyone played extremely well!!

Team - Katie Woodstock, Nichola Colombi, Hannah Hogan, Jess Wacey, Molly Fozzard, Caroline Danby and Nicole Saunders



Crosskeys 3 v Turnford 4

Great win to night, 57:45 to us in the sauna like conditions! We started slowly in the first quarter as we had another new combination on the court. A couple of changes saw us edge ahead by one at half time and steady attacking play with solid defending all down the court produced a 12 goal win.

Thanks to Claire Woolley and Charlie Barton for playing for us, Sue Woodstock for scoring and Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching.

Team to night was Hannah Hogan, Charlie barton, Katie Woodstock, Zoe O’Grady, Caroline Danby, and Claire Montague.

Joyce B


Crosskeys 4 vs ASCO 2

We started well and were ahead by 5 after the first quarter. ASCO started to fight back and the rest of the game became very physical. They pulled ahead and although we all dug deep, we were not able to pull back. Final score 30-35.

Unlucky girls but well played, we didn’t do bad against the team who are top of the league.

Team: Hannah Bishop , Olivia Burn Zoë Griffith, Ellie lewis, Verity, Charlie Barton, me and Jessica Enemokwu .

Thank you to all the supporters, Justine Poulter for scoring and Melanie Boulton for coaching.


Crosskeys 6 v Turnford 6 Div 4

Great game played by Team 6 tonight. This was a very even competition between the two clubs. We had one quarter (2nd) when we just “took our eye off the ball” and allowed Turnford to sneak into a slender lead.

Thank you Ellie Lewis for staying on and playing a second game tonight. Thanks also to Debbie Williams and Julie Hayes for taking turns at scoring.

Final score Crosskeys 31 Turnford 41

Squad:- Esther Roberts, Ellie Gilly Lewis, Megan Jarvis, Megan Williams, Sophie Beaumont, Wendy Chambers, Nicola Arnold.


Crosskeys 5 v Saffron Hawkes

Well this was a struggle from the word go. Lack of players due to Exams meant we only had 5 . So pull ups were made. Thank u to Freya Rowson and Lily Luffman for playing up. So we should now be sorted but due to work George is running late. OMG that means I need to go on against a very young and fast Team.  Now, due to postions it is decided I would need to enter court and play a whole qtr at WA. At least it was not bad enough for us to be behind at the end of the qtr. We keep the lead going throughout the whole game however I am not quite sure what went wrong in the last qtr as they came back at us hard and were successfully clawing back. Final whistle and the Score was 50-49 – girls you did have me worried. But I suppose a win is a win. Well played all. Team Jess Lizzi Lily Amber Lili George Freya & Julie Moore

Julie M


Crosskeys 6 V Cheshunt 3


The weather played a big part in tonight game and a very low sun and windy conditions made it hard for the shooters and passing in to the circle at the start if the game. The first quarter we played well ending one point up 12-13. The second quarter was point for point, however cheshunt ended one point up leaving the score 22-23. The last to quarters we made some good interceptions however struggled to capitalise on them, and the attackers did some great feeding into Freya. We ended the game 36-39 it was a very close game throughout, well played everyone and thank you to Marion Hooke for coaching us.

Squad: Nada Tadros, Abigail Stickland, Megan Williams, Orla Peake, Wendy Chambers, Sophie Beaumont, Freya Rowson, Megan Jarvis, Lily Luffman

Lily L

Crosskeys 3 v Hornets 3

Not really sure what to say about the game to night….except it wasn’t June weather! It was so wet for the first quarter that neither side could get it out of the centre third without being blown for footwork! When we did manage to approach the shooting circle the ball became like a wet bullet and sailed through everyone’s hands, ended the first quarter 3/2 up.

Second quarter was much better, the rain had abated and we settled into a game of short safe passes. There were lots of loose balls which we seemed to rescue effortlessly and score from. We were comfortably in front by half time and continue to expand our lead as the game progressed finishing 32/13 to us.

Great win and a huge boost to the teams confidence, a big thank you to Karen Elizabeth Heskett for coaching, Vicki Brice for scoring and Sue Woodstock for supporting, Jessica Enemokwu for helping us out in defence and Charlie Barton for her centre court skills.

Team to night was Emma Kennett, Hannah Hogan, Michelle Seary, Katie Woodstock, Charlie Barton, Jess Enemokwu and Nichola Colombi, well played everyone, we kept our heads and played to the conditions, looking forward to our next game…but please some sunshine.

Good luck with exams.



Crosskeys 4  35 – Izzi 36

We started off a bit slow in the first quarter (10-5 to Izzi) and continued to let them dictate to us through the second quarter (18-12 to Izzi.)

With a few changes of position and some well timed interceptions we began to pull back in the third quarter (27-23 to Izzi.) In the final quarter our timing, passes, shooting and everything seemed to be coming together and we just lost out by one goal on the final whistle to Izzi.

Thank you to

Kate Pink for your fabulous long reach and fighting for all those rebounds(always with a smile too)

Jess Barclay for your never ending energy, hassling and interceptions (sorry you had to endure all the bad language from your player)

Tegan Lintonbon-baker for your true fighting spirit and communication on court bringing the team together( and to you and your parents for interrupting your holiday????)

Zoë Griffith for never giving up no matter how much your WD was on you. Hope you are not to bruised after your fall.

Charlie Barton for being happy about and giving all your energy to any position you were given and fighting for every loose ball,

Olivia Burn for working that circle with Lily Fakile you both had a tough job at times with their GK but you both stayed cool even when the shots or the umpires decision didn’t go your way.

Verity for all your energy around court and feeding well into the shooters.

A pleasure to watch as always. Both umpires commented on what a great game. Well done.

Thank you to all the supporters, parents etc

Justine P

Crosskeys 5 42 – Cheshunt 4 13

Not a great deal to wax lyrical about this evening but good to get a convincing win (again).

The game started with the girls in good spirits, moving the ball around well and building up a comfortable lead with the score at the end of the first quarter 11-3 to Crosskeys.

The second quarter opened with Cheshunt playing better and putting a few goals on their scorecard but, as Crosskeys started to dominate, the tone of the match seemed to change with the Cheshunt team becoming more aggressive in their play. It was probably a combination of their frustration, their lower level of skill and lack of a cohesive strategy, but that doesn’t condone one of their players punching Alice in the ribs off the ball!

Score at half-time: 24 -10 to Keys.

Round 3 (sorry, I meant third quarter!) and, basically, the match was over as a competition. Our wonderful defence of Jess and Meg only allowed Cheshunt to score two goals in the whole quarter, while our attackers managed to score a few cracking goals to put Crosskeys ahead 36 -12.

A thankfully short fourth quarter resulted in a final score of 42 -13.

Well done gilrs for not retaliating and well played to Romilly, Alice, Katie, Lili, Liz, Meg and Jess and thanks to Karen for coaching and to Kirsty for being on stand-by!!


Crosskeys 6 V Team Colours 1


It was an exciting first quarter to this match tonight with great defense and attack the end of the quarter was close with us 1 ahead ending on 11-12. The next quarters we managed to pull ahead with some good feeding into the circle and excellent shooting by Nada Tadros and Freya rowson who were put under lots of pressure from their defence ending the match 48-43, we’ll played everyone and thankyou to Marion Hooke for coaching us.

Squad: Lily Luffman, Megan Williams, Ellie Vears, Abigail Stickland, Sophie Beaumont, Freya rowson, Jordan Hinks and nada Tadros

Lily L


Crosskeys 4 vs Tornado Thunder

It was a tight game tonight and we went down by 2 in the first quarter. A few changes in the defensive circle to help cope with their tall GA and we levelled the game after the second quarter. We were up by 1 going into he final quarter. Lizzie needed to leave and Charlie was put in as GD (she did really well and got a few tips and interceptions having not played there before). Unfortunately a few unforced errors made us go down and we lost the game by 2. Final score 42-44.

Well played everyone.

Team: Hannah Bishop, Olivia Burn , Alice Boulton , Megan Williams (thank you for staying), Lizzie Francis , Charlie Barton, Kate Pink and Tegan Lintonbon.

Thank you for all the supporters and Melanie Boulton for coaching.



Crosskeys 5 44 – Team Colours 2 19

With the luxury of having 8 players tonight and knowing that we had comfortably beaten Team Colours 1 a few weeks ago, Crosskeys started off the match well with 4 quick, unanswered goals. And that basically set the tone for the rest of the match. Crosskeys, at times played some very quick passing moves that culminated in some great shooting from our attackers.

Our defence was just as resolute against a team that played the entire game in a very good spirit. In fact, both teams played with smiles on their faces and credit to Team Colours for not giving up despite being on the receiving end of a comprehensive defeat.

Final score (after a very lacklustre third quarter from both teams!) was 44 – 19 to Crosskeys.

Well played Jess, Meg, Lizzie, Lili, Georgina, Amber, Romilly and Katie. And thanks to Julie and Sarah for coaching.


Crosskeys 4 v Oasis

We started the match well with Verity and Alice feeding the ball well into Hannah and Liv who did not miss a shot between them. Myself and Jess worked hard in defence and Zoe was available to bring the ball down the court and link with Verity and Alice. We managed to turn over a couple of centres and ended the first quarter 4 goals up. Charlie took over as WD in the 2nd quarter and we won by 4 goals, extending our lead to 8. A change of Zoe on as WA for the 3rd quarter. We pulled away in this quarter and led by 14 at the end. Couple of last changes with Zoe moved to C and Alice back as WA. We kept possession of the ball and finished with the win. Final score 48-32.

Well played girls!

Team: Jess Barclay, me, Zoë Griffith Charlie Barton, Verity, Olivia Burn, Alice Amelia Boulton, Hannah Bishop

Thank you to Melanie Boulton for coaching, Justine Poulter for scoring and parent for supporting.


Crosskeys 6 V elite


We had a hard game last night and fought hard throughout. Last night passing was our downfall losing a lot of balls, however our defence made some great interceptions to bring the ball back up. By the end of first quarter we were losing by 1, however with a change of positions for the second quarter our game play stepped up and we were making more interceptions, even though we started to play better as a team there was still silly mistakes being made. By the end of the match we ended 46-26 with an unlucky loss. Well played to everyone it was a tough match, thankyou to Marion Hooke for coaching us.

Squad: Lily Luffman, Megan Williams, Ellie Vears, Nada Tadros, Nicola Arnold, wendy chambers, Abigail Stickland and Orla Peake

Lily L


U16's at CD Pheonix Tournament- May 2017

This has always been my favourite tournament and have been competing here for many years.

This was an U16 section but due to GCSE exams some U16′s couldn’t play, thanks to U15 for stepping up to the plate.

Our first game was against Hurst NC and from the start we were unfocused and made silly errors. This goes to show how important the warming up process is,not only to warm up muscles but to gel as a team with simple ball skills. Our second game against ONRG was an improvement & we won by 2 goals.

Team Matrix was going to be a hard game as their previous scores showed they out played many of their opposition. We certainly gave them a good game and only lost by 2 goals. CDP Opals was one of our easiest game and we won by 15-3. Our last game against Royals A was another win for us at 9-4. We came third which was a little frustrating since we had scored more goals than Hurst who came second.

A good team effort but we must be better prepared for our first game.

Thank you to all our supporters and to Jaz Burt for umpiring and Kayla Burt for being our reserved shooter.

A lovely weekend spent with a great coaching team from Joanne WaceyJulie Moore and Sarah Parker.

Squad: Cam Brown (capt) Tegan Lintonbon-baker Emma-Louise WaceyKatie Woodstock

Lily Luffman Megan Williams Olivia Burn Hannah Bishop.



Crosskeys 6 V Crosskeys 5

Score: 21-41

There was some great play from both teams tonight, it was a tough game as we were playing a more experienced side. Both teams played well defensively managing to get lots of turnovers, the score being 21-41 Crosskeys 6 managed to come away with a point. Great play from both teams well done.

Thankyou to Marion Hooke and Julie Moore for coaching each team.

Crosskeys 6 squad: Lily Luffman, Ellie Vears, Orla Peake, Megan Williams,Nada Tadros, Jordan Hinks and Nicola Arnold

Crosskeys 5 squad: Molly Fozzard, Amber Moore, Kate peacock, Lili Herbert, Lizzie Francis, Meg pointer and Jess Enemokwu

Lily L

Crosskeys 4 v Tornado Lightning

We started the first quarter well, the centre court (Verity and Alice) feeding the ball in to the shooters (Liv and Lily) who did not miss. With some great turnovers from defence (Hannah and Jess) we found ourselves 9-2 up at one stage. Some ‘unforced decisions’ helped them fight back but we remained ahead by 4. We made some changes in the second quarter with Hannah moving to GS, Jess to GK, me to GD and Zoe coming on as WD. The team combination worked well and we extended our lead to 10 goals at the end of the quarter. Keeping the defensive and shooting partnerships the same in the 3rd quarter, we continued to play well and finished 13 goals ahead. Going into the final quarter we made a final change with Liv and Hannah shooting together. Final score 44-32.

Team: Hannah, Olivia Burn , Alice Boulton, Jess Barclay ,Verity, Lily Fakile, Zoë Griffith and Tegan Lintonbon

Well played girls!

Thank you to Melanie Boulton for coaching, Justine Poulter for scoring and to all parents for supporting.



Crosskeys 1 45 vs Crosskeys 2 32

Great game today between top 2 teams in the summer league. The seconds starting out on top with the first making some enforced errors and us capitalising on this taking 4 goal lead into the first quarter.

2nd quarter the first came out fighting working well defence forcing the 3 seconds a few times in our attacking end – think they went up by 5 going into the third.

The last half both teams played well with everyone working for each other – but the frosts just pulled away in the last quarter.

Well played everyone. Teams tonight

Xkeys 1 - Holly Shilston, Claire Goodall, Anna Wacey, Shona Mccabe, Jennifer Sarah, Lauren Ayers, Aislinn D’Silva

Xkeys 2 - Lucy Skelton, Becky Allen, Joanne Wacey, Emma Wacey, Emily Allen, Cam Brown and Jo Montague

Thanks to Karen Heskett for coaching both teams and all of the supporters tonight

Jo M


Div 2 League Winners 2017

Crosskeys 3 v Richmond 2

The game started well and we finished the first quarter leading by 7. We were strong in the second quarter, only allowing them to score 5 goals and extending our lead by 18. We continued to extend our lead in the last half of the game with the final score 64-37 to us.

POM was Liv.

Team today was Orla Peake , Hannah Bishop , Olivia Burn, Verity, Lily Luffman , Megan Williams, Ellie Vears and Tegan.

This was our last game of the season and the win meant we were unbeaten in the league and have won division 2. Well done to the whole team, including anyone who has helped us throughout the season.

Thank you to Melanie Boulton and Marion Hooke for coaching, Justine Poulter for scoring and the parents for supporting.



Crosskeys 6 V Cuffley

Score: 34-32

It was a very close game tonight against a very physical Cuffley side, we started off slow getting used to the new shooting combination myself and Abigail Stickland ending the first quarter 6-6. Going into the second quarter we made some changes seeing Nicola Arnold in gs position . It was tight but we managed to keep the lead for the next 3 quarters with some excellent defending from Amelia Davies and Estelle Williams ending the game on a win, we’ll played everyone and thanks to Marion Hooke for coaching.

Squad: Lily Luffman, Ellie Vears, Orla Peake, Megan Williams, Abigail Stickland, Nicola Arnold, Amelia Davies and Estelle Williams.


Crosskeys 4. V Asco 1

We were up against a strong ASCO team tonight and did well in the first quarter to stay within touching distance (2 goals down). Some unforced errors and ASCO finding their rhythm in the 2nd and 3rd quarter meant we were down by 16 going into the last quarter. Final score 38 – 54 to them.

Team: Jess Barclay, Olivia Burn, Hannah Bishop, Zoë Griffith, Alice Boulton, Amber Moore,Vverity and Tegan  Lintonbon

Thank you for all the parents and Marion Hooke for supporting and Melanie Boulton and Julie Moore for coaching us and Justine Poulter for scoring.



Cuffley 24 – Crosskeys 5 50

In contrast to the warmth of the Winter League, it was on with the big coats and hats for the start of the ‘Summer’ league!

It was lovely to see the girls together with some old partnerships being renewed, Meg and Jess in defence being one.

Anyway, the match started in chilly but still conditions and Crosskeys got off to a good start, rattling in a few goals before Cuffley could get settled. Score at the end of the first quarter was 15-5 to Crosskeys. The rest of the match went pretty much the same way, with Crosskeys, on occasion, playing some flowing netball. In fairness to Cuffley, who only had 6 players for the entire match, they played well in patches and in the third quarter put together a run of 5 goals with reply.

However, the game turned out as a fairly comfortable win for Crosskeys 50 -24, a useful opening game without too much pressure and a good opportuneity for the girls to get used to playing together. Well done to Romilly, Katie, Alice, Lili, Georgina, Kate, Lizzie, Meg and Jess.


Crosskeys 6 V Cheshunt 4

Score 46-13

Great start for our new team tonight against a very feisty Cheshunt side dominating our first quarter 11-2. The second quarter furthering our lead with some great shooting ending the quarter 27-7. In our third and fourth quarters we saw some amazing play all across the court with fantastic defence only letting Cheshunt score 6 in the second half of the game.

Well played everyone thanks to supporters braving the cold.

Squad: Lily Luffman, Nada Tadros, Megan Williams, Sophie Beaumont, Jordan Hinks, Esther, Amelia and Estel

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